New Watch_Dogs Trailer Arrives

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New Watch_Dogs Trailer Arrives

Hey guys! Couldn’t make it to Gamescom? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the trailer that was recently shown at Sony’s conference. It introduces a rather intriguing group.

Let’s have a look…

New Watch_Dogs Trailer Arrives

We already knew that even though Aiden was kind of a lone wolf, he wasn’t always acting alone. He had some help. But in this latest piece, we’re realizing that he might be facing more resistance than he had initially planned.

DedSec, an unorthodox group of “hacktivists” very active in Watch_Dogs’ Chicago, doesn’t seem to approve of Aiden’s actions — even though in a way he’s helping them uncover the many flaws of ctOS. Therefore, they seem committed to exposing him and denouncing his actions to the population. And much like Aiden, DedSec appears to have plenty of resources, making him even more vulnerable.

So what’s Aiden’s real connection with them? Are they friend or foe? On top of dealing with his own problems and the occasional police chase, will he have to watch his back for DedSec members? I, for one, have trouble believing him when he says he’s not in any trouble.

Also, today we’re getting a glimpse of some amazing, Sony-exclusive content. The pre-order bonus includes the sleek and deadly DedSec white hacker suit, and 4 exclusive missions that’ll give you an extra 60 minutes of play, plus a hacking boost perk. All that will only be available on PS3 and PS4, so pre-order now.

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  • I might preorder this new. Trailer was amazing.

  • Wow, Watch Dogs sounds amazing I can if gamers can go under water ? :)

  • Can you hack trains in Watch Dogs?

  • I’ve been on the fence with this, but I am really tempted to preorder now…

  • anonymous invading the watch dogs game now. im not surprisedddd.

  • Looks cool, playable on vita via that playstation magic?

  • Grand Theft Who!?… This game is awesome!!!!

  • Looks good but I would want to play a demo before I make any type of purchase.

  • @ Ryumoau

    It’s about time you found something to like. Now, can you keep it going?

  • @7 laughable!! I mean really LOL!!! I’m truely hoping this is PS3 footage, otherwise this game will be a MASSIVE letdown.

  • @ 3 Talesgirl016 – In the gameplay showed at the Playstation Meeting back in february on PS4’s announcement….it shows Aiden hacking a train to get away….check out that gameplay its really cool.

    Amazing trailer…and thanks for the support with PS playas ubi….those exclusive contents to PS are awesome…1h of additional gameplay?….damn count me in already and also that skin looks really nice.This game looks better and better besides being overrated….it will be a damn good game.You got ma money.

    On another hand…that girl has a stupid tattoo…way to ruin a trailer…whats up with you guys hu ubi?…I’m still trying to figure out which side are you on.

  • @ 10 Madd_Hatter401 – Because of what?…graphics?…I’m sorry but graphics dont mean s*** for a game to be good.Plus its a multiplatform title what was you expecting?

  • THIS is What Awesome Look Like !

  • I really really want this!!!

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