LittleBigPlanet Competition: It’s Tearaway Time!

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LittleBigPlanet Competition: It’s Tearaway Time!

The Sackfolk of LittleBigPlanet are getting very excited for the release of Tearaway on PS Vita later this year and they want to put on the most splendid of welcomes for Iota and Atoi by creating some simply fantastic levels that will pay tribute to their new friends… But they need YOUR help!

LittleBigPlanet Tearaway Competition Pack

If you head over to PlayStation Store today, you can pick up a free, excitingly exclusive Tearaway Competition Pack that contains a marvellous music track from Sogport, one of the many locations that Iota and Atoi will visit during their journey in Tearaway, as well as being chock full of new stickers to really help kick start your papery creativity.

LittleBigPlanet Tearaway Competition

After picking up your free goodies from the Store, it’s time to get all paper-crafty on either LittleBigPlanet 2 or LittleBigPlanet PS Vita by diving into create mode and creating the most wonderfully inspired Tearaway level.

When you have finished crafting your most crafty of creations, you will want to publish your level for the rest of the community to see. Not only that but we’re hosting a competition that will give you the chance win some fab goodies up for grabs for our favorite levels!

To enter the Tearaway Competition just publish your level and make sure to add [TearawayCompetitionUS] to the name of your new level and have it published before 8PM EDT/5PM PDT on September 14th.

LittleBigPlanet Tearaway Competition

LittleBigPlanet Tearaway Competition

After the competition closes, all of your amazing levels will be judged by the LBP and Tearaway creators themselves: Media Molecule!

From all of the entries, they will pick out One Grand Prize Winner to receive a PS Vita and the Rare Prize Crown for LittleBigPlanet. Meanwhile, four Marvellous Runner-ups will also be selected to receive some exclusive signed Tearaway artwork!

Entries will be judged on originality, creativity and general Tearaway-ness…

So be sure to don your creative caps and give it your all!

For full details on how to enter the competition and everything else you need to know, just pop over here*! (*link updated!)

Before you head off to LittleBigPlanet to unleash your creativity, why not take a sneak peek at the land of Tearaway for some inspiration?

Good luck to all who enter, we can’t wait to see all of the great Tearaway-inspired levels that you create! Include [TearawayCompetitionUS] in the name of your levels to enter this fab competition!

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  • Was this the announcement you spoke of yesterday? That’s disappointing.

  • Great to see some NEW free content for LBP. I’ll be picking this up when it goes live guys! Thanks for making it!

  • I remember thinking it’d be cool if LBP and Tearaway were connected.

    • Well, it seemed only right to have Sackboy and the community welcome iota and atoi to the PlayStation family! :)

  • A LBP competition ??
    Yeah ! Time to create some awesome games!!

  • LOL. The very 1st comment is negative. SMDH. Gamers, How far have we fallen.
    On a brighter note, Tearaway looks AWESOMEEEEEEEE.

  • Also can’t wait for Gamescom next week! Hope to hear some new LBP news there!

    • My lips are sealed for now but I can tell you that we have a great selection of new content on the way. :)

  • ill try it. really hoping i win. cant wait for tearaway, demo when? :P

  • PHEW… I was scared you guys would announce LBP3 for PS3 today, to get that announcement out of the way for Gamescom. THE HOPE FOR A PS4 LBP AT GAMESCOM LIVES ON!!!

  • YES been waiting for a competition to test out my creativity and I can’t wait for Tearaway to come out so I could use a lot more stuff on the vita got a 32gb memory card even though it was 100 dollars but hey it’s worth the space

  • @1 Not that I’m saying this is you but the real disappointment is the internet’s tendency to blow the tiniest hint of news way out of proportion. Someone says “we have news coming” and the internet takes it to it’s craziest potential outcome and then gets mad when it’s not that which they imagined. Within the context of the LittleBigPlanet world, this is exciting news.

  • Great news. \o/

  • Awh well I was hoping that The Last of Us costumes would come out today. But this is good news too! Free dlc, competition. I’m looking forward to it

  • Very nice!!~ So many games to play xD

  • Awesome competition, count me in! :D

  • Yes¡¡¡¡¡, a new song for LBPvita and free. The game needs more songs but this is a step forward, Thanks :D.

