Killzone: Mercenary MP Open Beta in Late August; Closed Beta Live Now

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Killzone: Mercenary MP Open Beta in Late August; Closed Beta Live Now

Readers of the PlayStation.Blog,

We’re excited to announce that the Killzone: Mercenary closed multiplayer beta (for which signups were held a short while ago and already concluded, if you’re just tuning in now) is now LIVE. To those who got in, you should already have the necessary information to jump in and get going.


Killzone: Mercenary MP Open Beta in Late August; Closed Beta Live Now

Note: If you received a multiplayer Beta voucher as part of the promotion via PlayStation Home, please note that your voucher is for the Open Beta in late August, not for the closed Beta launching today.

To those of you who didn’t get in or are just hearing about this now, worry not: we’re going to open the multiplayer beta right on up in late August – details will be coming really soon, so stay tuned.

And really, who doesn’t like a good open beta? They’re a bit draftier. They let in more natural light. Better for Agoraphobes and such.

Killzone: Mercenary hits shelves in North America on September 10th, 2013.

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  • Love it! Though I would still like answers as to why we can’t have more online games that support more than 4v4 like Socom did on the PSP.

  • oh my god where is my email beta code??? i’ve been refreshing my gmail page like crazy, bah.

  • seems like i’ll have to wait to late august =(

  • Didn’t get it…yet, are you guys still rolling out invite emails or I am cry?

    • At this point in the day, it’s very likely our allocation depleted; apologies for the frustration of having to wait :(

      Here’s hoping it’s all forgotten by the time we open things up in late August and hit the homestretch for the September 10th North American launch!

  • @1 i think it has sometime to do with the party app built in the system, i wish sony’d extent the players to 12 or 16 though.

  • Womp. I didn’t get a closed beta code. I figured I would since I have been in many betas including the KZ 3 closed beta from the start, I have had the Vita from the early bundle, play tons of games, and signed up right as the beta signup launched.

    Welp, at least I have a code for the open beta in late August. ;/

    I’m getting this game regardless; Still it would have been nice to help make it as good as possible through the beta.

  • Oh and Nihilistic pay attention this is one of the best ways to make sure your fps is ready for online action when it releases, Please sony work a deal with Insomniac Games to develop a true Resistance psvita title, thank you.

  • Btw Guerrilla Cambridge should license this engine to others psvita developers so we can get more titles on the system looking like Killzone Mercenary or at least share the engine with other first party studios.

  • QUESTION: I checked my email and had a “spam” email Auto-deleted (I know, I know). Aside from the email, is there a way to find out if you are in the Beta?

  • I have a closed beta code, I dont have a VITA.

    Please send me a free VITA.

    That is all.

  • #10 @Phillyblunz You can send me the code on the PSN if you’d like! =p I would be grateful! ^_^

  • Will PS+ subscribers be getting in on the closed beta?

  • Oooooo….

  • I got in :D currently downloading just a tip its 1166 mb so those of you who need to make room on your memory cards.

  • Woop woop, got in and thank the lord because my PS3 just got the red screen of death. Thank you Playstation.

  • @1 Honestly, I haven’t been able to have a seamless online multiplayer experience on the Vita with just 2 people. Lots of lag on PJ monsters last night. And with 3 or 4 people on LBP always big lag. FYI my internet is plenty fast. So I don’t know what to attribute the bad online multiplayer on Vita to.

  • Didn’t get anything. Booooooo

  • @16 Resistance Burning Skies and Little Big Planet lag a lot on the vita but for some reason Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed doesnt lag at all or that much and the game supports up to 8 players online, i dont understand this online multiplayer problems on a system that is supposed to be the ultimate social, connected handheld device.

  • Damn, looks like I didn’t get in. Oh well, can’t wait to play the final product.

    Oh and Aram, I’ll have you know us agoraphobes get plenty of light! We do have windows after all :p.

    • I stand corrected! :)

      Sorry you weren’t selected but glad to hear you’re excited for Mercenary. Just a matter of weeks now!

