PlayStation Plus: September’s Instant Game Collection

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PlayStation Plus: September’s Instant Game Collection

Don’t be alarmed — no, it’s not Monday. Although PlayStation Plus updates typically kick off the week, we’re trying something new by pulling back the curtain on our Instant Game Collection updates a little early.

For September, Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection is leading the charge, so you can break out your PlayStation Move Controllers (yes, regular controllers work too) and start destroying zombies. Later this month you’ll get the HD-remastered version of iconic PS2 classic ICO, one of Rockstar’s awesome portable versions of Grand Theft Auto (in this case, GTA: Liberty City Stories), Ubisoft’s loveable platformer Rayman Origins for PS Vita and the classic arcade shooter Galaga Legions DX.

Remember, these games will hit the Instant Game Collection at various times throughout the month, so check back with us every Monday morning to see all the benefits of your membership.

September PlayStation Plus Preview

PlayStation Plus: GTA Liberty City StoriesPlayStation Plus: Resident Evil Chronicles HD CollectionPlayStation Plus: ICOPlayStation Plus: Galaga Legions DXPlayStation Plus: Rayman Origins

PlayStation Plus: September’s Instant Game Collection

Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection (PS3)

PlayStation Plus: Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $26.99
Gear up for the ultimate Resident Evil shooting experience with Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection. Use the PlayStation Move Motion Controller or traditional wireless controller to take down hordes of zombies across two full titles, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Relive the events from the original series with classic characters in HD.


PlayStation Plus: ICO

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99
A young boy is locked away deep in a castle after horns started growing out of his head. After breaking free from his confines, he rescues a mysterious girl from her cage. Together they must escape the dangers of the castle and fend off the shadow creatures haunting their every move.

GTA: Liberty City Stories (PSP, PS Vita)

PlayStation Plus: GTA Liberty City Stories

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99
There are a million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything. Once a trusted wise guy in the Leone crime family, Toni Cipriani was forced into hiding after killing a made man. Now he’s back and it’s time for things to be put right.

Rayman Origins (PS Vita)

PlayStation Plus: Rayman Origins

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $26.99
Explore a massive world with over 100 characters & 12 unique worlds designed for all ages and playing styles. Take on a giant pink monster with hundreds of eyes… a possessed mountainous golem… and more! Rayman Origins is a platformer at its core but also features many elements of action, adventure, shooter and beat-’em-up gameplay.

Galaga Legions DX (PS3)

PlayStation Plus: Galaga Legions DX

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $9.99
The legendary hit arcade shooter returns with Galaga Legions DX! Featuring a new twist on the classic gameplay, slick new graphics and devastating weapon power-ups, the fate of the galaxy lies in your hands! Board your fighter and prepare to defend Earth from wave after wave of relentless aliens. Target your enemies’ critical weak spots to earn bonuses and rack-up an astronomical score! Blast your way through unique levels and epic boss battles on your mission to defend the galaxy and prevent an intergalactic catastrophe!

PlayStation Plus - 1-year Membership

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure you leave a comment below. If you want to engage with some like-minded people, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss all things PlayStation, including this update. You’ll also find other topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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  • I really wish Sony can make a deal with Capcom and release HD remasters of Resident Evil Remake and Zero that would be better than the Chronicles games.

  • Ping_506
    your joking right?
    just incase you are not joking the answer is no there are not any trophys in gta or any other psp game.

    why does sony think vita owners want these old psp games ? sony should no we bought ps vita to play vita games.
    we already played and sold these 8 year old psp games.

    only people who want these old psp games are the people without vitas

  • -.- utter utter shame. Why give us no name PSN games while EU gets a solid AAA game, AC3. Thanks NA… for NOTHING!

  • great month even tho I alrdy got Rayman Origins (PS Vita), glad to see psp,vita,psn and ps3 games still comeing at us,

  • can’t wait to try out gta and rayman on my vita

  • Aww, man Nothing again for me in Sept… WTH!!! And here i was Hoping for something anything at all i would want… But none the less Nothing!!!

    How about some Discounts??? On Injustice: Gods Among Us (Digital version)

    That’s the only one i don’t have a Digital version of yet… I have it on the Disk but i want the Digital one also… But not at the Current FULL Price ur asking for it…

    A Discount would be GREAT!

  • But where is the Pinball?!

  • Europe got there September plus content on Yesterday it blows ours away and wasn’t Rayman Orgins on sale this month so why make it free after I just brought it.

    Assassin’s Creed 3
    The Jak and Daxter Trilogy
    Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark
    Urban Trial Freestyle
    New Little King’s Story

  • Ico is the only one of interest.
    I hate to complain but after 4 months of old crap and games I already own I am very disappointed.
    They need to step it up in the instant game department.

    Sony=$12.00 Me = ICO
    A bit unbalanced I would say.

