Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

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Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer
Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

Greetings, PlayStation-ers! My name is Colin Moriarty, IGN‘s Senior Editor. If you’re a PlayStation fanatic — and since you’re on the PlayStation.Blog, you probably are — you may recognize me as the man in charge of IGN’s PS4, PS3, and PS Vita coverage. You may also know me as one-third of Podcast Beyond.

Today, I write my inaugural PlayStation.Blog post to tell you about something I’m very excited for. See, I’m pretty darn keen on The Last of Us… so much so, in fact, that I got sucked in for about 40 hours worth of multiplayer madness after the game launched. And that got me thinking: who’s responsible for The Last of Us’ most understated feature, its online suite?

Naturally, I found an answer. Naughty Dog’s David Ballard was kind enough to come to IGN’s San Francisco headquarters to record a series of videos with me, one for each map in the multiplayer suite. As an integral part of the creation of The Last of Us’ multiplayer, Ballard has all sorts of insight into the creation of each stage. He points out easter eggs, hidden areas, and parts of the maps that were radically changed or outright abandoned before the final game shipped. This is stuff diehard fans of the game are going to want to see for themselves, especially since he provided a bunch of footage you can’t see in the game.

Watch out, a lot of videos coming your way…

Surviving the Checkpoint

Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

The Old, Dilapidated High School

Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

Higher Learning at the University

Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

Traversing the Dam

Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

Taking a Look at Downtown

Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

The Snow-Ridden Map Called Lakeside

Learn the Secrets of The Last of Us Multiplayer

I wanted to share these videos with you, the PlayStation.Blog audience, because I think you’re really going to love them. And if you want to learn even more about Naughty Dog — like the entire history of the company, for instance — I implore you to keep it tuned to IGN in the coming weeks, because boy, do I have something for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my humble post. Until next time, Beyond!

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  • Colin, so your comments on Podcast Beyond about IGN being the Sony minor leagues… Be careful! ;)

    Congrats, and BEYOND!

    Where’s Garfep?

  • Colin, what would you like to see in upcoming TLOU DLC?
    David, is there anything you can say about the DLC? (Probably not but I might as well ask haha)

  • Colin, do you think TLOU DLC will be a continuation of Joel and Ellie’s stories, perhaps a side story between the seasonal changes at some point, or do you think this will run us through a different set of characters that we may have come across at some point in the game? Thanks!


    • I’m not sure, but I’d love to see a continuation of their story… perhaps a bridge to a possible sequel. Beyond!

  • It’s hilarious to see all the Beyonds here. I wonder what Sid Shuman will think if he reads these comments. You really have a great following!

  • @18 I think 10 bucks is an extremely fair price when the alternative bans used games altogether, especially since you didn’t pay for it in the first place. Shame on you for not being willing to support the devs more like. They’re only trying to ensure they get paid for their hard work.

  • Is there a possibility that the ND related thing you´re teasing on Twitter may be a new unannounced project??

  • Is this the thing you were teasing das colin?

  • Vita price drop at GamesCom I DOUUUUBT IT

  • This is amazing! I’m a huge fan! BEYOND!

  • hey check it out, it’s THE PRIDE OF LONG ISLAND!


  • The Last of Us. Game of the Year. No questions asked. DLC please! Helghast helmet maybe ;) Just saying =P

  • This was a really good post, Colin. I’d like to reward you with seven days of special best friend dinners in Germany.

  • Can’t wait to get the dlc for the last of us I bet it’s great

  • I instantly recognized Colin’s avatar, I am like is this IGN’s Colin? Is he joining Playst… BEYOOOOND! Keep us posted Colin, can’t wait for Naughty Dog’s new game.

  • TLOU MP is my #1 MP on PS3 for 2013!!!!! You wanna brawl? Let’s get on with it! Stragglers! Look ALIVE!

  • May I suggest that if you are going to post seven videos in one post that not all seven videos need an age verification to watch? You do want us to watch the videos right? Who are we kidding with this age verification in 2013 anyway? I am of age and still just click whichever buttons are quickest and most convenient!

  • I’m beating the SP for the 2nd time and will beat more 3 times but I’m on the 3rd week straight playing TLoU online every single day….cant stop playing I’m addicted.One of the best MP ever,hmm…probably the 2nd best.Nice videos and welcome to da Blog man.


  • Wow. Colin’s here too. Greg and Ryan are in the comments. The world is a small place. BEYOND!

  • Instead of all the Beyonds, lets talk about things that matter.
    REMOVE THE DOWNTOWN MAP!!! And kindly replace it with another great map as a customer service.
    We know its dear to you, and that it is a whole lot of work creating new stuff. But it’s just sitting there!! Players want to play and have fun. Not get a headache for choosing between worst or worse.

  • If they improved the multiplayer by adding a deeper customization, or maybe even a stand alone Last of Us: Online completely focusing on multuplayer, they would have an unstoppable game, even surpassing big titles like Call of Duty or Halo.

  • If Colin considers himself a games journalist then how isn’t this a conflict of interest with his duties at IGN?

  • Needs a horde mode.

  • I recently started playing the mp part of the game. Pretty good, this coming from someone that doesn’t play much mp games. It takes sometime getting the hang of it. At least I’m helping the team. :P

  • Hey Colin, Greg, and Ryan, Beyond! I got the platinum in this game, over a month ago, it was fun, six runs on campaign, two on multiplayer. I know it is not advised, but I went stealth solo with a bow. Worked VERY well for me, recommend to advanced players.

  • I also see #62, Goldfarb is Garfep, Beyond as well.

  • A game journalist posting here is kind of disgusting.

  • That title was quite misleading. “Know the maps…” would be more fitting.

  • I know there are 70+ saying it but I would be ashamed of my self if I dont say this:

  • BEYOND!!!!!!!

  • This should help out a lot when I actually buy the game.

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