PlayStation Plus: Metal Slug XX Brings 2D Carnage to Instant Game Collection

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PlayStation Plus: Metal Slug XX Brings 2D Carnage to Instant Game Collection

This week, we’re building the Instant Game Collection with the 2D action of Metal Slug: XX! You can download this arcade classic free as a PS Plus member starting with tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update.

This is also the first week release of PlayStation Store’s PLAY, as the first of the 4 diverse games hitting this week with Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark. Today is the last day you can preorder the title with a 20% PS Plus discount, however, you’ll still be able to preorder the other 3 titles (Cloudberry Kingdom, Ibb & Obb, and Duck Tales Remastered) up to their weekly release dates. Find out more about PLAY along with the titles, special reward bonuses, and more in the announcement post on PlayStation.Blog. Or just watch the cool video below!

PlayStation Plus - 1-year MembershipPlayStation Plus - 3-month Membership

Metal Slug XX (PSP, PS Vita Compatible)

PSN Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

Metal Slug XX
After General Morden is defeated and captured, a mysterious army arrives from the future to save him. They reveal themselves to be Morden’s Army from the future, and their goal is to provide their future leader with special advanced weaponry to take on his enemies in the present. Classic characters Marco, Tarma, Fio, Eri, Ralf, and Clark return once again to take on General Morden and his new and improved Rebel Army.
Thomas Was Alone: Benjamin’s Flight (Cross-Buy)

30% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $2.49; PS Plus Price: $1.74)

Thomas Was Alone
In this Thomas Was Alone level pack, discover the tale of young Benjamin, who goes in search of the Fountain of Wisdom aided by his father’s incredible invention. Benjamin meets a new companion and a familiar face in this story, which takes place in the events leading up to Thomas’s emergence.

Last Chance (Leaving on 7/30)

Instant Game Collection
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

Draw Slasher
Carnival Island
Cloudberry Kingdom Preorder

You’ll find all the content detailed above with their Plus benefits active when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow. We’ll be back next week with more details on the game arriving to the Instant Game Collection as well as any other benefits we can share.

If you’ve got feedback or thoughts on today’s Plus update, leave them below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, make sure you head over to the PlayStation Community to discuss this week’s news, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 7-23-2013

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19 Author Replies

  • I’ll be playing it. I quite enjoy Metal Slug games..

    I thought that was a discount to Thomas Was Alone… not the add-on.. xD -sadness-

    • We had done the launch week discount for Plus members when Thomas Was Alone first launched, but if you haven’t picked it up, it’s well worth the jump!

  • Will we ever see PS2 classics discounted or free for PS Plus in the near future?

  • Yikes. Surely there are some discounts coming. This has to be the worst week I’ve ever seen for psplus lol. Holding out on Okami HD because I know it will be free or discounted in the near future. :/

  • Thomas DLC is Cross-Buy.

  • Mainly a Vita update. Thomas was Alone is a good game so I might consider the DLC. Was hoping for more discounts.. I’ve had the same amount of money in my PSN account for a while now. We actually need more previews on themes in PSN store, because I don’t want to buy a theme I don’t know about lol.

  • Is there any chance there will be more DLC on sale in the future? Lately it has just been games. I’d love to pick up some older DLC for a lot of the games I have.

  • Best game of the month. \o/

  • I’d actually appreciate some Borderlands 2 DLC on sale as well. Not sure why XBL got that alone…

  • no ps3 games this week kinda dissapointing anyway I was thinking about buying another year of ps plus does ps plus stake I just bought a year of ps plus but if I buy another year do I get 2 years of ps plus

  • @Morgan, There is an error: You list it as “Metal Gear” in the opening paragraph instead of Metal Slug

    • whoops! I think Justin on the blog might have already fixed that. Too many games with Metal in the front. Ok, two games isn’t a lot, but still!

  • Ugh, this is a pretty bad update, gotta catch up on Datura and some other games from the summer sale so it’s all good.

    Morgan, any word on a rotation on Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Wipeout2048 next month?

  • @ratchetdude231 PSN Plus stacks. No worries.

  • “This week, we’re building the Instant Game Collection with the 2D action of Metal Gear: XX!”

    METAL.. GEAR?!


  • ModNation Racers Road Trip, Unit 13, Resistance Burning Skies, Hot shot Golf, Escape Plan, Little Deviants, Rayman, Little Big Planet, Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed and many more psvita games, why are we getting psp games?

    when are Dead Nation, God of War 1,2, Fat Princess, Flower coming to the vita?

