Jak and Daxter Collection Out Today on PS Vita

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Jak and Daxter Collection Out Today on PS Vita
Jack and Daxter Collection PS Vita

Today Jak and Daxter Collection launches on PS Vita. Now, over a decade since the Jak and Daxter series originally premiered on PS2, we are so proud to see the legacy of Naughty Dog’s work brought together for players to enjoy — no matter where their adventures take them.

Jak and Daxter Collection brings three of your favorite Jak & Daxter adventures — Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3 — to life like never before. Mass Media has faithfully recreated the unique gameplay mechanics that you all know and love, and added touch screen support for a selection of mini games, so get ready to catch those fish and hunt down that eco. Jak and Daxter Collection also features over 100 Trophies (including 3 Platinum) to unlock while you play through all three titles. These Trophy sets are separate from the PS3 version, so that means three more Platinum Trophies for you Trophy Hunters out there.

In addition to picking up Jak and Daxter Collection at your local game retailer, you’ll be able to download the title via PSN. Starting later today, Jak and Daxter Collection will be available on the PlayStation Store for $29.99. Grab Jak and Daxter Collection today, and experience the full evolution of the franchise. You’re in for some wild, hilarious adventures — enjoy!

Jack and Daxter Collection PS VitaJak and Daxter Collection on PS Vita

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  • @43
    How is it “unfair”? Did they ever say it would be cross-buy? Because if they didn’t it’s 100% “fair” that you pay for a game. I’d love cross-buy as well but if they never said it would have it I’m not expecting it.

  • @51

    But do you think it is fair that a Vita broken port cost 7$more than its PS3 counter part, with the impossibility to purchase each game seperately ????

  • @52.

    The framerate is meh, it’s not broken.

    I think people are seriously overreacting with the framerate in some parts. Jak II is actually alright, Jak 3 is acceptable. But Precursor Legacy is ridiculous, they do need to fix that, I admit.

    30fps is acceptable. I don’t like the fact people nitpick about how many frames it does in a second. Did you enjoy the game? Was it fun?
    Then it’s a good game. Framerate is irrelevant unless it’s stupidly bad. (Like Jak 1)

    …and for the record, performance on my Vita is fine, but it may be because I downloaded mine. A lot of people with framerate issues have bought a hard copy.

  • I bought this today and I must say. I`m shocked!
    For me there`s no problem playing a Vita port with 30 Frames while the PS3-Port runs with about 60 FPS. For example I really enjoyed MGS Snake Eater on the vita, though I knew the PS3-port with its ~ 60 Frames.
    But this here is nearly unplayable. I don`t believe this is running with 30 Frames…no way! Jak 1 and 3 are more like 15-20 frames with micro stuttering. The arena passage at the beginning of Jak 3 where you must shoot enemies for the first time mostly drops to like 10 frames…it`s really terrible! The part where you enter the city for the first time to hunt those little reptiles is a real pain in the ass.. I mean, low framerate isn`t always bad but these ports are not only slow. The worst thing is that they are anything but smooth with annoying micro stuttering.
    Sly 4 has some framedips but mostly can manage solid 30 frames. MGS Snake Eater runs absolutely smooth. Compared to the Jak Trilogy it`s technicallly perfect.
    I`m going to sell my copy and buy the PS3-Trilogy instead. I don`t think that they can handle this mess with a patch. To me this game is broken. I can only recommend it to those who don`t have a PS2 or PS3 and never had played the other ports.

  • I keep seeing words like acceptable or its not that bad. These are just words that mean I’ve come to terms with it might not get any better than this, so I’ll have to deal with it. When you are looking to buy a product you want to hear how great it is, I highly recommend this or they did a great job with this. That’s not the general response to the J&D collection on Vita. As someone who purchased it day one, I wish I had waited to see if they addressed the frame issue with a patch before making my purchase. No matter how much I love this series and want to play it on my Vita its just not worth the eye strain, headache and frustration that come with this subpar port.

