Valhalla Knights 3 on PS Vita Launching October 15th

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Valhalla Knights 3 on PS Vita Launching October 15th
Valhalla Knights 3 on PS Vita Launching October 15th

Hey, everyone. Ryan Graff here, XSEED’s newest editor, writer, fetch-quester, and occasional dungeon master.

Ever notice how often JRPG heroes land in jail? It’s like a rule; the heroes can mow down any number of guards or soldiers (or monsters, or ancient cosmic horrors), but if anyone ever yells, “You’re under arrest!” or “Take them away!” or even just “Freeze!”, then the heroes have to drop their weapons and assume the position. Of course, they almost never stay in jail for long.

Usually, someone lets them out, or they find a secret passage, or they overpower their one inept guard, and then it’s just a short walk to the box with all their stuff in it, if the guards even took their stuff in the first place. Of course, you couldn’t have a whole RPG where the heroes stay in prison… or could you? And if so, what would it be like?

Valhalla Knights 3, 04

Vita owners can find out on October 15th, when Valhalla Knights 3, a game that takes that question and runs with it, comes out on both retail shelves and PlayStation Store. The whole action-RPG is set in a medieval prison called Carceron, a converted fortress surrounded by war-torn wildlands.

Prisoners roam the halls, grounds, and dungeons at will, with the guards walled off and watching from out of sight. Within the prison, the inmates run their own society, complete with shops, guilds, and… other establishments we’ll get to later. Ruling the prisoners are the Families — organized crime syndicates — each with their own laws and territory. Above them all is the Emperor, an infamous, warmongering tyrant. He believes that the prison holds a legendary treasure, one so priceless that he’s already torn down kingdoms in search of it.

The main character’s name, gender, appearance, voice, race, and job class are all up to you, with job classes ranging from traditional Fighters, Mages, and Priests, to more distinctive classes such as Ninja, Samurai, and Amazon. As a veteran from the losing side of the Emperor’s war, you’ve been forced into servitude by a magical curse called the Mark of Death. Your task is to infiltrate the prison — disguised as a newly arrived prisoner, aka “fresh meat” — and find the treasure before the Emperor gets there himself.

To do that, you’ll need to get in good with the prison’s most powerful Families, by carrying out their dirty work in the form of quests and favors. Build a reputation, and ordinary prisoners will ask for your help, too — sometimes to find a lost heirloom or clear out monsters, other times to kill someone who might not even know why.

Valhalla Knights 3, 03Valhalla Knights 3, 01

What helps Valhalla Knights 3 stand out is its harsh tone. Every facet of the game, from its mission structure to its steep difficulty and lack of an autosave (Save often!), reminds you that you’re trapped in a brutal system, under constant watch, forced to kill or be killed. You’ll carry out orders to hunt down your fellow prisoners whether they deserve it or not, and even when they do, they still have loved ones who’ll miss them.

Most of the time, you’ll have no choice — you’re under the Mark of Death from the start, and the Emperor can kill you with a thought if you disobey him — but is that enough of an excuse? Is even your life worth doing what you’re forced to do? Valhalla Knights 3 makes you question that, and if you’re into moral discussions, it’s worth playing for that alone.

After hours, you can soothe your guilty conscience by visiting the prison’s Light District. Carceron is co-ed, and some of its ladies are gainfully employed in the District’s classy guilds and shops. Find a girl you like, make sure she isn’t spoken for, frequent her business, get to know her, and bring her favorite gifts — and she just might help you find a brief escape from the prison’s harsh reality. Bond with her closely enough, and she’ll even follow you into battle. And it goes both ways, too; you can romance and recruit characters of both genders, regardless of your own.

Valhalla Knights 3, 02

Speaking of recruits, the gameplay revolves around party-vs-party brawls. No prisoner survives alone for long, and so as you go, you’ll be able to join with NPC prisoners to form your own clan. You’ll lead up to seven characters at a time, almost all of them customizable, into battle against enemy clans and monster packs. The 7-on-7 battles unfold in real time, with the player able to swap characters on the fly and issue group commands from anywhere on the field.

Each clan member also has his or her own personality, which affects their behavior in battle — so you might not want to make the team hothead your healer. You can take your party online, too, and fight other players’ parties in arena battles. (The North American version adds network play and leaderboards on top of the original Japanese version’s ad hoc play.)

As much as I love traditional JRPGs, it’s nice to see one do something different every now and again. I like Valhalla Knights 3 because it combines an interesting setting and atmosphere with the kind of tough difficulty I grew up with. As I write this, we’re just about set to launch in North America on October 15th on both retail shelves and PlayStation Store, for $39.99.

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  • Do want, but I am sort of disappointed in the graphics – they look sort of dated like PSP era dated.

  • Really looking forward to this! Glad you guys are bringing it over! How long would you say a playthrough of the game is? I was hearing ballparks of 35-50 hours from people who imported.

  • But… Pokemon…

    and these graphics are looking stale.. I’ll check it out someday.

  • Looking forward to this and Ys! Hope you guys plan to bring more Vita titles to the West!

