Payday 2 Out Today, Plan the Ultimate Co-op Heist

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Payday 2 Out Today, Plan the Ultimate Co-op Heist
Payday 2 Out Today, Plan the Ultimate Co-op Heist

If you’re reading this, Payday 2 is almost out — and the Overkill team is off on well-deserved vacations planning our next heist. It’s hard to express just how excited we are about the game finally being available for everyone to play. But soon, everyone will be able to mask up and get their heists started for real!

If you’re new to Payday, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. Payday 2 is an intense and dynamic first-person four player co-operative robbery game unlike any other. It’s equal parts RPG and action game now, allowing players to rob banks, jewelry stores, art galleries, and a hell of a lot more. Even, uh, unusual jobs. Our angle, even on the first Payday, has been “make a game where you feel like you are the bank robber” and we’ve referenced everything from Breaking Bad to Heat to make that happen. We want to make players feel like they’re really experiencing all the tension and high-stakes action of a life of crime.

Veteran Payday: The Heist players are going to remember the intense four-player heisting with the old Payday gang of Hoxton, Wolf, Dallas, and Chains back together again with Bain, their trusted planner. But they’re going to be blown away from all the new additions. Now a player can really pull off the perfect heist, without even firing a shot, with the addition of real stealth and deep team play-based skills. There are 144 skills and four archetypes (Ghost, Mastermind, Enforcer, and Technician) that allow players to make the kind of robber they want to be. There is a working money-based economy, so you’re actually robbing places to get money for things you want, whether its masks, mask mods, money for training or that rare optic.

Payday 2 has five times as many missions as Payday: The Heist. We have vastly improved gunplay and combat and immensely dynamic and replayable missions, some of which stretch over multiple stages. Even a Payday where players can get masks and weapons mods that they can customize. Last, but certainly not least, there is a huge visual and audio leap from the first game and a safe house to test out your gadgets and see the fruits of your labor in your own personal vault. I also need to mention the game’s incredible soundtrack from Payday: The Heist audio director Simon Viklund.

As for DLC, we have a full year of it planned. We can’t talk about it much…but everyone likes an armored car hit, right?
Mask up. The Payday 2 world is your bank. Get robbing.

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  • #99 no only if you have ps plus

  • so…its like ten something where sony does things and they update the psn at 12. every one flipped tits over tlou being late but there is a 3 hour delay between they’re time zone and mine and when they say 12:01 i get my game at 3:01 so instead of flipping out check your time zone against sonys and calm down.

  • #100 it does it automatic

  • @102 well what time zone is Sony in anyways?

  • pacific standard

  • #101
    what the does + have to do with a legit purchase of a pre ordered game??
    right, nothing! if u dont know what u talkin about ,..plz stop adding fuel to the fire!

  • Just wondering if anyone has gotten Pay Day 2 off from the playstation store. I haven’t got any luck but I’m guessing the same for a lot of people. But I’m wondering if anyone has gotten this issue. When ever you buy something you get an email that confirms your purchased. Well on the 7th I bought cloud berry kingdom and pre ordered pay day 2. The email confirmed purchased from cloud berry, but not pay day 2. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Alright so Eastern players should be able to download at 3:01 pm

  • I got a proper email confirmation!

  • dunno, I asked when the store was supposed to update, still didn’t get an answer

  • yup im eastern so im not flipping out i go through this every time.

  • so it’s 3:01pm EST now? lol

  • I’m hoping something didn’t go wrong with my purchased. It says downloaded in the ps store and I got the pre order bonus theme, just never got the email. Only confirmed cloudberry kingdom on that day.

  • Nah everyone’s going through the same thing

  • i bought the game with my new account that i dont even know the password to my email… does the email even matter?

  • @ 112

    no its 12:01 pst for the update but if your in est it will be at 3:01

  • actually it s pretty simple,…… once every time zone in the USA reached 12:01, it is available! there are 4 Timezones ! so if Pacific Standart Time hits 12:01 it is online! Like always!

  • LOL that’s what I just asked… “so it’s gonna be 3:01pm EST now?” and you say “no it’s 12:01 pst but in est it will be 3:01” …

  • The email doesn’t matter, I would just like to know that I indeed purchased the game. Which I’m sure everything is fine due to the fact that it does say downloaded, I just like to make sure it’s confirmed. In case if it glitched or something which I’m sure everything will work out.

