PlayStation Plus: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free for Members

Welcome to June’s edition of the PlayStation Plus preview. At the start of every month we let you know what you can expect to hit the Instant Game Collection, and we’ll also detail the current week’s discounts. I’ll be sitting in for Morgan once again this week, but don’t worry, he’ll be back soon.

I’d like to introduce Square Enix’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution to the Instant Game Collection. With discounts on Portal 2, Let’s Fish! Hooked On, and GRID 2, you’re sure to find a deal worth picking up this week. After that, check out the hefty update we’ve got in store for the Instant Game Collection in June. Catch all the details below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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June Preview

The following games are slated to be free to PS Plus members through the Instant Game Collection in the month of June.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3)

PSN Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

Deus Ex Human Revolution
To save his life after a deadly attack, Adam Jensen had no choice but to become physically augmented with cybernetics. Driven by his need for answers, he soon finds himself chasing down leads all over the world. The choices he makes, as he unravels a vast conspiracy, will help determine the fate of humanity.
Machinarium (PS3)

PSN Price: $9.99, Free for PS Plus members

  • IGF – Excellence in Visual Art Award
  • DICE Awards Finalist
  • Gamasutra – Best Indie Game Of The Year
  • – Best Indie Game Of The Year
  • PAX10 Finalist
  • 90% Destructoid / Adventure Gamers
Saints Row: The Third (PS3)

PSN Price: $39.99, Free for PS Plus members

Saints Row The Third
Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to a new city.
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PS Vita)

PSN Price: $34.99, Free for PS Plus members

Zero Escape Virtues Last Reward
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is a suspense-driven visual novel/puzzle game and spiritual sequel to the hit, 999. Zero has kidnapped nine people and placed them in a warehouse to play the deadly Nonary Game. These seemingly nine strangers have bracelets that will kill them if they don’t play the game correctly. However, how can they trust each other, and do some have ulterior motives? Play as Sigma and decide who to trust and who to betray in this plot twisting visual novel! Who is Zero, why has Sigma been brought here and who exactly are the others? With fully voiced dual language support, mind-bending puzzles and more, solve the mystery that is Zero!
Gods Eater Burst (PSP, Compatible on PS Vita)

PSN Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

In GODS EATER BURST, the earth is plagued by altered beasts known as Aragami. The player is a new member of an elite force created to wield the God Arc (the only weapon capable of killing the Aragami) and devour the hostile gods. The player’s mission is to defeat the Aragami and gather material from them for research, but the player soon will realize they are being drawn into a giant conspiracy that will irreversibly alter the fate of humanity.

PlayStation Plus June Preview

Leaving PS Plus In June

  • June 4th – Sleeping Dogs
  • June 11th – Closure
  • June 11th – Ratchet & Clank All 4 One
  • June 11th – inFAMOUS 2
  • June 11th – LittleBigPlanet 2
  • June 18th – SOULCALIBUR: Broken Destiny
  • June 25th – BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND

Entering PS Plus in June (in no particular order)

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3)
  • Machinarium (PS3)
  • Saints Row: The Third (PS3)
  • Orc Attack (PSN)
  • Gods Eater Burst (PSP, compatible with PS Vita)
  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PS Vita)

June 4th PlayStation Plus Update

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3)

PSN Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

Deus Ex Human Revolution
To save his life after a deadly attack, Adam Jensen had no choice but to become physically augmented with cybernetics. Driven by his need for answers, he soon finds himself chasing down leads all over the world. The choices he makes, as he unravels a vast conspiracy, will help determine the fate of humanity.
Let’s Fish! Hooked On (PS Vita)

50% Discount – PSN Price: &19.99, $10.00 for PS Plus members

Lets Fish Hooked On
Cast-off on a fun fishing adventure with Let’s Fish! Hooked On, the first full-scale fishing game on PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system . Select your favourite character, unlock the latest lures and enhance your skills as you progress through Amateur, Professional and Master Class tournaments in your bid to win the World Tour!
Portal 2 (PS3)

40% Discount – PSN Price: $15.99, $9.59 for PS Plus members

Portal 2
Portal 2 draws from the award-winning formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music that earned the original Portal over 70 industry accolades and created a cult following. Portal 2 is now available for digital download with PlayStation Move motion controller support along with new motion DLC.

10% Discount – PSN Price: $59.99, $53.99 for PS Plus members

Be fast, be first and be famous as you join the elite in ‘World Series Racing’ where the greatest cars, drivers and events come together in the search for a new motorsport icon. Experience aggressive racing against advanced AI and become immersed in the race with GRID 2’s new TrueFeel Handling system which powers edge-of-control exhilaration behind the wheel of every iconic car. An extensive, separate online campaign powered by RaceNet sets new standards in the genre. Welcome back to racing.
Portal 2 In Motion (Add-on)

40% Discount – PSN Price: $7.99, $4.79 for PS Plus members

Portal 2 In Motion
Portal 2 In Motion is a DLC campaign for Portal 2 designed by Sixense for use with the high-performance motion tracking of the PlayStation Move motion controller. Building on the characters and world from Valve’s Portal 2, Sixense created Portal 2 In Motion to provide the most intuitive motion control experience ever seen.

Be sure to check back every Monday to learn when June’s Instant Game Collection updates are arriving for PS Plus members. You’ll also find more discounts and other exclusives that we weren’t able to detail here just yet. Remember the month preview is subject to change.

