PlayStation: The Best Place to Play

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PlayStation: The Best Place to Play

PlayStation 4

Millions of PlayStation fans around the world just watched our annual E3 press conference — marking the beginning to what will be an incredible week at E3 — and saw the amazing gaming and entertainment experiences coming to PlayStation in the near future. Above all else, what we showed tonight is our relentless focus on gamers and PlayStation’s long-standing legacy to building a gaming universe without boundaries.

One of the highlights of our event tonight was the official unveil of the PlayStation 4 system and price of $399. The PS4 design is sleek and functional, and contains a powerful system architecture that will enable the industry’s best developers to create amazing titles. Our Worldwide Studios team has more than 30 PS4 exclusive titles in development, 20 of which will launch during the first year of PS4. The PS4 games feature 12 completely new IPs, including a game we unveiled tonight… The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn. We also provided updates to other exciting PS4 titles #DRIVECLUB, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Knack.

inFAMOUS: Second Son

PS4 has incredible strength among the development community, and some of the best teams in the world displayed their ground-breaking games. Bungie Studios showed, for the first-time ever, live gameplay of the highly anticipated Destiny; Ubisoft featured Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs; Square Enix showed Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV; and Warner Bros. showed the world premiere for Mad Max. We also reinforced our support for independent and smaller developers with nine new titles that will debut exclusively on PlayStation 4.

It’s clear that you’ll have no shortage of games to play when PS4 launches. Globally there are more than 140 games in development for PS4 across our own Worldwide Studios and our development partners, including over 100 that will be available within the first year.

PlayStation 4

We also announced that PlayStation Plus memberships will carry over to PlayStation 4, so members will have access to all of the benefits across PS3, PS Vita and PS4 for one price. These benefits include online multiplayer access, exclusive discounts, cloud game saves, and Instant Game Collection, which gives members a selection of games to discover and enjoy with their friends. To celebrate the launch of PlayStation Plus on PS4, we will offer #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition in the Instant Game Collection.

Sony Pictures Entertainment joined us onstage to announce that it is working on new original programming and unique access to entertainment content on PSN and PS4. Sony Pictures Entertainment is one of the most powerful entertainment brands in the world and we look forward to bringing our fans curated content that they’ll love.

DriveClub on PS4

In just over a year since its launch, we’ve built a library of more than 125 PS Vita dedicated games and the platform will only get stronger in the coming year. More than 85 games will launch by the end of the year, including The Walking Dead, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, CounterSpy, Destiny of Spirits, Doki Doki, Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway.

Tearaway on PS Vita

The PlayStation 3 is heading into its 7th holiday season and our commitment is stronger than ever. The PS3 game lineup today is huge, starting this Friday with Game of the Year candidate The Last of Us, which is now the highest rated game for all platforms for 2012 and 2013. We have more than 300 other titles that will launch before the end of the year, such as Beyond: Two Souls, Rain, Puppeteer, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Gran Turismo 6. In addition, we announced a PS3 bundle for Grand Theft Auto V and a new GTAV branded Pulse Elite headset that comes with an exclusive GTA soundscape.

It’s truly a remarkable time at PlayStation. We’re on the verge of launching the most powerful gaming system ever built with the PS4 and the entire PlayStation ecosystem is expanding with the continued growth and strength of PS Vita, PS3 and PlayStation Network. I want to thank PlayStation Nation for your passion and continued support. You’re the reason we continue to innovate, explore new entertainment possibilities and push the boundaries of play. I look forward to sharing more exciting details in the near future.

Jack Tretton

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  • Just some food for thought for the DRM. That was decided long ago during the same time frame that the “always online wasn’t considered”. Your campaign was free advertisements for Sony PlayStation.

  • FireDragonMonkey

    Please tell me it isn’t true that EVERY member of my household is going to need to have a Playstation Plus membership to be able to play online. This was a big feature of the PS3 over the Xbox360, especially for people who only occasionally play online. If there are 4 people in the house sharing the PS4 then that means paying $200 to play online when on the PS3 it was free! I decided that it was worth it to purchase a PS+ membership for the games and discounts BECAUSE they could be used by any of my family members who were using my PS3. But it simply isn’t worth it and is redundant to have everyone in the house pay for the membership.

