The Walking Dead on PS Vita Out Tomorrow

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The Walking Dead on PS Vita Out Tomorrow

Antsy to get your hands on The Walking Dead for PS Vita? The wait is over! Look out for PS Vita versions of all five episodes of The Walking Dead Season One, PLUS the special 400 Days DLC episode, in the PlayStation Store tomorrow (The bundle will also be available!).

The Walking Dead on PS Vita Out Tomorrow

This version is an awesome way to experience The Walking Dead, whether you’re dipping your toe into the water for the first time, or looking to catch up on any episodes you might have missed. Even if you’ve already played through the whole season on PS3, there’s an additional set of Trophies for playing the series on PS Vita. We’ve even added some special features just for PS Vita: you can play with analog controls and face buttons, or get a little more intimate with the interaction by switching to touchscreen only.

Remember, fans of the series should keep those save files, because Season Two is expected to hit PS Vita later this year as well. Hope you’re ready for the portable undead onslaught!

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  • I’ts all good guys, 400 days is bundled in with season 1. just one big download so you don’t have to buy 400 days separately.. Have a read of the description

  • @ JHawk19 No kidding right?

  • Yes Damn anxiety. The episode is also next 400 days. Is the description. Thank’s InDesigner.

  • come on when will the store update?? i wanna download it now

  • Sorry own this on 2 systems do not need to pay for more. However this should have been on of them 2 systems. Why so late to the game with this?

  • 25$ for an old game that already paid on ps3 ? No thanks.

  • Still waiting on The Walking Dead – PS Vita bundle that I preordered since its supposed release date on August 20th.

    Sigh….. :(

  • When will this come to Europe (Germany to be precise)? Will the Vita Walking Dead Bundle come to Europe? Because I’m really waiting for that before buying a Vita.

  • I just got the following back from TellTale about the delay in getting the physical copy of the game:


    I apologize for the delay. Tuesday was the ship date of The Walking Dead for Vita, which is slightly different than the release date. Basically, yesterday we sent out the game to retail stores such as Gamestop, but it may be a few day until the stores actually receive them. The latest they would arrive would be next Tuesday.

    I apologize again for the inconvenience,

  • Very frustrating that I pre-ordered this PS Vita Bundle on the first day possible through Gamestop and have not got my copy but Best Buy already has them (as of yesterday) and you can buy them now without even having had a pre-order.

    As for Gamestop they have no clue when it will be in and the employee said there was no one he could call to check into this. It seriously doesn’t help that I was the only one to pre-order this bundle in my area from Gamestop (Two employees have told me this) and why look into something for only one person. Thanks to this blog though at least I am informed that I may have to wait longer (grrrrrr).

    Unfortunately, Gamestop not being able to deliver at the same time as other retailers is a big fail. I will seriously think about just ordering at Best Buy in the future.

    Thanks for listening to the rant and if anyone is on the fence about a Vita, The Walking Dead bundle is a great deal and like I stated, it is available at Best Buy today.

  • I reserved this at a local GameStop looking to play through it again on Vita because I really enjoyed it. It was dated to release yesterday, though it shows it hasn’t even shipped to their store on their computers. Was their a set back to the hard copy?

  • Never mind, I have my answer haha.

  • Still have not received my copy with gamestop, and the best buy next door has them. Makes no since what so ever that a game store would not have them first.

  • I can confirm that I found and purchased the Vita bundle at Best Buy in Arizona a few hours ago. However, the download voucher for the game that came in the box is showing as invalid… Guess I’ll wait for a while before I start getting upset. Just some food for thought; nowhere on the packaging or the download voucher does it say anything regarding the 400 Days DLC, so I hope it is considered “1st Season material.”

  • When does the physical copy of the game come out? Its august 22 and it still didn’t come to gamestop what the heck tell tale games!?

  • @115; I was in Gamestop earlier today (West Coast) and the girl working up front was practically drooling at my Vita bundle. She said her computers were showing delivery to be expected early next week at the latest. Either scour your local Best Buys, Frys Electronics, etc. or wait it out.

  • On the release date, I went to every single GameStop stores and they don’t have the physical copy of the game. I’m surprised that the game did not promise to be released on the release date of August 20th.

  • I just got off of the phone with my local Gamestop and they told me that the physical copies were in stock as of today.

  • I bought the Vita Walking Dead bundle at Best Buy yesterday and the promo code for the game doesn’t work. After speaking to multiple reps and a supervisor, who all gave me a different story, I still don’t have a definitive answer as to when or if the codes will work. The same type of thing happened to me back when I bought a PS3 bundle. It’s disappointing that Sony won’t provide answers and refuses to do anything to satisfy its customers. Can any rep on here give a solid answer as to what happened with these promo codes?

    If Sony can’t get their act together for a bundle code, I’m concerned about how the PS4 launch is going to go.

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