PlayStation Plus: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Free for Members

It’s been quite a month for PlayStation Plus members. As we look back at the eight(!) games that were announced to arrive free for members in June, we’ve delivered seven of them including XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and more.

This week, we’re happy to tie a bow on June and bring you Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward on PS Vita, free for PS Plus members. We’ve got some discounts for you as well, including one on PS3: new release Pool Nation. Check out the full story below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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June 25th PlayStation Plus Update

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PS Vita)

PSN Price: $34.99, Free for PS Plus members

Zero Escape Virtues Last Reward
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is a suspense-driven visual novel/puzzle game and spiritual sequel to the hit, 999. Zero has kidnapped nine people and placed them in a warehouse to play the deadly Nonary Game. These seemingly nine strangers have bracelets that will kill them if they don’t play the game correctly. However, how can they trust each other, and do some have ulterior motives? Play as Sigma and decide who to trust and who to betray in this plot twisting visual novel! Who is Zero, why has Sigma been brought here and who exactly are the others? With fully voiced dual language support, mind-bending puzzles and more, solve the mystery that is Zero!
Creat Studios Summer Survival Pack (PS3)

20% Discount – PSN Price: $19.99, $15.99 for PS Plus members

Labyrinth Legends
Beat the heat and stay cool this season with the Creat Studios Summer Survival Pack! The pack is loaded with 7 of Creat Studio’s most popular PlayStation Network exclusive titles for one limited-time, very low price! Games included: Mushroom Wars + Premium Pack DLC, Germinator, Labyrinth Legends, Digger HD, Pinballistik, Test Yourself, Psych Yourself. This is offer will be available for 2 weeks.
Fat Princess Sale (PS3 and PSP)

Fat Princess (PS3) – 50% Discount – PSN Price: $7.49, $3.75 for PS Plus members
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake (PSP) – 50% Discount – PSN Price: $7.49, $3.75 for PS Plus members

Fat Princess
Rescue your beloved princess through teamwork in this comic medieval battle royale. There’s a catch, though—the other team has been feeding her magical cake, making her harder to escort back to your castle. Charge head first into battle, heal teammates as they break through enemy lines, and upgrade your team and the castle defenses as you work with your team to save your princess.
Escape Plan (PS Vita)

50% Discount – PSN Price: $7.49, $3.75 for PS Plus members

Escape Plan
Escape Plan takes advantage of the PlayStation®Vita system’s multi-touch display, rear touch panel, swipe interfaces and motion sensor, putting the fate of Lil & Laarg in the palm of your hand. Players can swipe, tap, poke, squeeze and slap our hapless heroes and interact with the unique and twisted puzzles of each room. Only you can help them survive before their captor and nemesis, Bakuki, recycles them and turns them into his minions. Swipe as if your life depended on it in this exclusive survival-humor game for the PS Vita system.
Pool Nation (PS3)

40% Discount – PSN Price: $8.49, $5.09 for PS Plus members

Pool Nation
Pool Nation is the ultimate pool game – featuring stunning graphics, 11 addictive game modes including adrenaline pumping Endurance, the extensive tour, and 7 exciting online modes, and new Speed Pool Online! In Pool Nation gameplay is king, the ease of control means you can pull off trick shots you wouldn’t dream of in the real world and then parade them to your friends via YouTube! You can customize your game with balls, cues and table decals.
Hydrophobia: Prophecy (PS3)

80% Discount – PSN Price: $2.99, $0.60 for PS Plus members

Hydrophobia: Prophecy is the ultimate version of this jaw-dropping action-adventure set onboard a floating city, where terrorists take control and heroine Kate has to fight back using all her skills and expertise as a systems engineer.

Last Chance (Leaving on 7/2)

Instant Game Collection
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Let’s Fish! Hooked On

You’ll find all the content detailed above with their Plus benefits active when this week’s PlayStation Store update hits. We’ll be back next week with the month outlook for July as well.

If you’ve got feedback or thoughts on today’s Plus update, leave them below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, make sure you head over to the PlayStation Community to discuss this week’s news more, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 6-24-2013

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11 Author Replies

  • fat princess… wow… ill grab it =D

  • I wish Fat Princess PSP was compatible on Vita :(

  • Are we getting battlefield 3 like the PSN EU?

  • Looking forward to VLR! surprised that there is no discount on Hotline Miami.

  • Will the Borderlands 2 DLC be available tonight as well?

  • Well since fat Princess never had a half off sale, this is a perfect time to get it at that price!!!!!!!!!!

  • Virtue’s Last Reward seems like it could be a good game.