  • @106
    I think he’s saying PS+ does the auto-download once it becomes available…. kind of like the auto-system updates…. but I could be wrong

  • communication schism…

  • Alska and Hawaii have to wait^^ ur timezones are collateral^^

  • yes its released at three if you in my time zone XD

  • I’m not, I’m in newfoundland time zone… so it will be 4:31pm for me. haha.

  • but ok thanks :P

  • We shouldn’t have to wait until 12:01 am.. we should of gotten it at 12:01 pm.. lol

  • If your able to download the theme I’m going to assume the purchase went fine as I don’t think that would be available if it didn’t

  • any way lets cut away from all the flamage. what side arm will every one be using? i assume most of us will use the same primary

  • #120

    the auto download is an invisible backround function inside the PS3 only available for Pre Orders! If u ever pre ordered something u should know that!

  • time to watch an hour and a half worth of South Park thanks for all your help guys maybe ill see you in the game if you want add UnReaL_CreeD =p

  • I think it’s going to be the same B/S with pre-orders for the ps4 u spend your hard earn money on these products and still get the s*** end of the stick

  • I’m sure it’s fine. This is my second time pre ordering off the store. My first one was The Last Of Us and I got to download it at 6 am, I guess I’m just use to downloading a pre ordering early.

  • 2:30 still cant download game

  • Everyone just chill out dont go giving all this hate to sony their a good company, and ppls who say glad i didnt buy a ps4 yet, ud really buy that xb 1….wow u gonna buy that junk? haha sonys doing the best they can they can give it at one time n one time only n u shoulda read the print the pre order thing did say 12:01am EST, not 12:01 ur time so u can be happy… besides you couldnt have gone to ebgames or a retail store to buy the game as it comes out in stores on the 16th for the disc game, it even says that on overkills website. be glad you got it today plus u get a $15 dlc lootbag n a theme, now everyone chill n be patient lol we’ll all be playing soon enough

  • @ 134

    i agree and we all know that xbx1 will be a $500 door stop

  • @134
    Every one is raging because it says 12:01AM…. that means it should have been available north america wide at 4:01AM but now its almost 3-4 on the east coast…. 11:40am Alberta time.
    And personally I never buy first generation of new tech, too many bugs and problems

  • Just for the record , order to make the store update available to the whole USA at the time we have to wait for PST!

    Now its : 10:40 AM PST

  • But any-whore…. anyone need a team player with mic?…. once the game is actually released… add me up!

  • Can’t get my pre ordered disc Called Gamestop it’s a late release idiots didn’t ship the discs lol overkill/505 games must not want the big PAYDAY LOL MORONS! Guy said might not be there til’ Friday or tomorrow he can’t say he just said call back tomorrow @ noon LOL this company I will never buy another game from them have never seen this before!

  • I have to go to work now but it should be downloaded by tonight when I get off work I need people to play with so add me…. Xogxskeezy

  • @ 138 ill add you when I get on. I’m looking for people who will play the game seriously, not this Call Of Duty run and gun players, can’t stand playing with people who play like that. No offense to the players that do that, just pay day is more fun when taken serious. Like not killing cilivans and shooting everyone in sight, that pisses me off.

  • I’m pretty upset though my girlfriend is already playing it on steam…. O well

  • @139 it wasnt 505 that didnt ship GAMESTOP (the worse store in the history) didnt order the game till today. this isnt the first time they have done this.

  • #143 no it 505

  • @138 i got a mic g looking for a good gamer add me

  • Do u have to preorder it to download it

  • Has any one ever heard of this thing called patience? Calm down. God forbid you have to wait half a day. If you could wait this long you can wait a little more. You’re not gonna die and you’re still gonna get your game. Yeah I kinda wish I was playing the game right now, but im not gonna throw a hissy fit cause I cant.

  • Anyone looking for some teammates message me on psn. I’m looking for people who will play serious, not like Call Of Duty run n gun. I’m planning on playing Payday 2 with the ghost class, so I’m looking for people who will be the enforcer, master mind, tech. I don’t want double ups if possible.

  • Serious player with a mic add me.. I’ll be in like 10pm est

  • I gotta find my mic, havent used it since I got rid off the last COD I had

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