    I just got accepted into the beta. They sent my code in my email. My play times are August 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 11th from 7pm to 12am eastern time

  • Can’t wait for this too launch!

    Didn’t get in but it sure looks great!

  • @Phillyblunz ,.. Brah could you pm/ send it to me? Will give you something for PS3 when I get it,..

  • anyone who can be kind enough DM or send me a code if u got one please.

  • After seeing that video about the Valor Cards and all that… I am without a doubt getting this game!

  • BOOM, POW. Got my beta key in my inbox today. Thank you Sony,…..As always, Keep on gaming.

  • No code. =( Is codes still being emailed for the closed beta, or all they all gone now?

  • Always humorous with these Vita betas when people without a Vita are given a code over Vita owners that are going to actually buy the game day one.

    • JimmyHACK,

      Can definitely see how that would be frustrating. It’s feedback that will be passed along, should there be a way to check for that in the future.

  • Playstation Home from the E3 Event gave codes for Killzone: Mercenary

    • TheBratPrince79,

      As we mention in the Blog post, the PS Home vouchers are actually for the Open Beta hitting in late August.

  • @JimmyHACK can i please have your code PLEASE!

  • Download faster! Stupid slow work internet! So pumped to give this a shot. I accidentally hit confirm on the info page where it mentioned something about their forums and times when the service will be available to play. Hopefully all the appropriate info is there when you launch the game.

  • I have a beta code from my email but the game wont download. It hangs up on “preparing to download. Please wait” I have 1800Mb free and the game needs 1100Mb. I tried restarting my Vita and it still happens. Why???

  • @oGH0STFAC3o I have a vita, sorry

  • If you didnt get an email yet but you did apply go to: and hope for the best

  • @JimmyHACK *sigh* ok

  • If you didnt get an email go to psn’s beta site (just replace {blog} with {psnbeta} in the url for ps blog) and it will be there!!!

  • steven1212121212

    Man, I better get a code. I’m a loyal PlayStation customer. I’ve owned a PS1, PS2, and PS3, and I spend a lot of time on my PS Vita. I really want to play this beta! If anyone has a code and doesn’t have a Vita, may I have it please?

  • Chief_Beaverwood

    That’s cool, non-vita owners getting codes over vita owners… It really shows how much consideration they put into who gets the codes (considering the 2 week wait for this to be announced). Sad. Expected more from a good company like guerrilla. Won’t be picking this up any time soon, if ever.

    • Chief_Beaverwood,

      Apologies for your frustration; it’s completely understandable. Hopefully it doesn’t indeed put you off the game entirely as you suggest.

      The frustrations and feedback of folks here on this matter will be passed along for future consideration.

  • I am playing right now. And yea it is pretty good.

  • If you have the beta like I do. Join up and play with me

  • Does anyone have a spare code for me please i can give anyone that gives me the code a costume on lbp vita!

  • Can I ask why I can’t use the code I got from participating in the Virtual E3 Killzone Mercenary quest via PS Home? Seems silly to me that it’s actually a code for what sounds like the open beta, which everybody will be eligible for..

    • styroteqe,

      It’s a bit more complicated than that as it won’t open up to everyone right away in late August. Stay tuned for more info on that front!

  • Platinumed Killzone 2 and 3, love the series and still didn’t get in :(

  • I’ll wait until the full game comes out. It’s like playing a timed demo. In late Aug the the game comes out on Sep 10. I’ll give away my code then.

  • @CaruthK can i please have the code??

  • Waiting for spare code i will send you a free lbp costume if a kind soul sends me one..

  • EvyatarAtarEvyat

    If someone has a free code can you pleas send it to me?
    I’m really bored with my vita right now…

  • I didn’t get code… :( Hank Williams-Alone and Forsaken.mp3

  • Add me on Psn and i will give you the code for the costume and then you can give me the code for killzone!

  • Well so far the only issue I have with this beta is the Latency issues. You connect to a room, you get kicked from a room when everything is running smoothly. Other than that, it looks and plays great for the most part.

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