  • EvyatarAtarEvyat

    Morgan i really love ps plus but can you please stop with the psp games.
    you can at least not give them every month.

  • metal slug is a nice game. i was hoping that someday we get a retail vita title. btw when wil new ps plus new games be announced for next month? hopefully next week

  • Man… I wish I was good at Metal Slug.. I’m just so bad at it though..

  • Who doesn’t have Metal Gear on the brain? But seriously, Snake Eater for Vita would be a great IGC offering. Let’s fight some Volgin.

  • I was feeling good about my NA account until this comparison of EU to NA since the IGC started popped up:

    Our highest rated PS3 game (Metacritic score of 90 & above) in the last year has been PACMAN. EU had 6 titles (one being a double) above 90. While we were comping on pellets EU way playing Red Dead Redemption, Arkham City, God of War, Okami HD, Ico/Shadow HD, & Mass Effect 3. We did beat them in one category though: we had twice the amount of games that were rated at 80 or below. 6 of which weren’t even rated (Fuseball, anyone?).

    I hope to hell this changes. I’m locked in through July 2014, so there’d not a ton I can do. A threat to not resubscribe would be stupid. I just really really hope this changes.

  • Oh god, this is just terrible. Rofl.

    Why can’t we have nice things like EU? They get VITA games instead of PSP games. >.>

  • Worst week ever
    no good deals
    a PSP game and 1 DLC discount
    I hope this doesn’t become the norm and our deals start slacking again :-(

  • You guys made mistake you put Metal Gear: XX you meant Metal Slug XX. Just notice it sec ago when i said wait their is no Metal Gear XX.

  • @ Morgan when are you going to be able to start talking about PSN on the PS4 ?

  • Dragonslayer_023

    The Thomas DLC is actually $3.49 right now. I wasn’t really up for it at that price but for $1.74 sure why not?

  • Damn I was hoping for Dokuro this week. Here’s my IGC wishlist:

    God of War (all games in the series; digital versions of GOW3 & Ascension)
    Grand Theft Auto (all games in the series)
    Hitman Absolution
    Hotline Miami
    Machinarium (Vita)
    Max Payne 3
    Metal Gear Rising
    Metal Gear Solid HD (PS3), digital version of MGS4
    Red Dead Redemption
    Red Faction Guerrilla & Armageddon
    Uncharted 1 & 2
    Velocity Ultra

    Also, could you add Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops to the Vita store? It’s available in all regions except North America, and it’s also the only MGS game I haven’t played!

  • this year PS+ has been so good to me, just started XCOM and it is a pretty fun game. Metal Slug is always a classic.

    Glad PS+ will carry to the PS4 also, honestly this is the best membership i have, is great for once to get MORE than what is paid for!!!

  • I have the Metal Slug Anthology, but I have never even played Metal Slug XX, so that is pretty good. Regarding Thomas was Alone, I have played it on the PC, and was fairly unimpressed, so I’ll pass on that one.
    This seems to be a bad week for new releases as well as Plus. To the PlayStation Team: We don’t like bad and/or slow weeks. Give me something on which to spend my money!!

  • This is probably the least excited I’ve ever been for a PS+ game. I’m not a big fan of getting PSP games as part of the instant game collection (Europe never gets them, so why do we?) On top of that, if you’re going force PSP games onto us, can they at least be the absolute pinnacle of what PSP had to offer? Metal Slug is nowhere near the best that the PSP had, and the XX version wasn’t particularly good anyway.

    I’d much rather have something like Bently’s Hackpack, Nun Attack, Sunflower, Draw Slasher, or any of the other cheapo Vita games that are currently on the market.

    Just my 2 cents, thanks.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Some weeks, a certain game might not be your cup of tea, but for others, it might be exactly what they’re looking for, or deliver an experience that is good for them, their family, etc. The good news is that you’ve got a great PS Vita game coming next week (Dokoro), and there will be countless more PS Vita games coming through the year to keep your igc going.

  • You guys know you can just buy games at a store or online right? Just because a game you’re whining about isn’t free this month doesn’t mean you can never play it.

  • UnfriendlyReaper

    This is horrible. The last two weeks have just been awful as far as what has been offered. Although, I’m looking forward to Duck Tales, can we please get something decent to tie us over til then?

  • Cool, thanks for the VIta game! I am looking forward to Dokuro though. That’s if I finish Zero Escape any time soon, I’m up to 40 hours or so and not quite done yet!

    • Nice. Just started to play Zero Escape this past weekend, it’s been pretty interesting to play. But yeah , Dokoro is coming next week and should be a blast to play if you haven’t had a chance to do so. Great visuals, charming story, and fun gameplay that works super well on Vita.

