The Drop: Week of June 10th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of June 10th 2013 New Releases

Survive an apocalypse on Earth in The Last of Us, a PlayStation 3-exclusive title by Naughty Dog. Here, you will find abandoned cities reclaimed by nature. Here is a population decimated by a modern plague. Here, there are only survivors killing each other for food, weapons, or whatever they can get their hands on. Here, you find no hope.

Joel, a brutal survivor, and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together if they hope to survive their journey across the US.

Enjoy this week The Drop!

The-Last-of-Us-Box-ArtThe Last of Us

(Available June 14th, 2013) — The Last of Us is a third-person Survival-Action game that utilizes choices in gameplay action to develop the game storyline, as well as the relationship between the two main characters, Joel and Ellie. The game features a combination of combat, exploration, stealth and platforming game mechanics. Although Joel and Ellie are both residents of a post-apocalyptic world, they have had different experiences that affect the way they see the world around them, and feel about what they see and do. Joel had a life before the pandemic, while the world of the pandemic is all that Ellie has ever known.

As part of Joel’s job to smuggle Ellie out of the quarantine zone, players have to make choices in how they deal with enemies, which include, roving gangs of human scavengers not unlike themselves, military elements and infected civilians. Player also have opportunity to together interact with elements of the world around them, which helps to build the bond between Joel and Ellie. Resources in the game are scarce, making overwhelming use of firepower unlikely and unwise in conflicts, and resource gathering missions. In addition, most other residents of the ruined world that are encountered are just trying to survive – blurring the line between good guys and bad guys. Finally, game AI react differently depending on the specifics of the player’s actions, making choice in gameplay a major consideration.

Flying Hamster HD (For PS Vita) — Take control of Newton, the flying hamster in this action-frenzy horizontal shooter. You will fly across six unique environments, from the sunflower fields to the big Japanese city or the crazy ancient Egypt. Eight freaky weapons are scattered among the levels, and you’ll need them all to take on the more than 35 different enemies (sneaky penguins, anti-air cows, exploding foxes, ninja squirrels, toaster-robots…) as well as the six dreadful and unpredictable bosses.

4e6700b3_Final-Fantasy-XIII-2-Serah-Character-ArtworkAliens: Colonial Marines — In Aliens: Colonial Marines, players are part of a United States Colonial Marine squad and must prepare to face an Aliens assault more intense and horrific than ever before. Players must destroy the enemy with classic Aliens weaponry ranging from pulse rifles to flamethrowers as well as brand-new equipment.

Aliens: Colonial Marines features a story driven single-player mode and a four player co-op mode allowing players to share the chilling experience with three friends. In co-op mode, each player assumes the persona of a United States Colonial Marine and have a distinct role to play in the completion of every mission.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 — A wish to protect the world. A promise to challenge destiny. After thirteen days of fates intertwined, the battle begins…

Set several years after Lightning and the others saved Cocoon, some survivors have decided to start over by rebuilding on Gran Pulse. Lightning, however, is nowhere to be found and thought dead by many, but Serah believes otherwise. When her town is suddenly overrun by monsters, a mysterious man named Noel appears to save her. Together, the two set off to find Lightning…


  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F

PlayStation 2 Classic

250px-Contrass-frontContra: Shattered Soldier — All of the legendary action and adrenaline of the famed Contra series explodes in a new dimension with Contra: Shattered Soldier. Fans of the series will feel right at home with the game’s signature frenzied, side-scrolling 2D gameplay, while newcomers to the series will be awed by the game’s ultra-detailed 3D visuals and wide assortment of enemies – human, alien and mechanized.

Massive, screen-filling boss characters, a Contra series staple, do everything they can to keep players from proceeding through the multiple action-packed missions, while environmental threats such as swarms of bugs, aggressive enemies and alien encounters keep players on their toes. When the action gets too intense; players can always opt to take on the enemy with a friend in the cooperative 2-player simultaneous mode.

Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer — Join Francis Blade as he struggles to make the best of his ill-fated journey. Start shipwrecked on a mysterious island with only basic abilities. After finding the medallion that allows Francis to summon the powerful spirit of the Black Buccaneer things begin to change.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Does anyone know when The Last of Us DEMO is out for everyone that does’t have GOW AS??
    i want to buy the game but I want to try the gameplay. Last time I bought a game just on looks it sucked bad “The Amazing Spider-Man,MW3,Homefront.. ETC…

  • Per-ordered Disc Copy of “The Last of Us”

    Can’t wait to get into that venture.

    Been gaming since SEGA MASTER SYSTEM. Remember that console neuropunk? I don’t see the point in sharing your dislike for a game you will not play. I’ve owned every gaming system since the first SEGA & there hasn’t been any gaming style change since DOOM & motion control. Those games evolved & still will with the upcoming systems. Before you call me a Sony fanboy, know I have the 360 (50+ games) & Wii U (8 games) but have over 100 PS3 games because Sony not only releases quality content but also dishes out free games so often…. which reminds me if you are a Nintendo fan boy I guess you already know Deus Ex is coming to the Wii U for $50 or $60. How much is it on the PS3?

  • @99 I’m not sure what you expect, developers are going where the money is…which they should. If you want jrpgs there’s TONS of em on older systems and on NDS. All you can do is hope that the tide of popularity changes back to Japan, because as of right now people are paying with their wallets, and they want shooters and games like uncharted and TLoU. And try to be a little less discriminating with the ‘dudebro’ stuff. This isn’t gamefaqs.

  • Pls. release a patch for the trophy “Zeus is Angry” of Sunflower !

