PlayStation and Taco Bell: A Chance to Win PS4 Before November 15th

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PlayStation and Taco Bell: A Chance to Win PS4 Before November 15th

I have exciting news for PlayStation fans! I know you all have been eagerly waiting to get your hands on PlayStation 4, the best place to play. I’m happy to announce that PlayStation and Taco Bell are joining forces to give away PS4s before they hit stores on November 15th. One winner will be selected every 15 minutes starting September 26th through November 10th!

You have six weeks to head over to your local Taco Bell for your chance to “Play the Future First.” Taco Bell will mark their $5 Buck Boxes– which include a Crunchwrap, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme and medium fountain drink – with a special code that you can text in for a chance to win a PS4 prize pack.

Play the Future First

The prize pack, which includes one PS4, a copy of the PS4 exclusive launch game, Knack, and a one year PS Plus membership, will be shipped on or around November 12th.

For additional details, information, and rules head to

This Thursday will kick off the start for your chance to “Play the Future First,” so mark your calendars and map your closest Taco Bell. Good luck and remember, Greatness Awaits!

Which PS4 games are you most exciting about playing? Let us know in the comments!

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  • @Welmosca
    hope its bundled with something.
    EU has something.
    JP has something.
    hope we get something too, though i have everything preordered currently.

  • Well this is okay for those that can’t get a PS4, me it’s already paid off from Amazon day 1 shipping. But to all good luck you’ll need it.

  • No thank’s… it’s not worth suffering Montezuma’s Revenge for a chance at a PS4. I already have my PS4 pre-ordered and paid for. I’d like to keep my colon intact.

  • I nearly killed myself eating 5 buck boxes to try to win a Vita during the last promo, with nothing but a few extra pounds to show for it. I wish Taco Bell and PlayStation much co-marketing success, but this time, I’m just going to save up and buy a PS4.

  • Assassin’s Creed IV will be the first game in stick in my PS4, just as Assassin’s Creed was the first game I played on my PS3.

  • Can you guys do a Canadian promotion where we can get PS4s for eating pancakes? That would be awesome.

  • This is completely not fair US always gets all glory :( I live in Canada this promotion would be so epic to have here :) but sadly it’s always US :(

  • As if I didn’t already have enough temptation to eat taco bell way more often than I should… well played Sony/Taco Bell. Well played.

  • Sounds awesome since I eat there anyway. I love Taco Bell regardless of prizes.

  • This promotion completely discriminates against vegetarians due to the purchase requirement. You should be able to get a code for any $5 minimum purchase. :P

  • I’m determined to win! TACO BELL EVERY DAY FOR ME!!!!!!

  • Hopefully winning a Vita last time they had a sweepstakes doesnt decrease my chances of winning (a shiny sexy) PS4 as i dont think ill be able to buy one at launch =(

  • Looks like I’m gonna be eating some Taco Bell a lot the next few weeks.

    Quick question:

    Do we need to have a smart phone to participate or will texting the code with any phone work?
    I don’t have an old flip phone, but its an older touch screen phone, not a smart phone.

  • Just eating at Taco Bell makes me happy, so this is like a plus! to bad you can not choose the kind of taco you want… :(

  • A PS4 for free looks like Taco Bell is gonna be busy for a while.

  • can you play ps3 new games on the ps4?????

  • Will this promotion be available in Puerto Rico????

  • If this promo isn’t going to be in Taco Bell Canada then what contest be in Canada to promote PS4?

  • I’ve already got my PS4 and a bunch of games completely paid for, but I’m still gonna try for this. I could use the second system to pawn for some extra cash. But I’ll be waiting until end of October when the online option opens up. I normally just get plain tacos when I go to Taco Bell, so I don’t feel like spending $5 when I could get free entries in other ways. But good luck to everyone else who’s going to try for this.

    PS> If you read the rules, it says the estimated number of prizes is 4,416.

  • yay…I hate Taco Bell :/ why not do, idk, KFC, McDonald’s, Hardee’s/Carl Jr.’s, or Burger King? Good luck to those that enter though I suppose, that’s a sweet prize pack, shame I hate Taco bell, as stated :/

  • I actually entered into the competition for the Taco Bell Vita (though I know I never won) but since we’re on the topic, I’m questioning why Sony is actually going through with this, rather then trying for a different approach. Knowing the situation that took place 2 years ago, how do they know they’re making the right moves by working with Taco Bell again? I mean couldn’t they have tried with a different company (I.E. Burger King, White Castle, Papa Johns, etc.)

    And it’s only a long shot, but I suggest you should try with something new, rather then sticking to something that caused false advertisement, leading to people that won, but really didn’t. I have good faith in Sony and their marketing plans. I’m just crossing my fingers for them to make the right moves when the systems launch.

