Pre-load Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 for Launch

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Pre-load Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 for Launch
Pre-load Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 for Launch

Pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3

It’s T-minus six days from the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3 November 5th, and we wanted to share a few cool things we’ve been working on as we’re gearing up for the big launch.

Pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts on PlayStation Store and you’ll be able to start downloading the game any time after 3:00 PM PT on Sunday, November 3rd so you can begin playing as soon as 12:01 AM PST on November 5th. This feature will be available for both the standard game and the Digital Hardened Edition.

Then, after you’ve picked up your game, take advantage of the Double XP event during launch weekend from Friday, November 8th (10:00 AM PT) to Monday, November 11th (10:00 AM PT). You’ll earn twice as much XP on all of your multiplayer accomplishments.

Also, for those of you planning on picking up a PS4, don’t forget you’ll be able to upgrade your PS3 version to the PS4 version for $9.99 — get the full details on that program here.

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  • @88 yeah! hahaha and @86 thank you!

  • I wanna download it already!

  • @96 then seeing is believing… so show us all the hard evidence as a proof that you are actually downloading the game. Most of us can’t download the actual game but theme.

  • @93
    they are doing this for free, xbox doesn’t get this
    so anything before nov 5 is bonus

  • Will PS plus download it automatically.

  • @103 I am saying if they want to do the maintenance then they should be doing it way before 3 pm like I would say start the maintenance at 12pm – 2pm then release the COD ghosts pre-order download at 3pm. Make sense?

  • PS4 version will be much better due to improved graphics, textures,effects etc. E.g. Pc BF4 beta was 5.8GB PS3 was a mere 1.7

  • “The PSN store is being updated regarding this issue as we speak. It is projected that the update will be finished in the coming hours or later tonight.”

  • I wish the tech guys would fix this pre download problem. The fact that I received an email saying its ready to pre download, then I only can download a theme, that I already downloaded, that really pisses me off. Way to get my hopes up Sony, to think I have been in your corner all this time and now treat me like this.

  • much *Bigger*

  • To all who are having issues. Turn off your PS3, turn it back on. Go to the store, go to view downloads, and Ghosts will be at the top, theme too. Simply click on it to download. 12GB download and you cannot use the theme until the 5th which is a bummer. I’m in Ireland and have been downloading since 11PM on the dot.

    Sorry for the bad quality, taken from laptops webcam.

  • I really see no benefits to day 1 digital. Can’t even play at midnight!

  • yes guys this is a huge issue but remember no matter wat PSN is still doing their best to get it out so we can play it at 12:01 nov 5. stop complaining!!!!!! it will be fixed

  • @107 yea I read that it said it will take 2 hours… so which mean 2 hours from now the download will beings at 8pm EST [5pm PST]

  • we can download it now in the EU store :) and its 12GB BTW

  • @bigimpactpooch you will be able to play at midnight on the 5th i just talked to support and they confirmed it

  • Proof – facebook dot com/aoh.clan last post on there

  • Are you serious….I am GMT+1 so that means I wont be able to play the game before 9pm on Tuesday, WTF….can you cancel and request refund on store?????

  • @113 size is region based by translation

  • only 12 gb nice should be done in like two hours tops

  • This is stupid seriously. We are going to have problems like this when we get our ps4’s and have to transfer over our accounts for the ghosts ps4. It won’t stop there either, problems like this will be small compared to what we will go through on the 15th of November lol

  • @116 if you only preorderd and have no money in acc no money will have been taken but to cancel your preorder go to acc management then transaction history and cancel from there but it should be active 12.01am on tuesday regardless of your time zone

  • It’s unfortunate that the game isn’t ready for download like they said it would be. Hopefully that gets sorted out quickly.

    But stop attacking AoH-PUNTANG. As he said, it might be your location. He’s in Scotland; things may work differently in the US store.

  • 115 Now I believe you and I will shut up lol.

  • Anyone downloading yet?

  • To all who are having issues. Turn off your PS3, turn it back on. Go to the store, go to view downloads, and Ghosts will be at the top, theme too. Simply click on it to download. 12GB download and you cannot use the theme until the 5th which is a bummer. I’m in Ireland and have been downloading since 11PM on the dot.

  • @122 not on to troll bro just trying to help had this problem with gta

  • Not me US NC.

  • Its sunday and I can’t “Pre Download” call of duty ghosts from ps store….WTH LOL

  • So I got on their Live Chat… Here was the conversation.
    (Had to shorten)

    Samantha C.: It does look like the game is still updating on the store. I would suggest trying to download the game again in two hours.
    Me: Can you confirm I’ll be able to download it at least by tonight? With my internet speed, I’ll be lucky if it takes 24 hours to finish the download…
    Samantha C.: When the game is done updating, there will be congestion when trying to download the game, however, it should be up by today.

  • Hey 124 did that and it’s still the same.

  • Europe uses a different PSN service than US. They have different sales and different promotions. They’ve been doing preloads for several games now, while Ghosts is the US’s first preload. Just give it time. I don’t see why it matters if you can’t download it till an hour after the scheduled time, the game doesn’t come out till the 5th anyway. So even if you download it now, you can’t play. You have all day tomorrow to download it. They’ll fix it, just be glad it’s over with now and not doing this after the game actually launches.

  • Sony dropped the ball on this one. I have slow internet ass well. Digital distributing needs to improve.

  • My bad, I got mixed up with am to pm….so GMT+1 will be able to play it at 9am on Tuesday which is ok but would really like to play it on release at midnight.

  • @124 the only thing I have in my view download history is the theme. Why?

  • @125 I take back what I said lol.

  • Can anyone confirm ill be able to play at 12 EST and not at 3 EST

  • I just tried to download the game but it didn’t give me the option to do so. How am I suppose to download it?

  • @132 everyone in the world will have this at 12.01am regardless if you are gmt pst +1 +2 etc

  • For all the people not reading previously stated comments. If you are in Europe, you can download it now. If you are in the US, Sony is doing maintinence and it will be available within the next hour or so. Just be patient. This is the US’s first preload.

  • @108 where did you get email telling you to predownload? i didnt get any emails

  • @135 if it said 12:01 AM PST then it means 3:01 AM EST that why I say I am gonna get mine at midnight release rather than getting it from psn. Unless sony changed the time to exactly at 12 AM EST then you are good to go.

  • @137 did anyone confirm this or is it just your thoughts?

  • That’s why I’m confused some say support said 12 am all regions then others say confirmed 12 PST only

  • I know in the US, the map packs are always delayed till 2am to 3am EST time. EST is 3 hours behind PST.

  • Funny thing is they had an extra hour

  • I don’t know shy they emailed me if it wasn’t ready for download.

  • Omg just wait until we have to transfer everything to the ps4

  • Is anyone else having issues with preload? I have tried restarting my PS3 (let it sit in standby for 30 minutes while i smoked and read some bed time stories to daughter) and still nothing.

  • I’ve been on chat support now, here is quick copy paste:

    Stephen G.: Our US headquarters are in California, unfortunately the servers are set to PST so they will not release the content until midnight PST.
    zoran klasic: yeah but I bought it on european ps store
    zoran klasic: don’t you have servers for europe?
    Stephen G.: Yes, we have servers in Europe. Unfortunately I do not have any information on the release time for the game in Europe. For more information on that you will need to contact support for your region. Where are you contacting us from?

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