  • Also I really hate the stupid lists for which games should be free like the whole Metal Gear Solid series or all God of War games. You guys do realized that MGS4 is like almost the whole BluRay disc and so is GOW3 and Ascension. They can’t really get all those games for free. You guys gotta be more realistic. Plus you should have own all those games already if you really wanted them.

  • not a single AAA, this is BS! i’m really pissed off

  • Win for Rayman on Vita, PS3 offering is a fail in my opinion considering EU got AC3. 2 months in a row I feel let down :(

  • Wow, I totally forgot about RE Chronicles. So glad I have a Move!

    And amazing month for Vita. GTA and Rayman!

  • Awesome, I just got my Vita 2 days ago so this will be my first month of PS Plus with my Vita (already had it for PS3 for a while now). :) I am really looking forward to Rayman, and I am really excited for GTA. :) Thank you for the great list. :) Keep it up!

    How can you offer us Hitman Absolution, a game with technical issues that has left hundreds of people (at least) without the posibility of coming to an end, because the saved data gets lost randomly (the same for the Contracts Mode). At the same time, you are supporting the bad behavior of the company in charge of HA, because promissed on their official forum ( to give us a solution but they have done nothing from the released date until now.
    I consider this disrespectful, specially coming from Sony…How is this possible?
    I’m STILL waiting for an official answer…

  • With ICO free, I will complete my Team ICO HD collection, after I’ve bought Shadow of the Colossus back in July. Thanks, PS+, and PlayStation in general!

  • Well, for once, I have almost nothing to complain about…

    Except that I keep on buying a game that winds up being added for free to the IGC. I bought Rayman – Origins a few weeks ago when it got a huge discount. Now it’s free. Same thing happened with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. Same thing with Plants vs Zombies. For some reason, I tend to buy games the very month before they wind up being added to the IGC for free.

    This is easily the best month for the IGC since I have been a subscriber (since December of last year), and this month, alone, would pretty much justify at least a three-month subscription.

    First month that I will be downloading and actually playing ALL of the games added to the IGC. I am pleasantly surprised and grateful that Sony seems to perhaps finally be listening to us.

  • I hope in the next mouth the Plus US bring back all his greatness, because my brother in Europe laugh at me every beginning of the months when he ask me about the games my Plus US is giving me. I said ICO HD, and he said, my Plus Europe gave me ICO and SotC HD last month, with Need and DeSo, in the last 3 months is the same joke. The Vita games for the VIta players are very good, but in the PS3 i hope to be improved!!!
    The promos are excelent, but it don’t justified the Instant Colection!!!

  • This is the worst month so far, even worse than last month. Sigh. ICO is great, but I own that one so that’s the only one worth it. That Resident Evil game is a rails shooter, no thank you. And the rest…just no. This is terrible lol. I’ll just stick to FINAL FANTASY XIV then.

    Europe has an amazing month & yet again we get snuffed. Sigh.

  • gooood i really wish that rayman was crosseverything so i can play it on my ps3 T____T
    well, sucks i don’t have neither move nor vita. i guess i’ll have to wait until october.

  • RE light gun game goodness, ICO, Galaga, A non-fighting PSP game, yeah there’s plenty of good stuff here.Nice work on sending out earlier updates too. :)

  • i would like more classic games like ratchet and clank or sly cooper games

  • Man this is messed up… I packed up Rayman the week of the sale. Now its FREE Lmaooo now that’s funny. Love the game by the way. I already ended it last week. So I’m ok with it. But that’s just wrong guys. Keep up the good work in the mean time.

  • Oh yes and I really have to mention that a lotta so called gamers need to open their minds up to other genres.Plus as a free game service really isn’t for fans of two or three genres only, or to someone who thinks AAA games (still hate that fallacious term) are the only good games out there, to be brutally honest with you.

  • That’s a pretty good month!

    I already bought (but haven’t yet played) Ico / Shadow. I have Rayman Origins on PS3 (and I don’t have a vita). Two of these are too M-rated for me. But I think Galaga Legions should be worth a try.

    Don’t take this as a complaint — 3 out of 5 games that appeal to me is a great month for plus, even if I already have 2 of them. And I still don’t regret already having bought Ico and Rayman — I got good deals on them anyway, and they’re great.

    I think Terraria would be a great offering sometime soon.

  • A big thanks for the notice.

    Don’t care for GTA, but everything else looks like fun.

    I would have liked AC3 as EU got, but I can wait and pray it comes. I want to play it.

    I can understand why people feel “betrayed” by the sale on Rayman then the freebie, but you have to understand that the companies that are willing to put games on a super cheap sale are also the only ones who would give it away.