  • Looks great. Day 1.

  • Assuming I ever find freetime after I’m done platinuming Soul Sacrifice and beating Arkham Origins, I will pick this up. Concept is cool but my queue of games is huge on my Vita :(

  • $39.99 sorta conflicts with my PS4 wants and needs but this game sounds promising…..time will tell whether or not I can afford this’n

  • Getting this. Finally a open world-ish rpg for the vita.

  • Hey Ryan Graff,

    I think Xseed need to do more trailers and promotional videos of their portable titles and send them to gaming sites. Your youtube channel doesn’t have a single Ys Seven video, for example :S I hope Xseed does more videos.

    • The best motivation we can ever have is knowing people out there are waiting for us. Thanks, and we’ll do our best to give you more. :)

  • not a fan of the idea that a game should be hard just because it can be. that become very un-fun very quickly – same reason I did not like Dark Souls.

  • Thank you XSEED for bringing this to the west. Been waiting since it was released in Japan. Hope it does well for you so you can continue support to the Vita. More power guys! Day 1 for me.

  • It’s hard, but it’s not “Ha-ha, we got you, sucker” hard; the game warns you up front when things are about to get tough, and rewards you for being prepared. I’m a fan of that type of challenge, as long as the game plays fair about it.

  • seems a great game i will buy both valhala knights 3 and ys celceta from xseed you guys are the best,and please also localize legend of heroes evolution and legend of heroes sen no kiseki for ps vita

  • I am definitely Getting Ys Memories of Celceta and Ragnarok Odyssey ACE. This looks like a big upgrade from the first 2 so I might get this game too. I don’t mean to ask about games outside this games subject, but With Ragnarok Odyssey ACE are we getting the content like the Gravity Rush Costume Or Grandia stuff? I ask cause content sometimes doesn’t make it here, also will the Trophies in your original Ragnarok games save automatically trigger and unlock? I’d hate if it didn’t.
    But anyways, I’m a look up VK3 cause I think I may get it.
    Also glad to hear Legend of Heroes is finally continuing the releases, Hopefully we can look forward to Zero evolution and Trails in the Flash? lol

    • Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is still a work on progress on our end, but we’ll have more details available soon. In the meantime, hope you enjoy VK3 and Celceta, and thank you!

  • yes yes more JRPG cant go wrong doing that

  • not too sure about this one, it just doesn’t look that fun, but i’ll just have to try it out.
    hopefully multiplayer will make it fun, even though it’s only 2 player ad hoc only

    • The North American version has network multiplayer too, with a leaderboard system that keeps track of your biggest rivals. Hope you decide to give it a shot! :)

  • Already pre-ordered this and Ys. Thanks as always for the localization. Off topic, hopefully, you guys will localizes “The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki(PS3,Vita-” for the west, thanks.

  • Dear Ryan,

    Decisive question on buying this game or not

    Will be the features displayed in this video removed on US Release?

    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for asking! You’ll definitely see those features in the US version of the game, just as they are in the Japanese version.

  • Going to pre-order it soon. Thanks for localizing it and looking forward to more localization.

  • May get this, October is pretty packed though. Is it dual audio, by any chance?

  • I was going to get this (I have it pre ordered) but now that I know it’s a steep difficulty etc…, no thanks.

    I play games for fun/relaxation, especially the RPG style.

    Hope the game sells well, but like a Demon Souls, it’s not for me.

    • Thanks for the good wishes! If you’re looking for a less unforgiving RPG, we’ll have Ys Celceta out for you soon. :)

  • Thanks as always, for the localization

  • So many great Vita games on the way.

    I need more hours in the day.

  • mmmm doesnt look that good… :(

    still more games for the vita the better!

    BTW can u guys make a port ofthe original Ragnarok Online for the vita?! that would be awesome! (yes the MMO)

  • Have it on pre-order and I’m looking forward to it. Looks like my cuppa tea!

  • Been waiting since the Japanese version was announced, Finally a release date.

  • I’ve got all of XSeed’s Vita projects on pre-order at GameStop. Gotta be honest though, was kinda hoping for a LE! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Y’s: Celceta LE! Thanks XSeed for all your hard work. :D

  • Hey so Ryan, when you are saying 7on7 battles, does that mean online multiplayer is 14 players.?

    • Ah, thanks for asking! Multiplayer matches are one player versus one player, with each of the two players controlling a party of seven in-game characters.

  • Finally the release date, I’m buying day one.

  • I am so happy to see the wealth of games for PS Vita, PS4 day 1 I’m out.

  • Will the Fate / Stay Night material make it in the US version of the game?

    Also when are the Xseed forums coming back? I miss them!

  • We do have some extra content planned for Valhalla Knights 3, but unfortunately, the Fate/Stay Night material was a Japanese-only deal. As for the forums, we’re taking some extra time to get them ready, but we’ll have them up as soon as we can.

