ZRun on PS Vita: Run to Survive This Summer

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ZRun on PS Vita: Run to Survive This Summer

ZRun on PS Vita

Hey, it’s Alexey from Beatshapers! I’m here to present our new game from E3 2013, ZRun. This is a third-person beat-’em-up game, coming this summer to PS Vita.

The player assumes the role of a young, vacationing college student, who finds himself in the middle of an outbreak. He’s not a hero; he just wants to survive and escape this nightmare.

Game Features

  • Non-stop running action. Run and avoid obstacles – hitting obstacles hurts you and makes you an easy target for zombies.
  • Evade or attack zombies – if they attack you, you’ll get hurt and die.
  • Watch your stamina – every action costs some. If a player fights too much, he may end up not having enough stamina to jump over an obstacle when needed.
  • Use objects as weapons – bats, tubes, machetes, guitars, swords, axes, etc.
  • Use firearms (guns, shotguns, automatic rifles) to get rid of zombies quickly and effectively — but watch your ammo.
  • Multiple characters, each with their own distinct melee attack. It’s not shown in the trailer, but the current hero has a special side-kick which is handy for longer distances.
  • Explore the city and find the way out. New areas are unlocked after a successful run. Players may obtain useful items/abilities at newly unlocked junctions.
  • Upgrade and customize your character.
  • Campaign and endless survival mode.
  • Compete and collaborate with your PSN friends with street records scoreboards and using “near” to exchange useful items.

ZRun on PS VitaZRun on PS Vita

The player will attempt to complete runs between junctions. Junctions serve as checkpoints – when one is reached, it’s considered ʺunlocked,ʺ which will allow the player to access new missions. Players may start any mission from any unlocked checkpoint. Effectively, by unlocking new junctions the player will explore the city and move toward their final goal — escaping the outbreak.

Before starting a mission, the player can choose his equipment (items and weapons). Mission statistics (including friends mini-leaderboards) will be also available at junction checkpoints to give the game a competitive feel. Also, the dead “friends corpses” turned to zombies will be presented in levels as milestones where they died: the player’s name or PSN ID will be shown above it.

Progressing through missions yields points and money. After accumulating certain amount of points, the playerʹs level will increase. Leveling up gives the player upgrade points, which can be spent to upgrade stats and abilities. Money can be spent to get items, weapons and ammo. Items restores health and stamina, and cure poison and burning. Weapons are breakable blunt weapons (bats, pipes, planks), firearms (with limited ammo) and blades (knives, swords).

Obstacles are roughly divided into three groups: ones you can jump over, ones you need to slide under and ones you just need to avoid (full-height stuff like buses and trucks on the roads). Certain obstacles are hazardous, and will inflict burning, electrical or toxic damage. Hitting an obstacle inflicts some damage to character (HP loss) and may add poison/burning status.

The game is controllable via physical buttons, touchscreen and motion gestures, or a combination of both.
There are many comments comparing ZRun with modern endless runners, but let’s be clear: first, it’s not an endless (the player has a goal to reach) and second, it’s not a runner – it’s a beat’em-up at its core.

We are pleased to work with Vladimir “MoozE” Frey, an award winning composer (known for music for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Men of War: Vietnam, Firestarter), he created an amazing main theme. Check out his Facebook page.

For more information, watch our trailer, check out our website and follow us on Twitter.

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12 Author Replies

  • “Also, the dead “friends corpses” turned to zombies will be presented in levels as milestones where they died: the player’s name or PSN ID will be shown above it.”

    Oh that’s cool. Gives off a vibe similar to Demon’s Souls.

  • This is neat and different from many of the zombie games out there, will definately keep an eye on it.

  • Pretty cool! Really like what’s described, seems to have a lot of depth & personality to play with. Can always enjoy something with a BEU soul to it.

    Questions/suggestions, if I may:

    – Game gets faster as it goes on? Maybe a character that’s speed tuned? The perspective and “runner” comparisons had me thinking about 3D Sonic / Ys Celceta speed sequences, so the SLOW surprised me.

