The Drop: Week of September 16th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of September 16th 2013 New Releases
The Drop

It’s finally here. The ambitious, long-awaited open world from Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V, hits PS3 this week. The Grand Theft Auto franchise has commanded the attention of gamers for years, and the launch of a new entry in the series is a true industry event. And this is no exception.

Grand Theft Auto V introducers gamers to a trio of protagonists pulled (once again) into a life of crime. New to the series, Grand Theft Auto V supports dynamic switching between these three characters, enabling players to weave in and out of action — and the sprawling city of Los Santos. Plan heists, drive luxurious cars, grab a round of golf, or just cause trouble. All and more await in Los Santos.

But Grand Theft Auto V isn’t the only game dropping next week. Real Boxing hits PS Vita and brings with it an eye-catching boxing simulation with refined controls and additional features. For the complete list of games coming, head on down.

Enjoy the Drop, and tell us what you think of our new, streamlined format!

GTA Screenshot for The Drop

New Releases This Week

Week of September 16th, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V

(PS3, Retail, PSN)

Real Boxing

(PS Vita, PSN)

Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver

(PS3, Retail, PSN)

Capcom Fighting Evolution

(PS2 Classic, PSN)

Learn more about this week’s new releases on our official, weekly show: PlayStation Blogcast.

GTA Art Nervous Ron

What are you most looking forward to this week? Will you be starting (or continuing) a life of crime in Grand Theft Auto V? Drop us a line and let us know.

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4 Author Replies

  • The old format was way better. Why the the blogcast there? Has nothing to do with the drop really.

  • No offense, but I don’t like this format of listing all of the other games and providing no information about them. I like reading more about it and, at first glance, it looks like GTA V is coming out and nothing else.

    I am no professional writer, but I freelance and blog a lot, and this format just seems a little bit lazy. Again, no offense to you guys. It might not be your choice for the format. But, I could write up something like this in, probably, 20 minutes.

    I liked being informed about other games, rather than just seeing a small list and being expected to already know what they are.

  • That’s a pretty light Drop.

    I like lists, but that’s the OCD in me. :)

  • As others say, I’m not a huge fan of the new format either, the new release list is this small portion buried in a sea of text and isn’t divided into different platforms anymore – it’s not as informative as the old look. Also, even though I love the Blogcast, why is it here? lol

  • yawn… might get Hot Wheels…

  • Still disappointed we can’t pre-load. Even if I start downloading GTA at 12am, it’s not going to finish until 6pm at the absolute earliest. Never mind if the download doesn’t go as fast as possible or the time it takes to install.

    It makes no sense to me. All downloaded games have a “Start” date to go along with the “expire” date used for betas and Plus games. Why that isn’t used here is beyond me.

  • Capcom Fighting Evolution??? Eww, that game sucks.

  • I see a lot of people complaining about no preload in North America. Rockstar has already confirmed several times that preloads will begin at 3AM EST on Monday (about 8 hours from now). Check out @RockstarGames on Twitter and you will see the info.

  • I just want to say that I’m thankful there are finally some replies on The Drop post, aside from “whoops, fixing that now” type replies.

    While I definitely like the list format, just including a link to the blogcast for actual info on the releases doesn’t cut it. If people were going to listen to an audio show for the release info, they wouldn’t care about the Drop. There needs to be two distinct formats available. One for those who want to listen, and one for those who want to read. Trying to go hybrid between the two doesn’t cut it. Providing a link to the blogcast is fine, as long as the actual text info is still there for those who can’t be arsed to download/stream an audio show and try to find the info they’re looking for.

    Either way, this is some much needed attention being paid to The Drop post and its readers. It was in serious need of an overhaul, so it’s nice to see it finally having some work done on it.

    + >9000

  • i want it..and i want it now!!!!

  • Well, forget what I said on my last post. Now Rockstar is back to saying that no preload is happening in North America. Whoever is running their Twitter PR isn’t doing a very good job. They should have deleted their post about preloading or made it very clear that it was a mistake instead of making people dig for the info themselves.

  • Looks like everyone is hyped up for GTA V. Cool for them. I’m surprised real boxing Vita is trying to compete this week, but at least it’s coming out.

  • Is Rey Gutierrez not doing the Drops anymore?

  • Why can’t we get a straight forward answer as to why PS3 users in the US can’t preload GTA 5?