  • Is it possible to bring LBP Karting to psvita?

  • “LBP Tearaway Competition (the “Promotion”) is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia”

    I’m a sad Mexican panda ;_;

    • We’re sad too. :(
      We would absolutely love to involve everyone and we try to include as many people as we can but it’s simply not possible to include everyone! So I apologise if you’re feeling a little left out this time. =/

      However we have made sure that the free Tearaway Competition Pack DLC is available in all regions because we didn’t want anyone to miss out on the free content! :)

  • I posted in the forums that the news would probably “just” be Iota and Atoi LBP costumes. I was close – it is Tearaway related.

    I don’t have a PS3 and never picked up LBP Vita, so can’t participate, but I’m really looking forward to Tearway!!! Deciding whether to preorder a physical copy or get it digital.

    Tell Rex that Andrew says hello! Met him at GDC…he won’t remember me. Lol

  • US only? :/

  • Judging from your reply to #6, I guess we won’t be hearing about LBP3 for the PS4. Truly a shame. :(

  • Yush! hmu on the Vita Version! Can’t wait to work my creative side.

  • i just cant wait until littlebigplanet Tearaway comes out cause i love lbp2 and the karting and the first littlebigplanet and i will mAkE some awesome level and ill try to get all dlcs to mAkE super awesome and i will can a music chocie…Steven Isbell can u send me a message saying that if i send this message to all my friend ill get 69.99 yeah Steven Isbell please and ill make it the best and awesomes level there could ever bee :) yeahh and can i add you :) and yaaay for Littlebigplanet tearaway by the time the game come out ima give it all starz thx for lbp tearaway :D

  • Just wanted to say that I can’t wait for Tearaway. Also, the pre-order bonuses are the best I’ve seen in some time! After KZ Mercenary’s disappointing pre-order reveal I’m really happy this game got a good one.

  • I thought the announcement would be LBP3. Oh well, this is good too.

  • Is the contest for US only? Because I’m frensh, and this contest sounds very nice :)

  • This sounds interestingly challenging….. PERFECT :D Can’t wait to get started, I better start sketching some ideas

  • This is awesome but I have school, can’t wait to see what people create though!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s cool, we understand. Try not to get too distracted creating paper craft in school though!
      Unless you’re in art class, in which case we encourage paper craft all the way! :)

  • hmmm…That’s quite the lack-luster announcement, if this is indeed the announcement spoken about a day earlier. Sorry to be a sourpuss but I thought it would be something a little more interesting.

  • When does this competition actually end? You said to publish your level before 8 PM tomorrow but the promotion ends September 9th?

  • Oops I’m sorry. I misread that as August 14th.

    • Haha, no problem. :)

      I read your first message and was pretty positive that we were planning to give everyone a little bit longer than a day to create. ;)

  • Can’t wait to see other creation of the tear away levels the game looks so creative!

  • I cant create anything on my littlebigplanet. :( I’m hopeless at it. Been so long so I’m outa experience so don’t stand a chance. Can you make one for meee?? :)

    And what exactly does paper craft do for a game? I used to draw out my map on paper then try to create it but it always turned out rubbish

  • This is why I love you guys! you pursue to include tearaway in little big planet and I wasn’t expecting any DLC until the game came out! Thanks!

  • Excuse me Steve isbell is this for canada too? Because I am very close to the U.s however I don’t live there.

  • Hey awesome….I’ll try to enter in this competition…..also cant wait for Tearway…you guys at Mm are geniuses.LBP and Tearway together…..ha thats amazing.Also I cannot wait anymore for TLoU costumes….holding the best for the last hu Steven?…I bet you guys will release TLoU costumes only in the last Store update of august.How cruel of you guys.

  • Since lbp on the vita could probably match Tearway even more because of the touch features, does that mean that vita has a better chance of winning or will it be based on each games capabilities.

  • game looks good, as long as nothing is coming out around this date, I would love to support it.

  • I am entering the contest, but I would like a friend’s assistance. Can I enter as a group of friends, each of us eligible? If not, will we both be eligible to win if we each have levels on our own Earths, just linked together through a Level Link? If clarification is needed, I will be happy to provide it.

  • If We Do End Up Winning A Prize, How Will We Recieve It?
    This Is My First Contest And I Wanted To Check Real Fast.

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