Kingdom Hearts III is Coming to PS4!

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Kingdom Hearts III is Coming to PS4!

Kingdom Hearts III on PS4

You’ve been wondering if it would ever be announced.
You’ve begged for any ounce of information on it.
You’ve asked for no more spin-offs.
You’ve been asking. We’ve been listening.
And we’re overjoyed to finally announce that KINGDOM HEARTS III is officially in development.

We know you’re dying to learn so much about KINGDOM HEARTS III – characters, worlds, summons, battle systems, spells, storylinevoicetalentminigamesgummishipxehanortkeyblades….wait hold on hold on hold on… let’s all take a deep breath together….


Now that said, what we can tell you thus far is that KINGDOM HEARTS III features an older Sora as the protagonist who sets forth on adventures with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and other favorite Disney characters. KINGDOM HEARTS III will harness next generation console technologies to bring an incredibly stunning universe full of new and familiar Disney worlds to life.

So sit back, relax, grab a sea salt ice cream pop, and enjoy the KINGDOM HEARTS III announcement trailer above.

We’re happy to announce that KINGDOM HEARTS III will be coming out for PlayStation 4 and available for preorder here.

Kingdom Hearts III on PS4

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  • This made me jump out of my chair while watching the conference.

  • Oh yeah!

    FF XV + KH III made my day at the Sony Conference yesterday.

  • not happy that its not exclusive

  • Thanks. But when are you going to put older digital games on PSN? It’s very strange that you leave off many PSP games.

  • was originally hoping this would be on ps3, but i preordered ps today so i’m ready to play it on the next generation console. :)

    Hope you guys include Marvel and/or Star Wars universes in the next game. :P

  • I’m so happy and excited for this.. For me this was the biggest reveal along with versus at e3 for me.

  • Never seen the draw to KH, I didn’t like 1 or 2 at all. Guess it appeals to a certain type of people….
    Disney should not infect Square-Enix and make it worse than it already is.
    And no SE, I am not the only one that feels this way, their are many of us. Don’t screw FFXV up.
    Only redeeming thing mentioned by SE was that FFvs13 is not canned. 7 years of waiting and hoping over.

  • I was really excited when I saw this. I am getting the 1.5 Remix in September.
    I’m just disappointed it’s not exclusive.

  • also on xbox 1 same with ff15

  • @5
    Thats exactly what i am talking about…ruining SE.

  • I’ll be buying a PS4 after KH3 and FFXV come out

  • @9
    Of course it is, SE is hurting for money. Exclusives are stupid anyways. I like when games are multiplatform.
    Why do you think the new Deus Ex was announced for iOS at $6.99.

  • What? Kingdom Hearts 3?

  • Agree with #3. I am extremely disappointed that this will not be an exclusive title. While I’m happy others will be able to experience this franchise (this is by far my favorite video game franchise) it does not make a lot of sense to release this title on a platform which has never had a kingdom hearts title before. While i am happy KH3 was finally announced I am very disappointed in Square-Enix by not announcing as a PS4 exclusive. I have the same feelings about FF XVI (originally versus XIII) which was touted as a PS3 exclusive until yesterday’s reveal. Btw FF XIV does not make up for it in fact I will not be buying that game at all. Thanks for listening.

  • I can’t…. I can’t breathe…. Soo much excitement….

    #KingdomHearts3 #Mirror’sEdge2 #StarWarsBattlefront3 #TheElderScrollsOnline

    Too many games that I have kept hoping for have finally come true….

    *died from joy and hype*

  • @7 oh pipe down. Square was going downhill on their own, evenbefore the first Kingdom Hearts was developed.

    In Fact, Disney is the ONLY interesting thing to me about the KH series. If disney had a game letting me travel their worlds battling enemies without being bothered by the cliche final fantasy tropes Square injects in their rpgs, i’d play that over this in a heartbeat.

    Heres hoping Disney Infinity is what i’m looking for.

  • @16
    Well to be fair, SE only reported trouble after FF13 doing not as well as they had hoped. Thats why sequels came out the yin yang. Though Yoshida said that FFXV will sure have sequels or spin-offs :/

    Thats fine, take your Disney and stop ruining it more. I love Disney and SE independently, but together is just…just no.

  • Not exclusive so we’ll have to settle for worse graphics and features due to it being on XBone. Big pass for me because of it. If I’m gonna get multiplat games, I might as well get them from good developers like Destiny from Bungie. And if I feel like getting a multiplat RPG, I might as well get something critically acclaimed like Elder Scrolls online and not something that has been run to the ground due to being w.h.o.r.e.d out like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

  • Great now get us Final Fantasy Type-0

  • @Amritz Lay
    And where is our trailer for FFXV?
    Or the new one shown today at the SE conference that was not televised?
    How long will we have to wait…I need more!!!!!!!!!
    Already preordered my PS4 from Amazon, so I am ready for it!

  • Please tell me this isn’t gonna be the actual PS4 box art.

  • @18
    Yoshida said there is a noticeable difference in quality, and fluidity of FFXV running on PS4 over PS3. So I am sure it is downscaled so to speak for PS3. But X1 isn’t that much weaker than the PS4, if it can run Battlefield 4 at 60 FPS, it has to be powerful.

  • I wish PS4 boxes didn’t look exactly like PS3 boxes. At least turn that top banner blue or something.

  • I love KH ever since the first came out on PS2. Been waiting for KH III for so long and it’s finally here.

