First Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Video

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First Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Video

Watch the first official Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video.

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  • Very nice !! I can’t wait !!!!!

  • ritzbitzcrakerz

    Looks damn good………Waiting for this game to come out……..

  • @DonkyKongKilla

    I’m holding on for dear life to the prospect of GTA 5 on next-gen.. ah >.<

  • WIll it be on PC?

  • Looks ACE :P

  • @DonkeyKongKilla

    You’re correct, this game looks very very very very very nice. The Graphics are incredible based on what I’m seeing from this demo. Rockstar is very foolish if they do not port this to PS4. From the sound of it, it will be available for our current consoles that are SEVEN YEARS OLD. sigh*

    Why not make it available for BOTH next gen and CURRENT? Rockstar is infinitely wealthy, and time invested in porting to next gen is going to benefit them for their next title ANYWAY. Why not spend the money up front, and make wayyyy more sales than you would just selling for ps3?!?!

    Ugh… it’s gotta be some political malarky somewhere that we’ll never know about. But it sure looks STUPID at first glance.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @Edd-_1 – It’d just be unstable for them to do it especially sense next gen is out months after the games release, maybe if enough people buy next gen they will consider a release. I also heard PS4 to backplay so you might even be able to play it on ps4 just wouldnt be next gen quality I’m guessing. But that’s a rumor I heard so I don’t know for sure.

  • @ ‘nYcFrEeWiLL82’ How about instead you go play a different game, like SAINTS ROW 4.
    But I also hate when games don’t copy the mechanics or concepts of another game to a T. It really ruins the market by flooding it with a plethora of bland, diverse titles. I wish this game also had bad graphics like SAINTS ROW 4. Or really lame physics… like SAINTS ROW 4. or most importantly still a terrible fighting/weapon system feel likeee… SAINTS ROW 4. Maybe if we cross our fingers rockstar will do whats right and turn their AAA game into a B game like all of your other major developers decisions on their flagship titles.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, MY MIND IS OFFICIALLY BLOWN!!!! Game of the year 2013, confirmed. Sorry Bioshock Infinite & The Last of Us.

    How is this only 60 bucks at the cheapest???? It should be more.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @swiftNyte – We don’t even know for sure if next gen is going to sell a whole bunch right away not everyone can afford it right away. I’m sure world wide yeah but location based who knows. Plus the game itself is released months before next gen. They’ll probably see how next gen sells first.

  • Its better that this game will only be for ps3 and 360. there getting the best out of these consoles. there will be plenty of time for next gen.

  • @+ R*Q Take pointers from the saints row series & have limitless & fun editor,customization & upgrade options & varied interactivity freedom in grand theft auto v.


  • aosldfh;alskdjf

    Clearly anyone that has a capable PC is going to prefer to play this there, instead of on a 7 year old console. Why piss away the money you could of made on an amazing looking game for a brand-spanking-new console that EVERYONE and their uncle will buy for the affordable price this Christmas?

    Now they’re left with people opting for the much nicer PC graphics, and pirated copies gallore. >:P
    Very frustrating indeed.

  • Can people please shut up about wanting game X or game Y on the PS4. This game is made to take full advantage of the current generation consoles. There should be no need to force these games that have been in the oven so long to be put on new hardwares. Want this game on the PS4, buy the digital version so you can stream it on to your PS4 once Gaikai service starts. Accept the fact that this Holiday, the PS3 has the best software lineup. The PS4 will get it’s time, just not this year. What this game has will only blow us away further for the next gen.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @dragon_frost – Legendary RS take pointers from SR. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • coocool-12753976

    gta 5 i got 1 question for you can you tell me how many type of buses is there?

  • I will wait for a ps4 port or just never play it. Not that I don’t want to, but my old Fatty can’t take the newer heavy graphic games. You should hear it when I play TLOU, It sounds like a fat kid in gym class.

  • ritzbitzcrakerz

    All the members and creators of this game you all rock..gr8 work

  • @DonkeyKongKilla

    Everyone that bought a smart phone in the last 7 years should be able to buy a $400 console. And when they buy that console, they would also buy GTA V.

