PS Plus: Sine Mora Free for Members

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PS Plus: Sine Mora Free for Members

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time? Well, that’s by design in Sine Mora, where classic shoot-em-up mechanics (or shmup, if you like saying funny words) are blended with a new twist: you’re racing against the clock. Instead of scoring points, you’ll hunt down enemies to gain precious seconds and hopefully avoid the Game Over screen. PlayStation Plus members get the PS Vita version of this title for free starting tomorrow.

It’s week 2 of our Sale of the Dead promotion, and that means you can save money on awesome titles like the recently released Puppeteer, the classic BioShock and the adorable Costume Quest. There’s a great variety of content available — check it all out below.

You can take advantage of all these PS Plus benefits after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, October 29th.

PlayStation Plus Update 10-29-2013
PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Sine Mora (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $9.99

Sine Mora
SINE MORA is a horizontal shoot’em up that provides a unique take on challenge, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with contemporary presentation, SINE MORA is a gorgeous shmup that offers a Story Mode that weaves an over-the-top tale and an Arcade Mode that provides deep, satisfying gameplay to challenge fans of the genre.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Horror Week: 10/29 through 11/4

Game Title PS Plus Price Sale Price Regular Price
BioShock $5.00 $9.99 $19.99
BioShock 2 $5.00 $9.99 $19.99
Bloodrayne Betrayal $2.50 $4.99 $9.99
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair $8.39 $10.49 $14.99
Costume Quest $3.75 $7.49 $14.99
Darkstalkers Resurrection $5.24 $7.49 $14.99
Dead Space $5.99 $7.49 $14.99
Dead Space 2 $7.99 $9.99 $19.99
Dead Space 3 $19.59 $27.99 $39.99
DmC: Devil May Cry $13.99 $19.99 $39.99
Doom 3 BFG Edition $7.99 $9.99 $19.99
Fatal Frame $2.00 $3.99 $9.99
Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly $2.00 $3.99 $9.99
I Am Alive $3.00 $5.99 $14.99
Infamous: Festival of Blood $3.99 $4.99 $9.99
Lone Survivor $8.99 $9.99 $12.99
Lone Survivor Vita $8.99 $9.99 $12.99
Metro: Last Light $29.99 $39.99 $59.99
Puppeteer $19.59 $27.99 $39.99
Siren: Blood Curse Episodes 1-12 $9.99 $19.99 $39.99
The Darkness II $15.99 $19.99 $39.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

We’ll be back next week to add another title to the Instant Game Collection as well as any other benefits, like super sweet discounts.

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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7 Author Replies

  • I wish you guys would listen to your customers. How many times do you need to be told “NO MORE INDIE GAMES IN THE IGC” before it sinks in?

    I’ve said before, many times, that the discounts are the only reason I am keeping my subscription.

    Giving your loyal subscribers a game that costs $2.99 to download on an Android tablet, which has a MUCH larger screen, isn’t justifying the price of the subscription, itself. Not for a PS Vita owner who doesn’t own a PS3.

    Unbelievable that you even have the audacity to sell a three-dollar game for ten bucks. I wouldn’t buy it for 99 cents.

    BUT, I am DEFINITELY picking up BioShock 1 and 2, and DmC. The discounts from PS+ are the only reason I keep renewing. Giving up completely on the IGC, at this point.

  • Had to log in and give props for the Siren: Blood Curse sale. It’s like somebody at Sony invaded a recent dream I had, where I was looking at all the Halloween sales and wondering why the game was not there. (Don’t worry, it was a PG-13 dream, so all my curses were fairly tame. I suspect however, that they will no longer remain that way once I begin to play this game in earnest).

  • Are you guys going to ever answer any of the fifty questions in the PS4 1.5 update release?

    If you have bad answers or answers people don’t want at least that would be an answer. Adam Sessler is waiting.

  • Hi Kristine,

    If I buy some games tomorrow, will the games of this update work for the “Get $10 for Every $50 Spent”?

  • CraddaPoosta on October 28th, 2013 at 12:40 pm said: “I wish you guys would listen to your customers. How many times do you need to be told “NO MORE INDIE GAMES IN THE IGC” before it sinks in?”

