Rainbow Moon Coming to PS Vita December 3rd

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Rainbow Moon Coming to PS Vita December 3rd

After we released Rainbow Moon on PS3 last year, one of the most common questions we received was “Are you going to make a Vita version?” Obviously we weren’t the only ones that believed Rainbow Moon would make a great experience for handheld platforms, and with demand being so high, we set about working on a Vita port almost immediately.

For those of you not already familiar with Rainbow Moon, we’ve put together a new trailer. You can also find a few of our older blog posts explaining the game in more detail here.

Something that was really important to us from the beginning was using our own engine to ensure a solid 60 FPS, and a robust game with little to no loading times. After months of hard work, we’re happy to announce that Rainbow Moon Vita is coming to PlayStation Store on December 3rd!

Rainbow Moon on PS Vita, 06Rainbow Moon on PS Vita, 10

As a result of all the amazing feedback from Rainbow Moon fans around the world, more than 30 new features, improvements, and bug fixes found their way into Rainbow Moon for Vita. The biggest new addition is cross save, meaning that any progress you make on your Vita can be continued on PS3, and vice-versa. This also applies to existing Rainbow Moon saves, so you don’t have to worry about losing any progress!

Additionally, XP counters in the victory screen can now be skipped, items can be used directly from the quest vendor, and left-stick control has been improved, reducing the chance of walking in unintended directions while in battle mode.

If you don’t own a PS Vita yet, don’t worry. All these improvements will be included in a patch for the PS3 version of Rainbow Moon next month.

Rainbow Moon on PS Vita, 03

Rainbow Moon on PS Vita, 05Rainbow Moon on PS Vita, 08

I hope you’re as excited about the Rainbow Moon Vita launch as we are! We’re really grateful to everyone for telling us how much they wanted a Vita version. Make sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments, and if you want to get in touch with us and stay up to date with Rainbow Moon news, check out our website or Facebook Page.

Don’t forget to check back here for more information and details on Rainbow Moon!

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  • Awesome news. Vita love is at 1000………………… I’m getting this asap as it drops.

  • Great improvements! I got waylaid from the PS3 version because I was spending a looooot of time on it, but I’ll pick this up as soon as the price is right (PS+ discount?)

  • Fantastic. I seriously considered picking this up for the October $10 back on $50 deal, but the game seemed to fit Vita much better so I held off. I’ll definitely pick this up when it comes out.

  • Awesome! How is Rainbow Skies coming along?

    • Thanks for asking, Rainbow Skies already looks gorgeous, but won’t be out before end of 2014 or maybe later.

  • Thank you for being so attentive to your fans. It’s always good news when there’s a new Vita game, yay!

    • We felt this is the least we can do to say thank you to all our fans and the whole community. It was really a pleasure to read all the feedback and we’re grateful for all the support from every single gamer. Thank you guys!

  • SO EXCITED!!! This game is ridiculously well suited for the Vita. Would be awesome if there is a discount for PS+ or owners of the PS3 version, but tbh – I’m buying it regardless.

  • Awesome! Out of curiosity is this going to be a cross-buy game as well, like for those of us who own the PS3 version already will we get the Vita version at no additional cost? Might still pick up the Vita version anyways even if it’s not.

  • I’ll ask, simply because it would inspire me to buy the PS3 version if it happens: Will this be cross-buy?

  • So no new content, just bug fixes and some other improvements?

    I want to buy it but don’t want to lose another 120 hours of my life. Decisions decisions…

    • We felt the game was very complete, so we decided to improve some of the few features, people have complained instead of adding even more content.

  • Yes!! Been waiting to hear about the release date for this!

  • awesome! Looking forward to giving it a go on the Vita!

  • Man. I wish I could enjoy SRPGs.

    I’ve been trying them since playing FF Tactics on my PS1. I’ve tried FF Tactics, FF Tactics Advance, Tactics Orge LUCT, Disgaea (which ever one was free on PSN recently), and XCOM. These games run the gambit of what an SRPG can be and none of them have worked for me, so I’ve finally just had to admit that I don’t like the genre.

    Unfortunately, SRPG seems to be the trend in turn-based RPGs right now, but hopefully it will come back around to FF 1-10 style some day.

    • Hi Binarynova,

      because of the massive exploration part in Rainbow Moon too, the gameplay feels a liitle bit more classical, compared to the games you have mentioned. Just in case you want to give it a try.

  • Woohoo! I can’t wait! :) It’s $14.99, right?

  • Cross Save?

  • So is North America going to get a special deal that was hinted at in the EU version of the blog post?

    • The special deal is the discount for all PS3 gamers. It’s still not confirmed, but we try to offer this deal in all territories.

  • Nevermind I should read before asking.

  • Awesome! will be buying this day 1 :)

  • buying day 1! Looks awesome. I’ve been waiting for more RPGs on Vita

  • Excellent news guy’s. You are all doing an excellent job at your studios.

    Really looking forward to it on the lush Vita screen. I lost a whole summer playing Rainbow Moon on the PS3 so I guess I’ll be missing Christmas :) Thank you :)

  • Awww yes. Been waiting on this. Started up the PS3 version but I’ve been waiting to continue on the Vita – which makes me even happier that cross save is confirmed!