    As for close release dates, they could easily of pushed it till Christmas release. Also — stability wise, I’m pretty sure all developers have had access the dev kit for PS4 WELL before the console is actually released to the public, otherwise how the heck would we have any games to buy at Christmas time for our new consoles?

  • Any chance of a Wii U Version?

  • @DonkyKongKilla I still think they’re not foolish enough to actually release this only on current-gen. Dude, everyone and their mothers will be buying a next-gen console this christmas (*cough* particularly PS4 *cough*), so it will of course be more than financially justifiable to work on a next-gen copy. Also, PS4 will not be backwards compatible, nor will XBONE.
    I think they’re being crafty by releasing a current-gen GTA 5, then releasing a version for the next-gen consoles once they come out (hence the rather ambiguous reply to MaaoNii)- which will royally buttfudge me and many others who’ll get this game when it comes out, then want to buy it with all the next-gen bells and whistles for PS4.

  • This looks great!

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @swiftNyte – Smart phones has conditions systems simply do not have. lets see, 400 dollar phone free via 2 year contract.. etc all types of stuff like that.

    Um yeah they already made us wait from May to September, I’d be mad if they pushed it even farther back, I myself will not be acquiring the PS4 as soon as it comes out, But I will be damned if I wait any longer for this master piece and I’m sure a lot more people feel how I feel than you on that one.

  • @ Sonicfan11589

    Hahaha. Nintendo’s on their own wacko Michael Jackson world right now. No one really wants to do business with them, because they are weird.

  • @LUCIFERSGLEAM clearly you just got ps3 slim a few months ago after saving up enough allowance for the last 7 years. I’m sure Rockstar has spent YEARS on this game. It looks absolutely amazing, and easily one of the most impressive games I’ve seen a demo for. I for one truly hope they don’t throw that away by releasing ONLY for a 7 year old console.

    I really hope it’s available for both. Otherwise people will just get it for PC. Notice how i said “get it”, not “buy it”.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @Edd-_1 – Nevertheless its unpredictable and a huge risk factor for them

  • I’ve had GTA V pre-ordered since May 10, 2012. The wait has been long but it looks like it’ll be worth it.

    All I ask is that if there is going to be a PS4 release that you announce it before the PS3 version ships.

  • i cant wait to play this. it looks amazing. though i wonder what the crash mechanics will look like.

  • @siftNyte

    I’ve had two PS3s since 2007. I also have a vast collection of imported game titles from Japan. I have 3 iPads and will often buy Japanese iTunes money which cost an arm. I’m proving to you I like to waste my money lol. Rockstar is not throwing away anything though because the PS3 and 360 have a combined 140+ million user base. You are underestimating the purchasing power of these two consoles. Who cares if they are SEVEN YEARS OLD. GTFO then if you don’t like it and play Assassins Creed 2013 Rehash Edition Alpha with their barely marginal graphical updates on the PS4. I want GTA on the PS4, just a version that isn’t V and one built from the ground up.

  • @DonkeyKongKilla

    I’m sorta talking about the business, and available options. I am convinced Rockstar cares more about money, than making you wait for a few more months, and I just can’t understand WHY they wouldn’t port to PS4 also (Not to say that they won’t). But from the first few comments in this thread, Rockstar’s response sounded like we shouldn’t hold our breath. My sole point is that Rockstar is losing money there. People that HAVE PS4, will wanna PLAY PS4, and buy whatever other games are available at that time. That’s lost money.

    I’ dont really care who can afford it, or who can’t. IF you do not want to spend your hard earned money on something that’s clearly better than something released 7 years ago, then I’ll leave that up to you. I prefer to shell out the coin for the latest/greatest. If Rockstar can’t appreciate consumers like myself, (ESPECIALLY after trying to market to me with their amazing PC renders of GTA V that you just watched at the top of the thread), then why should I invest in that dumbed-down (lower detail / resolution) game and play it on my old system?

  • You guys have outdone yourselfs. Congrats!! I cant imagine a GTA for PS4 would look like!

  • @avdavidw


  • Sniper15_Da_Best

    WIll there be a Wii U version Thats a next gen system isn’t it ?


