A Threefold Surprise for PS4 Owners

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A Threefold Surprise for PS4 Owners

After months of anticipation, we’re just a week away from the launch of PlayStation 4 in the United States and Canada. Starting at midnight on November 15th, you’ll be able to see for yourself what the future of gaming and entertainment looks like.

The network now expands across a wide array of digital entertainment including incredible multi-player gameplay, availability of full games day and date, streaming movies and TV shows, and a premium cloud-based music service. We are excited to provide those of you in the US and Canada with a special promotional voucher in every PS4 box* that includes:

  • $10 Sony Entertainment Network wallet credit for PlayStation Store
  • 30-day free PlayStation Plus membership trial**
  • 30-day free Music Unlimited service trial**

PS4 Bonuses

Out of the box, you can immediately experience everything PlayStation Plus for PS4 has to offer and have access to millions and millions of songs through Music Unlimited. The $10 credit can be used towards anything in the store including new PS4 launch titles, such as Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Killzone Shadow Fall.

Look for the voucher when you open your PS4 box and let us know what you’re excited about playing, listening, or watching by using #PS4 on Twitter.

* Available for a limited time only
** Only for new subscribers

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  • One of the STUPIDEST business decisions of all time in my opinion.
    1. PS4 is basically a guaranteed sell out for the time being so it’s not like Sony needs to convince people to buy it
    2. I’m betting most early adopters would have purchased Plus anyway (if they don’t already have it)
    3. They’re losing more money per system now.

    In other words: This is 100% pure awesome on Sony’s part since the short term outcome is further loss for the company. A huge THANK YOU from me personally (since you already have my money and didn’t need to give me anything else to get it) and I can say that sometimes the worst business decisions can turn into the best ones.

  • this is a super cool deal from sony thank u does any body know when we will recive are 10 for that spend 50 get 10 bac promotion

  • Will this only be for the first units shipped during the launch window or will this be an ongoing offer still in effect a few months down the road?

  • What about Mexico??? :'(

  • Nice offers, BUT, yes, it would be nice if the PS+ voucher didn’t require a credit card, Music Unlimited can go f**k itself, and the 10 bucks is nice :) Honestly, just ADD MP3 support back in, make it much easier on the rest of us, I rarely listen to music on my PS3, BUT still, it would be nice if you guys didn’t strip away all of the features that made the PS3 last 8 years, it’s overall not as bad as the Xbox ONe, personally anyway, because I don’t use ext. HDDs, or like I said, rarely listen to music, so that doesn’t bother me personally, BUT it’s still stupid for it all to be taken away.

  • Thank you Sony!

  • Sure, in this day and age, one can expect some sort of trial, but throwing in 10 bucks psn store credit is just a nice touch. Under one damn week!

  • I guess ONE really is the loneliest number.

  • Thank you Sony!

  • its really not a surprise anymore if you told us about it and to the people who are whinning about cds and mp4s…..are you getting rid of your ps3s? play that on your ps3….. lol

  • Pleas Sony don’t disappoint some stuff is sounding really crappy I have been loyal to sony for so long and so-meany people I knowe think your gonna disappoint you have taken out so-meany good features that the ps3 had and started so-meany bad restrictions that just don’t seem right I thing I Speke for all of Sony fans when I say I have faith that the best system ever to be created will be a Sony product Sony is the best by far just pleas donot disappoint

  • Awesome! :)

  • To those asking or wondering. the 30 day Playstation Plus trial code can be rolled over to your existing PS+ accounts if that is the route you choose of course. N’way thought I share.. Confirmed through PS4 Support.

    Back on topic: These 3 added code benefits only solidifies your PS4 unboxing.. Nov 15th certainly a day of Greatness. Have a Safe. Happy and Upcoming Thanksgiving Everyone.. From your friends at MLB’14 The Show Nation Website.

  • How about you just allow mp3’s and DLNA to work?

    Why am I paying or getting a “trial” to play music and media I already own?

  • Sony, you rock! November 15th can’t come soon enough!

  • You really need to add the $10 credit , and A year of PS Plus.

    But what would I know about marketing.

  • Will the 30 free days stack with a current subscription??

  • That is cool

  • Why is it a Sell out? Other than to parents forking over the cash for their kids Christmas gift ?

    Why would I pay $500+ for a console to play one, maybe two really good games.
    (If it were not for kids, I would invest in a computer instead)

    But to hear about how bad our economy is doing, and yet think these systems will sell,

    either proves,

    One – People Lie about the economy, for their own selfish ends.
    Two – Marketing Lies about what is being spent / purchased (and not returned).

