The Last of Us Multiplayer Update Out Now, Interrogation Mode Detailed

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The Last of Us Multiplayer Update Out Now, Interrogation Mode Detailed

The Last of Us multiplayer gets some serious updates today with the deployment of patch 1.03. The patch is starting to roll out now across all regions, issuing several multiplayer fixes. In addition, a brand new game mode is being added to the suite, called Interrogation.

For more details on Interrogation mode, and the additional fixes deployed in patch 1.03, read on.

The Last of Us Multiplayer Update Out Now, Interrogation Mode Detailed

Changelist for Patch 1.03

Single-Player Fixes

  • Fixes for “It’s me” and “By any means” cinematics in the Cutscene Viewer.

Multiplayer Addition

  • New game mode — Interrogation

Interrogation is a 4v4, two-part objective game mode where rival factions vie to find and open the other faction’s lockbox, stealing the supplies inside. Each team must first achieve five interrogations of players on the other team.

Players can get interrogations by shivving an enemy, or getting an enemy into the down state, then pressing triangle while next to them. Once your team collects five interrogations the location of the enemy’s lockbox will be revealed. Your team must attempt to open the lockbox before the other team can collect five interrogations and open your lockbox first. Whichever team opens the opposing team’s lockbox first wins.

Multiplayer Fixes

  • Revive range has increased slightly (about 1 meter). It’s more difficult to crawl out of range when a teammate is reviving you now.
  • Players can prevent opponents from finishing Executions/Interrogations so that the opponent does not receive Parts for the special Execution/Interrogation. The downed player will still lose their life, but this makes preventing Executions/Interrogations more helpful to your team, as you prevent the other team from gaining Parts.
  • Matchmaking update: players should find opponents around their level of experience more often, and teams should be balanced more evenly.
  • Item cache locations adjusted for balance on University, High School, Lakeside, and Downtown.
  • Starting cameras adjusted so they show your player with greater frequency.
  • Item cache disbursement tweaked so additional items are given out more fairly.
  • Winning a Survivors match by a count of 4 rounds to 0 now means your team will get more bonus parts for winning the match by that margin. This applies for games with scores of 4-1, 4-2, etc. as well. Rewards are tiered by how dominant your team is. This system is in place for Interrogation mode as well.

That’s all for patch 1.03 — expect a lot more to come over the next few months in future patches. Keep reporting any issues on our technical forums, and let us know what you think!

Be sure to check the forums this weekend and post your thoughts on patch 1.03. Talk with us and we’ll reward good thoughts. Participate in the thread and you’ll earn a cool, digital The Last of Us prize. See you online!

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14 Author Replies

  • @Eric Monacelli When I get the money, of course I will. It will be stupid not to get this game. Can’t believe this hasn’t gotten a single price drop yet and I’m not buying it used.

    @socom_guy Then it would get boring very quickly and there will be no DLC, hence the season pass would be a waste of money if there isn’t any DLC to spend it on. Would you want that?

  • Woo ! New game mode and fixes.
    Finally gives me a reason to play the online again.
    But I thought they were going to announce the dlc this month? :/

  • @killercroc119 In a reply they gave to me on the first page of comments they said they will announce at least some of the details of the season pass in the next couple of weeks.

  • Wow still no news on season pass DLC? I really hope you guys add a ton of customization items and a horde mode.

  • So was the idea for interrogation mode taken from Killzone: Mercenary, or was it the other way around?

  • This new mode looks to be fun, although I am trying to play this mode, because every 20 or so seconds, my character completely stops moving, I can access the menu from the start button, I can look around, but that’s about it, I can’t walk, run, craft, get out backpack….? This is the very first time it is happening to me, after I had downloaded patch 1.03, and tried the new mode. Before that, I never had this problem. I was wondering if it’s my internet connection, but it’s the same connection I’ve been using, my other games online work fine.

  • hey guys, is this a part of the season pass or just a nice new mode for everyone? ^_^


  • EPIC. The inerragation mode added was a great idea loveing it. I just wish that you had a co-op in the story campaign, playing the stoy with a friend or online would be sick. But this is me nitpicking you ll turned out arguably the best game of this gen…thnx keep up the kick ass work

  • Nice , 3 on line game , Yes , great , need more , and more , like U3 .

  • Not about this post but thanks for the ps vita update couldnt get into my ps 1 settings on vita thanks and keep the great sales coming love ps plus may go playstation just for the fact that xbox has said that the free games are for limited time.