  • This really is horrible! It’s summer, I spend most of my time out and yet you release all those free games that I’ll never have time to play! I still have The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite still wrapped. :-/

  • Number of PS VITA games for PLUS members = 0 (ZERO)…. Another PSP Game!

    PS VITA PRICE: Thomas Was Alone … 9.90 + 1.74 (DLC) = $ 11.64 (Total)

    PC version: Near $ 3 Bucks…..


    Another disaster week for your VITA owners! THANK YOU!

  • So Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward ( which is a great game ) leaves the IGC to be replaced with Metal Slug XX for the PSP? Who’s the genius that made this happen so I can direct my hate mail to him/her. Seriously can we have actual Vita games replacing Vita games in the IGC. If I wanted to play PSP games without trophy support I would go to my closet, find my PSP that I tucked away once I bought my Vita, dust it and play old ass games that I already played before.

  • God this is a lame plus update. Not only is the free game a boring old psp title, but there aren’t even any good plus discounts except one game.

    Man i hope August is an improvement. It would be nice to be given Graces F for August considering it would be great marketing for Xilia and you would finally be giving us an rpg for once. But that makes too much sense, so i expect another generic shooter or fighting game instead. :/

  • Oh god, a psp game again
    reg EU get Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Unit 13
    reg Asia get Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Rayman
    why you do this for Vita Owner, this is very worst update
    and plss don’t give us psp game again, i buy ps vita vita to play vita game :(

  • wow…i just noticed that wasn’t even a discount on the game but dlc for Thomas Was Alone. Sony you fail big time.

    • That’s one way to look at it, but we did offer a launch week discount when Thomas Was Alone first launched, but appreciate the feedback of wanting the discount again when its respective DLC launches. Sometimes we can make that happen, other times we can’t, but I’ll give that feedback to the teams. Thanks Ryumoau!

  • Metal Slug is an excellent choice to keep a variety of genres to the PS+ program.

    I just finished 999, and thank you for Zero escape. It’s great so far the 1 hour I’ve played it.

  • This is an awful week and a shameless month for me :(, 1 good game and all the others were at least 1-3 years old, hope more vita love next month and well at least there where no more fighting games. All that apart, so far this year you got very good games for all kind of players, hope this continue til december

  • @36

    North America got Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for Vita months ago. Rayman was good enough that it should be a purchase, and it’s been on sale for dirt cheap. There’s a demo for Unit 13, and honestly I don’t think it would even be worth it if it was free.

  • Better discounts please. Preferably don’t do DLC discounts without also doing some kind of discount for the game as well, for anyone who doesn’t have the game.

  • I still CANNOT download Pinball Arcade for either Vita or PS3!?!?!?!?! This is ridiculous, it’s been out for how long now and it’s STILL NOT FIXED! Is this ever going to be fixed?

  • Will we possibly see Need or Speed Most Wanted next month for us as well like EU is getting. Would be cool finally getting a racing game.

    Also could we possibly see more full games or classics each month than the normal major one we get? EU is getting 3 full games next month so I have to ask. The 2-4 psn/indie games were nice at first but getting so many each month is getting kind of irritating. Maybe switch it up a little more?

  • What about bring The King of Fighters 98 UM, The king of Fighters 2002 UM, Metal Slug 3, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum to PSN?

  • wow what a short list.

  • Another week of very weak psn plus!! Morgan, when the psn plus USA will be as good as Europe?

  • Mmmmm…well…I don’t know what to say about this. I got Thomas Was Alone for a buck on steam yesterday, soooo…

    I was expecting more sales or discounts.

  • On the one hand, Benjamin’s Flight discount. On the other, I have $1.49 in my wallet. *groan* Please, PLEASE, consider allowing us to directly pay for content rather than paying from a funded wallet. Steam has a wallet feature, with that same damned $5.00 funding minimum, but I can just as well pay from a card or account, and only what I immediately need will be drawn.

    Regardless, jumping on that (even if there is a disconnect of story justification for gameplay mechanics…like water), and I’ll squeezed Metal Slug on my PSP. Thanks, again, for keeping PSP games in the rotation. Underserved library, and not all of us have made the leap to Vita (yet?).

    Obligatory requests: Mirror’s Edge for PS3, Dead Head Fred for PSP.

  • @48 You can pay exact amounts for content on the store. Not sure what you are talking about. I just did it a few weeks ago. If you have nothing in your wallet or not enough it will prompt you to add funds. It always adds the exact amount needed for purchase if you have a debit/credit card on file.

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