    At the very least if you plan on keeping it pay-to-play online, then do like Microsoft has done (since they got so much heat from the Sony camp for their paid online service) and make it so that only one Playstation Plus membership is needed per console to allow all users on the console to play online regardless of the PS+ user being signed in.

    I’m happy with the $399 price point of the PS4 but greatly disappointing by the need to pay for ANY online gaming since this negates any money saved by buying a PS4 over the new Xbox.

    Thank you for your attention,

  • Well done Sony.

  • You do realize that by including Multiplayer in Plus, that forces more people to subscribe, which in turn helps them to be able to offer you a powerhouse of a console at $399. Its a smart way for them to recoup some costs. You still get free games and discounts, and I bet Gaikai gets rolled into it as well. Still an excellent service for the low cost.

  • woah woah woah kingdom hearts 3 was shown? excuse me while i head to youtube.

  • I have 3 PS3 here. All my family play PS3. Share games is important to us and it’s a good news, i can share games. But PS+ is 200$ for us. Habitually i buy 1 console every 3 month when new sony console release. But this time i probably pass more months if i buy PS4. Please sony give us a discount for more than 2 PS+.

  • Great E3 show guys, proud to be a PS Player, for life!

  • For online multiplayer, does this mean PS+ is required to play online, or if you already have a subscription, there’s no need for online passes? Either way, I’m getting a PS4. It’s a heck of a lot better than having online check-ins and DRM disc-based games.

  • Only console I own right now is a 360, and I’ve been very happy with it. But after the disastrous X-Box One reveal, and after tonight’s Sony presser, you guys have won me back. Bigtime. Lower pricepoint, used games, no connection required, and Gaikai will let me catch up on the PS3 games I never got to play before. All of this, and you guys weren’t afraid to pull punches when making your case. You didn’t tiptoe around it, you didn’t say “We know SOME companies have a different philosophy” – shy of actually saying Microsoft, you said straight up “They are doing it wrong, and we’re going to do it right.”

    I’m a poor graduate student who games (probably more than he should :P), and I have been trying to find a way into Next Gen. Tonight’s presser felt like it was directed straight at me, and it said “We’ve got you covered.”

    I’ll see you guys on PSN. :)

  • As a Vita owner, I am extremely disappointed that my gaming device has apparently been relegated to that of a controller for the PS4.

    Where are the games? You say 125, but don’t mention any AAA titles. Most are likely indie games, which I could play on my PC for $1 or so each, but don’t want to. Why would I want to pay $10-15 for them on the Vita?

    And bear in mind, mobile gaming probably gets 125 indie games a week, not a year.

  • oh, Jack…. nice headshot… but you should have not overkilled

    you are a not good man, Jack

    Just kidding… was awesome

  • I sincerely hope people are just misinterpreting this online payment thing. The way I heard it, Plus remains the same but you only get the singleplayer portion of the games in the IGC, and have to purchase the multiplayer if further interested. Please don’t tell me that online gaming is no longer free on PS4 unless you subscribe to Plus, because then Sony just gave away their biggest trump card, at the very least. I don’t think I can handle a Dualshock redesign AND this. Damnit, where is the replay of the Sony conference so I can double check on this ><

  • @3 and 24, Good thats a better reason then just leaving because mandatory ps+ for online.

  • Well played Sony! I was expecting $499 around the board, but at $399 I have no excuse to not purchase day one. And then I get a PS4 AAA exclusive w/ my PS Plus membership?! You have lost your minds and I love it! You have fully redeemed yourselves from 2006! Congrats~!! :D

  • PS4 still has time to implement retrocompatibility with PS3 games, PS2 games and PSX digital games and decline Plus being mandatory to play online maintaining online playing free for everyone. If they don’t, I will give the thumbs down to PS4, use my PS Plus account to “buy” free PS4 games and only buy it after it has dropped it’s price dramatically or they add compatibility with PS3 in any way they want to. I encourage everyone that bought over 190 digital PS3 games supporting this company to do the same. RESPECT TO MY PS3 GAMES COLLECTION!