  • Virtue’s Last Reward is an awesome game!!! amazing story. one question morgan, i already platinumed the game in the EUR version which has japanese voice.does the US version share the same trophy list or is it seperate? i would love to play the game in english this time with a new trophy list, thank u. please give us rayman origins for vita or MGS collection for vita in the next update. LBP i assume will replace uncharted someday

  • would like to buy SteamBot Chronicles PS2 classic but it’s not on there :C

  • I can’t wait to play this game

  • Finally ! a good game for PS VITA, i hope you put Rayman Origins like the EU store, please !!!

    Thanks sony :)

  • I dont have Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Free in PSN+. Where is the Problem?

  • Nothing for me. Curious about Fat Princess since the character was in PS All Stars Battle.

  • Pinball Arcade for Vita would be nice to be getting soon, since we were supposed to get it a month ago. ANY update on that?

  • VLR!! VLR!!


    In the very VERY remote possibility that I give up plus, what is the workaround for purchasing IGC games (discounted games are already yours to keep).

    I would think that I would have to notify psn to remove the game from my dl list. Is there an easier way?

    Probably not have to do that, though, since I would opt to buy physical copy, since the price would most likely be cheaper.

  • I just pook up my vita today, unfortuanetly, I have no memory card. So, no games till then. And those are great sales you got the there! Cool free game too.

  • Any word on the US PSOne Classic release of Tekken 3 and Fear Effect 1 & 2 for the PSN/PSP/Vita? Japan has Tekken 3 and Europe has Fear Effect 1 & 2. Was wondering when we get ours?

  • Even though it only took a few hours to beat Zero’s Escape, and I’ll never have any reason to play it again, I would have to say it’s one of the best Vita games I’ve played and a great addition for anyone who hasn’t played it.

    But for me, yet another nothing for me week/month/year.

    At least this time the BBRC is getting a game that isn’t Bargain Bin yet.

  • this drop is horrible sony you guys can do better!!!!!!

  • @boomstickbhg just curious, what games would you like to see come to Plus? Being that there hasn’t been anything for you this “year”

  • @Morgan Haro

    Any chance for us to get Battlefield 3 and/or Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus in July, like PSN+ EU will get?

    I believe tons of PS+ US Subscribers are really interested on those titles! :)

    Thank you!

  • I got a vita exclusively for ps plus and it doesn’t disappoint. Keep it up guys

  • Any good sales today, or no?

  • @Kssio_Aug We (US Plus) got Ninja Gaiden Sigma + a few months back.

  • I maybe the only one but i have absolutely no problem receiving ps1 classic titles in plus.

  • Neat, I paid 40 $

  • Hydrophobia $0.60 for PS Plus members

    Sweet! but why not free?? lol…

  • Will there be a blog post for the store update?

  • Finally…Fat Princess is on sale :-)

  • I thought about buying a Vita last year, but I passed. After E3 I really got excited about it again and bought one shortly after. It’s probably the most satisfying purchase I’ve made in a while, and it’s just getting better. PSN+ is almost essential. It’s so worth it.

  • The uploader has has not made this video available in your country??

  • @115, beefchild, sorry I was away “working” and am just checking back to see when the early store update will happen (because Virtue’s Last Reward isn’t part of IGC yet on the Vita store) so are you still around? Do you still need my tip? I’ll send you a psn msg.

  • I see that the store will be updating early due to tomorrow’s maintenance, any idea what time-ish?
    Loving my PS+! Just added another year after Mr. Tretton confirmed PS4 will be included! Can’t wait to see how that’s going to work and what will be offered. Secret Ponchos sounds fun. Anyway, I always enjoy this update and reading your responses whether I’m into that week’s games or not! Keep it up!

  • Please.. no more HYDROPHOBIA.. They gave it away free and have put it on sale what seems to be about 10 times since then.. I think anyone who actually wants it will already own it.

    Let’s see some deals on Capcom Arcade Cabinet, and other classics.

  • Perhaps the next step is to pay us to download Hydrophobia lol.

  • @whoever asked.

    I don’t want the BBRC/IGC at all, I want discounts, ps1/ps2 games, avatars, themes etc…

    The only reason I kept plus after the IGC change is because all the restrictions on save file back ups, and the fact that ps3’s will die at some point, the Cloud Save feature keeps me on plus.

    If I could just buy Cloud Save space, I wouldn’t need plus at all since I get nothing else from it (auto update is neat, but not necessary).

    I would like to see games that are less than 2 years old in the IGC. I would like to see games that cost more than 10-20 dollars (or less) at most stores, since ALL WE GET IS A RENTAL. Wouldn’t mind less shooters and fighters, especially on the vita. I could go on and on but then I’ll start to get annoyed and insult psn plus staff which is not productive.