    – A character / power up that lets you jump through car windows, too? As soon as I saw a truck sitting there, that’s the first thing I thought… Too many action movies! ;)

    – SPIN CYCLE after a guitar hit is very gamey (I Likes!) but makes me wonder if that can be used as a combo op? 2 ideas: A chance to kick / shoot them backwards after the juggle, to clear out enemies behind, or jump up and slam for a shockwave; . Enemies as projectiles via “throws” is a beat’em-up staple, it’d work good with the limited ammo ideas.

    – So, zombies; any type of headshot / body damage? It’d be a fun for touch controls.

    Looking forward to playing, good luck to you guys, and thanks for bringing something like this to Vita! Though I have to note, if it’s a BEU at it’s core, “zRUN” probably gives the wrong first impression ;)

    • Thanks for comments

      Yes we have sprint run and still working on final dynamics but even with current player speed
      it’s really hard to run far away – you out of stamina or health and die fast.

      Not thru windows but we defenitely addding more action moves, like melee which not shown on video yet.
      Guitar Spin attack sounds good :)
      We also have exploding cars hazards -will show more in the next video as well with updated animations.

      Headshot and body damages is a big questions because of rating. Currently it’s esrb t / pegi 16, with adding any zombie dismemberment is will be rated esrb m/pegi 18. So we still thinking on it. :)

  • Another zombie game…. Cant wait to play it!!

  • Phew Ps vita is a good device indeed but most vitas’s games are bad quality and a big lack of creativity for vita potential.

  • The main character looks a lot like Cole from Infamous… Can we expect more characters to play as?

  • to SAB-CA

    While camera angle and ‘run’ in title may suggest it’s something like ‘temple-run with zombies’ but the truth is ZRun is more like River Raid (yeah, that good old scroll-shooter).

    If you look closely at that part in trailer where gameplay on actual PS Vita is shown (1:00 and later), you notice that my fingers are quite busy. You actually have not so much time to react to obstacles and enemies, so I think people may even want to run _slower_ sometimes :)

    Zombie body damage is still in discussion (we actually have blade weapons planned), it’s all matter of rating (dismemberment / character damage raises rating to M if I remember correctly).

    And I really never thought about Cole when looking at out player-character :)
    // for the record, I’ve completed Infamous1 couple of times and have finished about half of Infamous2

  • O___O
    It’s like PEPSIMAN Ver. 2.0! :D

  • @Alexey Menshikov – All sounds cool! Blog text space is hard to fit full ideas in, lol. I get surprised with how many games get away with “violence to zombie” by making the reactions comical, but I guess that wouldn’t work with your look and style (might clash too much). Cool for T / P 16 rating though, need more of those now-a-days anyway.

    Will be looking for that next vid! HQ / Unique animations are some of the best things about gaming; push that bar as high as you can!

    @JellyJugs – It says they’ll be more character in the blog post above.

  • @ BLK–Dragon – Thanks for the expanded reply! I played a few River Raid-a-like games on an Atari Throwback system recently, I can seem the comparisons well. Speed is cool if it works out, it just doesn’t initially “look” exciting, from what I expected. Shoot for a demo on release if you can! The systems sound like they can prove the game well, once you get to play it all together. Glad for the mini confirm that bladed weapons could let enemies react differently than normal melee, makes the combat all the more satisfying.

    @ PokeYorch – The World could ALWAYS use a bit (lot!) more Pepsi Man!

  • I want to know whats going on with the 4.45 patch NOT this crap.

  • Is this going to be a free-to-play? It reminds me of Jetpack Joyride.

    • Alexey Menshikov

      Well, we are published jetpack joyride on minis so have some inspiration from it.
      We are researching possibility to make it free to play.

  • This is cool, more PS Vita games incoming this is always good to hear.

  • saw the gameplay video on IGN the game looks slow and the AI is probably the dumbest that I have ever seen, also it seems to get really repetitive really fast

    • Alexey Menshikov

      I agree, it’s looks slow on video but trust me its really hard.
      We will have more actions, hazards, weapon and moves to make it less repetitive.
      And there is no AI, they are brainless zombies :)

  • Looks pretty fun.

