Gun of Icarus Online Coming to PS4

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Gun of Icarus Online Coming to PS4

Guns of Icarus Online, Gamescom, 03

To have the opportunity to bring Guns of Icarus Online to PS4 is a dream come true for us. We are Muse Games, a small studio in New York City where Guns of Icarus Online has been our baby and our life for almost 3 years.

What if you took the thrilling moments of using those big mounted turrets in shooters and made it the core of a game? You blowing stuff up with this mammoth artillery or heavy machine gun, mowing down lines of enemies. What if, instead of being alone, you were placed in an enclosed space with 3 other people on an airship in the sky, bringing down enemies, triumphing, and perishing together, as a single entity? Coordinating which guns to man, what needs repairs, all hell breaking loose on deck as other ships are torn apart around you.

In Guns of Icarus Online, you and your crew slip into specific roles to steer the ship in and out of combat, hop on big guns to take out enemies, and make desperate repairs in hopes you survive another encounter with an airship that approaches you from beyond the horizon.

Guns of Icarus Online, Gamescom, 05

We started this journey on napkins and notepads. We wanted to push the boundary of team play, and experiment with a blend of play types that haven’t been seen before. Guns, fire, explosions — and above all, a sense of urgency, action, and power.

This dovetailed with our concept for a ruined world, with large, dieselpunk airships and bands of marauding air-pirates patrolling the wastes. We balanced an offensive turret shooting element with a defensive repair game that drew inspirations from time management games like Curry House CoCo Ichibanya and Diner Dash. We knew communication would be essential, and we gave people the ability to communicate by voice chat and take the helms of airships at high speeds in massive maps with unique challenges and vistas.

Guns of Icarus Online, Gamescom, 04

The road to get to this point hasn’t been easy. There were times when we were almost down and out. During the prototyping phase for Guns of Icarus Online, our steam and dieselpunk world was threatened by compromise from another party. We left the relationship, but were almost broke as a result.

With that whole ordeal behind us, we basically started over. We turned to the then still nascent Kickstarter, before Double Fine changed everything. When we completed our campaign, we were the 8th highest funded game project at the time, and had over 350% of our funding goal.

Kickstarter helped draw attention, get the word out, and also enlist over 1500 willing alpha testers, which was huge. We did all the fulfillment work on nights and weekends, drawing sketches in logbooks and packing stuff. A few hundred packages per trip to the post office later, the post office lady literally told us, “Get out!” as soon as we walked in the door with more big bags of packages.

Guns of Icarus Online, Gamescom, 02

Our launch date on PC was Oct. 29th. Being based in NYC, that date was significant for another reason. That was the day Hurricane Sandy made landfall right smack in the middle of Manhattan, where our office was located. Our building was locked down for almost a month — no power, internet, lots of flooding, etc.

We were supporting players and maintaining servers via candlelight. To get the hotfixes out, we had a big problem. Our computer to build new updates was locked in our still-flooded office. My teammate, Conrad Kreyling, biked in, eluded the security guard, scrambled into our room, and rescued the computer during the eye of the storm. He then ditched the bike and rode the bus to one of us who still had power. That’s how the first update of the game was made, and while not every update requires minor acts of heroism, we approach our customer service with that same level of vigor every day.

Guns of Icarus Online, Gamescom, 01

Whether it be a PC feature, or having casters such as Jesse Cox, AngryJoe, and Yogscast in the game, we were super fortunate to have made it to the top of the Indie scene.

We’ve had 9 award nominations and several wins now for Guns of Icarus Online, and each time this happens we take a moment to look back on our work with pride… and then a few minutes later we’re back to supporting players and fixing stuff. It’s been a humbling and exciting journey so far, and we couldn’t be prouder to work with all the awesome people at PlayStation to bring Guns of Icarus Online to PS4.

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  • This is totes tits. Haven’t robbed enough banks recently to get a half decent pc so I’ve only been able to watch people play on twitch. The game looks incredibly fun though and watching people play is hilarious. I can’t wait to steer/crash into giant rocks and wrongly shoot friendly ships while screaming obscenities at my crew mates to fix the ship. Full speed ahead to good times.

  • I’m going to YouTube this later because it looks cool. Can’t wait to play it on PS4!

  • Very cool to see this game making its console debut on PS4. Literally just picked this up on Mac through Steam a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it since then. I know I’ll definitely get it for the PS4 to play online with my friends on PSN. It’s got a great team-based feel to it. Will there be a campaign mode as well?

    • @Glacier928, thanks a lot! We should be able to iterate and add co-op and Adventure Mode and deploy to all the different platforms, so it should be fine!

  • Hey everyone,

    My name is Eric, I’m the Lead Game Designer at Muse Games. We’re really happy to see the enthusiasm behind this announcement. Some of you already play and you all know that we communicate with our player base very frequently. In fact, I’m in the middle of coordinating testing for new balance changes.

    If you have any questions, please let us know. I’ll keep an eye on this blogpost for a little while but you can always hit us up on FB, Twitter (@goionline), and emailing us directly.

    Feel free to add me on Steam to, username ‘awkm’.