    Btw. If what I just read about Drive Club not really being free at launch for ps4 is true… wow another epic sony lie.

  • Sorry if this is a double post.

    OMG please don’t listen to whoever asked for Battlefield 3.

    That game is under 15 dollars everywhere I look, and less if you buy used (and online pass doesn’t matter now)

    No more super cheap shooters in the IGC please!!!!!

  • So jealous of all the lucky people that get to play VLR for the first time :/. That is the best game i have ever played in my life and that is saying something as i have played some amazing games. So glad that people finally get to play this hidden gem and appreciate its beauty.

  • Darn just read that we’ll be getting one ‘Indie” game per month for the ps4 on plus. I know there won’t be much for the first few months after launch but even so, I’d rather had discounts, themes, or (if they decide to do it) games from older systems on that Cloud service type thing they mentioned.

    IGC is bad enough when we get 30-40% indie on ps3, doing more than that for ps4 seems like you’re trying to kill plus.

    Which I guess is why it’s mandatory for online play on ps4.

    Yes I support Indie Devs and I am glad they do what they do, but 95% of their games aren’t fun for me.

  • oh i am a bit confused about that too. will ps plus support for IGC on ps3 and vita end after ps4 comes out? i really hope not.

  • @139 there’s nothing wrong with Indie games. Some of the games we’ve gotten (The Cave for example) have been AMAZING.

    And Indie games in general are just as good as the big beefy triple AAA titles.

    Heck, I’d play Journey over and over and over before I’d EVER touch a Call of Duty game.

  • @141

    I agree that Indie Devs make some great games.

    I agree that some of what they do really is amazing.

    But I don’t enjoy most of those game anyway.

    For example, I’ve tried a bunch of times and I pretty much hate Journey. I recognize how well made it is and such, but I play games for fun and it’s not fun for me.

    Same with “most” indie games (for me)

    But I don’t want to take away from the great things they can do, even if Indie games aren’t my kind of game.

  • Boomstickbhg, even though I agree with most of what you said: I don’t get many games from the IGC, the cloud save is the best feature for me, most indie games are not my favorite because 95% of them are platformers and I hate that…I still will support Plus all the way. I was a day 1 adopter years ago when we got very little and there was no cloud save. When the PS4 comes out there will be what, 4 games? Why would you expect one of them to be free? That would bankrupt the system which I most assuredly do not want. The one indie per month free game is a very generous addition to Plus. I agree I would like to see some themes and avatars like back in the day. I’m sure discounts will continue.

    @140, scorionov4, Plus will apply to all the consoles: PS3, PS4 and Vita. Jack Tretton said that and he said it will still be the same roughly $5 per month it is now.

    @141 Yes, Journey is great but I can understand how the younger, FPS obsessed crowd would not think so. I like the very wide spectrum of choices available only on Playstation because I can love murdering thousands in TLOU (just kidding, sort of) and slowly floating nonviolently through the unique world of Journey.

  • why isnt ESCAPE PLAN DLC on sale? D:

  • Still doing that early update? I hope ps plus gets lumines from ubi soft next update! That company seems to favor Sony anyway.

  • Still doing that early update? I hope ps plus gets lumines from ubi soft next update! That company seems to favor Sony anyway. Please no psp games. I get bored with all of them, 1 no trophy support and 2 they look and play like crap.

  • Hi Morgan. I’d love to be able to play this on my PSP. Any chance on an update for PSP and PS1 games on the Vita? We haven’t had an update for a while and being a long-toothed retro gamer, I really look forwards to these.

    But anyway, thanks for getting so many of the games across already.

  • Nothing for me this week but I hope next week we will see some great new games added to the IGC I am loving saints row 3 so far its a really funny and nice game everyone should try it out. I am hoping Catherine will be added next month I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • @ BlueBl1zzard
    Oh no! I lost that then… =(
    But thats because I am a new PS+ subscriber, didnt know about that previous offer!

    But anyway im loving it! Bought an PS Vita to take more advantage from it, and no regrets at all so far! =)

  • DecadanceFantasy

    I am really excited about Virtue’s Last Reward! I think I’ll be playing it for the next few weeks as much as I can.
    Also I have a question about Plus.
    I bought the Walking Dead from Telltale season pass when it was $19.99. But I had tried out the first two eps as a plus member a few months before that. I was looking at my dl list and saw that it says I never purchased ep 1. All 2-5 say purchased but just that one doesn’t. I don’t want to delete my game and try to re-download one day not to have it available. Any clue why this happened?

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