Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream arrives on PSN this month

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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream arrives on PSN this month

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Hello everybody! The screenshot you can see above is from Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream, coming to PlayStation 3 later this month. It was developed here at our relatively new development studio Black Forest Games. It was also completed with the help of Kickstarter backers, who donated enough money to finish the project. Black Forest Games was the first German independent developer who managed to successfully run such a campaign!

Now you might say, “Black Forest Games? Never heard of that company!” No problem! Let me introduce you to our fine little organization.


Once upon a time there was a game studio called Spellbound Entertainment who created successful titles like Desperados, Airline Tycoon and Robin Hood – just to name a few.


Unfortunately the company went under in 2011 and had to close its doors – a rather sad end of an era. After the dust settled, the core Spellbound team gathered strength and founded Black Forest Games, bringing with them as many team members as they could. They opened the office doors again in 2012 in the small town of Offenburg, in south west Germany near the famous Black Forest – hence the name!


Nowadays the team is on their feet and thriving, with 40 members from all over the world. BFG is fairly diverse, we have talented people from Canada, USA, South Africa, Russia, Belarus, France , Egypt, and of course Germany. So yes, you guessed right, English is the language to speak in the sacred halls of Black Forest Games.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is the first title of our independent studio, and the story behind this game and how it came to be is something of an epic and enthralling tale. We’ve created a fast-paced old school platformer with a modern look and a unique twist! During your wild journey through the game you can change into another form of Giana – the so-called ‘Punk Giana’ – and see how the world around you changes as well. We’ll discuss this morphing effect in a future Blog post.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a real challenge and a game where you need dexterity, wit and fast reactions. But first of all, it is a lot of fun! Master each level, collect the gems, overcome the many different monsters and obstacles, and reach the final boss – the evil dragon who captured your sister.

In the meantime feel free to watch and enjoy the video that gives you a glimpse of the life at Black Forest Games. Enjoy it!

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  • I’m glad it’s getting a PS3 release. I was one of the backers on Kickstarter, and I don’t have a problem sending more money your way to get a PS3 version of this game.

  • Oh cool. I was hoping this would come to the PS3. I’d much rather engage this game on a console/portable.

  • Let me be the first of many to ask this: any plans for a Vita version?

  • Super Awesome!!! and more Awesome! If I can play this game on my Vita!!!


    Keep it Up!!!!

  • OLED Screen (Vita) + Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams = Win! :)

    C’mon BlackForest you can do it!!!

    Vita Love!!!

  • I have it on Steam. The game is absolutely gorgeous, but very hard! PS3 gamers are in for a treat.

  • Release a Vita port and I’ll buy it day one.

  • Yes, it would be really awesome on vita! :)

  • Why this games are not released for ps vita? I would be very happy if games like outland, blood rayne the betrayal and unfinished swan, appear in the vita. Is there any chance that happens?

  • I love 2d side scrollers, in fact I think the PS3 needs far more of it. I’ve bought this game for the PC, and I’ll be buying it again for the PS3. I didn’t like it much playing it on my small screen laptop.

    Also, I work in Germany (near Stuttgart, so not too far from you guys!) as a senior system software developer and it’s great to see development work being done natively in Germany!

    Can’t wait to get this game on PSN. I hope and you folks would make more high-quality, old-school 2D side scroller games — something that will release in a retail box (like Rayman Origins) :)

  • mario bros knockoff :p (yes i REALLY is lol do some research :p)

  • Looks great! Thanks for putting this on my radar. By the way, I love your logo!

  • Hello Guys/Gals over @ BlackForest. I gotta say, this game looks very well put together. Seems like some exciting platforming along with some nice touches of time/Enviroment shifting, well done. I’m really lovin the art style also.
    My 2 questions are as most will ask,
    1-Is there a Vita version incoming ?
    2- Will there be any post release DLC levels ?
    Thanks in advance, and as always…….Keep on Gamin.

  • I see no mention of price?

    This game has been on sale via Steam several times. $9.99 or bust.

  • I lived in Offenburg for a few months a while back. Loved that town! Looking forward to see what you turn out.

  • AvoidTalkingMice

    Sweet! Everyone should buy this game. It is great on Steam. To those asking, I almost guarantee the price to be 14.99 as thats what it was at first on steam.

  • Get me a vita release with Cross Buy & Play and you can count on me throwing money at this.

  • Spent many (probably too many) hours with old Gianna Sisters on my C64 and had mixed feelings when I saw this video.
    Seems completly different.
    And where is C64 style theme music

  • VITA release please!!!!

  • Glad this is coming to PS3. I was going to get it on Steam, but my graphics card is basically a obese hamster on a rusted hamster wheel.

