The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for October 8th, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for October 8th, 2013
The Drop

Prepare to unravel supernatural mysteries, or relive two award-winning experiences of 2012. All this and more join the PlayStation lineup this week. Please charge your DualShocks in preparation.

Jodie Holmes has not lived her life alone. Since childhood, she has been followed by an unseen entity of incredible power. It’s bound to her, and the mystery of this connection only deepens throughout her years. Experience Jodie’s story on Tuesday when Beyond: Two Souls launches for PS3. This story-driven thriller comes from the same team that brought you Heavy Rain in 2010, so you can expect the same quality character drama and visual spectacle.

And if you missed out on Borderlands 2 or Dishonored — two critically-acclaimed games that launched last year — you can finally see why gamers have been raving. Both games are getting Game of the Year Editions this week, which gives you the opportunity to catch up on your gun-crazy loot hunting, or stealth-infused steampunk, respectively.

Looking for something a little quirkier? Consider Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, and plunge into the RPG insanity that can satisfy even the most hardcore strategy lovers.

For a full list of games coming this week, keep scrolling. And enjoy the Drop!

Jodie Holmes, Beyond: Two Souls

Atomic Ninjas
Battle of Tiles EX
Beyond Two Souls
Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition
Capcom Essentials
Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness
Dishonored Game of the Year Edition
F1 2013
Heavenly Guardian
Just Dance 2014
Malicious Rebirth
Orc Attack
Worms Revolution Extreme

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3, PS Vita, PSN
Frantic, funny multiplayer with an added ninja twist. Control super-powered ninjas and compete with your friends in dangerous arenas. Win not with direct attacks, but by forcing other plays into environmental hazards, like lava pits and laser beams.
A tile-based, strategy RPG. Control your army, composed of several decorated tiles, by sliding them across the board towards opposing forces. Defeat monsters and build your army in order to vanquish the final threat waiting for you at the end of your journey.
PS3, Retail
Live the life of Jodie Holmes, a young woman with an extraordinary companion. Experience a story-driven adventure as you unravel the questions surrounding the powerful entity known as Aiden, and survive the dangers Jodie faces, both uncommon and everyday.
PS3, Retail
Rejoice, for there is loot. Return to Pandora and enjoy all the gun-wielding, treasure-dropping psychos that occupy its unforgiving surface. The critically-acclaimed shooter comes packed with tons of DLC for newcomers and veterans.
PS3, Retail
It’s a Capcom collection! Contains Resident Evil 6, Super Street Fighter IV, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising 2, and Mega Man 10. More than enough gaming goodness for any interested parties.
PS3, PSN, Retail
It’s about time JRPG fans return to the Netherworld, and the unlikely trio that started it all. This strategy game combines a quirky sense of humor with a massive battle system, enabling you to invest a tremendous amount of time into playing. Just watch out for Prinnys.
PS3, PSN, Retail
A stealth adventure with ample player flexibility, Dishonored returns and brings a ton of downloadable content along for the ride. Travel back to the plague-ridden city of Dunwall as Corvo Attano, and wield weapons both mechanical and mystical in an effort to purge the corruption from within the city.
Experience all the cars and circuits from the FIA Formula One World Championship, along with classic content. Take the Young Driver Test to learn the techniques needed for elite-level drivers, race with 80’s and 90’s era cars, and chase fame in Grand Prix Mode.
PS2 Classic, PSN
A top-down shooter with old-school, 2D visuals. Travel through snowy forests and battle enemies as Sayuki, in an effort to save a young boy from a terrible curse.
PS3, PSN, Retail
The long-running dance series is back, with more than 40 tracks to dance to. Step into Party Master mode to customize your group jam sessions, or take the dancing online in Just Dance’s first ever online multiplayer mode.
PS Vita, PSN
An enhanced, portable version of the PS3 game, Malicious, the PS Vita version boasts more stages, more bosses, and more powers. Choose your battle and fight for the good of the kingdom.
This third-person, cooperative beat ’em up puts you in the orc’s shoes for once. Command an orc warrior and wield the terrifying power of flatulence against your human enemies.
PS Vita, PSN
Take your worms on the go! Plot your attacks across more than 70 levels of strategic mayhem. Tackle the campaign alone, or play with friends and share in the destructive goodness together.

Note: the above information is subject to change without notice.

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11 Author Replies

  • so they switched orc attack to the ps3 so they didnt need to honor ps plus? hahaha

  • is poker nigh 2 coming this week?

  • Wow didn’t realize that Beyond Two Souls came out this upcoming week, thought it came out later on. Loved the demo, can’t wait to play the full game. Hopefully its as great as is seems.

  • Are PSone classics dead? Will we ever get any new ones?