    If you have not purchased this already, trust what the reviewer are saying about the frame rates. There is no doubt that this is a great collection of games, but the Vita version has technical issues that need to be addressed. There are plenty more Vita games coming out before months end. I would save my money for one of those instead.

  • @53
    I agree with you. Seriously, I don’t get why people call the game ‘unplayable’. If it was unplayable, then you wouldn’t be able to play it… It’s far from unplayable, just not on par with the PS3 version. I certainly don’t think the game is perfect, but the way people are whining you’d think it was like running at like 1FPS.

  • I’ll say this, none of 3 games are as bad as FFA and are still technically playable. So with that said, as a person who has never played any Jak & Daxter game, I’m still relatively having a fun time. However, that doesn’t in any way excuse the poor job done by Mass Media or whoever had the job of porting these old, PS2 games over to the Vita.

    PLEASE PLEASE someone… release a patch to make the frame rate at least a little better/smoother. Don’t make me feel like I’ve wasted a hard earned $30 only to never play this game and thus be forced to go buy the PS3 version. A huge reason why so many of us were SO excited about this game (even the people who already own the PS3 version) was because of the idea of being able to play these 3 brilliant classics on our portables.

    One would also assume that you simply wouldn’t want to see so many devoted J&D fans in such an outrage. After all, J&D fans from what I hear, aren’t use to this type of bad quality and it’s understandable that they even they are staying away from this game… which is something J&D fans probably would have never thought possible.

  • ^^^continued^^^

    If you have to re-release each game separately to fix the various issues then so be it. If you have to release a huge 1GB patch then so be it. Just don’t make people feel they’ve completely thrown away and wasted their $30 on a game they can’t have fun with, let alone play without running into massive amounts of frustrations. If you at all value your customers and their loyalty, Sony/Mass Media/whoever, you’ll find a way to fix this game so that people can enjoy it.

    Thank you for your time and I truly hope that something can be done, both with this game AND with games like it in the future so that you/we don’t have to deal with these types of issues ever again!!!

    PS>>> Help me understand something… if Velocity Ultra has had such a difficult time passing the required tests that are put in place before it can be officially released, then how the &%$# do games like R&C FFA and this game (J&D Collection) pass these same tests that “OK” them for release???

  • @58 your last paragraph, EXACTLY! You said it, EVERYONE’S thinking it. I bought R&C FFA also. smh

  • Seriously though, I have this game and I’m only on Jak 1 and I think it’s kind of choppy. The Vita deserves way better than this. There’s absolutely no reason why this collection can’t be the same as the one on the PS3. It’s a collection of remade PS2 classics. The Vita has the processing power to run them in HD, so there’s no reason why they should be worse than they were on the PS2, a system with less power. Metal Gear Solid HD proved that there doesn’t have to be any difference in the quality of remade HD classics between consoles. Sony just got lazy, and has once again neglected their very few fans of the Vita by giving us a second-hand game. There had better be a patch that fixes everything, because they’re damn well capable of it, otherwise everyone is going to think twice about buying an HD collection on Vita again. P.S. When are the rest of the PS1 classics coming to Vita? It’s been over a damn year since the Vita was released and there’s still no Crash, Spyro, MGS, Silent Hill, or FFV. Seriously Sony, get your head out of your ass! We deserve better than this!

  • Do NOT BUY THiS. I Picked my copy up today and all 3 are terrible. The frame rate in just way to bad, you just can’t enjoy the game. This will be collecting dust. I will not play it untill there’s a patch. If there’s no patch then mass media knows about these issues and are to fking lazy to fix it!! Really fk mass media for selling this , if they knew about the frame rate. FIX IT

  • I guess you guys are right about the Vita being a bad port. I thought the guy on the other topic was speaking garbage because of the way he said it. Guess I’ll just stick with the PS3 version I bought when the Vita version was released.

