PS Vita Now $199.99 in North America

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PS Vita Now $199.99 in North America

PS Vita New Price

I’m excited to announce that the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) system is now available for $199.99 MSRP in North America, making it a compelling value for gamers. With some amazing games coming out in the next few months, including Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway, along with connectivity to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) system through “Remote Play,” now is the perfect time to become a PS Vita owner.

The brand new price applies to all PS Vita systems available at retail, including the limited edition PS Vita Walking Dead bundle that launches this week. We’re also dropping the price of the PS Vita memory cards, as you can see in the chart below.

Memory Card Size

Previous Price

New Price

Memory Card for PS Vita 4GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 8GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 16GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 32GB



Along with the new price, we’re currently celebrating PS Vita with two promotions on the PlayStation Store. The PS Vita Japanese Games Sale , running through August 26, offers discounts of up to 50% off on PS Vita games from Japanese developers, including Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Muramasa Rebirth. PS Plus members can enjoy up to 75% off in the Japanese Game Sale. Additionally, four of the summer’s most anticipated PS Vita titles will launch as part of PS Vita Summer Select , running from August 20 through September 16, with launch week discounts of 20 percent off for PS Plus members. Games featured in PS Vita Summer Select include Spleunky from Mossmouth and Dragon Fantasy: Book II from Muteki Corporation.

Beyond the 900+ games currently playable on PS Vita, we also have a strong slate of content on the way from our third party and indie partners, including games like Rayman Legends, Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate, FIFA 14, Luftrausers, Terraria, KickBeat, Stick it To The Man, Lone Survivor, and Proteus. Phew!

PS Vita will be the ultimate companion device to PS4 through key features like “Remote Play,” which allows PS4 games to be instantly playable on PS Vita at home via Wi-Fi.  We currently anticipate that many, if not most, PS4 games will be Remote Play enabled.

If you already own a PS Vita, share your top three favorite games for the system in the comments below. Let’s help new owners decide what to buy!

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21 Author Replies

  • Finally the memory card prices are down, they were too expensive.

  • Thank you for caring about your customers :)

  • Not sure about those new memory card prices… but they’re better than they were.

    It’s about time you dropped the price on those. Should have done that two months after Vita release. The system was fine at $250 for the time. But I’m glad it’s got a price drop.

  • PS Vita for $199? SOLD :D

  • Oh… and top three games.

    Gravity Rush (my fave)
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    LittleBigPlanet Vita

  • Where’s my 64GB card?

  • ooohhhhhhh Can’t wait till the Black Friday deals, with this new MSRP. I was so close to biting last year with that White AC Bundle for $199, this year there will be something even better and I will do something I never thought I’d do… a Vita.

  • Gravity Rush is killer, but my favorite is game on it is Hot Shots World Invitational. Also if you have plus you get 3 great games and hosts of other greats free of charge right off the bat, so instant library for you, 200 is a no brainer.

    Now that I have given my pitch… Let’s talk about this memory card price drop. How much is 32? and more importantly bigger sizes? 64???? 128?????

  • wish the 32 GB card was cheaper :/

  • Nice that the cards are cheaper, but it’s too bad there aren’t larger sizes too. I can’t be the only person tired of constantly deleting games in order to play everything I want!

  • the memory cards are still too expensive

  • Do you have a date for the memory cards price drop?

  • Top 3 Vita games? That’s actually pretty hard to narrow down!

    Dokuro (It’s free for Plus!)
    Lumines: Electronic Symphony

  • Hey, Don, thank the higher-ups for these price drops, but I agree that there should be a 64 gig card and although I have 2 Vitas already, make one in a pink or purple and I’ll buy it again!

  • $80 for 32GB card is still overpriced but at least the Vita itself is at a reasonable price.

  • The 32gb card is still way too expensive… I already filled one and refuse to buy another until they drop to $50

  • TERRIBLE new memory card prices. Man I hate you guys.

  • Yeah, $80 is still WAY too expensive. 32GB should be $50 max. If there was a 64GB, now THAT one I can see at $80..

  • I thought the original price points were a deal, I love the vita. I hope this brings more people on board!

  • Oh and Sony, consider releasing cards with more space. I can’t fit all of my games on my 32GB card!

  • You guys are awesome! :) Thanks for listening to your customers. 32 GB card is a great product.. and comes with a premium price.. so that’s fine.

  • I bought my 32 on amazon for $72 in November. Drop it to $50 Sony and put the 64 at 80 bucks

  • Yeah if the higher capacity cards could just be slightly cheaper. Still good price drop so more people can enjoy dual-analog stick gaming on the go.

