Contest: PS4 Bloggers Wanted

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Contest: PS4 Bloggers Wanted

Update: The Winners!

Today, I’m pleased to reveal a new competition, sponsored by MOFILM, that will offer winners the chance to become PlayStation 4 insiders, gain access to PS4 games and hardware, and file reports based on their experiences.

The premise is simple. We are looking to find five passionate, informed, and talented bloggers (video bloggers too!) to help cover PS4 events, games, and hardware in preparation for this holiday. As a member of the PlayStation community blogging team, you’ll gain access to pre-release gameplay of new titles, interviews with PlayStation developers, and the chance to join us at gaming events along the way.

To get involved, register on the MOFILM site and submit a short video – no more than 60 seconds please – to state your case. Explain your ideas for content you’d like to create. If you already have a YouTube channel or a blog, tell us about it. If you have a gaming specialty or expertise, let us know. We want to know why you love gaming, what interests you about the PS4 system, and why you’re a perfect fit to become a member of the PlayStation community blogging team. This is your chance to sell yourself!

As the sponsor of this contest, MOFILM has created a contest launch page that has all the information you’ll need to submit your video: you can download and review the contest rules and upload your video once it’s ready. This is your one chance to show us that you’re the one that we want, so give it your best shot!

You must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the US to enter. The contest will be open from Tuesday, July 2nd until Monday, August 12th and no entries will be accepted after the closing date. Winners will be announced on August 21st.

We can’t wait to see your entries, so get cracking — greatness awaits!

Here’s a quick summary of what the five winners will receive – you can get all the specifics on the MOFILM contest launch page:

  • A trip to PAX in Seattle, WA from August 29 – September 2nd, 2013, to check out games and secure video coverage. Includes $1,000 in spending money.
  • A trip for you and a guest to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, currently scheduled for January 2014.
  • Access to upcoming PlayStation games and news. You will be part of the PlayStation community blogging team until January 2014, so get ready to create videos and blog about the coolest and most exclusive PlayStation activity.
  • Opportunities to attend select PlayStation events.

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17 Author Replies

  • Wow. I’m doing this for sure. I know I won’t win since I’m cursed (not even joking, haha!), but I will try nonetheless!

  • Good morning, Sid Shuman

    I wonder if the game The Last Guardian which was announced in 2009, will actually be released or not, for a long time do not have a confirmation whether it will actually come out!
    Please answer!
    Thank you!

  • SlyCooperFan100

    We have some amazing bloggers in the PlayStation Nation. Hoping to see some “indie” bloggers and vloggers win this contest! Amazing way to bring them activity. :D

  • Two things:

    1) The MOFILM link is broken.

    2) The post says bloggers and video bloggers too. On the other hand, the video above with Sid emphasizes video bloggers. Do you *have* to be a video blogger?

    • 1) Sorry, got fixed right after publish. 2) You do not have to be a video blogger! But video is one we know that will be popular.

  • Wow this is an amazing opportunity Sid Shuman. I’ve never done a blog before though but i’m passionate about all things gaming. Do you think I would still have a shot?

  • Im a international consumer from the UK i buy alot from the US and both the uK i would love for the oppertunity to blog for PS blog.

  • For more on The Last Guardian, it’s probably wise to follow @yosp Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter and not Sid. Furthermore, this casting call is a long time coming.

    I’ll wait for the call for writers sir. Would love to make the commute to the bay area for another 2+ years, but working from home is so convenient!

  • How about doing the same thing for the LATAM blog PlayStation? Lorenzo Grajales is useless…

  • Nice

  • I find it cool that you’re doing this contest for both writing blogs and video blogs (or so I’m assuming). I’m more of a writing person myself; I don’t talk very much because of the lack of actual people around me… But that won’t stop me from trying something new! I started to do Let’s Play a while back, so that’s kind of helped out a bunch… Plus that trip to PAX would be awesome to get; I’ve always wanted to go to PAX, but I never had the time or money to do so. Being in Alabama doesn’t help this much at all… But now I’m getting off topic.