  • I preordered. I’m weak :(

  • Sony, you have worked hard to maintain consumer trust and rights for teas. I ask that online not be behind a pay wall if these conjectures prove true. We may be small voices in a sea of thousands and an online infrastructure is money to uphold but; if you find it within you to keep allowing for us to use all facets of the game we just bought without having to pay a premium, we would be forever grateful.

  • Long Live Play!

  • Congrats Sony. You did a phenomenal job!

  • Good show a lot of games were there and and nicer price on PS4 . But when is the release date for the PS4? And I glad sony is finaly droping the ball on Vita go to show I will never buy one. High price memory cards and no price drop in sight.. and were paying for online game now wow might be going offline on PS4. well we still have the rest for the week?

  • I can honestly say that I thought you put all your cards on the table with your earlier conference this year. Thanks Sony for once again looking out for the gamers. I have been playing Playstation since I was a kid waking up on saturday morning putting Spyro into my PS1, the PS2 came around and laid the foundation to my enthusiasm for gaming, the PS3 came by and after some needed price cuts I snagged one and have been experiencing quality gaming. You’ve not let me down yet Sony and it’s great to see where you’re going with the PS4. Keep it up!

  • You nailed it again Sony! I cannot wait to purchase the first pre-order bundle you announce for PS4! I’m so proud to be a part of the Playstation Nation! (P.S. Could we get some news on The Last Guardian?)

  • how about WARRIORS LAIR in ps vita and ps3?? been waiting for ages and yet no update?
    i get it, its been canceled? make a rpg like diablo in ps vita!!!!

  • lol warriors layer and the last guardian will be released with the collectors edition of starcraft ghost

  • Love it

  • Will I be able to play non-online multi-player games sitting on my couch with a friend without having to pay extra for it? Will there even be any games that allow local multi-player? Since you are a gaming system for gamers, will you allow me to play the numerous games that I have already purchased for the PS1-PS3 and PS Network on this new-fangled system?

  • Sony are you really gonna charge us for online gaming? T_T

  • As someone who paid $600 for a PS3 at launch largely because there was free online play and has little interest in PS+, the news that online will be behind a paywall is a huge disappointment and pretty much killed any hype I have for the PS4. What a bitter blow. All the talk about indies and freedom and you go copy your greedy competitor and start charging people for such a basic service on top of the console and games, something PC users still have for free.

  • Thank you.

    As a long time gamer I’ve felt over and over that my voice was ignored and as a customer I was underappreciated, because gamers tend to be a apathetic lot and not try to protect our consumer rights.

    But this time we finally raised our voices, and you guys listened, and I’ve never felt better about a company.

    Now just please make sure to keep the good will flowing by having enough consoles available at launch. You’re going to need a ton of them now I think…. ;)

  • Perhaps the system should come bundled with a three month PS Plus subscription card? Maybe users who would be new to the subscription service would appreciate a trial?

  • All great news, but just one question. Will you need the PS+ to play online with every game? Games like GT that race online. Will a PS+ membership be needed for that? Or will members just get perks for having it.

  • Will MMOs (free and monthly fee) online be behind the pay wall?

    If so, that’s b/s to me. At *LEAST* don’t do that. Because, then you are severely limiting the growth of these games.

    Yes PS+ is a value already, but for games that really *NEED* a huge online community ever little bit counts in keeping those games alive. Especially if we’re stuck with only PS4 users, and can’t cross platform play with PC.

  • Mr. Tretton, you and your team are my hero’s : ) I don’t know what made “you know who” think they could get away with there DRM and restrictive always online policy’s, but you and your team did a STELLAR performance showing them the errors of there ways and showing them how you share games(lol!!). You have my $400 bucks. I will be at gamestop 1st thing in the morning ; )

  • Thank you Sony, for stand by consumers and helping protect our rights as consumers… MS had hoped you would go a long with DRM… I am ecstatic that you did not… IF the PS4 did have DRM like MS, I was going to retro game or pull out of gaming at together…

    Gaming has been my hobby well over 25 years… I became ill as a young adult and gaming has been my window, my way to escape from my home… I rarely go out and if I do it is for a Doctors appointment.. more often than not…

    I can’t thank you enough as a gamer, as a consumer, as an ill person looking to escape reality and pain….

