Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix on PS3 Today, New Trailer

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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix on PS3 Today, New Trailer

Believe it or not, the day is finally here: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is available for purchase!

We’re proud to celebrate the launch of this Kingdom Hearts game with a fantastic new launch trailer, as well as a bunch of new screenshots.

For all you PlayStation fans out there, the launch of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is a proud moment for us for a number of reasons…

  • This marks the first Kingdom Hearts game on PS3…..not to mention it’s a PS3 exclusive!
  • This is the first time we had a Kingdom Hearts PS3 dynamic theme created… we hope you pre-ordered the game to receive this exclusive incentive!
  • Last, but not least, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix marks the first time we’ve been able to offer all of you, the fans, two layered pre-order items — an art book plus the aforementioned PS3 dynamic theme!

We look forward to much more Kingdom Hearts news to share with you guys, but in the meantime, we hope you all get a chance to pick up a copy today.

Kingdom Hearts HD Launch, 28

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With that, we hope you enjoy, and know that everything we do is for you, our loyal and diehard fans.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or would just like to chat about Kingdom Hearts in the comments below!

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  • I got up early to get this from GameStop. It all blew me away. The art book is the game case? I was floored by the awesomeness. The dynamic theme and the sounds it makes is superb. You guys went all out, and I am grateful. I can’t wait to tear through the game and get every trophy available.

  • Sorry for the double post, but there’s no edit option here. I’m also hoping against hope for a Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. I’d love to finally be able to play Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

    • Appreciate all the love. Glad you liked everything and we hope to continue to make fantastic stuff for you guys the fans :)

  • Never played this but at some point i will definatetly check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just got my package from Amazon. Very pretty.

  • Preordered in July and had it completely paid for so that this am @ 10 am I was at the door waiting to get this game! I love it!!! Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game! And since it was preordered, I get the Dynamic Theme as well…whoop whoop!!!! Haven’t been this excited since I bought my ps3! :)

  • like Patorikku said did Canadian EB games get the dynamic theme i got the limited edition the art book is amazing but i’m not seeing a code or anything for the theme

  • This should have been on vita so I can have more things to play on it.

  • I preordered this game in May when the art book was available for early preoreders, but I did not get it when I picked my game up from gamestop. Not very happy about that.

  • I look forward to buying this!

  • Kingdom Hearts avatars pleaseeeeeeeeee. I have a Sephiroth avatar, because it was as close as I could get to a kingdom hearts avatar. As others have stated i’d also be willing to pay $10 for a awesome Sora or Riku avatar or even Kairi!!!

  • LAME that there’s no digital release. You guys certainly lost a lot of initial sales. Haven’t turned on my ps3 in months and wanted to buy this…oh well

  • @58 going to pick mine up in a little bit. if gamestop doesn’t have an art book waiting for me I will be pretty pissed.

  • Any chance of KH avatars going up on the PS store?

  • My game has already been dispatched! YEAH BABY YEAH!! But I have a problem. I can’t decide should I play it when it arrives or play GTA V first. :( The choice is hard cos I plan on getting the platinum for this game but will need to sink in a lot of hours. Also GTA V will sink in a lot of hours too but wont get the platinum for that. HELP ME! Which should I play first and why?

  • Oh yes and get Kingdom hearts 2.5 in the makes please. :D I missed out on these games and this is a great chance to enjoy the experience. Need the second game before KH3.

  • Birth By Sleep is still not available on the PSN.
    Drop Dream Distance is still not available on the eShop as a full game download.
    1.5 HD is not available on the PSN.

    See a pattern. It is an issue with Square-Enix & Disney that prevents the game coming to digital. I bet their contract does not cover digital releases.

    Anyways, Square-Enix should work on bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the rest of the world next.

  • Mat Kishimoto I want a KH avatar =(

  • just wanted to tell everyone that the dynamic theme of KH is in PSN now for 1.99, and for some reason the game itself is listed as PSN game. so maybe digital release? or just a typo?

  • Destiny89
    you wrong with Disney not allowing Digital PS3 Releases
    Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (On PS Store)
    Disney Universe (On PS Store)
    So yes Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix should have been Day 1 Digital

  • Would have loved to play this game on PS Vita… Any informations ? :(

  • Mat PLEASE put kingdom hearts avatars next week! PLEASE we would be so happy if you did

  • How DARE you start that trailer out with Xion’s music! Who knew such a dopey question could be so wrenchingly sad in the right context?

