The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for October 15th, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for October 15th, 2013
The Drop

The makers of The Walking Dead episodic game series return with their latest efforts in player-driven narrative. Prepare yourself for The Wolf Among Us, a five-episode series that debuts this Tuesday.

Set in the Fables comic universe, The Wolf Among Us tasks you with making critical choices as Bigby Wolf — former monster and now Sheriff of Fabletown, a world where the creatures of myth and lore live very real lives in our world. Your decisions in The Wolf Among Us will shape the story as you work to unravel a brutal murder of a fellow Fable. How will you guide the course of this violent, hard-boiled thriller?

For those of you interested in a new JRPG adventure, Valhalla Knights 3 is also ready to launch, offering a massive quest set in a fantasy prison, where tyrannical minds and warrior criminals vie for control and — in many cases — survival.

And here’s a little bonus: God of War: Ascension is making its way to PlayStation Store as a complete digital download. Bring Kratos back onto the battlefield. It’s a good fit for him.

For a complete list of the games and demos joining the PlayStation family this week, check below. And enjoy the Drop!

The Wolf Among Us

Angry Birds Trilogy
Cabela's African Adventures
Champion Jockey
God of War: Ascension
Pacific Rim
Skylanders Swap Force
Valhalla Knights 3
Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Special Editions
The Wolf Among Us

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS Vita — Digital
The gaming phenomenon lives on as Angry Birds Trilogy comes to PS Vita. Face your porcine adversaries in 19 episodes, and enjoy dozens of hours of play with new content and updated visuals.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Travel to the African wilds for a wild and dangerous hunt. Seek out the Big Five: lion, leopard, white rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, and elephant. Explore an open world and uncover new hunting zones and collectibles.
PS3 — Digital
Immerse yourself in the experience of being a jockey. Learn how to use the horse’s reins, shift your character’s body weight, and ride to the finish. Understand each horse’s unique rhythm, stamina, and racing style.
PS3 — Digital, Retail (Already Available)
Kratos, the legend with a blood-soaked past, storms back onto PS3 in this visually-enthralling prequel. God of War: Ascension is now coming to PlayStation Store as a digital download. Prepare to unleash the burning fury of vengeance.
PS3 — Digital
The Kaiju approach! Suit up and roll out in the ultimate war machines, the Jaegers, to battle this terrible threat to all of humanity. Experience the thrill of piloting a Jaeger, as seen in del Toro’s hit film.
PS3 — Retail (Out Today)
The renowned Skylanders series continues with Swap Force. Wield the power of new Skylanders that can swap powers by switching out the tops and bottoms of their figurines, and then take them into battle to save the Skylands.
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
A unique JRPG set in a sprawling prison, complete with its own society and government. Enter the prison and participate in group battles, tackling quests and traversing the dangers of a criminal den that will make or break you.
PS3 — Digital
Climb back into the hotseat and play classic Millionaire for a chance at a digital fortune. This new version of Millionaire comes with both solo and multiplayer challenges. Expand your experience with packs that add hundreds of new questions into the mix.
PS3 — Digital
Fill the big, bad shoes of Bigby Wolf, and work to uncover the truth behind a brutal murder in Fabletown. Based on the Fables comics, The Wolf Among Us puts the choice in your hands. Shape the story of this hard-boiled thriller as you play.

Demos and Betas

Atomic Ninjas — PS3 Demo
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes — PS3 Demo
Pacific Rim — PS3 Demo
The Wolf Among Us — PS3 Demo

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10 Author Replies

  • Any news on PS Vita Playstation Plus additions? I just got a Vita this past weekend and am DYING to play Hotline Miami and Sine Mora.

    I know they are coming, but when????


    – A new Vita LOVER

  • All I cares about is #TLOU 1st DLC #Drop on Oct. 15th. @NaughtyDog making them MP maps rain! I wonder when will theyes tease a lil of the Single Player DLC.

  • The Wolf Among Us, I’ll pick up somewhat soon.

    Valhalla Knights is a maybe for me. I didn’t like the first one on PSP but would think about this one if it’s better.

  • PlayStation 4 in exactly ONE MONTH…

    Can you give us more details on which games will support Cross-Buy, Cross-Discount and how that would work?