  • Please, PS4 sucks. I mean, 4 out of 5 flies perfer Sony and PS4 over s**t. Nintendo will ALWAYS be better than stinky Sony.

  • Man whatever!! Sony pulled this deal with the vita before it launched. Im not falling for this again, pass!

  • I also got jipped on the Vita promotion, and would not count on actual prizes from this promotion as I have heard many others also never received their prizes lat time around. But with that being said my Taco Bell/Baja Blast addiction has kept me from cutting them off so I am sure I will be picking up a few of these promo boxes so hopefully the promotion is handled by a more legit promotion company than last time as I would love to win a PS4 and would love to see some people having a positive experience this time around. But I am not going to cancel my pre-order until prize is in hand.

  • I won this morning!! Not going to cancel my pre-order since I have a feeling it is too good to be true… but fingers crossed TB will be sending me a PS4 on 11/12/13!!

  • @72 estoc

    WOA! look whos here! Estoc the little troll! rumor has it that u were turned into stone! shame its wasnt true…

    XD anyways kid, obvious troll is obvious… u have never affected anybody with ur weak trolling XD so pls keep on it, u are just trolling urself lol! :)

  • Never got my vita when they did this the last time…so what would i fall for this a second time?

  • I can’t wait to try COD:Ghosts on ps4

  • “will be shipped on or around November 12th.”

    So, basically, on November 15th. How is this “getting it early”?
    If you’re not goods at deciphering “sales speak” or the English language in general, you could easily believe that someone will be getting a PS4 every 15 minutes starting September 26th. Borderline false advertisement here.

  • I’ll skip the Diarrhea and wait for my PS4 in November……. Besides, Who the heck is going to be online before 11/15??? not to mention the Store might not even be setup. I only have 2 payments of $130 and the ps4 is mine anyways.. I laid it away at a big box store.. I think that is the smartest thing to do.. leaves more money for launch games…

  • Well, looks like im having that 5$ box for every meal till nov10th :D

  • Oh yesss. Honestly, I don’t like Taco Bell, but after this promo I have to buy at least 3 of those boxes!

  • Gonna go ahead and give it a shot. Who says that you’re the one who has to eat the taco bell? lol

  • I won the vita and never got it also

  • I entered my code and the damn thing said it was invalid incorrect or already used!!I was like wtf!

  • Hell yea, nothing better then Tbell and Playstation! even if I loose, the packagin is still cool and exciting to try and win!

  • I WON!!! Email says “Prize will be shipped on or about November 12, 2013. However, prizes won near the end of the promotion may not be shipped by this date; those prizes will be shipped after the potential winners have been verified. Your Winner Confirmation Number is: …”

  • Umm yeah.. how about fixing the CLICK HERE broken link to obtain a FREE CODE without purchasing? ITS BROKEN!!!!

  • I Just WON a PS4 Bundle, and I’ll Get it by Nov.12-13th. This is crazy because I usually don’t Win ANYTHING in these promos. I already Pre-ordered one back in june. Now I’ll sell it or give it to a friend. Knack is going to my local Gamestop via trade-in, I’m sure a used PS4 game at launch will make some kid or parent’s day.

  • BF4 And KILLZONE: SF is my Launch Choice. (Beats Resistance) Friend me for squad.

  • Battlefield 4, Watchdogs, Destiny, oh my

  • darksiders72450 no the Ps4 is not backwards compatible, however, new PS3 games you purchase can be exchanged for Ps4 games if you pay $10. Which helps if you purchased Madden or Battlefield for PS3.

  • Is Puerto Rico allowed to do this please reply

  • Actually, I won last night, sent a text to 22854 with my code. Good luck to all those who enter!

  • @38: There are 4,416 prizes to be given away, according to the contest rules. The total approximate retail value of all prizes available is $2,252,027.52.

  • Ugh… I’ve eaten 5 of these boxes trying to win. I skipped on the burritos because it was a little much for me, but the rest of the box is awesome. I hope I win and all this pays off, because It’s been pretty rough for me.

    I want to win so I could use the $400 to buy PS4 games, and accessories. Also a year pf PS+ sounds amazing.

  • Ok so I entered the taco bell big box codes 3 or 4 times and every time a minute after that I got sorry you didnt win try again tomorrow so I entered yesterday and didnt get a text message back at all… so I tried it again today and it say It was already used… but didnt get a text message saying if I won or not so what do I need to do ? Have this happen to anyone else?… Please Help

  • What time Is it…. Game time.

  • I am a Japanese.
    In Japan, pre-order of PS4 was started today.
    I have already made a pre-order.
    Japan is February 22, 2014 release.
    Let’s meet on February 22, 2014 :)

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