    Does the game share one trophy list?

  • Been waiting for ages, hell yes! Can’t wait to get it. Any word on release on the EU store?

  • Excellent news. Rainbow Moon is such an absorbing game that it is brilliant for the Vita. Looking forward to killing downtime on the go with this and being able to pick up again when I get home. As far as I am concerned Rainbow Moon is one of, if not THE best RPG out there. You have to think, but not so much that it is stressful, just enough to be able to relax and let yourself be willingly taken over. So looking forward to this! :D

  • Awesome news, love you guys! Keep it up. Can’t wait to get Rainbow Skies!

  • Loved Rainbow Moon when i first played it. I plan to try it again once the patch comes in. Can’t wait for Rainbow Skies. :)

  • My cousin put in over 100 hours on the this game and kept bugging me to play it. I will pick up the Vita version.

  • Yes! I didn’t realize you guys would be putting it out before Christmas. This will be a great way for me to enjoy this game while I’m away from the PS3. :)

  • Excellent! I have the PS3 version, and really enjoyed it, but I simply didn’t have the time to play my PS3 much, and so Rainbow Moon was added to my digital backlog.

    The Vita, on the other hand, is with me 24/7, and I play it on my commute to work daily. I can guarantee I’ll be picking up the Vita version of Rainbow Moon, and it will actually get played!

  • So this is the complete version of the PS3, maybe at some point I might check this out. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Been waiting a long time for this one.

    Day one

  • Thank you thank you SideQuest Studios been waiting for the Vita port :)

  • Great news.
    Picking it up for my Vita 12/3.

  • Nice!! Been waiting for this one. Can’t get here soon enough. Will have Rainbow Skies day one also…

  • Looks like my cup of tea. Mmmmmmmmmm tea.

  • I’m totally double dipping on this. This kind of game definitely needs the ability to jump between console and handheld if you want any hope of actually seeing everything it has to offer, while still maintaining a life lol.

  • Great news today about the Vita version! I can’t wait to play it again over the Holidays. A quick question though about the trophies. If I have the Plat trophy for the PS3 version, Can I use still earn trophies for the Vita version? Or does it just register my original 100%?

    • Hi Cold Stare,

      the trophy set is shared between the Vita and the PS3 version. As soon as you sync your trophies with the PSN, all trophies that are already unlocked on PS3 will be unlocked on Vita too and vice versa.

      In case you want to unlock all trophies again, feel free to play offline and don’t sync your trophies:)

  • Fantastic news. I’m especially pleased to see you trying to get us PS3 owners a discount. Thanks! Looking forward to potentially checking out Rainbow Skies dependent upon my PS4 schedule..

  • Never played the PS3 version (don’t actually own a PS3, but likely to own a PS4 in the future). Definitely a day-1 purchase here for me. Thank you for bringing this over to the Vita!

  • This looks amazing. I found out about Rainbow Skies at E3 but I had no idea there was a prequel game. I’m certainly going to buy Rainbow Moon for my birthday on the PS Vita. My B-Day is Dec 6.

  • The trailer is soo epic! I wish when I go around town doing my errands that music played overhead so everyone could here it.

  • Will be nabbing this the second its out. RPGs and Vita are a natural fit.

  • I was going to wait for Rainbow Skies and then pick up Rainbow Moon after if I liked it, but hearing that RS isn’t going to come until the end of next year, I may have to alter my plan and get this first after all.

  • You guys have my support. Thanks for making my vita that much cooler.

  • finally after the long wait! you guys will have double the fan base now it is in vita!

  • Wow that trailer SOLD ME! Day 1 purchase. I love a well done RPG, perfect for the Vita.

  • played on the ps3 so i dont see why i should re-play this on the vita.i will rather wait for the sequel

  • I guess the changes in the PS Vita version of Rainbow Moon are willing to be exciting, and the same goes for the PS3 version in an upcoming patch, too.

    Any plans of making an exclusive title for the PS Vita. Vita rarely gets title exclusives because of Cross Play happening between titles more commonly, so why not have at least one title exlcusive made for PS Vita only? Some of the fans do wish for more exclusive titles on Vita, you know.

    Also, any plans for Soldner-X 3 yet? I enjoyed Soldner-X 2, so I’m hoping to see Soldner-X 3 really soon! I got one request for the next Soldner-X game as a fan… real mid-bosses in the middle of the stages. Think of this.

    • Hi Ioanina,

      Thanks for sharing your thought.

      Most of our games are currently play station exclusives. We’ve worked almost a year on porting our engine to the PS Vita system. So, restricting a new title just to the Vita doesn’t make sense from an economic point of view. As a small indie developer we are, it’s always hard to ensure a solid funding and if our games are well received, that’s a good thing for all projects we want to realize in the future.

      If not, it’s possible that we can’t develop any new games at all. That’s by the way why we’ve put development of our SX series on hold. I know, it’s hard to see from a customers view, so I hope that helps understanding the reasons for such decisions.

      We never say never, but because of that, a SX3 is very unlikely. But if so, we will consider your suggestion with the mid bosses:) Although there are already several smaller mid-bosses in the middle of some stages.

  • Finally! DAY 1.

  • And there was much rejoicing! Thank you!

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