Proteus Out Today on PS3 and PS Vita

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Proteus Out Today on PS3 and PS Vita

Proteus Launch Screens, 01

Hi, Rob from Curve Studios here! We’re proud to announce that Proteus launches today for PS3 and PS Vita on PlayStation Store. Proteus has cross buy functionality, and will be available for $13.99.

Proteus was designed by Ed Key and David Kanaga, and was released in 2011 on PC. It’s a game all about exploring a dreamlike, island world. Proteus’ music and sounds change depending on where you move, creating a different journey each time you play.

Proteus Launch Screens, 03Proteus Launch Screens, 02

We’ve been working on Proteus all summer, and after launching three other PlayStation games this year at Curve, you might not be surprised to learn our version of Proteus has a few additional features that are exclusive to the PlayStation versions of the game.

On the Vita version, Proteus can generate an island based on your geographical location, and on the PS3 version, you can generate islands based on the current date.

Islands generated in this fashion will be the same for anyone in the same location or on the same day, and will also be more “wild” than regular islands in the game, featuring various twists on the original’s islands, as well as shifting, surreal color palettes.

Proteus Launch Screens, 05

Players can also use the back touch screen on Vita to gently affect the world around them, changing the island in subtle ways and remixing the colors of the world.

Proteus is a very unique experience, so if you have any questions about how the game works, I’ll be on hand below to try and answer them.

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  • Wanted to stack my PSPlus Sub which is until 30 th March 2015 since it´s still the 10 bucks back promotion at the moment.

    But I can´t. Always when I want to purchase 1 year and wanna proceed to checkout the store crashes and an info prompts that I have to start the store new.

    But It won´t work. Really a shame you can´t stack up more than 1 year. Already tried to deactivate/activate the automatic renewal but it won´t work.

    I am quite angry about that.

  • It’s good to see more original content coming to PS Vita, this needs to continue so that the install base of the platform increases everywhere.

  • Looked very interesting when I saw a “Let’s Play”.. definitely looking to bundle this with DMC and Puppeteer today to get an extra 48$ off my 10 for 50 month. :)

  • I loved Proteus on Steam. Had a very emotional reaction to it. It really looks like the Vita is turning into a powerhouse for quality downloadable games. I hope this trend continues with the PS4.

  • the game has an end, or is an infinite world of exploitation?, the text did not leave so clear.

  • @1 – bonestorm1234

    I have more than a year of PS + stacked, so you can do it.

    I would suggest trying the store on the pc as it will also work for PS + if your PS3 crashes trying to do this.

    I find it much quicker actually on the pc than on the PS3.

  • Or try calling customer services at Sony, they should also be able to help you.

  • Sorry for my first post. By using the Store with the PC i was able to buy another year of Plus. So I hope when I turn on the PS3 it tells me it has extended till march 2016. When i get the 10 bucks back in november I know what I will buy. But I won´t tell you. Maybe it´s in the November IGC :-)

  • Part of the enjoyment of playing a game is the surroundings, and although I really like the atmosphere of a game, I do not purchase it to look at it.

    Games were meant to be played, not looked at. That is, unless I am taking a small break from grinding.

    Really like Stealth Inc, and would have liked to try Lone Survivor, but your price does not fit the product.

    I did not mind taking a venture, seeing as you are a newer company with one title, but will not continue to pay for them at their current cost.

    Would rather pay a company to “HD” some older PS2 titles instead, that is if the Vita could acquire the fan base it richly deserves (that is, once it has a larger desired gaming library).

  • @ GGCAN

    Thanks for your help. As I wrote the post it was in my mind and it worked. Already did it but thanks. So I should have about 800 days now. So when, and I am not in a hurry I buy PS4 i´m ready for online multiplayer. Since then I hope we get some good games in the IGC. But really a shame we have to wait so long for the update.

    Let´s see how many discounted games from the last sales they offer. :-(

    Well I only bought the nightmare dlc for sleeping dogs for the halloween weekend.

  • Definite buy.

  • I’ve seen like 5 posts about this game, and I STILL have no idea what I’m looking at.

  • I WAS going to buy it until I saw the price. Really it’s not even that the price is bad or anything it’s that it costs more than the PC version even though we’re getting it like 10 months late. What’s up with that? Anyway, I have a question regarding the Vita version of the game. Will it run at native res (960×544)?

  • this cant be by the same ppl who created Stealth inc. luv that game. this heree on the other hand…. and 13.99. just when i was thinking noby noby boy was the most pointless game. sorry but damn

  • Well, games keep on looking worse and worse.. Looks like we have arrived at the Commadore 64 age again.

  • “if you have any questions about how the game works, I’ll be on hand below to try and answer them.”

    OK…. How does this game work?

  • Urghghhh… Well, lets just say I’m glad I didn’t spend some money earlier. It’s a bit harder to swallow now but, I’ll pick this up. Only at this price because it’s cross-buy (primarily) and the new Vita features have me extremely curious.

    Are there any… *ahem* plans for certain future consoles?

  • Definitely going to pick this up when my PSN credit comes in. Curve’s ports are great!

  • @xWelderOPx – The game does have an end. But it’s abstract, and the main appeal is exploration and experiencing the world around you.

  • This one looks interesting. But $13.99? I don’t know. There’s a huge sale today and I’ll be spending some money on other games. Still, I’ll put this one somewhere on my wishlist.

  • Bought this on Steam awhile back but never got around to playing it. I will get it again on psn though as it seems like the perfect game for the Vita. Can’t wait to finally play it.

  • Glad I’m selling my Vita. Not that games like these are bad to have around, but there’s too much of this and not enough AAA to keep my interest.

  • Been really looking forward to this.Will be purchasing tonight.

  • bonestorm1234

    Not a problem.

    I use the store quite a bit as it’s much faster.

  • on the pc…sorry hit enter too quickly above.

  • Oh wow, I hadn’t heard of this until just now. So glad I checked the blog, this is perfect for me.

    And ignore these idiots complaining about the vita. Go trade it in for an Xbox and let someone who can appreciate art get your vita.

  • Bought this on Steam & enjoyed it.. I love Indie games like no other man, but I can honestly say I’d be a bit bummed to pay $14 for this on Vita… the novelty wore off within a half hour tops…

  • “Proteus is a very unique experience, so if you have any questions about how the game works, I’ll be on hand below to try and answer them.”


    Thanks for answering all the questions on here.. people were really curious. Excellent job.

  • Really interested in this game…wish there was a demo.And thanks for bringing this for Vita as well.

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