PlayStation Blogcast 094: Witness the Daylight

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PlayStation Blogcast 094: Witness the Daylight

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Welcome back! On today’s show we chat about our recent time with Jonathan Blow’s PS4 puzzler The Witness, Housemarque’s PS4 shoot-em-up Resogun, and the delightful remaster of Flower on PS4. Then, we check in with Zombie Studios for details on the procedurally generated PS4 horror title Daylight. And, as always, we share next week’s new releases for October 22nd, and kick off an ongoing series focusing on our 10 favorite games of the generation — starting with yours truly!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • I saw on ESRB’s website that Gex: Enter the Gecko is (finally) coming to NA PSN for PS3 and PS Vita, PLEASE TELL me u will be re-releasing this game, there have been a few ratings (i.e. Sonic Heroes, Haunting Ground) that was never officially confirmed. Would REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

  • What games are free on Playstation Plus for PS4?

  • Just wanted to say how much I like this podcast, especially now with Ryan POWERHOUSE Clements on the team, it’s a good dynamic between Sid/Nick/Justin/Ryan. Keep it up guys.
    One question: is there any notices on twitter for when the podcast misses it’s Thursday night postings? I’d be great to be kept in the loop. Thanks guys!

  • It would be nice to have a female voice on the podcast… Maybe Grace ;)

  • Looking forward to Lego Marvel next tuesday. Could you guys at Sony please convince the publishers of that game to add it to the $9.99 next generation upgrade program? Its not too late and i’d hate to have to buy it full price again on ps4. :(

  • Also i’m really disappointed that Namco decided to pull a ‘Capcom’ and release an updated version of their fighting game less than a year after the original version. It just reeks of cash grabbing and a slap in the face to those of us who spent full price on Naruto Storm 3 earlier this year.

  • Any information on the Vita versions of Bit Trip Runner 2, Terraria or Rainbow Moon? I haven’t heard anything on these games for a long time. Have they been canceled? All 3 are day 1 buys for me if they are ever released. Terraria was supposed to be released this summer, and I just want to know if it was just delayed or if it was cancelled.

  • when i log into ps3 or psvita psn it sends error code

  • Very interested in hearing Sid’s top 10 of the generation.

  • Also love the new format of the blogcast post. Small, neat and informative of the episode.

  • Is there a ETA on when the network will be back up and running, I’m sure everyone want to be online right now….

  • Ryumoaner….

    BE QUIET. HOLY ****.

    There is no slap to the face, you agreed to purchase that game, no one forced you to do crap.

    Entitled prissy-dunce.

    If you don’t like their practices then quit buying their stuff.

    I love how you act like whenever you are upset about a purchase you made, you act so entitled as if someone put a gun to your head.

  • is psn network down?????? do u know when it be back online

  • Hello. Just wanted to let you know the mp3 download link above for this weeks blogcast is actually last week episode # 93.

  • Will Resogun have a platinum or better yet a Diamond trophy? jk =)

  • Number munchers? Geez, that brings back memories for sure. Thinking about it now, I would’ve figured I was probably the very few people whom ever played, let alone knew that game existed!

    Played that game on those super old Apple computers in my elementary school 20 years ago, and I’m almost 27! Good memories with it though! =)

  • Can I/We get a confirmed list of all of the launch PS4 titles, that we can remote play on the vita PLEASE?

  • This is the first blogcast I have listened to and I wanted to say that I really enjoyed it. I tried listening once before while I was working, but I couldn’t focus on both at once and had to stop it.

    Have you guys ever considered taping (if anyone even uses that term anymore) your blogcasts? Even though you guys are just talking, it’s easier for me to get into stuff like this when I have something to look at. I’ve literally just been sitting here for an hour and a half, staring at my laptop screen, because every time I’d try to find something online to keep me occupied, I’d lose focus on the blogcast.

  • And you guys didn’t post the voicemail number, but I thought I’d share my first PlayStation experience.

    It was my birthday – I don’t remember how old I was, but I’m 27 now, so you do the math – and one of my friends brought his PS1 to my house. At the time, I had never even heard of it. When my friend told me he brought his PlayStation, it didn’t register for me. For some reason, I had trouble recognizing that it was just the name of the console. I’m thinking “Play.. station?”, as if it was the name of a place.
    I may or may not have owned a Nintendo 64 yet. Actually, I had switched between the systems a couple times, getting rid of my N64 for PlayStation, getting rid of my PlayStation for N64 and so on.
    Anyway, the game we played was Stunt Race FX. I had never seen gaming like this before and I was in awe at how much fun it was, flying off of jumps and performing insane stunts. I never did own the game myself, but I will always remember that experience fondly.