    How many times do YOU need to be told that many Plus subscribers LIKE AND ENJOY indie games before it sinks in?

    CraddaPoosta on October 28th, 2013 at 12:40 pm said: “I’ve said before, many times, that the discounts are the only reason I am keeping my subscription.”

    You act like you’re the only subscriber… as if Plus was designed with you specifically in mind…

  • Whens Nxt Months plus Preview coming?

  • @101 craddapoosta
    I am a customer and I really appreciated those indies games.

  • DMC!!!! Thank you!

  • Guess I will start out with the definite first.

    DMC – No brainer. (Bought a physical copy for my oldest sons, for their birthday, less than two weeks ago) and so very glad that I waited to buy the downloaded copy until now, even if it does go IGC soon.

    Sine Mora looks to be a decent IGC addition, and you have ALOT of tempting sales.
    (Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of the Horror genre)
    ……Although Bioshock (one) and Dead Space may test my “needy” hands.

    Lone Survivor – If you had started at that price originally for PS Plus, I would have probably picked it up.
    (Fortunately, I bought the PS classic Alundra, for $5.99 instead)

    ??Question?? – Why is Bloodrayne Betrayal, not on the Vita, or made as a Crossbuy ?
    ……………..and Hotline Miami got a few hours out of me, although, not really sure why so much MA content goes on Plus.

    ***Killzone Mercenary is still the best game purchased yet, although, I think Unit Thirteen (please tell me they are not gone), and Metal Gear HD are pretty close behind.***

  • Oh Gawd.

    I see PrimeroIncognito, is at it again, like the neighbors’ annoying dog.

  • @hartbrek310: Tim Schafer, the man who made Costume Quest, said in the linked article you posted (quoted from his company’s website): The glitch won’t affect anyone starting the game after December 2010. Last I checked it was 2013. It’s a bit irresponsible to go around saying a game is broken just because you had a bad experience 3 years ago. Or worse, because you read some crap on a website and went around trumpeting it like it was news.

  • any comment on if we will be able to download the psn versions of BF4 and AC IV at midnight tonight???

  • Hey just because some of you don’t like PSP games does not mean that others don’t. IMO some of the PSP games are way better than some of these indie games we are getting, but I am not asking sony to stop adding them to the IGC. Hell these games are free with the PLUS membership just like the PS mini’s and PSone games that we have gotten. Even funnier I see people asking for PS2 games to be added. I am all for any free games. So STOP your crying you entitled little brats, the IGC is not just for you it is for everyone.

  • Fatal frame 1 & 2, I am alive and lone survivor for me. Really great sale, I own mostly everything.

  • Close to $50? Buy an avatar. There are zillions up on the PS Store starting at $0.49. Problem solved. And the promotion does run through tomorrow (29th) at midnight, but even Sony spokespeople have said not to screw around with it. Get it done early. Again, better safe than sorry.

    @Rojo_Capo: Thank you. Well said.

    @CraddaPoosta: Lots of people love indie games. Lots of people have a PS3 but no Vita (like me). Yet I defended Vita owners earlier from some guy who wanted the IGC to stop for Vita. Both notions are idiotic. The IGC should have something for every platform.

    But ironically, you’ve missed the point so badly you actually came back around to getting it more than you know: The IGC was never meant to be the central focus of Plus. It’s a cheap advertising gimmick at best. I’m glad to get anything for free. Some of it I want, most of it I don’t. Who cares? Plus is about discounts, cloud storage, etc. Very soon it will be about online play. The IGC is and always has been a bonus. By ignoring it you’re actually doing it right. Cheers.

    @honkayjeezus: Who gives a crap about Adam Sessler?

  • Definitely getting Costume Quest finally!! I want to get Puppeteer for half price, but I wanted the disc as I am lacking space on the current hard drive.

  • All the free games have been sooo bad! I’m so happy i only got 3 months Plus
    every time i come on here its like oh maybe something good next week, or maybe in November.. but it never is, the discounts are good but the free games are just bad.
    EU Plus members have it amazing .

  • Sweet! Definitely downloading Sine Mora for the Vita and buying Darkstalkers Resurrection for the PS3.