  • You better call rockstar and let them know that they screwed up their Korean in the background of your screenshot.

    They are using squares instead of circles. It reads “mwan-ka minternet”

    Let’s all hope they don’t confuse squares are circles on the dualshock configuration.

  • yawn thats it? hopefully the plus update is better because gta5 sucks , and why cant I use the psstore today?

  • No pre-loading in NA??? Why???

  • cant wait for this game!

  • +1 for listed releases. Nice to see a Sony rep actually listing the proper release consoles for each game. If I want more info, I have the entire internet at my disposal. Rey’s blog entries were full of hard-to-decipher releases and incorrect information.

  • First things first we need replies to our drop comments we never get any of those

    Now about the formatting. We need to know what’s coming out. What system its for and if possible the size of the game in question. It sucks going into the store to buy a game only to find out you have to clear some hard drive space to download a purchase then go back in the store to download that purchase. Now when it comes to the drops we need trailers if possible or at least some pics of the games. Take Sanctum 2 last week great game but we weren’t shown enough of it. Luckily many of us knew how good it was and brought it.

    Now I’d say think been bigger with the drop make it a must read event highlight this weeks sales to us and the plus stuff as well and make it a two day post event you guys comment on.

    Lastly why can’t we pre load GTA V its a serious question we’d love to have answered.

  • No pre-load, no buy on PSN. Might as well just buy a physical disc instead to save me time and space.

    @Zerocaps If you don’t know for the past few weeks, he isn’t really doing a good job at it as he missed a couple of titles that needed attention. Hopefully Ryan does it better. Either that or Rey was out sick today and needs someone to cover for him.

  • hmm I hope their is PS4 version of GTAV. I’m done with building up my list of games with PS3 all most and want to have something for PS4 like GTAV. :)

  • drop the price but the dragons crown game!

  • There is a pre-load for NA, there isn’t a pre-load for NA, conflicting times if there is one…can we not just get a straight answer?

    Some of us have already paid our damn money for the PSN version and we’re constantly getting jerked around about pre-load and availability. Why won’t you guys give us a straight and final answer? Why put your paying customers through such BS?

    I just don’t understand the way this blog works, why the people who are supposed to run it either give conflicting answers or just flat out ignore the questions, and why Rockstar’s twitter is constantly giving conflicting answers as well.

    Ridiculous and unacceptable, Sony and Rockstar.

    By the way, Sony and Rockstar, if you’re going to bother to respond to us, don’t give us a canned PR response. Don’t give us an empty apology. Just answer the damn questions we have all been asking here.

    You make it so hard to be a customer sometimes. 60 days until PS4; I suggest you all get much better very fast at communicating with us. Have more respect for us than that.

  • Moral of story, digital pre orders suck, stick to old fashioned physical copies.


    Players in the United States can preload the game beginning at 3 a.m. EDT on Monday, September 16.

  • There’s a Korean supermarket in-game?!! I’m sold.

  • GTA=Gawd aweful
    Old format was better but with a better sectioned format to it.

  • I am still waiting for the rest of the PSP and PSone games to be added to the Vita in North America. It would be nice to see them added weekly, instead of once in a blue moon. Sony should not tell the public the Vita has a long future ahead of it then stop supporting the games it has already advertised as compatibles.

  • they always say is gonna be at 12am but it never is im a 100% sure that the game is probably not gonna be available at 12am. i can already see all the angry comments lol coming to ask where is the game is 12am ET where is the game but who knows this may be the first time they are actually on time i highly doubt it, i hope they prove me wrong.

  • Not a fan of the new format. I enjoyed the small blurbs each game received.

  • The only thing good about the new format is that it doesn’t say posted by Rey Gutierez at the top.

  • I guarantee I’ll take 2 days to finish downloading 32GB+many users downloading=slow download . Thought about it?

    >>>>> is honestly inexcusable <<<<

  • Since my comment its awaiting moderation, why its rockstar saying Players in the United States can preload the game beginning at 3 a.m. EDT on Monday, September 16.

  • @ 81 Paulo You could always buy the disk. Thought about it?

  • The drop has always been weak but hopefully rey has finally been fired. He wouldn’t reply and couldn’t even copy and paste.

  • Calm down people. Both Rockstar and Sony confirmed a few days ago that NA psn users will NOT be able to pre-load GTA5, but can start downloading at 12:00am EST.

  • reynolds-wrap1 , check the ps2 classics. some of those Dora games might interest you.