  • Move over Heavy Rain, hello Beyond Two Souls. I have to get it this week!

    Capcom Essentials looks good (except Resident Evil 6, a terrible excuse for a sixth game. Reboot the franchise already).

  • I can’t believe it!!! It’s Malicious Rebirth on vita this week!!!

    been waiting for that for so long time, but don’t know when to buy considering this is also the big month for 3ds side. if just there are more games must buy on psn (vita) this month I’ll have to purchase more PSN card.

    and I thought only getting 50$ psn this month for psnplus subs…

  • Interested in Beyond…


    …but Disgaea is way more important than anything else coming out this week.

    Etna! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Battle of tiles EX finally came to US store~

    I tried the demo, but the price wasnt right for me (on the japan PSN). Might get it if the price is right. I still havent played GTA5 though. If the price is as high as it is on Japan PSN, then I might as well save up for GTA5.

  • Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

    Click on the first result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • Wasn’t Orc Attack the game that was originally listed as a free game for ps plus earlier this year, but got delayed? If so, why make us pay for it now?

  • Hi Ryan. Nice job on the updated look of The Drop. I really like the clean look. However, is it possible to get the images to line up better with the description? Looks like they are offset a little bit. Sorry, my OCD gets the best of me some times. Keep up the great work! Nice to see you with the PlayStation team now!

    Beyond: Two Souls looks incredible. The gameplay is pretty simple and I like that it doesn’t get in the way of the story telling. What I’m really interested in is the iOS and Android companion app. Is this going to be a trend for Sony’s first-party titles moving forward?

    Best regards!

  • Wow! Great drop this week! So much cool stuff to choose from. Also, the new layout looks a lot better and easier to see what’s on the store this week. Awesome!

  • Best Drop I’ve seen in a while, especially for the Vita!!!!!

    Atomic Ninja’s = buy
    Malicious Rebirth (FINALLY!!) = buy
    Worms Revolution Extreme (a portable gamer’s dream come true!!) = buy
    And I still haven’t yet gotten the chance to pick up Meruru yet… when will my backlog stop growing (Answer: when I stop buying good Vita games)?

    Thank you again a million times for making my week start off great!!!

  • @ Ryumoaner

    I see you’re trying to cause trouble as usual.

    Whatever game was offered and then later pulled was replaced by another game, so you didn’t lose anything. And I know you know it, so stop implying that corporate greed is lurking around every corner again… conspiracy kook.

    You’re the true greedy one.

  • I saw on the web that malicioud rebirth is $9.99 on the ps3,any chance the vita version will be the same price or just a few dollars more?If its over $20 that means vita/vita only users pulled the short straw again for this week.

  • @Prime-best to let people state their own opinions,and we were tkld that it wasn’t being released and it was an accident at that time maybe he/she missed it.

  • Wow. So many people like Malicious. I got it on ps3 and thought it was probably one of the worst games I played in years. Well… to each their own.

    Beyond Two Souls. No day one? or download at all. Whats up with that? You have an online demo, but the one game I really want to download, I cant.

  • The layout of the drop looks much better now. A slightly longer description and a picture for each game. Keep up the great work, Ryan.

    @YorlecmNwahs I sent you a PM and you did not listen to me. Did you not hear out my warning when trying to
    advertise that stupid petition? Shut up already, it’s not even on the US PSN. I love how you’re still treating Americans as idiots just to help you for your sake.

    @PrimeroIncognito You tell him, Primero.

  • Hey Ryan,

    I really like the format you’ve arrived at, but I’ve got one issue and one request about it.

    Issue: Could you perhaps use “Digital” or “Digital Release” instead of “PSN” and not use the comma separation? (i.e. Orc Attack – PS3 Digital , Disgaea D2 – PS3 Digital & Retail)

    This would make it clearer for the readers to know what you meant.

    The request – can we add pricing information? (even if it’s followed by a “subject to change” note?)

  • Malicious on Vita!

    Hell Yeah!

  • @YorlecmNwahs Also, here is a translation for your petition: Hey stupid Americans, please sign my petition so I can play Flatout on Vita for myself. Thank you!

    Does anyone feel offended by his post? It may not sound like it, but I mean that Flatout game is only available on EU PSN. YorlecmNwahs thinks we’re stupid. Signing it would only make us Americans feel like idiots as it only benefits himself and Europeans.

  • Great stuff! Loving this new weekly drop as well. There’s actually someone replying to us and expressing his/her passion as well. Keep it up!