  • @61 No confirmation about mass media being responsible for the Vita port. And in Any case, it is the Duty of Sony to issue an appology and correct THEIR game for their loyal customers. As for Ratchet, same problem. Rushed port of a game the Vita could handle hands down…

    What is the matter with Sony and the Vita. Can’t you care??? Can’t you give love to its Buyers ??? Can’t you put a little effort in the quality of release, when they cost more than their PS3 counter part ?

    I am honestly VERY disappointed by the situation. I won’t spend a dime on PSN unless Sony decide to correct the Jak Collection

  • I totally agree about how since these games cost more than their PS3 counter-parts (granted they’re “new” for the Vita), Sony should at least make DAMN WELL SURE that the final product is playable enough so that the buyers can have fun while playing… playing the more expensive yet inferior portable version(s)!!!

    and i know that the original Jak & Daxter game on the PS2 was made with the rumored highly complex PS2 architecture (and ND’s weird engine) and that successfully porting all of it to the Vita with its different architecture would be a difficult task. but at least find a way to work around it as i’m sure this isn’t the first time EVER in the history of gaming that a developer has had a hard time porting an older game to a newer platform because of the massive differences between each systems tech.

    at the very least i can understand these games being the way they are on release… that is of course as long as they (the devs) have planned to continue fixing the game’s issues by releasing a patch or various patches soon after the game’s initial release.

  • ***continued***

    take care of this Sony!!! i’ve defended you guys up and down throughout this past year and a half. however even i am starting to grow sick and tired of the Vita getting neglected either by not getting certain games at all OR with the poor quality seen in the games that do get released. this is a big reason why the PS Vita has the current reputation that it has. if you(Sony) don’t want to be known as the portable system with all of the buggy games, then do something about it!!!

    if you guys cannot release a game with a steady frame-rate and controls that are accurate enough so that the in game character doesn’t fall off the edges of cliffs during simple jumps, then SERIOUSLY, don’t release the game at all… or at the VERY LEAST postpone the game’s launch and give the devs time to fix the serious technical flaws. people are giving you their hard earned money and they really REALLY want the Vita to succeed, as do i. don’t take advantage of that loyalty and provide us with faulty products. it’s simply put, not cool man. please please end the practice of releasing games with so many problems.

  • ***continued***

    it’s like i and another poster said earlier… if games like Velocity Ultra is having such a difficult time passing the set guidelines that HAVE TO be met before a game can release, then how is it in God’s name can a game like R&C FFA (or this game) pass enough of or all of the required tests to allow for an official release??? i’m seriously wondering this and would love an explanation so that i can understand (somewhat) the process.

    i had no idea my ranting would go on this long. ;-)

  • Playing it now, some framerate drops in the original, but nothing severe so far. Some cut aways not showing things. Like, when the fisherman says you can use his boat, it cuts to it to show it but it’s not there. xP

    The touch is actually really nice to use for menus. Also made that annoying fishing mini-game actually fun and not rage inducing.

    If these problems persist like this throughout the whole Collection, then I’m overall happy with it. Wouldn’t turn down a patch to fix up the framerate though.

  • Mr Victor Harris, I hope you will see my comment
    I want a response and i think other people too!!


    Because this port is a shame!!!! The 3 games runs slower than on the PS2!! A 13 years old console!
    And the controls don’t respond correctly
    Because of these problems, I have no pleasure to play this games!!!! It’s unplayable!!

    The port was made so seriously that the programmers have even forgot to remove the dualshock vibrations options!!!!!
    Did Sony check the games before selling it???
    For me, it’s a total lack of respect for those who are still believing in your PsVita.
    Now i know that Sony is giving up the console!
    If a patch is not released, i’ll will never buy Sony games again!!

  • @62 FULLY AGREE!
    This is unplayable! SONY RELEASE A PATCH!

