Get Cloud’s Buster Sword & Uniform in LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII

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Get Cloud’s Buster Sword & Uniform in LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII

We are overjoyed to announce that pre-ordering LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will unlock the most epic Final Fantasy weapon and outfit of all time – Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform and Buster Sword! Before you guys go crazy in the comments, here’s what your pre-order will get you:



When you preorder LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, you will receive the exclusive Cloud Strife SOLDIER 1st Class DLC — straight from Final Fantasy VII — for free! So you’ll get the SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform, Buster Sword, and Soldier Band… but not Cloud’s blocky hands.

We’ve put together a short gameplay trailer that shows off the DLC set and how it helps Lightning get to level 99 quicker. Watch it at the top of this post.

Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Did you catch the last bit? The victory fanfare comes with the Cloud Strife SOLDIER 1st Class DLC pack when you pre-order, as well!

Much like in LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, time is limited with this pre-order offer, so march over to a participating retailer to preorder LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII. We’ve made this decision easier than choosing to go on a date with Aeris or Tifa, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and preorder LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII now!

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is coming to PS3 on February 11th, 2014 for 5999 gil — er, $59.99. Got any questions? Ask away in the comments below, and we’ll get to them faster than it takes to cast Knights of the Round.



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  • Will this game get a collector’s edition? Thanks.

  • Can we just get Final Fantasy VII HD Remake please? :(

  • While his 1st class costume is cool, I think…his ADVENT children costume would’ve been a hell of a lot better XD. Both are awesome though. Will there be a collectors edition as well as a normal limited/standard edition?

  • This is the first time I’m interested in a pre-order dlc. Unfortunately where I live it is impossible to pre-order this game. Hopefully it will be released on the store later.

  • Okay SE , you really are doing this ? Cause you know , you are trying to make a game so close to FFVII and still yet so far to a masterpiece that we’ll remain in our final fantasy hearts. You have DX11 , you have Luminous Tools , you still have Tetsuya Nomura and even Hajime Tabata, please release a remake of VII for PS4 for old times sake.

  • Excellent!

    But damn, what a massive tease in consideration of a much lauded FF VII remake. C’mon SE, do the remake already : /

  • Final Fantasy fans are the worst. Nothing is ever good enough, nothing makes us happy. Why would they bother remaking 7, they’d spend 500 million making it to their graphical standards and then we’d just cry about “b-but you could have made a new game!”

  • While I agree that this is cool, and I’m probably going to order it, this is all way too early. 6 months ahead? I can’t pre-order that far ahead. And I’m probably going to forget about it in 4 months. You’ve got to remind me much later.

  • Oh cool. Cloud outfit/buster sword DLC.

  • What if I have a ff13 or ff13-2 save? What do I get?

  • I always thought Cloud was somewhat effeminate.

  • That victory animation was perfect lol. Definitely getting the game, but probably won’t use these items if they make you level faster. Not on the first time playing anyways.

    You guys really need to put together a combat trailer if there isn’t one already. Just something to show how the system works. Keep seeing people complain about how it looks like FFXIII combat system when it really isnt.

    Looking forward to this and of course FFXIV:ARR in August.

  • How about putting her in PlayStation All-Stars?

  • Okay, I must have missed where it showed how this dlc helps Lightning get to level 99 quicker.

    Did anyone else see it?

  • This is awesome, who doesn’t want to run around fighting monsters with Clouds Buster Swords, I know I do. Epic

  • Can we preorder on PSN? If not you’re missing out on a lot sales.

  • Can you tell me which stores that offers this? Only the stores on the official website?

  • Whyyyyyyy? This is borderline sacrilegious. Now I have to consider changing my avatar!

  • Not sure how I feel about this…

  • Technically, Cloud’s uniform wasn’t a first-class uniform. If you play Crisis Core, the first-class uniforms are black, while the lower-rank uniforms are blue and purple.

  • @24 They considered remaking MSG after already remaking it once for the Cube. Now that is interesting.
    Another thing is Square has remade other FFs with a little Revamped graphics FFIV had a big change for he gameboy. Leaves you to wonder about VII.

  • DecadanceFantasy

    I wonder what the other DLC is going to be for this game. I wonder if it’ll be like 13-2 with lots of choices. I hope it’s more story related than battle related.
    It’s weird to see Lightning in Cloud’s outfit. Chopping up cactaurs.

  • Will you add a pre order for the PSN? or this apply just to physical purchases??

  • wow some of the FF fans here are just omg anoying. I highly enjoyed the 13 games and cant wait for this one. I was going to get this day one regardless this just put iceing on the cake for me.

  • wait EU gets this and a steel book. How come no steel book for NA?

  • A birthday gift maybe for 2016-2017 or at some other point, when the price is reduced, like during an anniversary event.
    Love the FF series all the way back to playing the original on the NES, during Christmas break one year.

    It has always been about the story and artwork, than the gameplay.
    With that said, much like my youth slowly fading over the years, so does the necessity of day one purchases.

    But hopefully, as Zack passed on the buster sword, my hopes will be that someone out there will find as much hope in it, as I did.
    With all the improvements……….. it should be.

  • Is this available as a digital download? Can we pre-order the digital download retaining the DLC?

  • You brought back the outfit and weapon, now bring back the turn based battle system! Because the Paradigm Shift system sucks! At least go real time action. I hate “programming” my characters and then standing back and watching!


    U are just playing with the feelings of old fans. We know the FF13 saga SUCKS A$$! and now to cash in u drop this DLC to tempt us knowing how much ur fans want that FREAKING FF7 Remake. but im still not buying ANYTHING from this saga. And much less knowing u are all out with Microsoft and breaking the exclusivity for FF15 and giving KH3 to xbox too…

    When u remake FF7 hd Exclusively for PS4 then we can talk Square…
    HELL A XENOGEARS 2 for ps4 would be freaking awesome!