    Thank you for NO DRM

    Thank You Sony

    Your Consumer
    Michael Burton

  • Will Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts be exclusives? I hope so.

    And on another note, even though I love PSN+ I don’t think it is right to make it MANDATORY!!

    Uncool bro, uuuuncoool…..

  • i agree the playstation 4 is the better place to play games than the xbox one, but on handheld front it looks like the 3ds is a better place to play games. i want to spend a lot of money on more games for the vita but i just cant right now. Wheres phantasy star online 2? sony should throw some money on localizing that game by now for vita. You want vita games to pick up? push out more products, sony. i was expecting so much for it at e3 but nothing was showed that excited me. im gonna wait till something is shown today.

  • Although I buy new games from retail, I thank you for not blocking used games (although it wouldn’t affect me all that much). Thanks for not treating me like criminal, Sony.

    I’ll be buying PS4 near future. I guarantee it.

  • Am I the only one that’s never had a problem with DualShock controllers? Heck, I somewhat prefer them over Xbox’s.

  • Very good press conference Sony! I wasn’t sure if I was going to join in the next generation at launch but your show just inspired me to do so! And to all the people complaining about PS+ being required for online multiplayer…seriously!? Sony supports customer freedom, drops a nice $400 price tag, still has the PS+ instant game collection on PS4, and if your not a PS+ member you can still use hulu, Netflix, crackle and all the other media services, AND YOUR COMPLAINING ABOUT NEEDING TO PAY $5 A MONTH TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER!? You all must be joking. Sony you got a day one purchase of PS4 from me and many others, thank you!

  • The real test is when both consoles are released into the market to the masses and the months that follow.

    As long as they keep plus as good as it is or in an ideal world improve upon it while shedding off what doesn’t. I enjoy owning what I buy and doing with it as I please, so I suppose I’ll have to take a grain of salt with the sweet. Financially I understand the move and if it were me I’d go ahead with this business plan, perhaps it’s a way to counterbalance the revenue they lose with used games since a game returned and repurchased at discounted price say 5 times, is potentially 3-4 full priced purchases lost.

    Also Gaikai, if it ends up that you’ll be able to play games from past gen consoles would the service be free? Would it be more like the graduated packages you get with Netflix and other streaming services the more you pay the more you get? Or based monthly or yearly like PS+?

    Lastly, how much dust is going to be sucked into those vents?

    Sorry for the length. Sony still has me though. It’d be nice for a little bipartisanship between PS4, X1, Wii and PC fans too.

  • Oh and just because I can, I will only let friends borrow my games and always buy new because I support developers as a customer, not a prisoner. GO SONY!

  • i cant believe we need playstation plus for online multiplayer

  • But i have to say the PS4 is Awsome

  • sony youre killing the vita, is like you dont care about it, like youre saying its not my problem not my business

    wheres the big announcement for the vita
    wheres the exclusive MONSTER HUNTER vitaG

  • Q: Who paid online services for those don’t have PS+ on their PS3?
    A: PS+ members. seriously.
    Q: Why must PS4 have PS+ to play online?
    A: Brand new Streaming Heavy Servers don’t come cheap, double that with the full-power-backup-server maintenance.


    You can give all the bells and whistles to the PS+ members they deserve a premium service.

    But taking out one the main features of the games I’ve bought so you can charge for a “mandatory” subscription is NOT COOL.

    I was gonna get PS+ this week to show my appreciation for not following MS’ direction


    I won’t be supporting any of this, and I encourage my fellow gamers to do the same

    By trying to force me to get PS+, you just lost a PS+ and PS4 sale

  • Indeed! Definitely buying PS4 Day one, any doubts were resolved today. Amazing conference for Sony this year.

  • Honestly, try out PS Plus… you easily make your investment back Day 1 and get a ton of more content every week after for a whole year.

  • Top notch show. It was everything that’s great about video games and E3. I’m really looking forward to killzone shadow fall and infamous second son and I loved the game sharing video
    The PS4s $399 price tag lets me put one on my Christmas list, Awsome!

  • PS2 classics on the Vita!!

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