  • This sounds so fun and cool, May I post some links to some of this stuff on my own blog? help spread the word etc.

  • LOL @ the A.I. looking dumb comment. They’re freaking zombies!!

  • Looks fun. I like the mechanic of having to wipe the blood off the screen.

  • I’ll buy this if Sony has unbricked my freaking PS3 by then.

  • I like the Nethack-inspired idea to have previous deaths of friends invoke zombies in the game!

    Will there be a female and/or non-white playable character?

    Nice to hear about use of Near — any use of the rear touch?

    Music sounds great — please make sure it’s 320kbit AAC/Ogg or lossless so we can actually enjoy it! :)

    • Alexey Menshikov

      Yes, we planning to add female character
      Music will be releases separately as single in near furure
      rear touch pad usage stlll under testing – we’ve been suggested to use rear touch pad to wipe blood, we will try to find best usage

  • looks alright

  • here is the video http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/06/06/zombie-slaying-zrun-coming-to-ps-vita
    and yes the AI is dumb they are Zombies they need flesh to survive but they don’t move and don’t even see the player so how would they stay alive

  • Look ok I get this oh! Are u guy
    going to put platinum

  • looks like fun!!!

  • This game looks fun….but man….when am I going to see the free roam style hit the vita I’m looking for? I bought vita looking to play stuff like gta or FallOut on the go.

    AND here i am alllll this time later, still no gta, still barely anything free roam to be had. As soon as i read you’ll be running non stop in a straight line i just had to sigh with disappointment, even with the junction/check points it still just sounds like riding rails.

    Now don’t get me wrong i see the quality of this game and the effort you guys have put into it, i also understand just how difficult it is to produce a quality free roam that isn’t ate up with bugs. Im just starting to think the Vita isn’t even strong enough to push the style by demand. I can download all my old PSP freeroams and still play them so whats the problem? I just don’t get it…

    I will be getting this game more than likely…but its just the opposite of what i been waiting on so I may not.

    ,an admittedly picky Vita gamer, starving for freeroams.

  • how much?

  • This has no relation to the upcoming PS4 title, ‘Dying Light’, right?

  • @ThiefXxRikkuxX This has no relation to the upcoming PS4 title, ‘Dying Light’, right?
    No. Except “zombies” and “running”.
    And maybe player-character’s similarity to Cole from Infamous :)

  • I would pay for this if its in the $5-6 price range, and a sale for plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexey Menshikov

    We will talk with PS+ guys about potential sale.

  • So excited for this game :D Are we getting a demo for it?

  • looks kool, to bad its for vita only as i do not own one or will anytime soon.

  • Hey this looks cool. I’ll be checking it out when it’s available.

  • Boring! Give us twin dual stick zombie shooter game sony!

  • @HanGlacy
    Dead Nation?..

  • Yeah its only one and didnt even come out… I prefer more like burn zombie burn… Android and ios have a lot twin dual shooter.. Why the hell sony dont even think to release such game ps vita have two dual stick now!

  • > Yeah its only one and didn’t even come out…

    Dead Nation, Zombie Apocalypse, Burn Zombie Burn and that-game-the-makers-of-BZB-have-done-after-BZB — you actually have erm… some choice :)

    ZRun was never intended to be an arena-style dual-stick shooter, it’s more like scroll-shooter/survival with zombies.
    One cannot make a game that fits everyone ;)

  • Not a fan of endless runner type games so not an instant purchase. Please release a demo for gamers who are on the fence for this game.

  • @JPG2105

    ZRun is not an “endless runner” — it’s not endless (except one special game-mode) and most of the time you’ll be busy dealing with zombies.

    Simply put, ZRun is NOT “temple-run of the dead” :)

    Regarding demo, it’ll be trial/’unlockable demo’ or something along those lines.

  • Is the game going to come out on the chip, on the online store, or on both?

  • @xX1tsMeAgainXx
    PSN store only

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