  • I guess i’ll just figure out how to get euro ps+ once my sub ends. It’s one horrible month after another over here in the states

  • Seems like a pretty average month to me. I remember trying ICO back in the day and liking it, but I never finished it. Maybe with trophies I will. Rayman I already own from a previous sale, GTA I would like if it had trophies. Galaga looks like a good game to just waste some time with. Don’t know what to think of Resident Evil games, at least I’ll get to break out my move.

  • Phew, good thing I didn’t renew my membership. Ridiculous how many triple A games EU gets compared to NA. I’ll get my PS Plus back when it’s mandatory for online play on the PS4, as the IGC doesn’t seem to be the main reason anymore.

  • Sony keeps on INSULTING ps plus vita subscriber! How dare you put rayman on ps plus where it was on sale last 2 weeks? Piece of sh,it service!

  • Is ICO HD?

  • ”Don’t be alarmed — no, it’s not Monday. Although PlayStation Plus updates typically kick off the week, we’re trying something new by pulling back the curtain on our Instant Game Collection updates a little early.”

    5 days before an actual update isn’t early. EU know what they will get at least 2 weeks before an update.

  • One of the best line-ups for me in a while! I’m a fan. Thanks. :)

    I’m hoping for a huge Rockstar sale leading up to GTA V or Square leading up to Kingdom Hearts 1.5.

  • @hazelcabug don’t you know how to read, Comments are the lifeblood of the PlayStation.Blog, and we encourage you to keep the conversation going in a relevant, constructive way. Remember: no swearing, fighting, or using the comments section of this blog to be “first!” Think about what you’re saying before you press SO DON’T BE A JERK……..

  • Yea yea I dint copy the (Submit) part lol

  • Glad the PSP game isn’t a fighter. We don’t have a GTA on Vita yet, so this will definitely hold until there is one. Also look forward to Ico. I haven’t played it yet, but I heard it’s one of the best games back in the PS2 era so it’s has to be great.

    Also, for now on, I’m posting this reply to this person until Sony reads this and bans him or until Hitman Absolution gets removed on PS+:

    “@maxideaccion I’m an Hitman owner, I find this comment disrespectful and it offends me.”

    Make sure some of you guys post this under your comments.

  • Other than Rayman (already have it), great IGS. Looking forward to ICO.

  • Would you guys look at Siren: Blood Curse for something in October, what with it being Halloween? Either Instant Game Collection or a price drop/sale would be good but its a 5 year old game still going for its original price.

  • Rayman vita is the only thing good. Why do we get a boring rail shooter as the retail ps3 game? i’d rather get AC3 than that.

  • The EU gets ACIII, a triple A title for free, and we get a bunch of cheap games. C’mon Sony, play fair and give everybody the same games.

  • So I do have to ask, Why is that The EU did not slpit the ICO/Shadow Collection, but it is split here? I wonder because I know often the licencing rights and such across continents are a reason for the differences, but that doesn’t seem like it would be the case with the games being licensed together anyway. They are also from the same team, and while we don’t know where The Last Guardian is, we should know why these projects are separated… care to shed any light on this?

  • @ fresno75 I am not being a jerk, IT’S SONY’s fault why people complain and say **** about it! They put rayman on sale last 2 week knowing it will be free this week. That’s a complete SCAM BUG!

  • very good i like GTA psp and already have rayman more i like This month of September very good games to vita

  • please try to get us a day one plus discount on One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 next tuesday.

  • Awesome month… Grand Theft Auto on Vita is a smart decision! Any time frame these releases?

  • wow I can finally log in from my Vita, but anyways I love this line-up of games for Sept but I am disgusted that the Vita logo is slapped onto Liberty City Stories, for some people that can be very misleading because thats a PSP & still don’t like how PSP games are included in PS+ offerings & u guys classify them as Vita titles, they are only PSO games that can be played on the Vita

  • OPEN TO EVERYONE, BUT DON’T BE A JERK. wow but sony is the one jerking and putting bullet to customers! It happened before and now it happened again, they put a game on sale then next week they put on IGC. What a very disgusting move. Fooling customers frequently? Wow next time I will not buy any games anymore! If it happens to be free after few months then it’s acceptable, but putting for free after 2 weeks on sale that’s A SCAM!

  • This is the end of the road for me in PS plus america. Good luck fooling other people again.

  • Great games! I have one question. GTA: LCS on the vita has a horrible, horrible framerate. Ive been told that the digital version of the game was warped when they put it on the store. I have it for Vita, and while its playable, sometimes the drop in framerate ruins the experience. Will there be an update to fix this?

  • @ hazelcabug so what it’s not the end of the world, that sale got me to but you know what games were cheap. got me ray ps1, 1 and 2 for $3 and got the ps2s both for $5 then got Origins for ps3 for $5 then said wth and got the vita Origins to for $6.25 I think it was or 6.50 not sure now lol

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