  • just bought few games :)

  • @ThumbsOfSteel74

    Though I do agree with you.

    You still are missing “their” point, why should you have to pay for a membership, only to receive discounts.

    Spend money ??? , to save money ???

    Those sale prices should be there anyway, as we ALL purchased a Sony product.

  • @ThumbsOfSteel74

    have you tried friend inviting PrimeroIncognito ?

  • @Rezolution77

    I dunno, it kinda sounds like you answered your own question. You have it correct, you spend money (buy a ps plus membership) so you can save money down the road. On top of that, non-plus members frequently get treated with sales/discounts as well. Check out those prices in the chart, they’re getting a 50% discount on quite a few games.

  • Was not a question.

    It just does not make a lot of sense to some people as you can clearly see.

    But maybe if you harp on them enough you can make them “go away”, so as they do not continue to respond.

    Better yet maybe get a few of my other screen names, or other half wit friends to bash others and their ideas.

  • speaking or writing intelligently, still does not mean you carry any wisdom in your words.

  • Anyway.

    Tired of trying to get light through to something so dense.

    Maybe it just takes time for a few people along the same path to see where some mark of originality was left to continue where I left off.

  • I do not currently own a Vita, So I think they should at least release a game for both PS3 and Vita weekly. They usually do if there are ps3 and vita versions of the same game. One thing I would LOVE to see released for free would be some of the ps one classics. Haven’t they made enough money in the 15-20 years they have been released?

  • Such great deals this week. Last week was also great, I picked up Resident Evil 4 HD, Walking Dead Season Pass, WD 400 Days, and Dead Island for about $16. With the leftover $4 and another $20 card I will pick up Bioshock 1 & 2, and Dead Space 1 & 2, I believe my simple math is correct, lol.

  • Hey Kristine, is Lone survivor still a cross buy game even with this sale?

  • ThumbsOfSteel74 I started playing Costume Quest this weekend, just downloaded it on Friday, got to point with the French Fry costume and it’s broken. There was no patch when I started it, and I only found this via google. It’s also on PS3 trophies website, gamefaqs, among others. Maybe you should do some research before spouting off stuff you don’t know the answer to. The PS3 version has no patch, it’s broken and unable to be beaten. I wish who ever runs this blog would comment and admit the game is screwed so ThumbsOfSteel74 would shut up. He refuses to admit he’s wrong, like all the kids that are on here and think they know everything.

  • @105, @107, @109;

    Justify Sony charging $9.99 for an indie title that is three bucks for iOS or Android. Tell me again what a great value that is.

    You would prefer more indie games that AAA titles in the IGC? Really?

    The name basically stands for Indie Game Crap, anyway, of late. You are welcome to it.

    I had to buy a PS3 to make my PS+ subscription worth it. I feel bad for Vita-only owners who signed up, expecting a decent library of games.

  • Well I’m glad to be getting Sine Mora for free. I like what PS Plus is giving out. But with the exception of poker night 2 there seems to be a lot of problems with the game.

  • I hope next month will have a lot great games for PS Plus… Crossing my fingers for Little Big Planet Vita or Sly Cooper Thieves of Time.

  • Great Sale so far. I’m getting Puppeteer, Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame 2, Dead Space.
    I hoping that Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen doesn’t be part of the IGC next month. (I’d rather keep some game forever rather then ‘renting’ them in the PS Plus IGC.)

  • Sine Mora is impossible to get trophies. You have to put about 1 zillion hours into one of the hardest games ever.

  • In for some Fatal Frame action

  • @jonjon0890 if what you’re saying is that you have already bought Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, then even if it does become a part of the IGC, it is still yours to keep, regardless of you being a Plus member or not.

  • Nice update, Sine Mora is a great game and its story and graphics are amazing. The discounts are great too, Bioshock for only 5 bucks. thanks Sony team :D

  • I’ve been holding off on buying Sine Mora for months. WHY would you guys not release the PS3 version for free as well! I was so stoked only to be smacked in the face with the fact that its PS Vita only. PS plus is not going in my favour. I think its about time i get rid of it.