    Good luck to everyone who wants to enter! :)

  • I’m in

  • This is a very nice opportunity. I look forward to seeing the winning contributors. Good luck, applicants!

  • Hey Sid, sounds fun! Before I submit a video, I just have a few questions, if (or, when) you have the time:

    – Do applicants need to be local to the Foster City area? You mention the winners will receive early access to development, but, if I live in South Carolina, is that going to be a problem?
    – Assuming this is a freelance-ish kinda job (with extra awesome perks, that is), is there any chance of this leading to a full-time job at PlayStation?
    – Will we need our own filming / recording equipment for these gigs?

    Thanks, sir! Sounds like a really fun opportunity.

    • Where you live (as long as it’s the US) isn’t an issue. This isn’t an employment push – it’s more of a community contest, and aside from the trips/access/promotion it won’t be compensated. And yes, if you are filming you’d need your own equipment.

  • Je suis Canadian.
    I’d be a wicked PS4 video blogger for PlayStation Canada – I already managed to get my entire neighbourhood to preorder PS4s by hyping it up to them.
    C’mon PSB, show Canada some love ;)

  • OOps, I forgot to say the most important thing: Happy and safe 4th of July holiday to all of us Americans on this blog, including our blog team!

  • I would actually love to do game journalism professionally (already write reviews and news on another site), but the keyword is “professionally”…I want to get paid. Sure, covering trips is nice, but without a steady income to support ongoing blogging, seems like a lot of work.

  • G-Force08 , hahaa i can relate.

  • I really want to do this!!!!! But I am only 16….Oh Well, that leaves a spot open for someone else to put in their great ideas. But check out my article on the PS4 at if you have the time!

  • Uh-Oh Sid.
    You’re askin’ for trouble!

  • This seems like an amazing opportunity for many.

    I myself would be very interested in participating, but unfortunately Canadian residential users/bloggers aren’t accepted in this contest.

    Best of luck to all of you and I’m sure you’ll all do well.

  • Sid laying down the sexy talk in the beginning. ^_^*

  • Good luck to anyone who wins. Seems like a good opportunity.

  • Unfortunately is only for residents of the US. There are other gamers with talent around the world.
    It would be nice to see this kind of initiative on the other countries that Playstation has their blog or open this kind of contest for international gamers…

  • Interesting Contest.

    Even more interesting is a prize is visiting PAX Prime, oh I delight in the ideas of what you plan for PS4 for attendees.

  • This is very exciting, I am heading over to MOFILM now. Time to get the tripod ready and get to work. Good luck to all.

  • US only? Lame.

  • “18 or older” CRAP!! DX

  • Would love to check it out but vital links are broken on the MOFILM page.

  • @27 The Twelve

    Instead of the “/” at the end of the URL in the link, change it to .html

  • Hey Sid,
    Any other languages are considered in the contest, like Arabic?

  • I too am confused. The pitch makes it sound like you don’t have to be a video blogger, but the video itself contradicts that. I have a great website already, but I don’t V-Blog.

    • We’re open to both video and writing (or anything else). That said, video is quite popular so I expect to see a ton of entrants focusing on the video angle.

  • I just wanna work for Playstation. To be employed by the company that I bleed is my dream job. I love Playstation with an undying passion and just to work for them in ANY capacity would make me a very, very happy man :)

  • Oh damn what a curse…this is impossible for me…very sad because I would be a perfect fit since I know everything about PS and its games….shame this is US only.Oh well good luck for everyone.

  • Cool, thanks for the reply, Sid! I’ll get working on a submission, ASAP.

  • Joy. Another contest I can’t join in on because I’m not an American. Please realize there are more places on the planet then US.

  • I normally don’t enter things like this, but I think I will for this one. Sounds like it’d be a lot of fun! I’m much better at writing than I am on video, but I’ve been gaining a ton of experience with the latter over the course of the past two years; let’s see what I can put together!