    Bobby King, lead designer at FarSight Studios had this to say regarding the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade (A PS4 launch title):

    We haven’t decided on how we’re handling cross-buy / cross-discount yet.
    The tables will probably be sold in a larger bundle at launch as the shell/platform (all of season one maybe = 22 tables).
    We’re not sure whether all of the PS3/PSVita tables will be updated in time for the PS4 launch

  • Ooh baby, can’t wait for The Wolf Among Us!! I was never one to be interested in TWD (no offense to the game, per se, it’s just zombie trope is kinda played out, to me), but being comic geek that I am this one has my interest pique.

    Man, Tuesday can’t come fast enough!

  • ahhh yeah

  • Great to see Angry Birds Trilogy on the Vita, with that Star Wars version on the horizon. Question: Why are games on the Vita being announced less than a week (or two) before the release. You should excite people several weeks in advance, not with: “by the way, this game is out on Vita tomorrow”.

    The Wolf Among Us would be nice on Vita. Walking Dead showed that it can be done.

  • WOOOO!!! Pacific Rim!!! I was beginning to wonder if this would make it to PSN. And on the DVD/Blu-ray release day!


  • I am loving the format now. The Drop has become so much better even when there’s nothing I care for, I now enjoy checking out the pics and descriptions.

  • Do you know if Deus Ex Director’s Cut is coming to the PSN store when it releases next week?

  • Some very great offerings in the psn store tomorrow, just may end up making a purchase possibly. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Oh is that a Snoop reference there?…if yes then how awesome…

    BTW great job Ryan for real the drop keeps getting better and better…I asked for demos last week…and here they are.Thank you.

    Super weak drop…it’ll be all about demos.

  • God of War Ascension on PSN? Finally I can add it to my list of games to download to play since I have the Saga!
    Also I am definitely picking up The Wolf Among Us! I love the Fables series and this will likely make the world much bigger.

  • Wait, didn’t the Pacific Rim game come out a few months ago? Is this a new PacRim game?

  • any word on a digital version of beyond two souls

  • I’m geeked for The Wolf Among Us and the Plus perks!!! It’s always a great time to be a faithful Sony gamer!

  • I’m all over The Wolf Among Us went it hits!

  • it’s sad when the only good thing coming to the store this week is a Lego Marvel Avengers demo…which I’ll be downloading

    Wolf Among Us looks pretty good though too I geuss

  • Can’t wait to get home to play the wolf among us and Last of Us DLC. By the Way glad to see Ryan Clements, IGN’s not the same without you

  • i only have a vita so ps plus lost me this month nothing i did not already own or compelling enough to reup recently, i would have stayed even if they had psp and mini games in between the current offerings, drought

  • Oh wow, Ryan – you work here now. Not too shabby. You were my fave at IGN

  • lol I actually did a double-take when I saw your name Ryan, really happy to have you officially with PlayStation. I’m in Japan until November 18th (tried to book a flight back on the 14th for obvious reasons but scheduling conflicts came into play) but love getting the scoop on what to look for (and also what to remote buy/download, which works surprisingly well). Always loved you on BEYOND! and wish you the best.

    @16 Hunter_xx_ – I don’t know if you will ever see this (I understand that PS wants to keep threaded conversations in the forums but it’s still a bit of a pain when you want to give someone info), however I never used my pre-order codes when I bought MGR:R from GameStop. As seen above, I’m not at home at the moment, but will send a message to a friend who is housesitting and will send you the code over PSN from a nick similar to this when I have it (I am using the Japanese PSN service while I’m here). I would like to see the other three special skins become standard DLC as well though.

  • They need a suggestion blog for what ppl want to see on PS plus since Sony want to act as if gamers come first then they should listen. There is a part of the Sony website that allow ppl to vote on suggestions and Portable ops for vita has lots of votes and there is a petition on the internet that I signed that had about 1100 signatures yet nothing I called Sony I called Konami each company blames the other this blog don’t seem to be much but tell us what is coming out and do not take suggestions you notice the only ppl they respond to is ppl giving praise for the new PS+ deals everyone that ask a question or suggest something they ignore not their fault because they cannot answer a question they don’t know the answer to.

  • Yeah it can be frustrating Jablunt, but the blog is meant to operate as you claim it does (the main purpose of *most* blogs in fact is to get information out there). Yes the managers of this part of the site might have an easier time getting a question answered, but for the most part PR/Social Media types are kept out of the loop just as much as the average consumer. I really do like your idea(s) though and hope they meet the eyes of someone who can elevate them to the appropriate people. Just from casual observation, more stuff seems to get accomplished via the forums but Sony is in crunch-mode at the moment and likely won’t be out of it until sometime next year, so don’t be too surprised if the solutions are slow to come.

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