PlayStation Home Adds Atomic Republic’s Personal Transporters

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PlayStation Home Adds Atomic Republic’s Personal Transporters

Atomic Republic’s Personal Transporters

This week, Atom Republic releases not one, but two stylish locomotion objects: the Personal Transporter and the Monowheel, to let you explore Home at top speed! These modern vehicles come in 5 different finishes: chrome, gold, black, red and white.


Granzella Plaza Customer Center & Hero

Introducing the Granzella in Twilight Lounge for PlayStation Home.

This man-made island was abandoned at sea several decades ago…But on top of the ruins of old, Granzella’s Hub Lounge has emerged! Come on down to the Granzella Customer Center, where you can find the items you’ve been demanding. Take those items and use them all over the island at places like the U-Man Stage and the Home Run Derby. This island is jam packed with items and activities just for you!


Granzella gave birth to the Unidentified Squadron U-Man, now you can completely transform into a U-Man member with the costume and locomotion items that have arrived! The Unidentified Squadron U-Man costume is available in red, blue, pink, green, and yellow. If you have the 5 piece action set you can enjoy pretending to be in a hero squadron anywhere and at any time! In addition, at sunset in Granzella Plaza in Twilight’s stage transform into a hero show character and battle against the evil mysterious forces! Additionally, 5 types of the hero bike, the U-Cycle, are available. Sprinting, ninja, and spin and jump are among the 5 running styles included in the Running Style Quintet being released at the same time are also available.


Lockwood Romantic Gestures & Cheerleader Moves

Whether you’re in a relationship, looking for love, or just an aspiring actor, sometimes you need to show the world what a romantic soul you are. In the Gift Machine today, Lockwood provides a variety of poses and gestures to demonstrate the rivers of passion that flow within!


Gimme an L… Gimme an O… Gimme a C… Okay, that’s gonna take too long. Let’s just skip to the good bit: Lockwood’s peppy cheerleading anims and colourful pom poms will have you brimming over with team spirit.


Slim Jim

Billions of men are suffering from male spice loss. Help them by becoming a Slim Jim Donor! In the new “Spice Rescue” mini-game, you must run through a convenience store, avoiding obstacles while grabbing Slim Jim meat sticks, giving meat to those who need it most. Play the game to earn an exclusive “I Gave Meat Today” T-shirt for your avatar. If you can beat Stage One of the game, you’ll also unlock a “stick slapping” avatar animation. Don’t forget to return in two weeks to play Stage Two for a chance to earn another unique reward item. Look for the Manbulance and give the gift of meat by becoming a Slim Jim Donor today!

Madmunki’s Spunland R4

Madmunki release the 4th Set of Spunland Commerce items. King of the release is the Spun moustaches – these wearable portables animate in response to avatar mood – they come in 3 spun flavours: Curly (Happy & Confused), Droopy (Happy & Sad) and Comb (Happy & Angry) Then there’s the Spun hats, each is sold as a bundle of two, with normal and oversized versions. Two more Spunland LMO’s bring musical versions of the Spun Hopper & Flusho – play Spun sounds on a button press as you bounce around in Spun style. Finally we have 2 more spun suits, with subtle spun variations for boys and girls!


nDreams’ Pride

Pride Festivals around the world are a mesmerizing sight and do so much to promote equality for the LGBT community. Flamboyant costumes and a welcoming atmosphere are a staple of the Festivals and parades. For the first time in Home we are bringing the Pride Collection of clothing and an LMO and it’s available for everyone.



We’ve all been at a party with nothing to eat but bland snacks that suck the life from your taste buds. In the “Snackterlife Challenge” game, courtesy of Totino’s, you can revive your snack life and bring your taste buds back from the dead. Grab the Totino’s Bold Rolls before your fellow party zombies and earn a themed outfit for your avatar. Don’t forget to come back to the game two weeks from now, when the party heads outside, to earn an exclusive Halloween zombie mask for your avatar to wear.

Gameplay 1

VEEMEE’s Element Batch 2 & Hot Rods

Check out the latest additions to the skateboard lifestyle brand Element this week with new clothing and skateboard locomotions. The Crimson Chopped Fleece for men combines comfort and style. Look beautiful in the Natural Hyde Sweater and Black Adorn Tank combo for women. The new Plan B Team Bomb Deck lets you perform a Nollie Pop Shuvit trick and the Plan B Team United Red Deck does a Boneless Hardflip. All of these are available individually or as a great value bundle.


VEEMEE are cranked with the new Hot Rods released this week for PlayStation®Home. There are five new gassers that are sure to win you any drag! Fancy your speed? Choose the Top Fuel dragster, or perhaps something a bit more retro like the 50s Classic or Old Timer? Head down to the VEEMEE store and check out these new locomotion items.


YECK Says Goodbye

Due to YECK internal restructuring, YECK Entertainment will be discontinued. We regret to announce that all commerce items from commerce points will be removed per the following schedule:

  • October 9: All commerce items will be taken out of the shops. Those who have already purchased the items will not be affected.
  • October 30: Yeck Land will be closed after maintenance on this day. Please use all YECK Tickets available before Yeck Land closes.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. YECK products have been published on PlayStation Home since 2012, we appreciate your kind attention and support. Although YECK will not be continued, our developer team will make every effort to develop interesting games in the future.
We apologize for the inconvenience again.

Best wishes,
YECK Entertainment Developer Team

Virtual Item Showcase


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