Castle of Illusion: Reimagining a Classic – Part 2

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Castle of Illusion: Reimagining a Classic – Part 2

Hi Everyone. Back in May, we released the first part of our Castle of Illusion Behind the Scenes Video, which gave you a glimpse of how the original game was developed. Sega Studios Australia team also shared their excitement in working on a re-imagined version of their favorite game from their childhood, teaming up with the game director of the original game. In this latest video, the development team share some of the key steps they took to bring the title to life while taking advantage of the latest gaming technology.

Stay tuned for more info on Mickey and his magical journey!

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  • I’ll second (or third, or fiftieth) the clamoring for a Vita release of this game.

    The game looks fantastic. Mickey’s voice seemed a little off in the video, but I’m sure they’ll re-record those assets to make it authentic as needed.

    I also really hope this game and Ducktales spur interest in reviving other Disney classics. World of Illusion definitely needs a remake, as does Land of Illusion. The 16-bit era was so much better for Mickey than any than followed, and Epic Mickey was a mixed bag at best.

  • man this is one of my fondest memories from my Sega Genesis days. not really a Mickey fan at this point but still excited about this game remake. this and Flashback were amazing games on the Genesis – super excited to get my hands on the reboots.

  • while we’re remaking side scrolling games a remake of the NES Ninja Gaiden games would be awesome too.

  • Please bring this to the PS Vita!!!

  • Vita or forget my money.

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