September 2013’s PSN Top Sellers

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September 2013’s PSN Top Sellers

I think we all saw this one coming.

Grand Theft Auto V topped the PS3 charts, with Diablo III securing the runner-up spot. FIFA 14 made an impressive entrance, and Madden NFL 25 is holding steady at #4.

Killzone: Mercenary ruled the PS Vita charts, followed by the gorgeous Rayman Legends and the nerve-wracking Spelunky. Pixelated survival horror adventure Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut had a strong first month, showing up in the #5 spot.

Head over to the EU PlayStation.Blog to see which games made the biggest splash on that side of the world, and leave your predictions for this month in the comments!


Top 5 PlayStation Mobile Games

Chaos Rings
  2. Sola Radio
  3. Hills of Glory: WWII
  4. Cytus Lambda
  5. Scientific Electronic Calculator

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  • very glad for Killzone Mercenary. Really good game…

  • There was no suprise on those top sellers since they are awesome games. Sony is promissing remote play for ps4 games on vita, but on vita’s release promissed to support ps3 games on remote play. When the ps3 library of compatible games will expand? It seems the developers doesn’t even interest to put that option. Even Killzone 3 that was showed running on remote play isn’t compatible.

  • Fifa in podium, thats impresive in usa.

  • Glad to see Atelier Meruru Plus charting despite being a stealth release. Such a good JRPG.

  • Sony! are u guys launching the KZ bundle with camera and the extra controller for 500$ bucks here! C,MON! U recently admitted u were the underdog in america… and u give bundles to france and UK but not here?! PRETTY PLS!

  • Killzone Mercenary on top!!! i hope by now you guys (sony) know that we want more Killzone Mercenary quality games on psvita, oh and it would be a very smart idea to launch a Killzone Mercenary tv spot you know?

  • Did anyone get there coupon for 75% Rockstar games after ordering GTAV? Just wondered if it was a timed release and I’m forgetting or PS forgot. Thanks for any help.

  • Wow Puppeteer didn’t even crack the top 20!? That’s a shame. People are missing out.

  • Only reason I didn’t buy KZM is because I’m not a fan of console shooters (just not the same precision as KB&M), but it’s a remarkable game that looks way too good to be on a handheld, so kudos to the debs and glad to see it doing well.

  • A little sad to see Meruru Plus so low on the list :/

  • Wow, glad to see many of the games on those lists.

    Shout out to Kickbeat taking the #9 spot!

  • I really loved the Diablo demo, but I am going to hang on for the PS4 version.

  • Glad to see the One Piece game got into the top 10, especially considering how unpopular the series is in the US.

  • Seeing P3P in the top 10 again is great

  • speaking of the top 10… how do you find the ps vita top 10… I was looking for it in the PSN on my PS3 and it’s not there anymore. The PSVita channel seems to be almost entirely gone. It’s really disappointing as I don’t like navigating the PSN on my Vita, so I looked for Vita stuff on my PS3, and the new PSN PSVita listing is really awkward compared to the old PSVita channel.

  • Hpmf who didn’t saw that one coming?….GTA the most overrated game of history in 1st…..ha this is how gaming world is today…Puppeteer not even in top 20 but we got GTA in 1st(sigh)….oh well….I’m quite surprised to see Journey there and in 8th….plus one piece in 7th…how can people like that is beyond me…Mercenary in 1st Vita games…saw that one coming as well but this one deserved,I’m quite happy with that.CoD ruling the DLCs nothing new here…and WOW…..FF7 still selling?…and in 3rd?…thats a true classic.

  • I hope the digital version for GTA5 gets fixed because it is a excellent game. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please just separate the full/true PS3 games and the PSN/min/indie/little games into their own lists already.

    Doing both together in a longer list is just annoying and confusing, especially for friends who are new to ps3.

  • Oh my GOD! Hahaha i got a great laugh when i saw Ps Mobile Ranking.

    That Sola Radio and Scientific Calculator. Those Apps i bought this mont.

    That means that Ps Mobile doesn’t have good selling days.

  • So since Metal Gear Solid and Crash Bandicoot are on the top 10 classics, and the Crash games are going on sale this week, maybe let us know if a Vita compatibility update is coming for those games? Please? Pretty pretty please? :P

  • @4 Tecmo Koei made an official announcement that Atelier Meruru Plus was coming West prior to E3. Tecmo Koei even released a trailer for it during E3. So no, Atelier Meruru Plus was technically not a stealth release.

  • A good lineup, Just asking when isCASTLEVANIA: CURSE OF DARKNESS gonna be put up as a classic since Lament of Innocence has been sitting there and no mention to its spiritual sequel which surpasses it in every single way.

  • Duck Tales brought back memories of my NES days as a kid. It would’ve been pretty sweet to get the original 8 bit version with it.

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