    I’m sure you understand that GTA is built on a PC before it is ported to PS3, or any other console. I’m also sure you understand that the PC version of GTA V will slap the S*** out of the PS3 port, correct? So just do a port to the more powerful PS4, allowing it to perform more like the PC version (which is the exact same as the PS3 version. No need for ground up malarky). They have to do the PORTing to PS4 sometime. It’s a shame it might not be for this game (V). That’s my only point…. especially since they are being released at the same time. (within a few months… whoopdeedooo).

  • Yesss GTA is great. But we do need another Midnight Club. Best racing game since Need for Speed Most Wanted back in the day.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @swiftNyte – Clearly they are all about the money, holding back to work out bugs on it. hah. funny. its still unstable. GTAV is clearly a masterpiece of a game, Your only concern is because the PS3 is seven years old, the graphics are going to be horrible? I doubt that one. What they put into this game for this generation consoles is outstanding. You don’t know for sure if they’d lose money if they didn’t release on next gen because you don’t know how next gen is going to sell. Play this scenario out, what if RS produces this on next gen, next gen doesn’t sell so well as thought, that numbers the outcome to people that actually like playing GTA, not all gamers are GTA fans. So they could possibly lose money spending all that money to make it for next gen and it not selling much as expected. They have to think for right now, right now they know GTA fans has current gen, they know this game is going to sell and make money, they know they put in a lot to get a big gaming experience.

  • @swiftNyte

    Spoken like a true and boring graphics *****. PC schmee see this, 715623553535 X 36465646637 resolution that, blah blah blah mod crap this mod crap that. I loathe people like you. You can lock me up in a room with a CRT TV set (the heavy ones with glass like what your grandma used to watch in) with a PS2 (s standard definition game console), and a game designed for standard definition TV sets like beatmania IIDX and I will be a happy camper. .

  • Thank you R* for being a developer of your word. when your trailer says “100% game footage” I know its the truth. Thanks for not being like Gearbox. your the only company I blindly pre-order for, cause I know you will deliver on your promises. Looks badass!

  • I want GTA and I want it NOW!!! LOL!

  • Canucks_Fan_101

    Looks absolutely amazing, can’t wait for this September :D It’s safe to say school will be taking a backseat when this comes out, aha

  • Nitesh Adnath: cant wait

  • “Captured entirely from in-game footage” running on what platform? The detail in the world looks incredible, and quite a bit of that looked to be running faster than 30FPS. To my knowledge there has been no official announcement of a PC version, so I hope you realize that trotting this footage around leads people to believe that this is what we can expect on PS3. Were you guys honestly able to squeeze this much out of current gen consoles?

    I mean, I wouldn’t put it past you, but I do find it slightly difficult to believe an open world game on current gen can look this good.

  • I cant wait for this to come out!

  • First couple of seconds remind me of the intro song in Super Metroid.

    I didn’t even watch past 10 seconds of this video. I am now playing Super Metroid. Hell yeah!!

  • @ 38 swiftNyte – Please STFU….your comments are full of stupidity so just be quiet instead of saying loads of bulls***.They’re doing the right thing not releasing this for PS4.

  • @ 83 Sniper15_Da_Best – wii u a next-gen system?….definitely not.Although is better than xbox one.

  • There’s a PC version for GTA-V? You better start rallying your friends to sign petitions to get it a PC version. As of right now I don’t think there’s any detail for a PC release.

  • If I buy the digital copy of GTA V off of the Playstation Store, instead of the retail disc, when the “cloud” releases in 2014, will I be able to transfer to and play my copy of GTA V on my PS4?

  • I agree, STFU about asking for it on PS4. San Andreas released on Xbox/PC in mid 2005, did they release a 360 version? Nope.

    This looks amazing for PS3 so no idea why people are crying for it on PS4. If PS4 has no games you’re interested in why buy one? We get this every single time a new console releases, people buy them based on hype and power, then a few months later trade them in and say “they had no games”. Well look at the library before buying the system then.

    We had it with people on the Vita, the Wii U and we’ll definitely seeing it with PS4/XB1 in their early days. Meanwhile I’ll be rocking my PS3 till at least 2015 with its superior lineup.

  • thanks rockstar i am very proud with grand theft auto 5 and for your hard work nice job

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