  • Well, i was going to add some credits to my account just to buy this one, but after reading all of these comments i will wait for a patch or as soon as i buy a ps3 i will get his version instead, playing the metal gear hd collection made me think that all ps2 ports could be good as well! hope god of war I & II that was just announced on e3 is better made! :/

  • i bought the retail version and was expecting a great game. This is a very poor port. Where can I file a complaint? They need to patch this asap.

  • The vita version is 3 times as much as the ps3 and I was willing to pay it. Very disappointed that I got screwed over by this.

  • Sony, you will fix Jak or what?!

  • And sony still doesn’t answer… Even Shahid that normally is very talkative, this time, shush…

    Insulting, clearly

  • Anyone else hear that the EU version DOES HAVE CROSS BUY! That’s right! If you live in Europe and purchased the PS3 download you will get the Vita download for FREE!!!! WHY DOESN’T THE US GET THIS!! I say Sony doesn’t want us to know. They have been doing a pretty good job keeping it quiet if you ask me.

  • I’ve heard about the frame rate issues a couple of days ago thru YouTube. Didn’t look to bad but I guess i’ll find out tonight when I get home.

  • @+ JAA007:

    You won`t notice any frame rate issues in those vids but playing the game they are certainly there and really annoying.

  • Hey! I have a question about uncharted 3 digital version, I was trying to download it in background last night, but it says I cannot perform a background download but it is 40G that’s insane! Can someone help me out?

  • @78 Wrong theme, bro

  • Hey everyone, I bought this game a couple days ago (physical copy), and I’m not sure if my copy is defective or not. Let me know if your experiences are similar to mine:

    In Jak and Daxter, I found the frame rate to be a bit choppy, but after a fer minutes it became less noticeable and it didn’t really impact my enjoyment of the game. I know that if I were to compare it to the PS2 version it would look worse, but it was definitely playable.

    Jak 2 is a complete mess. Whenever I’m in the city and there are too many things happening on-screen (whenever I drive a hover car, whenever the guards chase me, etc…) the frame rate really takes a major hit. At times, it isn’t even playable.

    I’ve also had lots of problems with the sound in both games — characters’ voices will randomly drop out, the music cuts out sometimes, and occasionally there are sound effects that seemingly come from nowhere.

    Again, let me know if you guys are having the same issues I am. Is the port actually this sloppy, or is mine particularly bad? I’m anxious to compare notes, and I’m wondering whether or not I should be thinking about exchanging my copy for another one.

  • It’s that bad. These idiots won’t say anything because they know they won’t patch it. They make the jak games worst and say ha fkers, you gave us 30 bucks.

  • I am sick. I just got surgery, and am having a really crappy day. High on really strong pain meds I trudge to my local retailer for something to dull my pain. Jak and Daxter. I mean seriously, Naughty Dog and Sony in the same sentence, this is a guaranteed good ride. Boot it up outside the store, cool HD menu screen. But when I finally make it home to play the game…. I have never played Jak and Daxter before. I loved Uncharted, Crash, and most recently the last of us, and I really needed to loved this…. I’m not even mad, I know why they rushed it, I jusy want a patch so I have something to play….

  • The best part, I bet neither Sony or naughty dog will respond. And there probably will never be a patch. 2nd 3rd and 4th hated vita games now. Number 1 is doctor who, tell me how that garbage passed QA too.

  • Victor Harris, you stole our money!

  • Dear whomever made this port. You screwed up the grind rails, and it is actually impossible to platinum Jak 3. I haven’t finished jak 2 yet, so I don’t know if the same holds true to it. Please fix them so that slight bends in the grind rails don’t either immediatly end the grind or send me flying off into space only to die of fall damage.

  • Will be picking this up next month along with a few other Vita games so excited. Love this series.

  • Wait nvm Just saw the comments guess I will buy another game. Don’t like poor (and apparently unplayable) ports.

  • Love this games but i hope they gonna release a patch especially for Jak 1 and 3!

  • Don’t get me entirely wrong… even though I’m very mad at how bad some of the bugs are in this game, I’m still enjoying myself and having fun playing through the 1st Jak.

