Play PS4 at Select Retailers Starting Today

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Play PS4 at Select Retailers Starting Today

Hard to believe we’re less than a month away from PS4’s launch on November 15th. Exciting! If you just can’t wait to get your hands on a system, I’ve got good news. Starting today, we’re rolling out PS4 demo kiosks to stores nationwide. The initial wave of PS4 demo units will appear in select Sony Stores, with thousands more added to various retail locations, such as GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart — among others in the coming weeks.

To find the PS4 demo kiosk nearest you, click the link below. And remember, if you don’t see one nearby, just check back later to see if any have been added to stores in your hometown.

Find Out Where You Can Try PS4

PS4 Retail Kiosks, 02PS4 Retail Kiosks, 01

Once you find a kiosk, you’ll be able to sample upcoming PS4 games like Knack, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, FIFA 14, Contrast, Super Motherload, and Pinball Arcade. Keep an eye out for the kiosk at a store near you, and have fun playing!

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  • Nothing within 100 miles of Nashville TN…wow.

  • Mine’s showing up as a landscape and irrigation store.

  • Nevermind, the markers were unclear, I understand now.

  • Those kiosks look amazing! They had this pictures leaked on the internet long ago… Now, as cool as it may be… All I care is for Nov. 15th and my PS4 to get here not a kiosk. Hehe! Greatness Awaits!

  • Oops! Didn’t see the info on the site where it says they’ll be adding new locations daily. :D

  • lol no offence to anyone, but the way some people act. I can see these things breaking at certain places in like the first week it’s released.

  • i shall not touch it i shall wait till i have mine in my hands on Nov 15. although its really tempting.

  • Nothing within 200 miles here in Washington. That’s pretty weird with our high Asian population, and having Nintendo and Microsoft housed up here.

  • ummm it says that there is a kiosk at my local hospital. I don’t think that’s right.

  • Closest Sony Store for me is Palo Alto, which is about an hour away… I think I’ll just wait until I see one at a local Walmart, Target, or Best Buy.

    I’m looking forward to getting my hands on that DS4. :)

  • I dont believe this works. Just searched my zip code and it says theres one at “Visiting Angels” right down the street from me. Thing is, when looking at the satellite map, its someones private house. Having never heard of “Visiting Angels” I googled it to find its a “Senior Home Care & Elder Care Service”.

    Really Sony?

  • Tells me the closest kiosk is behind a house in the hood?

  • No Sony Store in the entire NorthWest.

    I’ve already tried the PS4, but I’m sure as we roll closer they will put it in all the retail stores. I thought I saw a post once about some people taking pictures of one coming to a wal-mart/target back room.

  • @DoubleT123 , AgentGOP, everybody.

    The marker that shows up is the geographical center of the zip code you entered, as others have stated their is a blue PlayStation marker for the PS4 locations, the orange marker is to reference the starting point of the search, or in other words it shows your zipcode location.

  • Any chance of Brazil retailers getting these PS4s before launch?

  • I really think you guys should have had a Killzone or DriveClub demo to really show off the PS4 cause to an average consumer, I really don’t think that KNACK will really show the PS4’s real potential…

  • Thanks, but I can wait until I have my very own on Nov 15. Might even go for the midnight launch event @ local gamestop. I just hope to have a game to play on it right away.

  • Woot!, got one right here in Utah County, Utah (ain’t been there yet). Strangely not in SLC….

  • awesome i will keep my eye open

  • just to let you know that i have a demo kiosk for Ps3 :P not suposse to have this at home :P hehehe

  • Roosevelt Field Mall for me , Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’m in there, like swimwear.

  • Nevermind, none in utah……

  • hey my says right in the middel of lake michigan! here i come! gonna get killed by ps4!
    wow great graphics! kill zone! wait kill me! wahhhhaa! zzzzzz! great playstation4!
    oh wait it at walmart! yess! cant wait!

  • oh by the way u cant get a ps4 until next year sorry!
    every where is sold out!

  • Hmmm, would’ve thought that it was going to be in NYC at the Sony Style, first hand and I live in NJ close to the city. Guess no love for NYC I guess. :(

  • Thanks to despair me more… I’ve to wait until november 29th because I’m inferior (even we are in the same continent) -.-.

  • I hope there’s a PS4 kiosk in Canada!!!!

  • Nothing for Canada…bummer.

    Oh well, eventually I hope…

  • umm… it just led me to an elementary school in colonia… :I

  • It will be interesting to see where these pop up at, but makes me no difference. PS4 day 1 shipping for me from Amazon I’m out

  • It would be nice if we could sign up for alerts on this to let us know when a demo station is opened near our zip codes.

  • So the one near me is at some lady’s house near my son’s friends home? Meh. I don’t feel like knocking on her door to play her PS4. Why not just put it at Best Buy or GameStop since both are much easier to access.

    13090, BTW

  • Seriously, Not one from Buffalo, NY to Boston Mass. You just eliminated one of the most populous states in the USA. Doesn’t make sense.

  • Mine’s at a chevron apparently!

  • I dont trust this. i put in 10 different zip codes and it just randomly selects a store or nothing in the area. really? A Dollar General? SONY FIX THIS ****?

  • Welp, looks like the rumors are true… DriveClub will be delayed until Spring of 2014… that sucks man.

  • So the nearest one to me (and the only one within 100 miles) is… in an empty field west of the highway…

  • PS4 only in 2014.:)

  • For those who ask for Canada, I walked into my Sony store at Quebec City, and they told me they’ll have this PS4 demo kiosk at the end of the month (they hope to).
    Now, we need exacts dates and towns!

  • What about Chicago?

  • PS4 in Brazil costs U $ 1.700.

  • PS4 in Brazil cost 2 XBOX ONE Shame on $ONY

  • the map is showing no locations in Columbus, OH – or anywhere in OH at all…

  • Thanks for getting my hopes up but it looks like the console is only at Sony stores on the west coast. I’ll continue to keep my eye out for when other stores near my area have it available.

  • I hope we get one in Canada , Quebec!!!

  • Are there any demos in Qatar, Middle East?

  • The fact that Killzone & Driveclub are missing from this demo line-up is concerning…

  • I heard The Pinball Arcade demo on the PS4 actually has slowdown. How can this be?!?
    According to a source who played if the frame rate drops from around 60fps to something in the teens during 4 ball multi-ball.

    This is really disheartening. :( Pinball Arcade was to be the first game I bought for my new PS4. Now I’m considering not even buying the PS4 system until it’s worked out.

    Oh and….
    “+ kivi95 on October 16th, 2013 at 11:47 am said:
    Wow really.. Pinball arcade to show off PS4? You got to be joking!!??”

    Some people like to play other stuff rather than the same old FPS and Racer genre.
    Pinball Arcade, visually looks extremely nice.

  • Nearest one for me is 3 miles and at C & W Construction yard??? O_o The sky view is a barn with scrap metal everywhere. Hope the owner doesn’t mine me hanging out in his barn. Wahoo 3 miles awesome.

  • Well it says there is one y my nearest Terminix…. I dont know what that is but it doesnt seem right

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