    Make some good bundles for this holiday season and watch the vitas fly off the shelves.

  • I already have a 32 GB but any chance you’ll announce 64 or 128 GB? Seriously I have too many gmes on my Vita but no space for them =(

  • Top Three Games:

    Persona 4 Golden
    Killzone Mercenary(only played the Closed Beta, but already in love)
    and LBP Vita.

    The Jak Collection is in there somewhere.. I’ve played it a ton cause I never got to play them prior.. There’s a lot of bugs but they still shine as great games.

  • Um, that 32GB Memory Card price is still to expensive (at least make the dam thing cost 59.99) but the other prices for the other ones are okay. Nice you dropped the price point of the Vita to a reasonable price (200) so more people can pick up the lovely system.

    Are you guy’s doing the Mega Pack thing that Europe is doing? That would go a long way to justify the expensive price points of the 32 GB MC (even if you bundle a Year of PS+ with it).

    At least you guys did something about the expensive price, even if it wasn’t much at all…

  • Think of it this way guys. The Memory cards are going to go on sale in the stores. 32GB for $50?

  • Wow, great job on the price drop. I already have mine, but this is great for people on the fence about getting one.

  • Was honestly expecting $50 for a 32GB. You said significant.

  • I hope to see more people with a Vita now. It’s an amazing device.

  • These “new” prices are the same that Amazon has charged had for months now. Does Sony really think these are significant price cuts?

  • Dates on memory card price change????

  • The drops should have been double what they were for reach respective card. Also disappointed there’s no 64GB option. Guess I’ll keep waiting.

  • Top 3 favorite games:
    Little Big Planet
    Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
    Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed

    32 gb memory card still expensive, should be $59.99-$64.99

  • Thanks for listening, but they’re still too expensive.

    50% off, then we’ll talk.

  • The Walking Dead bundle is only $200 on Amazon. I just pre-ordered one.

  • Top 3:
    Souls Sacrifice
    Rayman Origins
    Persona 4 Golden

  • This just in:
    New Vita will now use Micro SD…..oh wait I was dreaming and that would make too much sense.

  • Memory card prices needed to be cut in half to be reasonable. I paid $60 for my 32GB and still feel like I overpaid. And, as others have said, there needs to be a 64GB card. It is nice to see the Vita price drop though.

  • I really hope this boosts the sales of the vita significantly. It is my favorite console ever. Of all time. Also 20% bumped off of the 32 gb card price IS significant. That’s $20 more to spend on games. You could get a 3 month subscription to ps plus, or a handful of indie games with that saving.

  • Time to finally buy the 32 GB memory card or a new 16 GB memory card. Either way they’re more affordable now!

    My top 3 favorite Vita games are:

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    Persona 4 Golden
    Tie between Guacamelee and Dragon’s Crown

    Love me some Vita. =)

  • Here is my top 3 games for PS Vita

    Gravity Rush
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    Sound Shape

    New Vita owners get 16GB or 32GB trust me i have both 16GB and now 32GB sense i order one just now.

  • The 32 gigabytes memory card is still too expensive

  • Borderlands 2 was a great announcement, but there is still a major lack of AAA support on Vita. Indies arent going to sell the system.

    And those memory card prices are still FAR too expensive

  • @11 i´m with you. When the guy at gamescom said that the ps vita memory cards would receive a price drop too, i was thinking that the new prices would be at least 35% off. Even with this, the ps vita owner still has to pay for the most expensive memory card in the market.

    I don´t know what to think, borderlands 2 is a great game, but i was wating for a AAA only on vita title.

  • 32 gb is still too much damit!!!!

  • Top 3 games – Dragon’s Crown, Uncharted, Rayman Origins

    Good start on the price drops on the memory cards but still not where they should be. This is 2013 we shouldn’t have to worry about memory space when it comes to buying games! I have a ton of games already and it’s a pain to delete games to make room for new ones. I know you guys are proud of your attach rate, and if you gave us a 64 gb card for $50 it would go through the roof. Do it!

  • Soul Sacrifice (by far my favorite game)
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss (which is freaking free with PS+!)
    Dragon’s Crown (Simply amazing)

    And there’s a ton more to choose from

  • Thanks for the memory card price drops! Are these drops effective immediately or in the future?

    Hmm…. Really hard to decide, but my top three vita games (in no particular order) would probably have to be:

    Gravity Rush
    Wipeout 2048
    DJ Max Technika Tune (love me a good rhythm game!)

  • This is good news. I love my Vita. Put hundreds of hours into it. Currently addicted to Dragon’s Crown. Can’t wait for Killzone.

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