The Drop: Week of September 9th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of September 9th 2013 New Releases

On PS Vita this week, Killzone: Mercenary makes full use of the PS Vita’s input and graphics capabilities. It enhances the familiar dual-stick FPS control scheme with touch controls for actions such as brutal melee, and with tilt controls for accurate sniper aiming. The game even uses the powerful Killzone 3 engine to bring its massive environments and impressive set pieces to life.

On PS3 Blu-ray and PSN, Puppeteer is a set in a magical puppeteer’s theatre, introducing you to a strange and fantastic world, where the environment is constantly changing. Players will enjoy a rich, dark fairytale where surprises lurk around every corner.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop!


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

Fully remastered in HD, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX is a compilation of the critically acclaimed original Kingdom Hearts (in its Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix form, previously exclusive to the Japanese market,) and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. In addition, the two-in-one-disc package features HD cinematic story videos from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, enhanced gameplay mechanics and PlayStation 3 system trophies. Players can now relive the origins of the celebrated franchise with Sora, Riku and the colorful cast of Disney characters, including Mickey, Donald and Goofy!

Killzone: Mercenary


(PS Vita // Also on Gamecard) — If you thought the battle lines were clear, you’ve not seen the whole story. Killzone: Mercenary throws you into a deadly firefight where you not only fight alongside the dangerous ISA, but also shoulder to shoulder with the vicious Helghast. There is no good. There is no evil. There is only the mission … and the money. Experience Killzone from a brutally new perspective, only on PlayStation Vita.


(Also on PS3 Blu-ray) — One dark moonlit night, a young boy named Kutaro was carried away by the maleficent Moon Bear King to a black castle where the unlucky lad was transformed into a puppet. Kutaro displeased the terrible tyrant, who devoured the boy’s wooden head and cast away his body. But the headless hero was not alone, for he had discovered a very special pair of scissors to help him on his harrowing adventure to find his head, and his way home.

The platforming adventure Puppeteer takes place in a magical theater, with many worlds and wild situations to explore, all on one magical stage. Experience a rich, dark fairytale where surprises lurk around every corner.

91t4EyFOjnL._SL500_AA300_Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter lets players explore huge non-linear locations as they attempt to track down a variety of dinosaurs that are armed with some ferociously advanced AI. As a result, these are no “pea-brained” dinosaurs — these are dangerous creatures that are able to see, hear and sense the hunter. If you’re not careful, it’s very easy for the hunter to become the hunted.

With 15 different dinosaurs across five distinct environments (including pine forests, muddy marshes and rolling hills,) how you approach your target is important. Wind direction, scent and the use of a special dinosaur call are all key elements in tracking your prey.

Dragon Fantasy Book II (Cross Buy & Cross Play) — While the original Dragon Fantasy was an homage to NES-era RPG’s, Book II moves up to the 16-bit SNES era.


NHL 14 Unlock the highest level of hockey aggression, speed and skill. NHL 14 brings together the best technology from EA SPORTS to deliver the most authentic hockey experience ever. Deliver hits with the cutting-edge NHL Collision Physics, built from FIFA’s revolutionary Player Impact Engine. Drop the gloves with the new Enforcer Engine, powered by EA SPORTS Fight Night technology.

Sanctum 2 Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the world’s first Tower Defense/FPS hybrid game! Pick from four unique character classes and take up the mission of protecting the Cores from hordes of mysterious aliens. In Sanctum 2 you play your character exactly the way you want through the new and extensive customization system. Pick your own loadout of towers, weapons and perks, and pick well, because you are humanity’s last defense against the hordes set out to destroy it.Sanctum2_Skye

Hunter’s Trophy 2: Australia Realistic animal behaviour, a variety of environments, weapons, animals, hunting plans, equipment and skills to unlock, online leaderboards, training in shooting at fixed and moving targets… all are brought together to offer a unique gaming experience which will delight experienced and novice hunters as well as players just looking to experience something new.


PlayStation 2 Classic

Mystic Heroes Mystic Heroes is the localization of a side story from Koei’s Houshin Engi series in Japan. Although the story and names are changed, the gameplay is the same. Play as one of four different characters who battle masses of enemies in the style of Dynasty Warriors (Shin Sangoku Musou). Magical items can be found to provide more powerful spell attacks. The game supports up to 4 players in various competitive modes and a minor cooperative mode.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • shame i cancelled Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix :(

    i’ll get the JPN version instead along with 2.5(in the future)

    at least i’m getting Puppeteer :P

  • PLEASE PLEASE put kingdom hearts avatars on psn!!

  • Dang, 3 games I actually want all on the same day!? This has never happened before. No really, I’ve never been in this situation before! CAN’T COMPUTE HNNNGGGGG!!!!

  • This is such a bulls**t-@$$ update. Nintendo is still better…..

  • @53 I have been in a worse position last week. Castle of Illusion, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, One Piece and Rayman Legends. I believe my wallet is still cussing at me till now.

  • Can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts. I sold the first one years ago and I can’t wait to get back into it again. :)

    @estoc1 Your such a Nintendo fanboy. When GTA V comes out next week, you’ll regret you said that. Their system can’t even play that game, so Nintendo is nowhere as close to better than Sony. Their games are garbage and so are you.

  • @55 Ouch. I wasn’t expecting Rayman to be that good but thankfully they messed up the Vita version so I have time to save up before they patch it.

  • @Gamerzlimitied

    I don’t care about GTAV. GTA died after 4. You’re the perfect example of the term graphics wh0re. If PS4 graphics were real, you’d go down on it faster than my paycheck in a week.