  • *12:00am EST Tuesday

  • I hate when people say that GTA V is awful. Let’s see if you can make a better game than that. I bet those people play Call of Doodie and nothing more.

    And about the new format, it’s alright. Since there’s no major releases other than GTA V this week, I can’t really say my true opinion. I’ll have to wait next week so I can judge it.

    @spookcuz Let’s hope that’s true. This game is huge so it’s required to download it beforehand so people can play it sooner. Like what rabidninjamonky said, it’s probably better to get the disc (Which is what I’ll be doing).

  • Finally, Rey’s gone. I don’t know what all of his tasks are/were, but he was not a good person to have involved in the community. He was too much of a spaz, and it’s clear that the the higher-ups didn’t want him replying to comments in the blog. At least, I hope that’s the case, rather than he was just a complete jerk and ignored everyone.

    Ryan, welcome to The Drop! I see some complaining about format, but like you said it’s a work in progress and I’m sure you’ll get it all worked out. I know The Drop gets a LOT of complaints in the comment section and I think most of us understand if you don’t want to reply to all that petty stuff, but please, be involved. I have a ton of respect for Morgan and Kristin because they always take the time to listen to the community and reply often. They keep us in the loop and make us feel that our feedback matters, and really, if it wasn’t for all of the PlayStation fans, there likely wouldn’t be a Sony anymore.

    • Thank you for the kind note! I have been reading through all these comments and will continue working on The Drop, moving towards any refinements that will ultimately make it a better post!

      Thanks again. Cheers.

  • PS2 classics wishlist for America:
    Maximo vs. Army of Zin (released in Europe)
    Donald Duck Goin’ Quackers (PS2 version, released in Europe)
    Haunting Ground
    Pac-Man World 2
    Disney’s Treasure Planet (PS2 version, released in Europe)
    Crash Bandicoot: the Wrath of Cortex
    Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

    Psone classics wishlist for America:
    Tomba 2: the Evil Swine Returns
    Pac-Man World (released in Japan)
    Cyber Sled (released in Japan)
    Xeivious 3D (released in Japan)
    Ape Escape (released in Japan)
    Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
    Tigger’s Honey Hunt
    Jersey Devil
    Crash Bash (released in Japan)
    Disney’s Tarzan (released in Europe)
    Buster Bros. Collection (released in Japan as Super Pang Collection)
    Atari Anniversary Edition Redux (released in Europe)
    Chocobo Racing (released in Japan)

    Please release any of these games on the US PSN sometime soon. If Pac-Man World, Tomba 2, and Haunting Ground were released on there; that would make me an extremely happy panda.

  • The new format is terrible.

    The only thing I do like about it, is that it says what system PSN games are on.

    Should just do it like the old one, except do it by Retail (PS Vita, PS3, and soon PS4 separate with any also on digital with a note it’s also on PSN) and PSN (with the platforms listed in the note next to it).

    And the lack of info on games in this format is just pointless. May as well just shove a full list of content, rather than so-called “highlights”.

  • I will be one of the few to say that I think the layout looks very clean and nice so kudos on that, but it doesnt really give the readers what we need from what we primarily go here for which is the details about all the things getting released in the week, for those that “the drop” has been helpful to we need to know what is coming out, what is it about, not just the main game, in this regard Real Boxing for the ps vita really got crapped on as this could easily hurt their sales due to not giving them any facetime just so you could fit the blogcast in which the last time I listened to a couple of the shows they didnt really offer any context in relations to gaming news.

  • Why didn’t the US get the option to pre-load GTA V like Europe? and why is the Euro PSN just so much better in many, many ways? I am PS for life, and I love you guys on the blogcast, but SCEA really needs to step it up in this department. PS4 is 59 days away, and I feel like the US PSN can handle it…

  • Sooooo, I gotta check online about the other games? I’m not buying GTA. I’m interested on the game.

  • I’m not interested..*

  • If you are downloading GTA V, then you’ll have to be Buddha. Patience is really important.

  • 23 HOURS!!!

  • Those who’ve pre-ordered #GTAV on PSN will be able to preload the game as follows: Sunday 3pm BST in Europe; Monday 3am EST in the US

    That was from R* Twitter.

    You can unlock the game at 12 EST on the PS Store.

    I haven’t noticed anyone taking it back and saying US can’t preload..I hope this help you all :D

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