    Super psyched!

    Eric (awkm)

  • Yay! Great news! I like gun of icarus on Linux! But console game always win

  • @ Eric: Guns of Icarus looks amazing. I honestly had never heard of it before the PS4 announcement. Your game looks both fun and unique and I looking forward to playing it. Will this game be a free to play title and when can we expect it to hit the PS Store? Thank you for opening up this game to whole new world of avid and passionate gamers. Congrats and good luck!

  • Very cool, I just heard about this game not too long ago & wished I had a PC that could run it (or any game really.. my laptop is terrible w/ games..) but here it’s coming to the PS4, sweet! I’ll def be checking this out!

  • @Amnalehu

    I know, right! Being on PS4 is going to bring a ton of exposure and we’re really happy for that. The game won’t be free to play when it hits the PS4. There are several reasons behind this from gameplay, game design, and etc… but hopefully we can offer the game at a reasonable price. Yup, Sony allows us indie devs to set our own prices! How great is that?

  • @Eric: I was extremely surprised when Sony announced Guns of Icarus at Gamescom conference. My jaw literally dropped as I saw the Guns of Icarus image on the screen.

    This game would be perfect for consoles too and thank you for choosing PS4 for this game. I have seen many videos, including Rumble Zone videos from Polaris. I didn’t even imagined this game to be on consoles but now it will get even more popular now.

    It will be great to hear “AHOY!” shouts and commands to escape from the destruction of the air ships. I already feel like a futuristic pirate while I imagine that. Also laughing like a lunatic while the enemy ships are being torn apart… Yeah, definitely pirate.

    Good luck to all of you and continue your passionate work in this game at Muse Games!

  • oh my this looks like ton of fun

  • @omar33nader

    If your jaw dropped, everyone’s heads EXPLODED in the office when we livesreamed the event. It was nuts even though we knew we were going to be there… just didn’t know how crazy it would look on that huge screen. We’re extremely excited to get everything working on the PS4, it’ll be a really awesome experience for the console.

    Wow, I see all those PlayStation Plus icons… need to get on that. Need to get a Vita too (remote play woo! Never though of GoIO on remote play… maybe we can get it to work?). Sony! Send us some Vitas so we can check out Remote Play!

    Send us that huge screen you used at Gamescom while you’re at it! :P

  • OK, I just saw a Youtube video of this game. Flamethrowers on Floating airships? Count me in! I’ve ever seen a game like this. THIS is why I am getting a PS4! @ Eric, how soon will we be able to play this gem?

  • @Amnalehu

    That’s a great question. We use Unity3D, that’s how we made it to PC, Mac, and Linux with relative ease. As soon as Unity3D fully fleshes out their PS4 build process and as soon as we get a PS4 devkit from Sony. Since PS4 uses x86 architecture, basically the same processor architecture on PC, we shouldn’t have too many issues just getting the game running on PS4. We’ll need to debug controller support, networking, and all that stuff though.


    We’re gated by Unity3D to give us a bug-free build process to PS4 assuming we get the devkit when this happens. Then we need to do testing to make sure our networking and controller support works.

  • I don’t know if you can’t tell us a date yet, but can you tell us if we can expect this in 2013?

  • @WildLicorice

    Yeah, way too hard to tell right now. We won’t know for sure until we get a devkit and build to the PS4 to test. To be safe, 2014 with the rest of the indies. We’re confident that once we have the pieces to start testing, we can get it working relatively quickly though.

  • You guys are easily the best devs that I have interacted with. This is a day one buy for me even though I already have the pc version. Are you guys going to support mouse and keyboard on PS4?

  • Looks like a really interesting game! I’m a big fan of team based games and the atmosphere is unique and the action looks great. I’m looking forward to more info and a release date!

  • Will this be a console PS4 exclusive?

  • @Phunkle

    If PS4 will support kb and mouse, we’ll support it too!


    This is THE team game. You really do need to talk to everyone on your ship to get things going. Captains can talk to other captains on the team as well to coordinate multi-ship strikes against the enemies. Having a mic is pretty crucial so we encourage everyone to get one. We’re currently implementing no-mic communication solutions into the PC version right now so hopefully you can get away with that (think radio commands but easier and more intuitive). Really, this game requires teamwork. No more being the lone sniper in your squad racking up all the kills. The 3 other people on your ship live and die on that ship.


    Yup, PS4 console exclusive.

  • Great game,excited that is coming on the ebst console =D
    Great news!

  • A interesting tile indeed, I the like the originality coming from Sony to keep bringing original games to the platform!!!!!!!!!!!!!i

  • This is amazing news. Question, would our stats transfer over or would we have to start anew?

    • @DooyeahChet, you should be able to use your Steam account to login to PSN and PSN account to log into Stream, so you shouldn’t need to start anew. This is definitely something we’re really excited about. Thanks! Howard

  • Yet another PS4 console exclusive. The choice is becoming easier everyday!

  • This game really looks cool. I’ll have to check it out on steam, and definitely get it on PS4!

    On PS4, Co-op –> couch co-op? –> online co-op? Or Both? I’d LOVE BOTH!

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