Killzone: Mercenary MP Open Beta in Late August; Closed Beta Live Now

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Killzone: Mercenary MP Open Beta in Late August; Closed Beta Live Now

Readers of the PlayStation.Blog,

We’re excited to announce that the Killzone: Mercenary closed multiplayer beta (for which signups were held a short while ago and already concluded, if you’re just tuning in now) is now LIVE. To those who got in, you should already have the necessary information to jump in and get going.


Killzone: Mercenary MP Open Beta in Late August; Closed Beta Live Now

Note: If you received a multiplayer Beta voucher as part of the promotion via PlayStation Home, please note that your voucher is for the Open Beta in late August, not for the closed Beta launching today.

To those of you who didn’t get in or are just hearing about this now, worry not: we’re going to open the multiplayer beta right on up in late August – details will be coming really soon, so stay tuned.

And really, who doesn’t like a good open beta? They’re a bit draftier. They let in more natural light. Better for Agoraphobes and such.

Killzone: Mercenary hits shelves in North America on September 10th, 2013.

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  • Dear playstation, I have a problem with my purchases , i bought the season pass for the walking dead some months ago, but before that i got episodes 1 and 2 free with PSPLUS .Now i don´t find the first episode in my download list and can´t play it.

    • nabucodonosor08,

      This may be something to take up with our support team. That said, do you know if perhaps your subscription to PS Plus has expired?

  • Get the exclusive and completely useless DLC machine gun from GameStop. Nothing makes me happier than the useless part keep it up. That isn’t sarcasm, I really do mean it, keep my reasons for going to GameStop Small. Like Zero. Amazon Prime FTW!

  • Does the closed beta include people who got it from PS home e3?

  • Bummer. I didn’t get in. Oh well, guess we’ll wait until Aug 21st for the open beta. I hope this code works hahaha!

  • @ RandomOnlineDude Sadly, it doesn’t. I thought it was going to as well but this is only for people who used the form they posted a couple weeks ago.

  • Just read the note and gotta say that’s retarted. Open betas are for anyone, why make a beta code for it?

  • Seems disorganized that you offer a beta code – from the E3 Playstation Home deal – for use on an open beta (a beta that is open to everyone). You piss a lot of people off by doing things like this in your disarray. Get it together.

    • herbalsticky,

      The sentiment is understood. As I mentioned in my reply to post #42, It’s a bit more complicated than that as it won’t open up to everyone right away in late August.

      We’ll share more info on that soon.

  • didn´t get in either, well to wait for the open beta i guess, is the open beta for anyone ? or just for the ones that got a code from ps home ?

  • I didn’t get the email so I guess I will have to wait until late august :( I really wanted to play it today.

  • @herbalsticky I completely agree. Giving out beta codes set an expectation that wasn’t met. You would think that they would have figured out how to market video games by now.

  • I didn’t get a code in my email, but Gamestop is giving away a few codes on their Facebook page and managed to get my a code from there.

  • I have a extra AC3 dlc code for a sawtooth sword and the lost mayan ruins so if anyone has a spare code for KZM beta im willing to trade :) please dm me if interested

  • Gamestop just renewed the links on their facebook page. Get in and get a code! I just got one!

  • Looking forward to this game ..but SONY needs to bring GTA, SAINTS ROW, INFAMOUS or GOD OF WAR to the PS VITA!! enough of the FPS and FIGHTING library of games is full of them

  • I just wanna go Hunting! ;P

  • Should be getting mine pretty soon.

  • i have the code. it says to redeem it on this website,but how???

  • Ah, so the codes did go out then….didn’t get one, better luck next time I suppose.
    Are you guys still sending them out, or is it safe to assume the wave is over? Either way I’ll be hopping into the August one then.

    @nYcFrEeWiLL82 GTA vita all day

  • didnt get one, super bummed =(

  • @Legendary — It kicks you out because you’re not really supposed to get in yet… I think they’re closing up the portals from the first phase today.. and tomorrow night is when this phase really starts.. Thursday night 7 PM EST.

  • ill trade my code for a ps3 gameshare or 10 psn code anytakers

  • Downloading the beta!!!! guys there is a lot of people in Twitter and Facebook giving away codes so check twitter and facebook, i think gamestop was giving away codes on their facebook page, and check @killzone in twitter there are users giving away codes there, a guy just gave me one and im downloading the beta right now, awesome!!!!