  • (continued)
    When my mom finally bought me a PlayStation, the games I got were Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid. I have to say that I never did get really into those games. I enjoyed driving around and wreaking havoc in GTA, but I never did connect with what I was really supposed to do, or I just found it too difficult. I was probably just too young for it.
    Metal Gear Solid, I really enjoyed, but it ended up being too challenging for me. I got stuck an area where I think I was supposed to do something with C4 and I couldn’t figure it out so I just gave up.

  • Hi. I’ll leave here a code for inFamous: Festival of Blood and some other stuff:

    HTBT – EHN3 – 5FE2



  • Will we ever get a RSS feed app for podcasts on Vita? Integrating it into the Music app would be even better!

  • What game is next to be delayed on ps4? All of them?

  • first playstation experience: crash bandicoot on ps1. Feeling kind of old now…

  • My 5 favorite games of this generation are: Dead Space, Fallout 3, Dragon Age Origins, Bioshock and Borderlands.
    My first memorable playstation experience was Resident Evil 2. I played it at a friends house for about 2 hours, and went and bought a PS1 and the game the very next day.

  • Hey guys, loved the blogcast this week, and wanted to share my top 10 for this generation. I probably left some out but these are the ones I keep going back to for some reason. My criteria is just that they are above the average game and are either epic or are really pushing the hardware to the limits of what the ps3 is capable of.

    1.Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    2. Saints Row 3
    3. GTA V
    4. Skyrim
    5. The Last Of Us
    6. inFamous 2 (surprise hit IMO)
    7. Fallout: New Vegas
    8. Red Dead Redemption
    9. Tomb Raider
    10. Journey (Not Epic, and didn’t push boundaries but just a great game I didn’t expect to like)

    Uncharted 2 was totally epic, so it tops my list in pretty much every way.

  • Oops, forgot my memorable first experience. My best friend had a ps1 and 2 games. I tried it because of seeing all those hilarious tv spots for Crash Bandicoot. My friend had the Dukes Of Hazzard and Driver for ps1. It was a blast, but I didn’t get hooked until Vice City on ps2. After that I was hooked.

  • Good Night Night Vale, Good Night…

  • I keep asking for fallout3 for the psn and no Replie why ???? :( am I asking for to much

  • Why is there no flash player for the vita yet? I enjoy things much better when I have a visual reference point.

  • First time listening to the Blogcast, and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. Some great rapport amongst all you guys. Just a lot of fun listening.
    Also, THANK YOU for finally mentioning Outland. It seems like everywhere else I’ve looked recently, when articles mention Resogun and Housemarque, they always namedrop SSD and Dead Nation, but ignore Outland, which was my personal favorite of the three (though all three games are amazing).
    My top 5 games of the generation would be:
    1. inFAMOUS 2
    2. Dungeon Siege 3
    3. Just Cause 2
    4. Skyrim (horrible, buggy mess that it was at launch)
    5. Guacamelee

    My first playstation memories are mostly of random JRPGs, like Threads of Fate or Legend of Mana. Didn’t play many other genres til much later. But the first game that really stood out to me as I hadn’t played any of the FF games yet, was Legend of Dragoon. That game was so epic, and the combat system so unique. I still have my original, non-GH version for PS1, as well as the PSN version on my Vita. I still play it from time to time these days. I really feel it has held up in the gameplay department over the years, even if it looks a bit dated now.

  • the naruto game coming in digital release?

  • Great listen as always guys. This episode was pretty funny as well, I found myself genuinely laughing numerous times throughout.

    I find it really difficult to come up with a “top games of this generation” list, and even more difficult to have to decide between PS3 and Vita games, so I’ll just make two lists (keep in mind that these are my FAVORITE games).

    Top 5 PS3 games of this generation:
    1. Fallout: New Vegas
    2. The Walking Dead (Telltale Games)
    3. DJ Hero
    4. Demon’s Souls
    5. LittleBigPlanet

    Top 3 Vita games of this generation
    1.Gravity Rush
    2. Wipeout 2048
    3. PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royal

  • Oh and for my earliest playstaion memory, it’s playing Tekken 3 on my dad’s PS1. Good times.

  • Thank you for recommending Pixeljunk Monsters! Not enough people play this game! And you were correct, it’s “Hid Day-O Co-Jim-Ah” ;)

  • I’ll go with Ryan on how to say “KOJIMA”. Japanese are heavy on vowels. Haha!

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