  • I’m so so about Interrogation Mode so far. Not sure how shaking someone a bunch of times counts as an interrogation, or hitting someone with a molotov. I played a few matches and they all ended in ties because nobody could open the other team’s box in time. I like the concept, but I think I’ll stick to Supply Raid for the time being.

    And I really would have preferred to the ability to save an ally from a Special Execution, versus the Executor not getting parts.

  • I’m glad they are improving the matchmaking. It’s ridiculous to face a team with players level 198, 101, 78 and 53 with three teammates level 1.

  • Great news! I was hoping to hear something about the fixes or MP DLCs. I will play the interrogation mode tonight but I would like to suggest something that I haven’t seen on the list of fixes. Are you planning to add something to record the matches like on Uncharted 3?

  • please put uncensored executions back into the europe version in your next patch.

  • i was just playing this game mode and i gotta say it a really fun game mode hard but fun

  • Please help me! I tried to download the patch, but it gives me error every time! It’s not my connection because i am online with a pc also.
    How can I solve?

  • About to try it right now!

  • The Last of Us interest for me has tapered off since launch, this DLC sounds like just the ticket to get me back to the greatness.

    But i must say:

    -Single player DLC would be awesome, be it an extra difficulty level, or an alternate ending, or even just an extended version of one of the existing levels, giving a nice reason to replay the game once again.

    -Multiplayer DLC should have at least one mode where you can add infected. To play as infected would be great too. Say everyone starts as human, and like musical chairs one player becomes infected. If he attacks someone they become infected. Last human wins minor victory, if that last human kills all infected before time is up he gets major victory.
    (Ideally we would also have a 4 player online coop survival mode, unlimited waves of increasing difficulty type of thing. Online coop is great fun for friends!!! It was the best part of Resistance 2!!! Please!)

  • Those of you playing the EU version of the game, Naughty Dog’s hands are tied here. I learned on the Skyrim forum that certain countries have more severe video game censorship, such as Australia and Germany, and therefore Sony is required by law–I would underline that if I could–to remove a lot of content.

    So, even if you’re not in Australia and Germany, some games will have just one version for all of the EU so they have to comply with the lowest bar in violence/gore.

    If you need to see everything–and it’s pretty horrible, lol– import the American disc. If you do, any DLC you buy will have to be the American DLC. The save files and DLC you have will not work with another region’s disc.

  • Thats some good improvements…I’m quite surprised with ND supporting their online…..had to download the patch yesterday but I didn’t tried interrogation yet….it looks cool.Will try it later today….btw all these fixes and what about cheaters hu ND?….you never do anything about cheaters in your games thus why UC2 is infested with cheaters.Anyway what was wrong with those cutscenes?…and a lvl filter now, ha something that should’ve been done since the beginning….now it doesn’t matter for me anymore since I’m good and high lvl players have lvl but no skills.Anyway I had some friends complaining about that so good job.

    PS:Don’t increase the customizations,more items are welcome and allowing only the head to be customizable is perfect…more than that will turn into a mess.Please no body customizations.

  • Horde mode please.

  • @60: They moved those settings into the PlayStation menu, hold the PS button. Should be in there. I think you have to scroll down to find the settings.

  • Love what you did, Naughty Dog! Just got done playing the new mode, and I love it! Lot of fun. Makes it more fun, and you actually have to work with the team. Love it!

  • In the future, release a stand alone multiplayer version of The Last of Us for Vita. With Killzone Mercenary coming, and TLOU MP on my Vita. I’d be in portable multiplayer heaven. I can dream right?

  • The new game mode is amazing! Just played a match where we were trailing 4-1 on interrogations and they had started attacking our lock box while we were still trying to get interrogations. We held them off and managed to gather enough intel for our team and had to defend our side again before we could move up. I managed to sneak around the back side (on lakeside) where theres the boat, and open the lockbox in one shot while a partner held off 2 guys before they could get to me. It was awesome first experience with the game mode, always appreciate a good comeback.

  • oh yeah great update now i get grouped with lvl 0,1,2, (and sometimes) 3 NOOBS, they ALWAYS drag the whole team down without fail

  • This sounds pretty cool. With single-player beaten, I have even more to look forward to in multi-player.

  • Now I just need to find some friends to come play the MP with me….

  • Is it just me or is this game hard to play. I am talking about the Multiplayer part. For whatever reason I have so much difficulty with this game but never have with any other online game to this extent. Any Suggestions to get better somehow?