  • I’ve been wanting to pick this up since I saw it on Greenlight but the sales and My finances just never lined up right. Now I must answer the eternal question,PC or PSN?

  • Yes,definitly will be cool if we could have it on Vita too

  • I would LOVE to play it on Vita, but a PS3 release is great nonetheless!

    I will buy this game! =D

  • game looks beautiful!

  • O come on, if you are not going to do a vita version at least put remote play on it.

  • It looks fun. Any chance for a Vita release?

  • No Amiga version?! WTH!!!! ;^p

  • This looks incredible 1st up, it takes a lot of time & energy that goes into theses games.

  • Vita please!

  • is this a joke we all look for a new Giana Sisters game for years but this is not Giana Sisters this is will lame i will hope NeXT some one will make a real good remake of a old school game real not lose the point of the game take Giana Sisters and turn the game into is worng “Black Forest Games no respect for ppl that has make the old Giana Sisters

    Giana Sisters on amiga is the best

  • Port it to Vita and I will gladly buy this.

  • Oh hey! Still haven’t gotten far in the PC version. Glad it’s still rollin’ along to other platforms, though.

  • Looks great!

  • Are they not “Great” anymore?

  • Seems like an interesting game to me. I hope a demo is planned.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Sevyne

    If you really wanted this game, you’d buy it no matter what console it’s on.

    I’m even doubting that all of you people who claim “I’d buy a Vita version!” actually would.

    It’s like the hot new stupid internet meme in the gamer community. From now on, anytime a game is being released and there isn’t a Vita version, at least a hundred people post “Vita version or no buy!” just for the sake of saying it. It doesn’t feel genuine anymore. I bet some of you don’t even have a Vita…

  • @36: That’s dumb.

    There are plenty of games I have mild interest in, but there’s just no real desire to play these things on PS3 for me. But if it comes out on PS Vita, which I play much more often, then they move up my list.

    And I buy tons of games. So don’t even pull that b/s with me.

  • @ 36:

    Haha yeah, I was surprised too by the number of people who request Vita versions although I surmised it was just because they are starved for games to play. I join the requesters occasionally (and I do have a Vita). Anyone with a Vita knows that the system deserves so much more than what it’s currently getting. And games like this really would look fantastic on a Vita. I use my Vita much more than my PS3, even when I’m in the living room with the PS3 4 feet away. It’s my platform of choice. There are many of us out there. I just wish there were more.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Elvick_

    You must have missed the key words in my post, goofball. Here, I’ll make it easier on you –

    I said: “If you REALLY WANTED THIS GAME, you’d buy it no matter what console it’s on.”

    Did you catch it that time? Do you see how your follow-up of “games I have mild interest in” doesn’t really fit here? So don’t even pull that b.s. with me. Hee hee…

    Speaking of dumb… don’t you have some more whining to do to Sega about how they ruined your life because they… umm.. what was it again? Had something to do with video games somehow I’m sure… but you were acting like they had just broken into your house or something. So petty. Just shoo.

    Shoopity shoopy shoop shoo.


  • @39

    So you’re surmising that a person’s desire for a game is independent of their desire to play it on a specific device and I don’t believe that’s true. For example, I love Sound Shapes but play it on my Vita far more than I’ve ever played it on my PS3. I believe it’s possible to REALLY WANT A GAME with the condition that it comes out for a specific platform.

  • really hoping to play this on my Vita :D

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ TUNA-EGG

    Don’t get me wrong, I know the Vita definitely needs a boost. It would be great if the Vita had a larger library of titles to offer. It’s only logical that Sony should encourage third-party support to their handheld a little more, but they need to move units first before these smaller developers are going to feel comfortable investing time and money putting their projects up for grabs on this particular platform.

    The Vita needs more exclusives, period. And not just the usual stuff you see on the main platforms, but rather games that are tailor-made for the Vita, designed with Vita’s unique features in mind, and delivering invigorating experiences that explore the full potential of those features in innovative ways that hook the consumer and keep them coming back for more. That’s the only way the Vita will thrive. The games need to be DIFFERENT. Simply being portable isn’t good enough, because…

  • PrimeroIncognito

    …although you say there are many like you who prefer the Vita over the PS3, I guarantee you that there are many more gamers with their preferences set the other way around. Why would I play the same game on a tiny 5″ screen that I could also play on my 37″ HDTV? That’s the logic of many gamers, including myself. The Vita needs to be DIFFERENT.

