How to Upgrade Select PS3 Games to Their PS4 Versions

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How to Upgrade Select PS3 Games to Their PS4 Versions

Update: Watch_Dogs has a new release date in 2014. Due to this scheduling change, it will not be included in the upgrade program at this time.

As announced during PlayStation’s Gamescom press conference, there will be a simple way to upgrade to the PS4 digital version of four select games, for a low discounted price, when you buy the PS3 version of those games. Here are the full specifics so you’re set for November 15th — click here for full step-by-step instructions.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition are the supported titles for this program. When you buy the Blu-ray Disc or digital version of these select PS3 games, for a limited time, you will receive an entitlement to download a PS4 digital copy of the same game from PlayStation Store when it becomes available, at the discounted price of $9.99.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on PS3Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3Battlefield 4 on PS3Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition on PS3

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on PS4Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4Battlefield 4 on PS4Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition on PS4

Gamers who purchase a PS3 Blu-ray Disc of these four games will find a code packed into the PS3 version that they can redeem on PlayStation Store. To play the PS4 version of the game when it becomes available, you’ll need to insert the original PS3 disc in your PS4 to activate and play the PS4 version, so hang onto that PS3 disc!

Gamers who purchase the digital version of any of these four games will not need to redeem a code to receive their PS4 versions. When your PS4 arrives, just look for the PS4 version of the game on PlayStation Store – it will appear on PlayStation Store on your PS4 for the discounted price of $9.99. Just purchase it and start playing!

For those of you who purchase the PS3 disc version of the games, you do not need a PS4 system to redeem your code, so feel free to redeem it as soon as you pick up your PS3 copy — you can download your digital copy later when your PS4 arrives.

But don’t wait: This program lasts for a limited time. You’ll need to redeem your code and make the purchase before January 31st, 2014 (for Assassin’s Creed IV and Watch_Dogs), March 28th (for Battlefield 4), or March 31st (for Call of Duty: Ghosts) in order to participate.

Get the full step-by-step instructions here.

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  • I like it great job

  • This is A nice offer, But my only problem is the digital copies of these games are going to be quite large in size and the PS4 only has a 500gb drive. As for myself I want to upgrade the drive but until we get some info I don’t know what i’m going to need. Could you provide us with some details so I can go out and buy a larger capacity drive before launch?

    Thanks for your time,

  • include Fifa 14 please :)

  • As far as digital is concerned, can I still have two activated PS4s(Same as PS3) that my family can enjoy my digital games on their personal PSN accounts?

  • A PS3 disc required to play digital version of a PS4 game? I thought the PS4 is not backwards compatible with PS3 games like you said before.

  • Yea !! We get to spend $ 80.00 for one title.

  • Is all this trouble (holding onto the PS3 disc and inserting it in the PS4 every time) and the extra fee really going to be worth a small graphics/performance upgrade?

    I can see it for the MP part of games (which I never play), if the server becomes more active for the PS4 version or it offers more maps and modes than the PS3 version over time.

    It would also be worthwhile, perhaps, if the two versions have a separate trophy list. But no word on that it seems.

  • If I go the digital route. Do I get to still keep my digital ps3 copy once I upgrade to ps4

  • @107.

    I have a feeling this may be a launch feature (work around) and later modified.

    Remember when PS3 first got Netflix and a disc had to be inserted, but later that was changed ?

    Could be wrong, but at least we have this feature available, instead of not having it at all.

    Also, remember how much the PS3 has been upgraded since it’s launch…it’s not the same machine it was at launch.

  • Well, I’m not a child anymore, so I have more than enough patience to wait until the 15th of November to play these games on my PS4.

    Having said that, I’m happy that this offer is in place for the people out there who haven’t matured to the point of possessing such stoicism.

  • All I need is Fifa 14.

  • I appreciate how they are doing that for people, but you still have to pay $10. That’s cheap and all, but they should just do it for free. I know I will be buying that PS4, but at the same time I have already reserved my ps3 copy of watchdogs and Assassin’s Creed

  • Another problem is the space requirements granted I don’t know what the size is going to be for the digital copy from the Playstation store, but it will most likely take up a lot of space. That is the main reason i stay away form the digital copies. I prefer to do a 1 or 2gb install as opposed to a 10 or 12gb install. Or in the case of uncharted 3 for the Playstation plus users 26gb.

  • Not sure this is Sony’s doing…..I think it’s more the devs as they’ve had to code for a different architecture on PS4 and that costs money for devs updating code.

  • @ 59 PhoenixReborn84 – What a fantastic comment…I agree with every single word you said there.Thats why PS4 is the proof of Sony weighing to the side of greed.(sadly)

  • @113

    Sid confirmed that currently to play the game on the PS4, the PS3 disc will be in the PS4.

    Have a feeling that PS3 disc will contain most of the code and the download is just the updated code for it to work on the PS4.

    At least hopefully, that way it would save using up so much HDD space.

    I know they mentioned GTA5 on PS3 download was around 36 GB…so that was huge and then over an 8 GB update for that game !

  • I’d like to see Diablo 3 added to this list, I’m holding back on buying it because of it.