  • Contra!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!! i wanted !!! / and NEOContra , Castlevania CoD ,, Castlevania LoI, :D

  • Splendid!

  • The Last of Us. Nicee.
    And it’s cool that Project Diva finally gets to be released here. But I already have the vita version. But I probably could buy it just for the extra songs maybe.

  • @nerophunk

    I can understand where your coming from but there’s one problem on Dev don’t make your so called “Video Games”. It’s 2013. How much do you think technology has evolve since the days of NES or Atari? Hell how much progress has the human race as they went from Walkman to iPod? The problem is video games keep going forward they can’t expect to keep using the same style of gaming they used in the 80s or 90s. And as some people have stated people care about Characters, Gameplay and Story.

    On the part of JRPGs. It’s funny that you mention JRPGs on the 360 because I happen to have The Last Remnant and Lost Odyssy. I also have Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean TLH. Some of JRPGs on the 360 weren’t successful probably cuz nobody heard of them so sales suck. And if you want JRPGS on the PS3 then 1 go import those games or 2 move to Japan.

  • Whaaaaaaa? Flying Hamster? Hehe!! I got it for free (Thx PSN!) and it was the very 1st game I downloaded on my PSVita. Haha! Gonna have to check The Last of Us at launch. I’ve been playing that Demo more than any other Demo, ever. E3, start already will ya? ;P

  • @neuropunk I like tech advancement yes.. I have a sega nomad along with the sega I have a Nintendo a super and a 64 PS1&2 I enjoy older games which is why I keep them around for when I want to play older games that supposedly “pwns the crap outa any ps3 game” you enjoy games from 15 yrs ago then play them easily found on I made one post and I’m a “tech troll” you sir are define the new found meaning of TROLL, ps3 doesn’t need a mascot because people care about good games not childish characters and the people who do care about mascots have Nintendo to fill their needs.. It’s a simple difference in taste and you’re taste is no better then that of others as my opinion changes no views of your own.

  • The Last of Us retail copy plus season pass and Project Diva F demo ftw.

    Time to buy my THIRD copy of Project Diva f/F.

  • @ 12 neuropunk – STFU troll….stop speaking nonsense.

    Ha can’t believe its finally here….finally TLoU….TLoU may be the best game ever created…deal with it haters.

  • @ 90 neuropunk – Ha had to double post….can’t decide which one is the bigger troll Ryoumau or this guy…but the comment 90 is for sure the comment most full of Bullsh** that I’ve ever seen on this blog.OMG I feel sorry for people like you.

  • “TLoU may be the best game ever created”

    Yeah, no. Some mushroom zombie apocalyptic wasteland interactive movie that looks like one of the most boring games ever made has no chance of being the best game ever made.

    Best game ever made goes to REAL GAMES such as Final Fantasy VII, Yoshi’s Island, Super Metroid, Super Mario RPG, etc. There is no room for The Last of Us in the best games ever made.

    The Last of Us has awful garbage trash QTE BS. Since TLoU has QTEs it is automatically put in the category of worst games of all time.

    Oh and TLoU is not going to sell nearly as much as you think it will sell. Cannot wait for the game to release so the hype can die and people stop talking about it.

    You guys hyped up Tomb Raider 2013, Bioshock Infinite, GTAIV, MGS4 and GoW3, and those games sucked. Why do you guys hype mediocrity?

  • Can a mod please remove this guys comments? He isn’t contributing and he’s just spouting negativity

  • I am following the rules though and being on topic since I’m talking about The Last of Us in my posts.

    Comments are the lifeblood of the PlayStation.Blog, and we encourage you to keep the conversation going in a relevant, constructive way. Remember: no swearing, fighting, or using the comments section of this blog to be “first!” Think about what you’re saying before you press “Submit.” If you’d like to talk about something off topic, click here for our Forums, or here to submit a new idea.”

    Yeah, I haven’t insulted anyone. I bet you insult me all the time on GameFaqs, don’t you? So yeah, I have followed the rules here.

    Just talking about The Last of Us being a generic mushroom zombie apocalyptic wasteland game. How originals. And with QTE crud, to boot. Yay, yippee skippee for gimmicky QTE trash.

    Oh and what is wrong with negativity? Maybe I am a negative person? Ever think of that?

  • You’re breaking the very FIRST rule though.

  • And post 54 you in fact insulted someone, so please mods remove this guys comments and mine as well.

  • Oh, this “Sony Pony and a super troll”

    But you seem to have no problem with me being called a Nintendrone. Also, you have no problem with me being called a troll here or on GameFaqs? So, it’s okay for you guys to insult, but not me, I take it? You hypocrite. Anyhow, those are not moddable offenses on GameFaqs.

    Don’t blame me for my behavior. Sony are the ones who abandoned their turn based JRPG fans and replaced them with interactive movies instead of proper video games. Anyhow, I just cannot wait for The Last of Us to release, disappoint and then people forget about it.

  • Yeah I’m done arguing with you. You’re just looking for attention which I won’t give anymore.

  • So who else is getting the Season Pass for The Last of Us?

    I hear it extends well into next year!!!!!

  • neuropunk

    Why do all yall insist on feeding the troll, for shame. The troll is only as powerful as those that feed it.
    “Save the internet, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!”

  • Did you guys just catch the trailer to the Ubisoft sequel to ‘The Last of Us’, called ‘The Division’?

    The Last of Us is not even out yet and they have already shown a trailer to the sequel, The Division!

  • cant wait to try Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F


  • Planning on fixing Pinball Arcade, ever? Third update now with no news for something that should have been fixed within a day.

  • Wait.. Does this mean Last of us is coming out today instead of Friday???

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