    And IT’S UP TO SONY to take care of that end. Whether they feel like it or not is another story, but I’m thinking that the Vita was never meant to be a big hit, initially. The more I hear about PS4, the more I realize that Sony has had long-term plans from the beginning to integrate their next-gen handheld with the new flagship console. The Vita’s best days are certainly ahead of it still, it would seem. We must be patient. If this next generation turns out to be as good as it has been presented to be, then it will be worth waiting for, as good things always are.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    All the people wanting Mickey Mouse, Giana Sisters, and the like on Vita, don’t realize what an extremely tiny slice of the pie they represent. Their cries mean nothing if the publishers aren’t seeing the numbers on their end. The business side of things ALWAYS plays a role in how these things turn out whether we like it or not. It has always been that way, unfortunately. People just need to be more realistic.

    @ Rainwater

    But if you REALLY WANT a game, you wouldn’t care what platform it was on. If you have conditions in place that need to be met before you’re willing to invest in the game, then it can very easily be demonstrated that you must not REALLY WANT THAT PARTICULAR GAME after all.

    ESPECIALLY IF you also HAPPEN TO OWN the platform that the game is being released for! Yet you’d still decline? Just how bad do you want it after all?

    I capitalized “REALLY WANT” for a reason… pay attention… ;)

  • @PrimeroIncognito:

    I’d say if they say the *only* reason to not buy the game is the platform, then yes, it’s kinda bad. But by that logic people should’ve been satisfied that the game was only on PC.

    But you must also realize that there’s quite a number of games that would fit a portable device because of gameplay reasons than controls. (genres like puzzles, simulation games, platformers that have segmented levels, RPGs that tend to have plenty of grinding, etc.)

    I don’t think everyone has the time to dedicate in front of the television, like people who have to to work 9-5 jobs and have to share the TV at home. Commuting is a great time to play games in short busts (unless you’re driving), as well as in bed just before you sleep, or maybe even while using the toilet (YMMV). It would be pretty hard to use your PS3 in those situations.

    Also, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of games posted in the blog where nobody asks for a Vita version, and some of those are PSN titles. Because they *know* that specific game won’t work as a portable, simple as that (FPS games, several TPS, games that need screen real estate to be played fine, etc.)

    If a game would play well on a portable, people would ask for it.

  • Please give us a PS Plus discount on this so I can delete the demo from my 360 and BUY THIS AWESOME GAME!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ geneMag

    I work a 9-5 too.

    But I make time to play games when I’m not working. Gaming is a hobby of mine, obviously. I enjoy it, so I make time for it.

    Not everyone commutes on a bus, train, or subway. And I would never play games sitting on the toilet. To me, that’s just… umm… that’s a problem. Sounds like someone who’s so attached that they can’t put the game down for a few minutes.

    Most people who game on Sony systems don’t post here. We seem to have a very small group of posters. Those who are asking for specific games to be on the Vita represent a very small percentage. Most gamers don’t want the same games on the portable that they can play on the console. Cross-buy, cross-save, and cross-play are all fantastic features, but they’re not enough to guarantee success for the Vita. The Vita needs custom-fit exclusives, first and foremost. The crossover titles are a nice bonus, and they surely add value, but the Vita will never truly thrive if the focus in game development leans too heavily on crossover titles.

  • I agree on that. The Vita really needs to be promoted as it can stand on its own. Browsing through the Japanese PSN I can see a large variety of new games there. Here in NA though… mostly ports, and some are treating the Vita as a glorified smartphone.

    It’s why I’m kind of saddened with how it’s being promoted right now. ‘Console experience on the go’, though you can only have so much immersion with a small screen. The same with how it’s being promoted with the PS4. I fear it’s gonna be seen as an expensive accessory to the console instead of a separate handheld. And worst-case, people won’t dev for it since the PS4 is there.

    There’s a lot of genres that could work for it as I mentioned earlier, and the touch screens aren’t completely needed (IMO The touch screen is best used for scrolling through menus or as extra buttons, no unneeded gimmicks.) Heck, just that second analog stick is enough to allow for more types of games to work with it.

    So aside from price, it all boils down to the chicken and egg conundrum. Why dev for it if nobody’s buying? Why buy when nobody’s devving? Portable gaming isn’t a niche market, as the 3DS and the mobile phones have shown. So what’s keeping it from working for Sony?

  • Wow this game looks great….these are the type of games we need…everything looks cool…just those “Y,A,B,X” that ain’t cool.Anyway these game is screaming please Vita version too.

  • Hello everybody,

    thank you very much for all the comments.

    A vita version? Well, you should never say never too early, but it is not yet decided.

    Yes, we are working on some new levels that will come out as DLC later this year.

    Stay tuned,

    Black Forest Games

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