  • wow xseed you guys really know how to rustle my jimmies

  • Can you guys please work with Sony to give us a day one ps plus discount on the digital version of this game? I am interested in playing a new jrpg but i don’t wanna spend full price it it could potentially disappoint me as much as Ragnorak Oddysesy did.

  • I played a lot of Valhalla Knights 1, but never did check out the 2nd one…

    I like the whole take on the prison thing, and I definitely enjoy a challenge, so I may end up getting this one.

  • I don’t know about this. I played the one on Wii, and really didn’t like it that much.

    And the art design in these games leaves much to be desired.

    I want to support you guys for supporting PS Vita, but I don’t know.

    Dying to play Ys: Memories of Celceta though.

  • I might not be buying it Day 1, but I hope to get this game soon. It looks really fun, and I never played this series before.
    Looking forward to this, Y’s 4, and Sorcery Saga for my Vita!

  • This and Y’s are gonna be making sure I get a good amount of use out of my Vita guys.

    Just a question though, will you guys be doing any promotions on the digital versions of your older titles?
    I ask because they are awesome games, but I wanna give em another go on the vita.
    Last gen had too many tempting physical bonuses and UMDs didn’t catch on.

  • This game, Ys, Dragon Crown and Ragnarock Odysees. FFX later since I’ve played it already.

    Now all we need is Final Fantasy Type-0, Monster Hunter, a new Tales, Valkyria Chronicles, maybe a new Crimson Gem Saga “how is it called a saga if there’s only one?”

    The new Gravity Rush will come out.

    Generally, bring more new RPGs, but also Action games and Shooters too.

  • Never played the other two, but this one has me intrigued. I’ll probably pick it up sometime after the launch, but there’s just so much coming out very soon. So much and not enough time… But will make time for Ys! =)

  • Ok let me get this right, you release this poor quality saga and let YS CELCETA to “NoVember” that in Xseed schedule world means gl with the realease date because you never respect your customer…

    As usual is Sad to be your customer…

    • Well, understand, it’s not as if we looked at Ys Celceta, and looked at Valhalla Knights 3, and asked ourselves, “Which of these two games do we want to do first?” Most of the time, we’re working on several different projects at once, each with its own team, its own start and end dates, and its own scope (some much larger than others). If one game happens to come out before another, that doesn’t mean we gave the first game priority; it can mean that the first game started earlier, that the second game was larger, or other similar reasons.

      As for Ys Celceta specifically, I’m sitting next to and across from two of its team members right now, and both of them are typing ferociously to get everything done. We’ll have more solid info on Celceta’s release date soon. In the meantime, thanks for your patience. :)

  • Awwwwwwwwwww man, I wanted the Fate Stay Night bridal outfit.


    Hope there’s something similar.

  • Hi Ryan,

    Is there online Co-op play or just competitive multiplayer?

    Either way i’m buying it, but I just wanted to know.


    • Ah, thanks for asking! The game’s flow and structure are designed with one player in mind, so the only multiplayer mode is in the competitive arena battles.

  • Wow, I like the trailer from comment 18! If all those features are in the game fully intact, I will be forced to purchase this game. My inner perv really wants this game now. My mind wants to wait, but my inner perv will surely prevail.

  • @Ryan

    Thx for taking the time to answer, but its hard to not to be piss off when the company never respect info or schedules Xseed always plays with release dates and 1 week before the schedule says “hey that was a placeholder” ,because it was the same with your psp release dates, if you are a small company b upfront about it with the people that try to support you and try to be in touch with info about the “big games”…

    That’s all and I really hope for a sooner release because I already preorder my xbox and November its going to be a hard month for my wallet… See ya later and thx in Advance

  • Thanks for asking my question Ryan, been looking all over the internet for it. That concept sounds interesting, nothing I have ever heard of before. One more question will there be any chance of a demo?

    • Unfortunately, we didn’t get to put together a demo this time, but we’re hoping to at least put up a gameplay video or two when we get a little closer to launch time.

  • Xseed developers….

    I´ll tell you something about a game, and this game have a HUGE quantity of fans waiting…

    Ys: Memories of Celceta >>> AVAILABLE FOR VITA IN JAPAN!

    When do you will wake up to earn money in A LOT OF PLACES AROUND THE WORLD?

  • An exciting next few months for XSEED! Keep up the great work!

  • while it’s a shame it’s not dual audio, still getting this just to support Xseed :D

    already paid full Ys memories of celceta so i can’t wait this november ^^

    also glad you didn’t cut the Light District content!

  • “Do want, but I am sort of disappointed in the graphics – they look sort of dated like PSP era dated.”

    What do you expect? Its a Japanese game! Japanese devs are soooo far behind the curve. I live in Japan. You walk into a PC store, and the big popular games here are stuff like mosnter hunter. People build 2k dollar rigs to play a horrible looking game in 60fps+ 1080p. Whats the point?

    The only decent looking Japanese games even made anymore are MGS and a VERY small handfull of other. The avearge so called AA or AAA game made in Japan looks 5 years out of date.

    Why do you think so many Japanese devs are saying Japan needs to change. Like Infafune.

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