  • Sorry but i’m not spending $60 on another pointless FF13 spin off. I’ll rent it from gamefly, if i have nothing else to play when it comes out.

  • This is all it took for me. I was waiting on this one to see what else it had to offer. But as soon as I see anything Cloud Strife related, I buy. Both Cloud and Lightning are my favorite Final Fantasy characters, followed by Warrior of Light and Terra.

  • This is a possibility of course but this is so far away right no, this isn’t even on my radar.

  • “Unlock the most epic uniform and weapon from FF history”…..I’m sorry but that would be Sephiroth’s.

  • I was sold on this game already, but I’m definitely pre-ordering it now. That pre-order bonus looks sweeeeeet.

  • passivefamiliar

    Hmm…curses. things like this are what take my money away from me. The willpower to wait for a sale just slips away with cool PR order stuff. Welp. Guess I will cut a couple meals out to save for this one.

  • Thanks anyways but I’ll wait a week or two after the game drops into the bargain bin for $20. Besides we’ve seen “pre order exclusive dlc” on other games show up in the psn store later on, so don’t be surprised if this does the same.

  • “Square-Enix” and “Aeris”… For shame, perpetuating inaccuracies (the logo’s stylization/the web address and outmoded localization decision, respectively). I might would tag you for not ALL-CAPSing “Final Fantasy VII”, too, but that’d be excessive.

    Still, if there’s anyone I’ll side with here, it’s Kensai (@19). While I often preorder games and return them after receiving the bonuses (did this twice from three copies of the previous title, though sent the Collector’s Edition back in to be replaced by a slightly less misassembled copy), I’m not incensed to do so here. I still haven’t played FFXIII-2 since I haven’t brought myself to slog through the end of the stilted first game, and I have complete confidence this bonus will be purchasable (it’d be Self-Destruct-ive to do otherwise), unlike the “episode 0” novella Best Buy offered with the midquel (which I still see a sealed copy of that package at my local store).

  • *avoids getting into discussion/argument over FF matters*
    *takes closer look at images (on an iPod Touch, here)*
    Button-nipples. Well, great. *fist-pumps, twirls sword, side-steps back*

  • And to cap off, watched the video. That victory animation is off. This is part of why I wouldn’t want a remake, at least not on consoles (FFs get remade for portable devices; why stop now?): too drastic a stylistic change. Fix bugs, glitches, localization, and control schemes (full button remappability, folks?), and I’d be fine.

  • That’s a really cool pre-order bonus.

    Still, I really want to hear reviews before I pre-order anything. I have been burned by FFXIII and Assassin’s Creed III. The only things I plan to pre-order now are FFXIV and FFX/X-2 since I already know that I will enjoy them. If Lightning Returns can atleast have battles that interest me, I will give it a serious thought.

  • I’m kinda torn…

    I find it funny that they’re turning a running joke into an actual thing… And it does fit her look at least. It’s actually one of the more properly-coordinated outfits that they’ve shown so far.

    But at the same time, this reinforces the misconception that Lightning is in fact FFVII:AC Cloud 2.0, the emo version of Cloud .(Yeah, at least it’s the Soldier 1st Class uniform and not the FFVII:AC one, so some will still find that distinction). Kinda sad considering I liked her overprotective big sister archetype back in FFXIII…

    Not sure if i’ll preorder, but I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

  • Ughr… Release FF15 more soon than destroying a whole childhood…!

  • This is highly offensive sacrilege. This is the equivalent to Squeenix pissing all over Final Fantasy VII’s rotten corpse. Squeenix has to rub it in to long time oldschool Final Fantasy fans, that Final Fantasy now sucks, and have to rub it into our faces even more that turn based combat (Final Fantasy combat) is never coming back.

    You are a fool if you buy into this marketing stunt that toys with your feelings. Squeenix does not deserve your money and I implore you not to give it to them for this inferior mediocre trash. The folks over at SE know that their game is chunky junk, just like FFXIII and FFXIII-2, the worst Final Fantasy games ever made, but they think they can win you back with a bunch of costumes, for Lighting to dress as one of your favorite Final Fantasy characters, like Yuna, and now Cloud. There should be a Tidus outfit for Lighting, since Tidus dresses like a clown and Lighting is a clown, she is the worst Final Fantasy character ever, and probably an even worse character than DmC Donte.

  • Cool, now we just need the battle system of the VII to be a true FF. I miss the time when I was excited to have the opportunity to play a new game in the franchise. Waiting for the XHD …

  • is the cloud outfit a ps3 exclusive content?

  • That is so freaking stupid.
    Cloud was a guy not a girl.
    Not to mention Lightning is the worst character created by Square. Cloud was one of the best
    My opinion

  • I don’t know why but i fine this insulting. Desperate move huh? Who knows maybe it can be a good game… maybe.

  • Definitely pre-ordering this from Gamestop or Amazon. Reminded me of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance exclusive pre-order bonus of original Gray Fox (Cyborg Ninja) skin/suit and the Fox Blade to give tribute to the popular in-game character from the Metal Gear universe.

    Lets hope the Cloud Strife bonus skin, Soldier’s Band and the Buster Sword for Lightning can do some additional bonus damage etc in-game VS just looking pretty as character’s cosmetic changes. It’s at least a way to have a tribute/sneak peek of FFVII HD in playable form since the fable début teaser per below which never come to fruition. xD


  • CommandingTiger

    Please get rid of the butt ugly Emo Snow.
    I love Snow from the first FFXIII and looked better in FFXIII-2…. but this o_O? :/ Yuck.
    Get rid of the awful techno music, it’s crap.

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