  • Love the new mode it’s so fun.

  • @79

    Well, I’ve never seen you play, but I may be able to offer some advice. Firstly, try not to go off on your own. It’s always better to hunt as a team, as the multiplayer was designed around teamwork. Also, try to save up parts for armor and weapon upgrades. I don’t really know what weapon you would be comfortable with, but I see a lot of people, myself included, using the Semi-Auto. It gets kill pretty quickly, about three shots I believe. I wouldn’t recommend the Burst Rifle; it’s okay, but it’s rather weak and eats up ammo really quickly. In terms of handgun, the Revolver seems the best, as the Shorty barely has any range and the 9MM is kinda weak.

    One more thing is to always be aware of your surroundings. Always check your radar and always make sure to check if an enemy is behind you.

    Hope that helps.

  • @ 79 saab01 – I dont know how long you been playing but in the beginning it looks difficult….but you get used to it….ND dropped the ball not making a lvl filter until now…for beginners its quite a pain to play against people who are very good at it already.Anyway sprint only in the beginning of the match to get to the item boxes quickly…and since you’re having difficult..try to always use “covert training 2” since it wont let enemies hear you in their listen mode while you’re crouch walking.Plus you’ll always start with a shiv…the items you get in the beginning will always be enough to make a smoke bomb….go sneaky,throw a smoke bomb and run to shiv the enemy.Thats how I started…that was my main technique in the beginning.And I still use it lol.

    DiamondDust132 gave great tips….you can go alone if you want,its better to flank the enemies while they’re concentrated in dealing with your team…but you must go sneaky.I’m kinda the lone-wolf type…so I always go alone but always helping my team if they need to.


  • Long time fan of ND’s multiplayer (From Uncharted 2 until now), I’m so utterly impressed with TLoU as a whole so far it almost brings a tear to my eye. I’m equally impressed and surprised by this recent update, you guys are really on top of things!
    I’m jumping on the bandwagon -HARD- for some “co-op infected horde mode” action.

    It would be best.
    …very most best.

    Thank you.

  • Glad to finally see an update

  • Ya’ll MUST fix the issue with entering a match and it’s 10 – 17 or 8-13, not only do we sometimes lose a day we lose one use boosters. the only indication is a quick join or people talking. maybe even the margin a bit?

  • can you guys do a game mode with infected creatures. maybe like a survival mode with infected things. i dunno that would be kinda cool. or maybe add new weapons or mods. or new levels. but def infected would be cool

  • I LOVE the Joel and Ellie shirt that Quentin Cobb is wearing…..I WANT ONE SONY! NOW!

  • awesome!!! awesome!!! awesome!!! will The Last Of Us be released for the PS4 ?

  • First the game is great one minor thing i think yall could add to make the multiplayer better anyway to and a few zombies into the match at certain points in the game i think adding zombies would break up some of the coward corner stash box camping that goes on

  • zombie outbreak in multiplayer would be great – add a few clickers or something like that but have it not help either team just something else to look out for online instead of letting people camp with the cocktails and burn u to death when u get close

  • Love the new interrogation mode!!!!!!!!

    Now they need to fix it so you are not put in the middle of a match while you are doing a challenge. I was thrown into an interrogation match where the other team was in the process of unlocking safe, I played maybe 45 secs before they won, failed the 3rd part of my challenge, and about 80% of my clan went hungry.

    Also can they fix it so when I connect it to my Facebook account that it stops saying my family/friends have died. Maybe it can say your family/friend has left the clan or abandoned your clan.

    Like I said Love the new interrogation mode, can’t wait for the DLC to come out. Keep up the good work!

  • Yeahhhh!!!!!!! NEW PATCH!! im crazy!!! yeahhh! Very nice guys that detail about the levels…because level 4 against level 50 or more…. Nao eh justo!….its just a pitty that for us brazilians everything its expensive….well its not your fault this….. but anyway… im gonna buy! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. thank guys for the new update! =)

  • I love MP , but you guys’s should put the main characters on MP I will love to play with ellie!

  • We need new maps, and make them a lot bigger with more time added.

  • Will the last of Us be comin to the PS4?

  • Wow..Awesome update ND guys.. A big big thanks.. Special request if granted.. hoping so.. Maybe you can add Co-op mode just like the Uncharted MP.. I think everybody will agree with this MP Co-op mode.. As always.. ND guys ROCKS… Cheers… Hoping DLC pack Coming Soon…

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