    The only sad thing is that it isn’t an exclusive anymore which might make it bad honestly. I always find games that goes out from it’s exclusivity to become multiplat to turnout bad. I mean look at Tekken, Crash, Spyro, Resident Evil and many other games that were SO DAMN GOOD but because of greed they went multiplat and BOOM.

    So I’m worried KH III might be the same and because of SE greed our beloved game will go BOOM and down the toilet you go.

  • It’s obvious even though both kingdom hearts and final fantasy will be on Xbox also that the PS4 will run both these games better and will have extra exclusive content. You can almost bet that and I’m sure the trailer was running on ps4 with those crisp graphics

  • Why is it coming to X1? I mean, it makes more sense to release it on Wii-U or at least on 3DS because, you know, the previous releases have been on Nintendo consoles.

    X1 doesn’t deserve this gem for being a console who does NOT appreciates gamers and developers especially indies.

  • Ouch! You guys made me pull my gamer muscle with this announcement.

  • So excited for KH3! I’m not even bothered it’s not exclusive because it exists and I know I’ll be playing it on my PS4!

  • SQUARE ENIX U FREAKING SELL OUTS! I Love u so much for bringing this so much awaited game but now u developing for the HELLBOX One!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!????? U KNOW THAT GARBAGE SYSTEM WONT SELL! WHY U DO THIS!

  • Thank you.

  • @24

    you do know that there are KH games on the 3DS and GBA right? but in a way i sort of agree with you… i don’t know how the gaming business works but it will be way easier focusing in one console (bugs and extra content) The PS4 and Xbox 1 are pretty different they might end up spending more money managing stuff between the two versions… oh and so far many people are hating the Xbox 1 so they might not sell many copies


  • @22

    XBone is significantly weaker than the PS4. Lower RAM bandwidth, less amount of RAMs for devs to work with, lack of unified RAM, less APUs, etc etc

    PS3 and 360 also “ran” battlefield 3, albeit not with 64 players online, but they “ran” it. WiiU, the freaking WiiU, will be able to “run” WatchDogs.

    Make no mistake about it, PS4 is a technical beast compared to the Xbone. Naughty Dogs and SSM will show it. Was wishing for Square Enix to show it as well, but that ain’t gonna happen.

  • I literally cried when the trailer was shown. And yes, I’m a dude. I cried manly tears of joy. I just couldn’t contain it. This is now my most anticipated title of forever.

    Though personally I am disappointed it’s not exclusive to PS4. Square-Enix is best when they focus on one platform and push it to it’s limits. And besides, I have to think the amount of people who would buy it on the other system would be miniscule compared to the PS4 fanbase. But business is business I suppose…

    after years of waiting, we PS fans deserves an exclusivity at least.

  • And yes, as soon as the trailer was shown last night, I pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 3 as soon as it went up on Amazon.

  • Is this game also coming to the Playstation 3 cause when I was watching the event last night I was excited then when I heared ps4 then my heart dropped as I don’t really want to buy a system for just one video game on it as there is not alot of games that I saw that I’m interested in yet plus I think the ps3 does have a few years left in it and I really need a awesome game to add to my collection.

  • archangelmai i really dunno what your problem is, but sorry to brust your bubble but WAYYYYY more people want kindom hearts 3 than don’t, so don’t act like this is an outrage and fans are mad, because we arent, everyones been waiting for kh3, i am mad to find out it wont be ps4 only tho, butttt i dont think it will be xbox one either, it will be ps4 and WII U more than likely, see how there has been two nintendo kingdom hearts games and none on xbox ever

  • Oh aside from my comment can’t wait for KH3 never finished 1 or played 2… or any other KH game but the opening touch my heart and made me watch a few Gameplay videos :) now i can’t wait for KH 1.5/ 2.5

  • btw can someone tell me why its 100 dollars for kh3? im sorry but i will not be going with ps4 if all the games are 99 dollars

  • @39 – price is just a placeholder until they announce how much PS4 game are actually going to cost. You won’t be charged until the product ships.

  • @39

    “This is not the actual price nor is it the actual release date” in bold

  • ^ $99 dollars? where that number come from?

    Anyways, thanks Sony for showing us how cool the PS4 looks. Day one buy (just easy on the awesome titles, I’m not made out of money you know), it be the 2nd consoles I pick up on the day it came out (the first was the Sega Dreamcast).

    I will be having a PS4 cake made for my birthday, which is coming up (hint hint, if you want Sony. Maybe send a PS4 XD).

  • If FF Versus/15 isn’t on the PS3, then I’m done with SE.

    I bought the ps3 for Versus 13, and now it might not even come out on that system after being announced before the ps3 launch????

    forget KH, your HD collections and anything else you have lined up, if you break your promise to gamers and Versus/15 isn’t on ps3, you’re going to lose a lot of other customers, not just me.


  • Put
    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and
    Final Fantasy Crisis Core

    On PSN, compatible for Vita

  • @31

    Well Nintendo only had spin-offs so i won’t really count those games as real KH games.
    If SE made a spin-off for XB1 I won’t be that pissed, In my head it will be “it’s just a spin-off, not even the real thing so screw it” but KH III on XB1, totally different issue.

    (Its just me though)

  • the most im willing to pay for a game is 60, if it goes higher i will be just going with used games

  • i almost cried i have every single kingodm hearts that came out and now this is the next 1 im going to get cant wait!

  • At last! At long last! Thank you! I weep tears of joy.

  • Please, make Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS4 AND on the PS3! Please!

    Also, add Sora to Playstation All Stars Battle Royale! He is a true all star and it would be a good way to advertise this!

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