  • I don’t understand why so many people are having a hard time understanding this…

    The PS4 is a different architecture, so it can’t play PS3 games. Both consoles have discs based on bluray, so the PS4 can read the disc, it just isn’t able to execute the data. For example, buy Mac software and try putting it in a PC. The PC will be able to read it, because it’s a CD/DVD, but it won’t be able to install it, because it’s a different architecture… This isn’t a new idea… computers have been around for decades now… Come on…

    As for them requiring the disc, that’s so you can’t turn around and trade it in. Let’s think about it for a sec… Buy PS3 version ($60), upgrade to PS4 ($10), then trade in PS3 for ~$35 and only pay a total of $35 for the PS4 game. Obviously they would lose a lot of money if they let people do that. If you don’t want the hassle, get the digital version…

    The console will still be playing the actual PS4 digital version of the game, and will simply be checking for the PS3 disc to make sure you didn’t trade it in and rip them off.

  • @ sam2324: If you’re planning to get D3 on PS4, just wait for the PS4 version. I just tried the demo on PS3, and it looks terrible. It controls wonderfully though, which was a pleasant surprise. But I’ve been playing the PC version since launch in 1080p at max settings, and the PS3 version just looks terrible in comparison. Really… do yourself a favor and just wait until it launches on PS4.

    As for the offer, it’s still as amazing as when they first announced it… for those who either can’t wait to play the games, or won’t be getting a PS4 at launch but would like to have these games on their new systems when they get them. And being able to play both versions of the game, and presumably earn the trophies twice, is totally worth the extra $10, in my opinion. However, the only one of these games I plan to get is Watch_Dogs, and I’ve seen PS3 gameplay. It’s not worth it. Plus, I just checked and the PS4 version is actually releasing a week earlier than the PS3 version, so it’ll be available as soon as the PS4 launches. Awesome.

  • @ jmspldnl: THANK YOU. Finally, proof that there is some intelligence and common sense in this comment section. :)

    The only people trying to be greedy with this deal are the people complaining they have to use the PS3 disc to play, instead of being able to sell it off.

  • So the PS4 can’t play PS3 disks but it’s capable of going “yep this is a PS3 version of X Game”

    Please use this for disk based BC via Gaikai.

    It would be awesome if the PS4 could go “Yep that’s a copy of Champions of Norath, Realms of Everquest” and let me stream it.

    Assuming you do a “If you have Plus, you can stream for free any physical disk you own or anything in your download list provided it’s on our list of content available to be streamed” or whatever option on top of the Netflix “pay X a month get unlimited streaming of out entire streaming catalog” you will probably end up doing.

  • AizawaYuuichi on September 19th, 2013 at 1:02 pm said: “The only people trying to be greedy with this deal are the people complaining they have to use the PS3 disc to play, instead of being able to sell it off.”


  • @102: I totally agree with you – I too want to upgrade my PS4’s HDD on Nov. 15 but I won’t be able to do this without Sony providing the necessary instructions on the Playstation Knowledge Center website.

    If Sony wants to do the right thing for its customers – then they’ll post the detailed instructions for upgrading the PS4’s HDD on or before Nov. 15.

  • I agree, it’s always the greedy ones who call the companies greedy. They’re totally reflecting themselves without even realizing it. The companies are simply trying to survive, while these greedy consumers are nothing more than selfish hoarders. You’ll see that it’s always the people who want $60 games for free on Plus every week, and every other game to be no more than $5, calling companies “greedy”. Those are the true greedy people. They want to hoard, hoard, hoard… while not giving a @#$% about the other person’s well-being. It’s disgustingly selfish, and…


  • What about downloadable content? I know Assassin’s Creed has a billion different versions of the disc based game from all the different retailers. Will this DLC carry over to the PS4 version if I buy the retail PS3 version?

  • I would like to go down the completely digital route, by downloading the game from the PSN for the PS3 and then upgrade digitally to the PS4 to.

    My issue is the cost via PSN for the PS3 version, I fail to see how you can justify £59.99 for the title, when the disk based version (which surely carries more overheads) is clearly cheaper elsewhere.

    Drop the retail prices on PSN Sony!!

  • Sorry, I was referring to BF4.

  • I have a question I’m from Australia and was wondering will the new PS4 be able to play digital copies of PS3 games from the marketplace like the Instant Game Collection or do we magically have to pay some cash.

  • Two questions:

    1. Will I still be able to use the PS3 disc version of the game after getting discounted PS4 version?

    2. Is disc only required for first time verification, or it will need to be put in every time we want to play the game?

  • @nfsracer86

    1. To my knowledge, they don’t currently disable any PS3 discs, so the PS3 disc should function like normal.

    2. It will be required every time. Since the PS3 disc functions as normal, they need to verify it every time to make sure you didn’t rip them off by selling the PS3 disc and therefore paying less than normal for the PS4 game.

    If you don’t want to verify every time, buy the digital version. I’m personally planning on buying most, if not all of my games digital this generation. Call me lazy, but I don’t want to get up to change games, lol.

