Rainbow Skies Coming to PS3, PS Vita in 2014

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Rainbow Skies Coming to PS3, PS Vita in 2014

Hi RPG and indie fans! We’re excited to announce that Rainbow Skies is coming exclusively to PS3 and PS Vita in 2014.

Rainbow Skies on PS3

Rainbow Skies is an indirect sequel to our RPG from last year, Rainbow Moon, which was nominated as the “Best Indie Game” in the PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2013.

Rainbow Skies on PS3

Taking a lot of fan feedback into consideration, we’ve been working on Rainbow Skies for nearly a year and are now eager to tell you more about the project. First, Rainbow Skies is a new game that takes place in a new world, with new characters, monsters, and a story that isn’t linked to its predecessor. The world of Rainbow Skies stretches over two parallel worlds, with strong visual variety, and 50 dedicated background music tracks.

Rainbow Skies is more than just a sequel. We’ll be introducing many new features, including monster taming, an advanced battle system with new combo attacks, new dungeon action elements, a new dialog and emoticon system, new treasure hunt quests, an improved side quest system, explorable buildings, and new mini-games.

Apart from providing the new content and features, we’re absolutely staying true to our roots. Fans of traditional RPG play can once again look forward to turn-based battles, free world and dungeon exploration, extensive character development, and lots of optional goodies. Including the ability to play across both PS3 and PS Vita.

Rainbow Skies on PS3Rainbow Skies on PS3

I hope that I’ve sparked your interest in Rainbow Skies! If you have any questions, post them into the comments and I’ll get back to you. For updates, make sure to check out Rainbow Skies’ official website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for all your amazing support!

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35 Author Replies

  • Have you thought about grouping up with the game Elsword and puttiing it on PSN with better combos, more abilities, and easier controls? Just a suggestion.

  • What is with the HORRENDOUS character designs?

    • Not sure which one you have in mind, the new ones or the ones of Rainbow Moon:)?

      Well, we have adjusted the style of the new characters and hope that this will appeal to new player and fans of Rainbow Moon at the same time.

  • Interessting idea, however we have a different project in mind and usually collaborations like this are complicate and hard to achieve.

  • So excited! My reaction when I saw this —> :'”)

  • Had/have a lot of fun with Rainbow Moon.

    I’ll definitely be buying this when it’s out.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Awesome! I’ll be getting it for my vita (and ps3 if it has cross-buy) on day 1. Is it using the same grip based combat like rainbow moon? I hope yes.

    • Hi Brapp,

      yes, we stay true to our roots – still a grid and turn based combat system.

      Also, thanks to everyone for feedback and for sharing your thoughts. We always listen to our community. I’ll check back here tomorrow, so don’t hesitate if anyone have further questions.

      Thank you guys,
      Kind Regards,

  • i think i few months ago i heard you guys where making a vita port of rainbow moon, is that still in the cards or is this the only thing being worked on(port being dropped)

  • I loved Rainbow Moon, so i can’t wait to try this game. i hope you improve the map/navigation system though, since it was kind of a pain to tell where to go next.

    Also hope the price is as reasonable as the first game was at $14.99. Though i’d be willing to get it at $19.99 if it was cross buy. :)

    • Hi Ryumoau,

      thank you for your feedback.

      Because this is the first time we hear that someone is not happy with the quest guidance system, do you know you can always check your next main quest character by pressing triangle in the auto map? Also the next main quest target is always decribed in the main quest log.

      Hope that helps.

  • I was referring to the BIG GIANT HEADS! Why do some RPGs, especially NDS games have ugly big headed characters? Plus I have never been a fan of western developer game design, since they tend to lack good artistic direction and are unimaginative compared with Japanese artists.

    This gen I was hoping that turn based JRPGs would still be going strong and that we would get more JRPGs like Final Fantasy 7-9, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, etc., not these low budget low quality games that look like they’re free flash browser games.

    Western developers should look toward Japanese developed games for inspiration if they ever hope to make good games. Seriously, look at Xenogears, Tales of Symphonia, Chrono Trigger, Lunar Silver Star Harmony, etc.

  • @ neuropunk
    why the hate for dwarves? they make great characters in video games. i mean they killed them off in elder scrolls games and yet there is awesome stuff made by them all over the games.

    only reason to hate dwarves is if they killed your family or something…. did they?

    love the artwork guys!

  • RPGs are for little girls like @neuropunk

  • Day one buy for me. I loved Rainbow Moon, put a ton of hours into it. Absolutely Fantastic.

  • Day 1 purchase. Absolutely loved Rainbow Moon, and if this is anything like that I’ll be spending a very large amount of time playing this.

  • I don’t buy too many games when they launch but I’ll be picking this up on day one for the Vita. I wish Rainbow Moon had made it to the Vita.