  • Really sucks that I didn’t get a beta code.

    I signed up within an hour of them posting the link. I have bought 88 PSV games in the last year (yes, you read that correctly). That number includes only trophy counting games. If I were to include PS1, PSP and PSmobile games the number would be far over 100. I don’t get it!

    • ragincajun7712,

      There isn’t a person here that doesn’t appreciate the degree to which you’ve supported us and the Vita. Frankly, the ideal scenario IS to reward folks like you first.

      Your feedback is received loud and clear and will be passed along.

  • gamestop fb page is giving away KZM beta code and btw game sharing is against the rules

  • I redeemed my code on my new account and DL’d it but I can’t seem to access the beta forums. It says I don’t have permission. Is forum access restricted the account that the invite was sent to? Game is awesome BTW!

  • @ocray it was just a joke lol

  • OMG cant wait…huge KZ playa and fan here…been playing KZ since the 1st released back on PS2 days.Damn I checked my e-mail yesterday and there was nothing there…will check today.I need to get in this closed beta…the online gameplay videos looks so amazing that I watch them drooling.

  • So screw me right… screw PS+ suscribers… they dont mean crap to sony….

  • darn… looks like ill have to wait till August

  • I’m kinda mad not because I didn’t get a code, but because people without a vita got them.

  • Thanks for taking into account who actually owns a Vita when sending out these Vita exclusive beta codes.

    Also thanks for giving them to GameStop to randomly give out to people regardless of if they even game on any PlayStation platform.

    It makes people feel so wonderful to know they’re being passed up in favor of others that have absolutely no use for these beta codes.

  • Also, While I’m not a PS plus subscriber, I do believe they should have access to the beta.

  • I’m confused.

    What’s the point of going out of your way and doing all that extraneous stuff on PS Home to get a beta invite…

    …if it’s for the OPEN beta that everyone gets in to?

    Am I missing something? Why would I need or want an invite code to an open beta?

  • This is the part where I curl up into a balll and start crying because I didn’t get a code :(

  • I dont think that it is fair that giving people codes that dont have a ps vita that just makes me angry >:(

  • This sucks I totally wanted to be in on this. :(

  • Why don’t PS+ members get betas anymore? It’s pathetic.

  • It normally wouldn’t bother me that I didn’t get an invite – I’d happily wait for open beta – but it pisses me the F&(#@ off that non-Vita owners applied for a key and got them, taking away keys from us Vita owners.

  • … complaining, why am I not surprised.

    It seems to me that it was completely random.. I’d say it was a first come first serve… but I notified my friends right away when I first saw the blog and they didn’t get the code.

    It was completely random and they didn’t survey us or anything.. of course there are going to be people without Vitas or companies that get it just to advertise themselves.

  • Can’t wait to get this, glad I have a PS Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aw sucks i didnt got in

  • Well, there a positive side that the beta gonna be open in late August. Too bad I’m not lucky enough. Except for PS All Star Battle Royale, I was lucky for this game.

  • I can’t connect! Every time I try and select a game mode, it crashes with error: c2-12828.

    I’ve waited a while for this, and the download took hours. Please fix!!!

  • Ok I have another slight issue with the beta so far. When I am playing the level Zenith, every once in awhile I fall through the map.

  • Hmm. my beta code doesn’t work. :( don’t know who to contact with this.

  • @Wizard:

    Hey man! Try typing in the possible B’s as 8’s, and the possible i’as as l’s.

    Try doing that! Odds are a number/letter is off :)

  • Question to moderator,
    I saw a iron sight on one of the snipers, will we be able to use that iron sight for close combat?

  • tomorrow starts the open beta or when?

  • finally a FPS on the Ps vita has a high verity selections of weapons because the other crappy FPS games on the vita had like to weapons xD

  • Well, I got the code and punched it in. Now it’s refusing to download it and has locked up my Vita so I can’t use it for anything at all. Wonderful. I’m probably the only person on the entire planet that’s having this problem too. My life in a nutshell -_-

    • NickMulder,

      Once you reset your Vita, if you go to your PS Store Download List you should hopefully be able to find the Beta and re-download.

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