    Really wish you corporate people would play more of the games you try selling, and yet say you do not have the time for.

  • Is the Music Unlimited trial limited to Master Accounts only like it is currently?

  • Personally I will NOT be buying one, unless Sony gets back to being less “corporate”.

  • Thanks for the info sony!
    being as you just told us not a Surprise anymore though…

  • Awesome!
    Check out my blog, i’ll be posting reviews, opinions and more!
    check out my beyond two souls review

  • Does anyone know at what time we will be able to download digital games on the ps4 will it be at 12 Eastern standard time ?

  • Dear Sony,

    Thanks for the $10 PSN Credit, that was generous of you. However, I will find no use for the $30 music unlimited credit. I would greatly appreciate Audio CD, .MP3, and DLNA support instead. I’m holding off on cancelling my PS4 preorder until the day before it launches. I hope to hear that in a soon to be released (with a date) update that you will enable .MP3 support and playback (while gaming and not). If not I will just be cancelling my preorder.

    Sorry, but this is a total deal-breaker for me. I hope an announcement will be made soon.

  • Sid said:

    “Yes, this is intended for new customers – it won’t stack if you’re already a Plus subscriber. So if you are, feel free to share it with a friend.”

    Oh, so those of us who are already members are excluded from the bonus. Ridiculous.

    I spend a lot of money on games/gaming services. Between Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Steam, I spend a lot of it, so I don’t “need a handout”. What I would like, however, is to feel like, when I open my PS4 on 11/15 that Sony values me, a customer who spends a lot with them, as much as everyone else. After all, would it cost Sony more money to let current subscribers re-up for 30 days than it will cost in goodwill? Sony’s call, of course.

    Whatever. Not gonna change my plans on 11/15 or my excitement for PS4, but I do feel a bit slighted.

  • I’m going to use my $10 credit toward my first digital game download!

  • Sid:

    I understand the 30 days of PS+ does not stack, however does the $10 credit work for existing plus members? Thanks.

  • Awesome!

  • I just bought the 1 year membership a week ago. Could I use that 30day PS+ voucher on another account I have (UK, Japan ect..) and download their PS+ games on my PS4 and play them on my main account (US/Canada)?

  • Awesome. I plan on passing the trial codes to friends. Applying the credit to Madden 25!

  • Excuse me is a Credit Card required to activate the PS+ trial like other PS+ Trials? =(

  • Why no 30 day PS+ stacking? :(

    Anyway, thanks guys. That $10 credit is pretty cool.

  • I think plus members should get a first shot to get a PS4… I tried to pre order but by then it was too late… Is sony rewarding the loyalty of their Plus members by giving them a chance to get a PS4 first post launch? Please help me because I am dieing to play killzone shadowfall and

  • You should really allow the 30 Days of PS+ to stack… i mean we are paying $400 for this new console. :p

    Still, that $10 is nice. I’ll take it. XD

  • Why do existing PS+ subscribers get screwed over? Why can’t we redeem a code for the 30 days of Plus when our subscription ends?

  • I’m getting my PS4 by December, will I still get the 10$ in my account?

  • wow very nice. The 10$ is the only thing that applies to me. but still very cool :)

  • This is awesome news. But for God’s sake, get HBO GO!

  • I cant wait, the 15th can’t come soon enough. I booked 3 days off work months ago just to play some ps4. Ill give my 30 days ps plus to a forum member so that can see what there missing.

  • Look man. We all saw the photos of the Amazon warehouse. Can’t you just make a call and tell them it’s OK for them to ship ’em out right now? Maybe for overnight Saturday delivery? No? All right.

  • Cant wait till next Frrriday. My PS4 better be home on time I cant wait to set it up and get playing Killzone Shadowfall. Thanks for the 10 dollar gift its very generous.

  • this really nice

  • You guys rock! I have always been a PlayStation guy but this is the kind of take charge attitude I have not seen from Sony since the PSX days. I really hope th PS4 is a big success, not because of brand loyalty but because you guys are making the right moves and investing in your customers.

  • I’m all gravy with this being for new customers only but will the UK/EU also get in on the action?

  • Already stacked my wallet with a bit of cash for some of the PS4 indie titles so the extra $10 just make it even sweeter. Thanks :)

  • And what about Europe? Do we get the same? :D

  • that’s incredible thanks playstion i needed that

  • would the ps+ voucher work if u already had it but let the service run out and haven’t renewed it yet

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