  • Yeaaaahhh!! I loved Rainbow Moon, really additcing. Oh and congratulations guys :D

  • Preordered the first one and loved it. Looking forward to preordering the RS next year. I am going to have to go with Vita this time since it should be pretty far into PS4’s life. Excited to be able to play it on the go and enjoy the music again. I felt the music was a great part of RM and hope RS will have an even better one. Best of luck and keep us posted on new news please :)

  • @64
    Rainbow Moon is coming to Vita soon actually. Before the end of the year.

  • Definitely a day 1 purchase. I have to say the artwork is quite unique and awesome.

  • @neuropunk Why do you even read the ps blog. I’ve never seen you make a positive comment ever. Do you like anything? I used to think you were just a troll trying to get a rise out of people, but obviously you are just a mean person. I actually kind of feel sorry for you.I heard you were 25 the other day and I would have sworn you were a spoiled 12 year old. Your loss. Rainbow moon was amazing, and worh twice what they charged and RS hopefully will be even better.

  • @neuroskunk……..Like I said to you before, you have no excuse not to import JRPG’s. The ps3 is region free. You don’t like the western game art style, so be it, but it does not make the game a bad game.
    As always, Keep on Gaming.

  • Yes!
    This is exactly what I wanted.
    I loved the first one.
    Thank You.

  • please tell what will be the games for PSN Plus in August, we are paying for a service and you do not respond

  • Rainbow Moon and Rainbow Skies, I’ll get them both day 1 on PS Vita.
    Thanks alot.

  • Rainbow Moon and Rainbow Skies, I’ll get them both day 1 on PS Vita.
    Thanks alot.

  • hope not psn only :/

  • I saw you mentioned that SX2 was not commercially successful. Have you ever thought of releasing both SX games on Steam? Assuming they still work on at least Win7 it wouldn’t require much effort and believe me, Steam can provide a huge boost in sales. Even if you never make a SX3, at least the money can be put toward RS!

    • Hi xClayMeow,

      thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. That’s already a little bit off topic, but yeah, we’re considering new plattforms as well. For a small indie dev we are, handling too many platforms can easily overload the development process and with the PS Vita we’re already supporting two platforms.

  • Thank You for bringing this to the Vita.
    When I had the Vita, and I was playing Rainbow Moon on the PS3, I was thinking to myself.
    “Damn, I would love to play this on my Vita”
    Now I can!
    Please bring this game to the Ps4 as well.

  • @59
    Technically the team behind RM isn’t Western. They’re a small German developer that is kind enough to make their games in multiple languages.
    All those games you mentioned were made by SquareSoft which has been dead for a long time sadly. We will never have quality JRPG like those made back in the 90’s ever again sadly.
    Just get over it and move on. Except what games are these days, mostly crap, and look towards indie developers for that little piece of nostalgia. Rainbow Moon was amazing, needed polish but was very fun and one of the few indie games I have Platinumed.

  • Sorry for going off-topic but I thought the SX games were already on PC? I certainly didn’t mean to imply that you should take the time and effort to port RM and RS to PC. If SX is already on PC then the only effort involved is contacting Valve and/or submitting on Greenlight. If I’m mistaken about PC versions, then ignore me. Lol

    • I see, thought you had some of the latest games like SX2 in mind.

      Well, you’re right, our first SX game was a PC release. But that was in 2007 – from a present day perspective we are not happy with many aspects of this game and we would like to improve lots of features. The PS3 version of SX1 has already been improved in many ways and I think that’s what people would expect from a new version, so it wouldn’t be just a straight re-release.

      We never say never, and we love arcade shooters too, but all in all we’re glad that Rainbow Moon was received so well and to be honest, we’re very happy with that:)

      ->off topic closed:)

      Hope that helps.

  • I loved Rainbow Moon am definitely getting this

  • Yes, that does help clarify things. Thanks for taking the time to respond :)

  • A small gripe I had with the first game was that you got some of your party too late, and it was too hard to level them up at that point. So I barely used some of the late characters.I’m excited about the new monster taming. I would enjoy a small 3 person party with captured monsters to fill out my team. Either way it’s a day one purchase. Can’t wait!

    • Hi rabidninjamonky,

      thanks a lot for your feedback.

      Yeah, we got several similar feedback regarding Zelorus. Actually, you can catch up levels very fast, because there are strong differences in the XP ranges of each area, so it’s possible to catch up after just a few battles but a lot gamers didn’t like it tough:)

      Regarding the monster tame feature, it will be exactly that way: Three main characters and each one can use a monster as a pet in battle.