  • @16

    I doubt it… when have you ever seen a Vita digital pre-order (that didn’t have a PS3 counterpart)? Also when it comes to digital on PS3/Vita people need to get used to the fact they it is not until that night that you get it, or do the smart thing like me and buy the physical card.

    Physical is SO much better as you save money on memory cards (which are expensive) and you are not stuck with the game forever if you want to get rid of it.

  • @gamer316: I know right. I feel the same way. Can’t wait till 10:00ct Tuesday morning so I can get Killzone mercenary. Week from there GTA V! Looks like I’ll be busy till November. Great time 2 be a PS gamer.

  • @estoc1 Where did I say that I liked PS4 because of the graphics? Graphics don’t make a game. I’m only telling you why does the Wii U has less third-party support than Sony and Microsoft combined. Care to explain why are games like Borderlands 2, DmC: Devil May Cry, Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Remember Me, Metro: Last Light, and Saints Row IV aren’t on the Wii U? If the system is more powerful than the PS3 and the 360, why haven’t companies ported them?

    The answer is simple because companies think Nintendo’s system is not worth it. Don’t you dare say that it’s because of graphics because some of those games I listed can handle the Wii U easily, they just choose not to port them. The only thing your doing is supporting a company on a weak console that will be blown out of the market in two months. You should have said Microsoft instead of Nintendo. I take back what I said about them, but it doesn’t mean they are better than Sony because it’s possible they can change their policies at anytime.

  • kingdom hearts & puppeteer for me :D i already got kingdom hearts 1.5 yesterday lol

  • pre ordered killzone merc and gta 5 today i shot myself in the hand with an arrow hopefully it will heall soon

  • Whats wrong with the Ps2 Classics?…how ´bout some Killer7, Fahrenheit (indigo Prophecy), Manhunt 2, Silent Hill Origins, Silent Hill The Room, Need for Speed underground, Siren 2, Cold Fear, Michigan: Report from Hell, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Matrix: The path of neo, Final Fantasy XII

  • @57 Zidaneski:

    They didn’t mess up Rayman Legends whatsoever. It has as many levels as you need, probably to last until they patch the rest.. The levels they left out were just mashups of the other levels.. and they did that so that we wouldn’t have to wait for the Vita version. Ubisoft PR got the announcement out about that already.. and it’s not a huge a deal as people are making it out to be. Rayman Legends on the Vita looks amazing and feels great as well… not as slow to input like Origins.. and therefore makes for a much faster paced, quick reflex, platforming experience that people watching over your shoulder will even enjoy!

    :) That said… That Rayman Legends free DLC with the extra levels are going to come really quickly and way before I beat the game cause of Tales of Hearts R, that I recently imported, as well as Killzone coming out tomorrow.

  • I’m not sure what to feel other than over whelmed. I really want Killzone, Kingdom Hearts and the Puppeteer, but I don’t have the money for all three.

    *takes off to donate a kidney for money*

  • damnnnn, next tuesday and gta v will be out.

  • I can’t wait for Killzone! I’m already having withdrawal symptoms since they took my beta access away :D

  • I can’t believe Puppeteer is finally here…I’m drooling already…OMG I cant wait to get my hands in that masterpiece….shame that TLoU was released in the same year…if it wasn’t for that Puppeteer would be the best game of 2013….anyway KZ Mercenary is finally here too….thats another one that I cant wait to get my hands on it….I’m eager to play the campaign….2 fantastic games…great week.

    Not a single good demo though.Whatever…who needs demo having Puppeteer and Mercenary.

  • Now what i don’t understand is there is no pre-order on the KZ Mercenary in the psn store why??

  • sad i was gonna get KH HD but not on psn= no buy

  • I preordered puppeteer on psn. Can I download this game at midnight or does it have to be downloaded when the psn store updates? Thanks, as this is my first day 1 digital purchase.

  • I have seen on a few sites that Street Fighter x Tekken will be available as a digital download tomorrow? Is this true?

  • Birth By Sleep was never released on the PSN.
    Drop Dream Distance was never released on the eShop as a full digital version.
    KH 1.5 HD would probably suffer the same fate.

    It probably has something to do between both parties (Square-Enix & Disney). Inside politics and such.

  • @74 Then, no buy for me. One more minus to already broken image of SquareEnix. Will not buy FFX HD and FFX-2 HD and FFXIII-3., just to retaliate for that =))). And also, I was thinking about buying Castle of Illussions. But now…

    Hope they’ll realese it on PSN, though.

  • ^ huh?? why? that’s a dumb reason not to buy a game :) anyways i can confirm that KH 1.5 retail doesn’t take any space from your HDD and also you can switch between the games anytime unlike most remastered games where you have to quit to select another game

  • does anyone know how big is the file size of puppeteer?

  • @76 No, reason is not dumb. It’s just perfect.


  • …then, if you do call “PSN” because of troubleshooting, they put on some IDIOT who doesn’t know a d@mn thing about “games” anymore. TRASH SERVICE!

  • @DarthSchrader666 Your nothing but a piece of trash yourself. I bet your job isn’t going to be better compared to Sony’s and that you still live with your mom. Only kids write sentences capitalized. Go jump off a cliff right now.

  • hi i jist purchased killzone mercenary from the psn store. unfortunately i had less than 3gb of space left on my mem card. after cleaning up some space i proceeded to try again. but was asked to pay the full price. will this be updated as the purchase has been taken from my wallet? or is there a person i can contact. thanks.

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