  • I used to write for a gaming website and my main focus was providing news about PlayStation. Since it never paid I had to stop and focus on school but this makes me wish I had never stopped.
    I apologize for asking the same question others have but I feel that the questions that have been asked were not very straight forward.
    As a person who is not a video or journalistic blogger, am I eligible for this contest?

  • The 3rd link under Download Assets is not working on the mofilm page.

  • wish this was open to all North American residents, considering the cash we flow in to Sony.

    Btw Sid, I’d like to apologize about last year over the 7.1 headset issue. There’s no way we could have known there was another headset coming, and users like myself didn’t take into consideration the info you were privy to couldn’t be outted in anyway until a offical press release re: PULSE Elite 7.1

    All I can say is I handled the situation poorly, and as users, we were only looking for some sort of answer or solution other than “soon…maybe” if you know what I mean, gamer to gamer.

    Next time you’re heading to the Toronto area, let me know so I can buy you a few beers. I’d be great to get past this falling out.

  • Real shame you’re leaving out the Canadians in this contest, as I myself would have loved to enter. Not only that, but I knew a very experienced and talented Canadian Blogger that would have been all over this contest. Real shame.

  • @40, no crap, GUNNS4HIRE or SpiderBite would have been all over this…too bad Sony excludes people they profit from…

  • So disappointed you have to be a legal resident of the US, this is probably the only downfall to living on a secluded island…

    Yeah I gotta get out of here…

  • @ Crusader8463: How about you don’t complain about US-only contests on the US blog? You don’t see a bunch of people from the US complaining on the EU blog that we can’t enter their contests, do you? But it never fails for people outside the US to complain on the US BLOG that they can’t enter our contests. It’s getting really old.

    This does sound like a really cool contest, though. Looking forward to seeing the new contributors with more and more PS4 information later this year. Good times, and good luck to those entering.

  • @43

    That’s a little unfair, considering the EU blog covers multiple countries. like them though, the US blog covers many countries as well, meaning even though the main site may be US located, it’s clearly the North American (NA) blog, not the US Blog like they call it. they’ve also had contests upon to Canadian residents prior, so why they’re constantly excluded again and again is baffling.

    but you do make a somewhat fair point, NA peoplle shouldn’t complain about EU contests and vice versa.
    to solve this problem, I propse you direct Canadian individuals to the Canadian PS blog…oh what’s that? there’s a Facebook page for Canadian PS users, that constantly directs it’s followers to the US blog, and that an actual Candian blog doesn’t exist?

    Pretty short sighted of you dude.

  • Assuming writers can enter, where do we submit our blogs? Like a couple of people have said already it does look slanted towards video bloggers and does not note much about writers along with MOFILM being a “film” site I would be bold enough to say that they are not a good fit for a partnership that is promoting both written and video blogs.

    With that said even though I would be inclined to write more so then do a video blog, I feel that it would be in my best interest to disregard that feeling to have a better chance.

  • Quick question, if you’re chosen, does that mean you have to go to special locations to blog/vlog? Cuz there are people who have jobs or who are students at Universities and I don’t think we’ll be able to miss several days of school and/or work. Would we just be doing the blogs/vlogs at home?

    • There would be a few trips involved most likely but there is some flexibility. We’re still working out those details so this is a good reminder!

  • @Sid,

    I hope that you will give equal weight to video and writing for the contest. I’d hate to think that cinamontography is all I have to look forward to from this contest.

  • mmmh i wonder if sid’s going shave? there can be only one nick sid! do you hear me one nick!!!

  • the other day i ordered a vita and today it arrived on my mail Woot!
    hope that you guys at sony will step up your game and ask devs to develop more games for the platform.i gotta say that the vita is just pretty i’m waiting for my 8 gb card and i should be set for this gen of gaming

  • Awesome. Another contest/event I can not enter. Why can’t all of North America join your contest? It seem very unfair.

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