Killzone Shadow Fall: Ultra High Bitrate Multiplayer Footage

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Killzone Shadow Fall: Ultra High Bitrate Multiplayer Footage

Killzone Shadow Fall has been built from the ground up for PS4, and the response to the gameplay footage so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Unfortunately, there are limitations to streamed video on the internet, and many of the clips and trailers we’ve released thus far aren’t being viewed in the best possible fidelity and framerate.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4

In order to properly demonstrate the framerate and resolution we achieve in Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, we’ve captured and lightly compressed new footage that we’re not offering through a video sharing service. Instead, we ask that you download and locally view the high-resolution, uncompressed footage directly from from us.

Important note: Please use a video player with hardware acceleration when viewing the footage. We recommend Windows Media Player for Windows users and QuickTime Player for Mac users. Do not use a non-accelerated player (such as VLC Media Player) because the framerate and resolution of this movie are simply too high and will likely cause choppy playback.

Click here to download the video.

The video you just saw has been captured from a multiplayer match on “The Park,” which is situated firmly behind enemy lines near the Visari tribute statue.

As you can probably tell from the footage, Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer outputs at a native 1080p, rendering uncapped but always targeting 60 FPS. We’re very pleased with how well the game runs, and we can’t wait for you to play it come November 15th.

In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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9 Author Replies

  • Deff excited about the PS4 in a few weeks ;D

  • Just after watching the video and WOW it was amazing!!!!! Great graphics and sound. Very excited indeed!!

  • Cant even access the webpage to download…

  • The URL link is Broken, and the killzone website is DDoS’ed maybe put this video on Rapidshare?


  • The link isn’t working…. Please FIX!!!!!

  • sweet goodness gracious. dude, put that back in your pants. freakin indecent whipping that out like that

  • Already have the game, extra controller, camera and the charging station. Just waiting on the system and a few more games!
    Very awesome of you guys to release this video. Just watched it and I gotta say, smooth~… smooth smooth smooth. And that’s on my PC monitor. Playing this on my 3DTV at 240hz is gonna be amazing.
    Seriously can’t wait for November 14th at midnight!

  • You have succeded with the hype at least, or you’re just suffering from old server hardware. ;)

    The load would ease if you put that sweet thing up as a torrent?

    Seen a couple of other videos and it sure looks dazzling, responsive and intense. I can’t wait to get my hands on a system and this game of yours.

    Fantastic effort!

  • Guerrilla Games you guys just raised the par for what a next-gen game should look like and this is only the beginning of next-gen i am so happy that PS4 has such great devs under it belt, thank you for such an awesome game Day 1 :)

  • Will there be vehicles in the SP? Are there any plans to include any in the MP through DLC or a patch?

  • DAT OWL GUN!!!

    Something about the sound of that gun….it’s like spraying pure greatness!!!…see what I did there…. =)

    Can’t wait for KSF!!!

  • the link isn*t working for me :( nothing shows up is it because im using chorme?

  • Thanks for releasing it in very high quality like this, much appreciated! I wish all next-gen games did. The game looks fantastic.

  • Glad you guys put up a better link… I was almost thinking I wouldn’t see the video in all it’s glory.

  • I can’t download it, too many people are probably doing the same thing at the same time … and I can’t wait to see it :'(

  • This was my #1 and only PS4 pre-ordered game. I do plan to get a couple digital offerings like Tiny Brains and BF4 when I get another paycheck after the PS4 launch.

    For now I can only look at the box sitting on my game shelf waiting for the PS4 launch…waitng….and we’re waiting…

  • @63 and anyone else having this issue…It’s not because you’re using Chrome, I downloaded it with Chrome. Just be patient, it seems they are getting a lot of hits at the moment. If it doesn’t work just try it again after a few minutes. Mine worked but it did take a bit for the page to actually come through.


  • SIMPLY AMAZING! Job well done you guys! This amped up my hype to get a PS4

    Video is way too short! Must see more!!

    • Michiel van der Leeuw

      I’m sure a lot more people will put out high-quality footage when the game is out (just 11 more days now!), but we didn’t want to keep this from you as all the compression on the internet doesn’t do it justice.

      The bitrate is a bit insane and that’s why it’s only a short sample.

      Soon you can see it at home, a friend’s house or your local game store. Real Soon Now!!

  • First and only next-gen FPS to get for the holiday season! I do hope Sony markets this game, its stunning and has a weight and grittiness to it that other games fail to achieve. I don’t even like first-person shooters, but I like KZ.

  • How can I watch this on my PS3?

  • I have this game in my hands.. So stoked next friday is the big day!

  • can’t wait the 29th november
    to play Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack for Christmas :)

  • Day 1 here for sure

  • Who does this?!!! This is such a great idea! You guys are amazing that is final. Thankfully someone posted a zip file and I am downloading right now. Cannot wait to see the fruits of your labor in glorious 1080p! :) Much appreciated! Already preordered KZSF on the PSN!