    • tough -> though:)

  • @rabidninjamonky – Agreed. I never used Zelorus because of this. Once I got Trisha and Serena I went with Baldren,Trisha and Serena every time and never used anyone else.

    I do wish it was a little easier to find people after completing a side quest. I would like there to be some kinda marker over their head like there is for main quests.

    Other than that I loved Rainbow Moon and will be getting Rainbow Skies day one.

  • Sound interesting! If its a cross buy game i’ll buy it Day 1. I really love those games where you can play on vita and ps3 for a single price.
    I really hope rainbow skies will be one of these game :)

  • @splathew I went with Baldren, Trisha and Gorodo. Serena has awesome spells, but Gorodo was just too awesome. I did have a hard time turning in some of those sidequests as well, but i’m used ti old school rpg’s so it wasn’t that bad. The outstanding maps made up for it. The map system was the best i’ve seen in any rpg ever, and i’ve played tons.

  • Ugh, the moment you misread the title and think that a Rainbow Six game is coming to the Vita…

  • @Marcus

    Well i hope you guys do make Söldner-X 3 in the future (maybe on ps4) because its just to good to let die imo.

    I beat Söldner-X 2 a bunch of times but Söldner-X 1 is still kicking my butt & i cant even beat it, its a real tough game.

  • I have been waiting forever for rainbow moon vita.

  • @Marcus

    Thanks i will go back to rainbow moon and try pressing triangle on the map. i already finished the main quest, but hopefully it will still help me with the post game content i haven’t finished yet. :)

  • I started this game on HARD mode and half way thru it found out there was NO hard trophy. I was already to far into the game (and many many hours) to want to start over on normal. Sadly i been stuck at the last boss and havnt been able to beat him.

    It would have been nice to be able to switch difficulty mode while already in your current game, especially since again there is NO trophy for Hard mode so it shouldnt matter if i switched to normal or not.

    Other than that i like the game and had fun with it. I just dont see ever getting the Plat on hard when i need to get to 500 lvls

    • Hi mixedkidbx,

      changing difficulty mode will be possible in Rainbow Skies. We have a different approach there.

  • Hey Marcus,

    I have a question regarding Rainbow Moon on Vita. I’ve been meaning to purchase Rainbow Moon, but I’ve also been looking to purchase a Vita in the near future. Unfortunately, I don’t know how near that future really is so part of me doesn’t know if I want to wait or not. Anyway, even though the Vita port is coming out a year after the game was released, will it support cross-buy? I know that sounds like a weird question, but I remember that Limbo supported cross-buy even though it was released two years after it was released on PS3. The only reason I ask is because I heard that Rainbow Moon can be a huge time sink so I would prefer it on a handheld, but if it’s going to support cross-buy then I can take the dive now and download the Vita version later. Does that make sense? Thanks in advance for your time. I look forward to checking out both Rainbow Moon and Rainbow Skies, eventually.

  • Hi zooyork,

    thanks for your question.

    Rainbow Moon Vita won’t support cross-buy but we’re aiming for a discount for everyone who already has purchased the PS3 version. This still have to be approved by EAS, but I strongly assume that this will happen. I don’t think that these discounts will have a time limit.

    Hope that helps.

  • I love Rainbow Moon on the PS3, as soon as it hits Vita I’m buying it. Especially since I heard it’s using cross save! And I’ll definitely get Raindbow Skies on Vita (posssibly PS3 as well). You guys rock!

  • Haven’t tried Rainbow Moon yet but after reading this, I will definitely pick this up the next time it goes on sale. Looks like something I would be into.

    • Hi Tony,

      we’ve got a lot of feedback regarding the missing loca. I can’t promise anything at this time but we defintitely will consider a localisation of Rainbow Skies.

  • I really like the first Rainbow Moon, except the fact that it was not translate in french. Do you think that Rainbow Skies will be translate in french ? I hope so ! :-)

  • I loved Rainbow Moon on PS3. Looking forward to picking it up on my PSV, as well.
    I’ve been following RS since you guys announced it. I can’t wait to play it :)

    Is there any chance you will ever release a physical copy of RM (or even RS) for Vita?
    Maybe a Rainbow Moon / Rainbow Skies combo card, when RS releases?

    Would love to see these games come in that little Vita case.
    Think about it :)

    • Hi,

      we never say never, but online publishing has many advantages for us as a small developer and publisher. So, at the monent a disc / card release is very unlikely.

  • So glad to see a nice blog post from you all, your team has always been wonderful and engaging to me and the community, I hope game companies will look at you as a standard in that regard.

    Cant wait to get my hands a vita version of both of these games.

  • +1 on the Vita support. Rainbow Moon would have been a perfect fit for the Vita.. (still is!)

  • interesting ^^

  • i’m getting both rainbown moon and rainbown skies on vita

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