    My various rants I posted the other day have more to do with how some devs have been treating the Vita as a whole than they do with this specific game. It just seems like the people in charge of both making games for the Vita as well as the people in charge of the Vita overall are OK with letting half-assed games release onto the market for everyone to see. In other words, there are different standards for the Vita than there are for the PS3 it seems. Even a non-gamer can surmise that that is simply put, bad business practice!

  • ^^^continued^^^

    People are having the reactions they’re having because portable gamers care just as much about playing a quality game w/out bugs/glitches as home console gamers do. The obvious way to fix this Sony, is to hold your devs & 3rd party devs more accountable when they produce shoddy products with various glitches. It’s that simple… if a game is broken and released anyways, at least fix it OR at least officially state whether you can fix it at all. Common sense tells me that if you can keep a glitchy game from being released in the first place and or wait to fix the bugs before release, then you can obviously avoid these types of problems/issues from ever taking place. I know I’m sure there are deadlines that have to be hit and I’m sure there’s a certain amount of money that has to be made… but all of that suffers in the long run if you focus your time away from making quality products and instead concentrate ONLY on making money and making deadlines.

  • ^^^continued^^^

    Anyways, I would like to clearly state that if you’ve never played any Jak&Daxter game before, and you either don’t have a PS3/2 or want to play these games on the go, don’t let the frame-rate issues scare you completely away. Most people are correct when they say that after playing for 15 minutes and after getting use to the way the game controls, your focus strays from the fr issues and you start to simply enjoy the experience of playing these 3 brilliant games. That’s how the experience ended up for me and I’m pretty dang sensitive/judgmental when it comes to playing games with too many bugs or bad frame-rates. I guess that says a lot about how good these games still are after all this time. My guess is they’re fun to play in no matter what form you choose.

  • @87: It’s not unplayable. Not even close. If it were unplayable, I wouldn’t have gotten the J&D platinum on Vita easier than on PS3.

    Well done on falling for hyperbolic bull-ish.

  • This game needs a patch asap!
    The bugs/glitches irritates me!
    Right now my controls are inverted fix this!!

  • I am trying to do the race challenges on jak 2 already near impossible!!
    But every time my controls are inverted left=right right=left anyone else have this?

  • 1 WEEEEK SONY… 1 WEEK without answer or message about the issues found in JAk and Daxter Collection…

    Should i remind you that you are releasing VITA PACKS with this game in retail store. Aren’t you ashame to package your console with a buggy port ???

    Come on, be fair to your loyal custommers and adress a message, and later on, promise a patch…

    This is getting ridiculous.

  • Having read the many negative reviews posted here I was skeptical enough to wait to purchase this collection. After I read reviews from other sites and watched the game in action I decided to purchase this game and can say whole heartedly that I am pleased with the results. I played the originals when they came out on the PS2 and after having put in a few hours on each of the 3 games on the Vita am more than happy to recommend them for others.

  • ugh…ordered the game 2 days ago and it’s too late to cancel the order. I really hope there will be a patch for the game.

  • The frame-rate issues really bug me. I have never played a J&D game before and this collection certainly does not give me a great impression on it. I only tested out Jak 1 and that was enough for me to put the game down.

    The frame rate on Jak 1 is horrible… it feels like its a crappy unoptimised android game. this game SHOULD be smooth.. it isnt a $2 app from the appstore.

    The camera positioning in the game is broken. Im not sure how it was for the ps2 but it really does affect your gameplay.

  • There needs to be a fix! Please patch this game Sony… this collection never should have been released in this state. I watched a speech by Mark Cerny last night and he talked about Quality over Quantity… well this game certainly isnt quality.

    The game runs worse than its ps2 version.. how is that possible. Has Sony given up on the Vita? Did i make a mistake buying this console?

    This game needs a fix Sony please listen to all your fans.

  • Ho!!!
    Wake up Sony!
    Fix it! Fix it! Fix it!

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