  • So gamestop has been selling Killzone Shadow Fall early because they got it early and on the box it says the game needs 45 gb of free storage, can you confirm if thats true? Or is it just is you are downloading, because I really do not want to be using up 45 gb of my storage on day one, even though I know this game is worth it

    • Michiel van der Leeuw

      No, it’s a little less than that, depending on the SKU you’re getting it should be between 37 and 40 GB.

  • I like it. Some of the initial “running” scenes look odd, like they are tip-toeing/high-stepping sort of thing right out of the cave. And how come the guy in front of the person playing is so much faster? And the enemy animation at 0:058-0:059 looks odd, near his feet, like he isn’t grounded and just sort of slides unexpectedly. Lighting and particle fx look great. Sound is immersive…

  • Video is not working for me…

  • Will there be a video file that i can play on my ps3 to see the gameplay on my television?

  • Well, I just got done watching it and all I can say is WOW! Completely impressive and a great first sign as to how special this next gen is going to be! With a 10 hour SP campaign this looking like a winner! Well done! I cannot wait for this game!

  • link is not working!

  • I’m going to need everyone to leave the killzone website so I can get on and download the video. Thanks!

  • Looking better every time! First PS4 title for me.

  • cool, nice work!

  • The link doesn’t work for me :(

  • the video was so Glorious, it’s on par with a Hollywood CG I movie.. I’ve never seen a game run so smooth.. This will be the absolute reason to own a ps4. Killzone makes any Xbox title look a heck of lot less appealing..

  • Awesome!! I will download and watch it on my 42″ led immediately … not sure if I will buy it at launch or buy BF, I wish we could get the killzone bundle here in the Netherlands! (2controllers, camera, killzone and PS4 for 500eu) :( .. for some reason it’s still not available in stores and I want to switch my preorder to it!

    I wonder if my TV’s media player is accelerated .. my laptop kinda broke, it plays 1080p and 720p video just fine but it won’t do youtube anything over 460p for some reason :( .. Maybe this is is the reason that when I tried to play the BF4 footage from Digital foundry with VLC it became extremely choppy, I thought it was because my laptop is tripping. My smart TV played it just fine trough HDMI.. Anyway, I”ll use media player or try to hook it up to my PC trough an external HDD.

    P.s. Why isn’t the kilzone bundle available here .. ? You guys are a Dutch studio right? I kinda expected the bundle to be here or is that a decision you guys haven’t got any influence over?


  • My jaw dropped. As a UI artist, I have to say that THIS is really slick and clean… Amazing. Pre-ordered, of course, can’t wait for this to hit!

  • Is this video available on the playstation store!?

  • Thanks for posting the higher-capacity link the the comments, I was finally able to download it.

    The footage looks awesome! I was planning on getting Watch_Dogs first, but with it being delayed, I wasn’t sure what to get. The footage convinced me KZSF was the right choice.

    Game on,

    PS: You really, really should consider creating a torrent or, at least, editing the main article with the high-capacity link. I think I’m one of the very few that actually reads the commends before posting about the original link not working…

  • I have a lot of respect for Michiel, but suggesting WMP or QuickTime over VLC (which IS hardware-accelerated and the only player capable of displaying 4K videos without killing your CPU) is downright ridiculous.

    In short: USE VLC.

  • got it to work, and oh my gosh!! it looks so smooth and amazing only 1 more week! this game definitely demonstrates what the ps4 is capable of.

  • You do know there is a country named Canada right ? Wich is not on the log in list… just saying…

  • In my last comment, I meant to say my smart TV played it fine trough USB not HMDI

    Just watched the video with win media player .. it had some choppiness/slowed down at parts, but now I’m sure it’s due to my laptop. Tried it with VLC and Michiel was right it was far choppier. I also tried to play BF4 footage but that was even worse on both VLC and win media player … (all through HDMI/on TV)

    Anyway it looks “AWESOME” .. I pretty sure this will be my launch day buy. Will look at it later on my HDD trough USB so it will be buttery smooth. But right now I am far too lazy to stand up and walk towards my TV and plug out my HDD .. I’ll do that after watching the new episode of Boardwalk Empire I just torren,,.. got trough legal means lol.

    Beyond! Can’t wait for PS4 release .. PLEASE you guys … try to convince the people at sony to also release the killzone/2 controller/camera/PS4 bundle for the Netherlands.

  • The game looks INSANE !

  • That gameplay looks SMOOOOOOTH. Graphics look great, but the smooth, fluidity of the gameplay really impressed. 1080p and 60fps? Yes please!

  • I hope the full game doesn’t end up with problems when we jump online for the first time. lol

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