  • I understood.

    buy PS3 game (download): get PS4 game (download) for $10
    1. Can I play the game on PS3 and the same time on PS4?

    buy PS3 game (disc): get PS4 game (download) for $10
    1. Game can only be played when game disc is inserted. I can only play the PS4 version or PS3 version but not both.

    Do those games have separate trophy list on both systems?

    I prefer first option so far IF games can be played on both at the same time!
    It’s clear it is to prevent gamers from selling the disc based version to save money.

  • @34, I have a feeling, it maybe done something like that on the Cloud, would make things easier

  • Will the progress transfer over or we have to start from scratch?

  • The disc-based option is exactly how I’m hoping backwards compatibility will work for PS3 games through gaikai in the future, except for free-ish. I have a massive ps3 library and a big honky 2G PS3 that doesn’t take kindly to sharing space with shiny new consoles.

  • first i pre ordered BF4 for PS4

    then they announced that for 10 bucks more you can get the ps4 version with a code inside PS3 BF4. so i pre ordered BF4 for PS3 (disc)

    now they said you have to keep the PS3 disc in the PS4 in order for it to work. I know its so you cant sell your PS3 version

    so i changed my pre order again to the DIgital version of BF4 for PS3…i know everyone wanted to know that

  • @133

    It has been confirmed that all stats from (BF4) PS3-PS4 will transfer over.

  • Since I plan to get Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and maybe Battlefield 4, guess they will serve as my PS4 discs and I have games to play right away when I do get one. I hope more games support these practices. At least I won’t have to buy another copy of the same game. Sure it’s makes more sense to wait for the PS4 version for those planning to get a PS4 at launch, but what happens if I don’t have plans to buy one at this time? Since this deal ain’t going to last forever, might as well get the PS3 disc and fork the $9.99. And no, I’m not buying them digitally. Every bit of hard drive space is valuable to me.

    @shadow_aka_suav For Battlefield 4, yes and it’s a one time only transfer. As for the other 3 games, I don’t know.

  • I heard many PS3 games will be available for streaming via Gaikai on the PS4 and Vita TV.

    Any news on how this will work or how much it will cost? I’m hoping all or most PSN content will be made available as a discount. Sort of like how Nintendo charges $1.50 per game to allow them to be transferred from the Wii to Wii U.

  • Is this program available with Need For Speed: Rivals?

  • Is purchase required at time of code redemption, or can you make the purchase later?
    Is purchase also limited to the same time constraints as the code?
    Or, can you redeem the code within the time limits and purchase the game, say, after you purchase your PS4 – if you are not a Day 1 buyer???

  • This is being done as well on XBOX One for NBA 2K14 ! If you buy the 360 version, you can get the XBOX One version with trade in for $9.99 ! I hope they do this for the PS3/PS4 !

  • I was intrigued by this program when I first heard it announced. However, based on the details revealed here, I’m not so excited anymore. I don’t like the fact that you aren’t just getting the digital copy for PS4 without it being connected to your PS3 version. The fact you either replace your digital copy of PS3 version with PS4 and can’t keep both or you are forever tethered to your PS3 disc are things I don’t want to do. So since the PS4 version is the one I really want anyway, I’ll wait a couple of weeks and save $10.

  • WoW….No support for GTA V?!

  • so does this mean if I get a PS4 in say JUNE 2014, I can still use this offer as long as I redeem the code and make the digital purchase before the cut off date?

  • What a great concept, this is actually the kind of system we need to ease everybody into the next gerneration. I am only hoping for Diablo 3 now.

  • @143

    WoW….You want support for a game that has not been announced for the PS4?!

  • Hey Sid, I was a little confused by your reply to MarinoBrea at #67 when you said “…If you’d rather not use discs, you can pick up the PS3 version digitally and migrate to the PS4 digital version.” So when you say migrate to PS4 version does that mean you lose your PS3 digital game ?

  • What the heck?! EA informed people that the trade-in will also include FIFA 14. Knowing that i preordered the game for PS3 otherwise i wouldnt do it. NOW WHAT??? Did i just waste my money cause i was misled on purpose?

  • This is cool & all but me personally i’ll just get the PS4 version. I don’t need to copies of a game lol.

  • There goes any reason to buy into this then. This doesn’t make sense on numerous reasons.

    1) The PS4 can read PS3 discs?
    1-A ) Which in turn means it could read them for backwards play if this validation is a step in that direction?

    2) Why would I constantly need to have the disc inside my system? In fact doesn’t this defeat the purpose of this program?
    2-A) Is Sony afraid of the potential trade-in affecting them? How? We still have to pay $10 for the digital copy of the PS4 version. They lose nothing. In fact, this is about getting us, the consumer, to buy their machine.
    2-B) So now I can’t lend my PS3 copy out to my friends or family because it will prevent me from taking my progress and game to the PS4? Doesn’t make sense.

    To recap, we get none of the benefits of having the physical version and none of the benefits for having a digital copy. I’d wager these are more like PS Plus games you get for free. You don’t “own” them per say, even with spending $10. So now if I want to remote play I’d have the game in my PS4. I’m going full digital and this isn’t full digital if I have to use a disc Sony.

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