Killzone: Shadow Fall Actors Revealed

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Killzone: Shadow Fall Actors Revealed

Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4

Although they’ve shared the same planet for thirty years, the Vektans and the Helghast are now on the brink of war. With both factions eager to protect their home and reclaim what they believe is theirs, trust has reached an all-time low. The wall built to separate both sides can no longer contain the enemy.

In Killzone: Shadow Fall, you’ll serve as a Shadow Marshal under Vektan Security Agency director Sinclair, who has you perform the difficult missions that ensure the balance remains tipped in favor of the Vektans. But Echo, an intelligence operative for the Helghast, has similar orders – and she will stop at nothing to accomplish them.

Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4

To bring these two key characters to life, we are very pleased to have secured the amazing talents of David Harewood, who plays Sinclair, and Jamie Gray Hyder, who has taken on the role of Echo. Watch the Killzone: Shadow Fall story teaser here to see them in action. David is a British actor best known for his role as that other intelligence agency director – David Estes, the deputy director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, in the critically acclaimed television series Homeland. Jamie is a young American actress known for her breakout role as the werewolf Danielle on the award-winning television series True Blood.

Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4

Witnessing how these characters came to life, with both David and Jamie lending their physical performance, voice, and likeness to the role, was a fantastic experience for us. We can’t wait to show you more of the performances and storyline of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4

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  • The man in the back looks like Peter from Fringe.

  • That guys face looks real :P + i remember him off ‘Spatz’ years & years ago(maybe over 25+ years ago) :D (look it up on YouTube. He used to be in it sometimes as a Security guard. It was silly but funny)

  • David Harewood looks a LOT like Prophet from Crysis! In fact, I thought it was him.

  • cool. Hope this game gets a blow out coverage soon. I’m thinking gamescom.

  • If these are in game, dam…

    Can’t wait.

  • Very interesting choice of actors. I would not mind playing as Echo. Just throwing info at the wind, seeing where it lands. :)

  • @ 47 neuropunk – The troll….ha didnt recognize you with a different avatar but your words full of nonsense are very easy to recognize.

  • This is one of the games I Pre-ordered with the PS4. #48, Guerilla Games is based in Netherlands. I’m also glad to see leading characters in games that are not Caucasian. All the games out there, 99% have Caucasian lead characters, and the rest have some type of mixed race that can’t even be identified. The faces would be part Asian, hispanic, black, which seemed like a compromise to players. At least Killzone shows distinct races for the characters.

  • @LilWayneSuckz

    While GG has been playing the detail of the games multiplayer extremely close to the chest, we were told fans can expect an 11 to 12 hour campaign depending on the games difficulty settings.

  • @37 Walmart PS4 Bundles aren’t bad! but thank you really looking into a 3DTV.

  • cannot wait for this

  • David Estes dies to only be apart of the best release title ever!!! Welcome Sinclair. The graphics are just ________. (Hard to choose one word).

  • man i’m trying not to pre-order the ps4 because all my friends will be at my house playing it 24/7 and that means no time for me to play so i’m trying not to but Sony making it hard and the game’s on the ps4 is so sweet but when it comes out i’m buying the ps4 and kill zone sf and infamous second son and maybe the next LBP 3 just because the first two were very cool and but karting was ok but when I was seen u can make your own race lvl and then it was in 3D but is a little hard to build thing but is a good game so punisher in out

  • What is it about Killzone Shadow Fall that makes it look so amazingly awesomely BOSS? This is going to be a 20 out of 10 type of game folks, mark my words and pre-order it. You are going to regret the day it comes out and you don’t get it.

  • Graphics look amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on it.


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