  • Just a note. I don’t think Indies are bad to have on the IGC – BUT please give us full retail games as well as advertised. We need more than just Indies and PSP games on Vita’s IGC. I really hope you guys give us a better Vita month next month (especially since this sale has barely any Vita representation as well).

  • Hopefully Thursday we will see the new games for November and I hope that Sony will be generous and give us some nice games since the PS4 is coming out in the same month. I will keep my fingers crossed.

    Also I hope that Jet Set Radio and Odd World are going this month since they have been in the collection for awhile now.

  • Sweet! i’ve been wanting to get some Fatal Frame and now i got the money

  • @ Rezolution77

    Yep it’s only me. I’m the only one who feels this way. Funny isn’t it? I mean, how you and all the other crybabies only complain about me. When other people say what I say, it seems to go right over your head. Why is that? (I already know the answer, just want to see if you do, and if you do, if you’ll say so…) And you’re never annoying, oh no, not at all. Your pseudo-intellectual posts never make any eyes roll…

    Whining about video games for Christ’s sake… yep, wisdom indeed. Good job patting yourself on the back, but I don’t think anyone else over the age of 20 concurs… except for that one guy… you know… Mr. “Pretentious”…

    @ CraddaPoosta

    You’re still ignoring the point. Bottom line is, if people enjoy indies (and many people do), then it’s worth it to them. Plus is not all about you and your short-sighted opinions, as well as adopted beliefs that come straight from the industry’s media spokespeople. Ego can only take you so far. You lack originality. Don’t take everything at face value. Look beneath the surface.

  • Plus has more than one feature, you know. If one in particular isn’t to your liking, you’re sure to find value in another aspect of the program. And if you find no value in it whatsoever, then why would you sign up to begin with? No matter what, it always comes back to personal accountability. You kids really need to stop blaming “the man” for everything. Are you really that powerless?

  • Hi there, I just bought Bloodrayne Betrayal two days ago and lone survivor maybe 4 days ago. I feel kind’ve cheated in a way. Is there a chance I can be reimbursed the difference. At least for Bloodrayne. Great deals on the whole though. Keep it up

  • Need for speed PLUS please

  • @Thumbsofsteel74 The IGC is the central selling point of ps plus. If that were gone, a lot of suscribers would be also. I like ps plus, but dont kid yourself by thinking the IGC isnt the the backbone of ps plus to your average suscriber. I personally like the discounts the best, but i doubt id pay 50 without the IGC.

  • Every year around Halloween I bust out some Costume Quest! I highly recommend that game! Lots of kick a$$ deals goin down this week! I know where my spare change is going! How is Iam Alive?

  • @ThumbsOfSteel74 This is the exact reason why I get my money’s worth on PS+, the sales. Well said, sir.

    @Rezolution77 I think you should stop acting like a troll already. If your an adult and a father of a son, you should act like one. All I see is a whiny baby trying to cry for candy. Keep doing that, you just end up being bashed just like what I’m doing to that hazel bug who is married by his mom that pays his games for him. At least Crazy Rage isn’t an annoying adult as you.

  • @ KarFanatik

    Fat chance on the reimbursements. And poor choice of words there, buddy. You weren’t “cheated” in the slightest. The list of sales was put up over a week ago. That’s plenty of fair warning to those interested in purchasing the content. I doubt you’ll get anything back, and honestly you shouldn’t, because you agreed to pay those prices. Must have been worth it to you, right? Why complain now? Just because the opportunity presented itself?

    I bought Lone Survivor just a couple weeks ago at the Plus price of $11.69. You don’t see me trying to get a couple bucks back… nor have I ever tried to do that during any of the MANY instances in which the same thing has occurred. It just works out that way sometimes. At least you can feel good knowing you supported the developers.

  • so the only free thing is for the ps vita which doesn’t even have half the number of plus users that the ps3 users have and us ps3 users with ps plus get the shaft? it would be only fair if there was a free game for BOTH so both sides get the benefits of ps plus. but with this, ps3 users get jipped in the free game department. Starting to wish i had waited to pay for my ps plus membership until i knew for sure that us ps3 users would get fair treatment of free games. i’m hoping next week that they do something that is fair for ALL not just vita users which only make up not even half of the ps plus user base.

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