  • @46 Isidrera

    Didn’t someone already answered you a week or so ago ?
    Anyway, to recap :
    1 : They said YES. Driveclub and Resogun, if I’m not mistaken.
    2 : Dunno, but as long as they’re on the online PC Store, I see no reason why not, just like with the Vita or PS3.
    3 : They said NO
    4 : THey said ONE. And an Indy one.
    5 : Still THREE, since PS3 IGC won’t be smaller.
    6 : No info on that. Since the two consoles aren’t compatible gamewise, though, the smart move would be to create two new accounts download spots for the PS4. Which would allow you to have two PS3s, two PSVitas, and two PS4s
    7 : They said YES. The first one is going to be Driveclub
    8 : They said there was no reason why not, since IGC PS3 will continue for a while. In fact, they also stated last june that they might not wait for a full year to replace it again.
    9 : Still no info on that, though they don’t seem to be in any sort of hurry.


  • While I still don’t know why The Drop needed updating, this version is the best so far. Info is fleshed out somewhat. Much better than a single sentence for each game like before. Images tell which games they’re from when moused over. I suppose the biggest improvement is responsiveness, both in attention to comments and actual replies.

    But there won’t ever be prices, folks. Those will be listed on the PS Store update post on Tuesday.

  • Disgaea D2! Can’t wait to pick it up! It’ll keep me busy until The Guided Fate Paradox comes out on November 15th!

  • November 5th*

  • I’m still waiting for that Beyond Digital Release. =\

  • Looks like a really good week. Still not terribly fond of the new layout.

    Not sure what I’m going to play first… I mean, Disgaea, Beyond, Atomic Ninjas? How can I pick?!?

  • As a sad aside… with Beyond not coming to the PSN, that might change the landscape for me – retail copies are hard to come by.

  • Malicious on Vita? That’s snazzy.

  • Capcom pack looks really weak. Hack-and-Slash trash, button-mashing Hack-and-Shoot, a decent Street Fighter, topped with a solid Mega Man game.

    In other news, what’s this business with Beyond and using the toilet? Who needed that in the game?

  • Cannot buy Malicious for Vita.

    If I recall, that game cost me a PS3 controller before I deleted it. Vitas are a little more expensive than Dualshock 3s. ;)

  • The US Version of the game will have Sapnish Subs like the demo??

  • Finally we got Disgaea D2! Hope we can also have the DLC on Day 1!

  • Prime the Ass Clown once again turning the blog post into ah sony D-Riding session. its funny how all the debates or arguments are started by this weak Mofo. no surprise to see his puppet Gamerzlimited cheer him on. smfh

  • We got an incredible week….I’m getting Beyond,Borderlands 2 GOTY and I would like to sell my Dishonored to get the GOTY version but I already bought all the DLCs so…there is no reason to do that.Will be trying Atomic Ninjas demo and looks like we got more Vita games…thats amazing.Also I didn’t know that Capcom Essentials included all those games…well I have all the good ones…so its not for me.What a great drop.

  • Oh also forgot to mention…the improvements you guys have been doing with “The Drop post” is really great…I mean its impressive that you guys are actually listening to us….I still prefer the old format…but this new one is getting better and better…good job and dont change a thing..its really good.

    Would like to ask only one thing….could you add the demos as well?….we used to know the demos in the old format.Thank you.

  • Great Drop with lots of games. 3 PS Vita games to choose from. I like it!

    Also, I enjoy the layout now. Every game has a write up and every picture has a caption when you scroll over it. I can easily see every game that is coming out.

    I do agree with the person who requested prices (if possible) and the person who requested changing PSN to retail/digital. Other than those two items I think The Drop is awesome now.

  • Finally malicious rebirth for PS Vita, there are a lot of games releasing on the PS Vita. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the reply Ryan and congrats. Happy to see you landed with Sony and Playstation. You’re doing a great job!

  • Beyond Two Souls Day 1 Digital? Pleaseeee!

  • @PainOfSarrow Are you an idiot? It’s Ryumoaner we’re talking about and you probably don’t care. So ef you pal, my comments is mostly directing YorlecmNwahs because he’s treating Americans like idiots to sign a petition that only affects himself and Europeans.

  • Hello guys is there any information about the PSN version for Beyond: Two Souls

  • I also need to know. Why Beyond two souls is not a PSN release?
    Why Last of Us has and not Beyond two Souls?

  • Gamerzlimited on October 7th, 2013 at 1:50 pm said: “@PainOfSarrow Are you an idiot?”

    Did you really need to ask that? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? Heh heh…


    It’s the PainOfBeingShallow, I guess…



  • I played the demo Beyond Two Souls and ordered through Amazon. Just got an email telling me it is already shipped and should have it by no later than tomorrow evening!! Super stoked and excited!!

  • Why don’t we get Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on Plus in the US?!! Why only EU!??!

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