    Anyway, count me in with the undoubted multitudtlinee of cries for SQEX to stop holding their frontline products from digital distribution! This collection, FFXIII (despite how much I dislike it), NIER (maybe not frontline, but c;mon!), Birth by Sleep (I don’t doubt we’ll still be clamoring for the PS3 port’s distribution), Crisis Core, the 20th Anniversary editions of FFI and FFII, and I’m prolly missing others. Yes, you’ve got some up (your PS1 back-catalogue, FFIV Complete, FFIII, FFT, the Dissidias, etc.), but there are too many prominent titles that simply aren’t getting around as much as they ought because they’re only legitimately available physically.

  • *scrolls up* Oh RIGHT! Forgot about other storefronts, namely the 3DS eShop and Theatrhythm & [Dream Drop Distance]. On the former of those two, any chance in Ifrit’s Hellfire we 3DS users could have access to the iOS tracks (I’d LOVE to play some “KUON: Memories of Waves and Light”!), or iOS users having a bundle of the 3DS-native tracks at a reasonable price (read: no more than TFF 3DS MSRP)?

  • I’d buy a $20 PSN Card to get every Kingdom Hearts Theme & Avatar, along with Digital Goodies as well. Please make this happen :D same for a possible Kingdom Hearts 2.5 which would be great and also KH3 Digi Goods for PS4 all KH fans would love this!!

  • Wish it were on PS Vita too.

    I’ve always wanted Kingdom Hearts to play anywhere. (and I’m referring to the original game, not the series in general).

    Oh well, got it. Don’t really like that the artbook is the case of the game. Very inconvenient. But the artbook is nice in general, just not as a case.

  • Please put it on the psn store or digital or whatever you consider it please do it.

  • I’m REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLY glad to hear this game is finally out! Looking forward to KH3!! Currently playing Re: Coded.

  • it is really a shame that there will be no digital download for this title. digital downloads should be the standard today. why? because my (and i’m sure many many other’s too) discdrive in my ps3 is broken and all i can play is digital downloads.. so. do you really think it helps your case (to generate as much money as possible out of a product to being able to produce more products) to refuse offering a digital download?

    just do a survey how many people refuse to buy a disc in 2013 because their drive is broken or they just don’t want to use physical discs.

    please, consider your decision with your management. you’re missing out on MUCH money.

  • I heard on Kotaku KH3 could take a looooooong time to come out. Please make that game a first priority. I don’t think the fans can wait that long.

  • I’m a bit confused. I pre-ordered it from Dell and it came in the mail but I only received the game and a registration key which I entered (no dynamic theme key or anything else). Am I missing something? Does it come separate in the mail?

  • I pre-ordered the limited edition back in March from Amazon and I received the game in the art book yesterday. However, I still haven’t received the dynamic theme code and I heard people received it upon the game being shipped. What should I do?

  • So to get the Theme I needed to have Pre-Ordered the Limited Edition that comes with the Artbook?

  • I just got my Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix premium edition copy, and I want to know how can I get my dynamic theme?
    Oh and great work with the game, it looks fantastic in hd!
    I think my social life will disappear hehe

  • I only want the first one so I’ll wait for them to become separate digital downloads.

  • Ok so I got my game, but here is one for you all, and I am upset about this, I had kh1 and 2 for ps2 loved the series mad waited for kh 3 and will wait forever if i have to, how ever I am disappointed in one thing, it seems something is wrong with kh 1.5 remix as I played the game and got to the save point to save my game, everything wen through fine. I quite the game so that I could go to work. came home from work loaded the game to play but it did not show the save file. there is a save file in the PS3 save data folder but the game doesn’t recognize it, I played through a second time and got to the town and met up with donald and goofy and saved again, closed the game to go to bed went to play the next day and guess what it again says there is no saved game file. yet it’s there in PS3 saved game data and shows the save date and time as the date and time I saved the night before. tried deleting the game data and save file and start from scratch? NOPE didn’t work same issue. so it seems the game it a joke to play with my emotions, you have to play the game from begining to end with out stopping if you want to play the game no game saving is allowed, a big let down to me!

  • Oh hi the dynamic theme I pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and people said you get emailed a code and I don’t think I got a code because nothing like that came to my email so I was wondering if its a bug or something happened? Thanks.

  • Im glad that i can play kingdom of hearts on the ps3 but it just kind of sucks that i cant play part 2 exspecially knowing that the ps4 is coming out soon and also that kingdom of hearts 3 is coming to ps4 i would have loved to play part 2 before part 3 comes out .

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