Thanks for reading this week’s update along with the month outlook. You’ll find all the content detailed above with their Plus benefits active when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow. Got more questions on Plus? Leave your comments below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, make sure you head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss this week’s news more, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments, and this time I won’t be late!

PlayStation Plus June Preview

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29 Author Replies

  • Good update but nothing for me this month.

  • WHOA Nelly. This is the best month yet. Sony may have a rep for doing some silly things, but PS Plus is not one of them. Some incredible value there month to month.

  • 2 AAA games retail vita game and early update nice.
    Tnx guys. Keep up the good work.

  • I can’t wait until E3…I wonder if they will release the games like they did last year, where we got about 10 AA titles for free in 1 day! THAT, was awesome!

  • Sigh more shooters so sick of shooters…

  • as an eu subscriber, i don’t understand why people are leaving the u.s one saying they aren’t pleased. you are getting 2 fantastic games this month, you should be grateful

  • Wow! This is incredible! Thank you!

  • Orc Attack is not avalible in PSN Mexico. =(

  • Oh fantastic, games I already have are being free…well except Machinarium but i honestly don’t know what that game is about. I already have Saints Row 3 The Full Package and Human Revolution. I could try to get portal 2 but i’ll need to scrounge 10 bucks :(

  • I already have Machinarium on my PS3, nice to have it on my Vita too. Anyone knows if it has cross-save?

    Good month for PS3, not so much for Vita… I might give Zero Escape a chance but it doesnt look like something I could enjoy, hope I’m wrong

  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND was a great addition (too bad that I already had it), and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is definitely a title that I want to play. The demo was very cool, the story seems very interesting. Didn’t bought because I’m not really into games that focus on the touch screen to play, but since we will have it for free on Plus, I’ll definitely play it. Thank you! :)

  • I dont like to lose 5 PS3 games and just recieve 3 -.-!!!

  • This is perfect *-*

  • I have a feeling E3 will show a big change in PS Plus :D
    Im very excited.

  • people asking for deus ex dlc discounts …. it was on sale last month you missed it …. end of story lol sorry guys

  • I fell out of my chair in shock…

  • Machinarium says it’s only for the PS3 but then it shows it is a croos buy game. Can I play it on my Vita as well?

  • WOW!! are you guys realizing what great titles these are?? for free?? WOW!!! theres not always something for me each month in the instant game collection, but so far this month is out freaking standing!!! makes me proud to be a sony fan and a plus member. you will continue to get nothing but more customers im sure after an update like this!! excited to see what else is coming now in june!!!!!

  • Thanks Paul. Will definitely download Deus Ex and Machinarium.

  • not a bad update, june looks good, thanks guys. quick quesfion when will friend network for vita be released. also be nice to see some lbp dlc added to the plus section.

  • #110 didnt you just see my comment saying that there are more games coming ?! sheesh LOL they will say it at E3 which games they are and youll get them that same week!

    hey let me pitch this in for you guys sony …. do another buy a year and get 3 months free on the week of E3 and see how much more PS plus users youll get ;)

  • Will there be anymore free PS Vita games? I didn’t see any good ones this time.

  • @ 49 do u have any idea how BIG metal gear solid 4’s size is man ??!? i really doubt they gonna put it.

  • Amazing update.

  • This is absolutely insane/awesome!!! Looking forward to E3, blow us away Sony!

  • what? i bought it when it was on sale a month or so ago! worst of all is that i still haven’t played it!

    seriously, why do you put games on sale if you0re gonna offer them later for free. This is a MAJOR flaw!

    That’s 20 bucks that could have gone for 3 extra months :(

  • So, if Sony replaces the 3 yearly games with new 3 games aside from the regular update…

    Will they be PS3 exclusives?

    All I want to know.

  • Wow anyone who complains about this month is a moron! My Bday was yesterday, so thanks for the great Bday month, Sony! Great month for both PS3 and Vita!

  • More as-yet unannounced games coming to Plus in June, eh? Already a good list, I can only imagine what you guys are waiting to pop out as an E3 surprise :)

  • Wow!!!!!

    What a smashing month to be a PS+ member!

    I was expecting Sony Studio games what with E3 coming up and all, but I am pleasantly surprised!

    Personally, these are games that I’ve been holding out, but man, this is just pure awesomeness.

    Thank you

  • Woo woo woo! Deus Ex is a fantastic addition. Saints Row 3?!! GTFO! Amazing addition. Looking out for DLC discounts or freebies for it! :P

  • You are my hero paul!

  • + Dharos on June 3rd, 2013 at 7:21 am said:
    What was last year’s E3 gift for PS+ subscribers?
    Also amazing line-up of free instant games and discounts.

    ….are you serious?!

    INSTANT GAME COLLECTION !!! lol this whole big collection of games weve all been getting for the past year lol thats what….

  • @125 hopefully not because there aren’t many other Sony Exclusive games i want taking those spots. Would rather have a better 3rd party game.

    Though i’m willing to bet PS All Stars will probably be added since it didn’t sell very well.

  • Let’s Fish! Hooked On (PS Vita) 50% , Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PS Vita), saints row 3….
    This is all the encouragement i need to pass tomorrow’s thesis defense!!! Thx for the great update guys!

  • Amazing month!

    Thank you Paul and all the members of the Plus team making this possible. You guys are awesome.

    Unless you want to support an awful localization butchering of an already awful buggy game. Not even worth playing for free.

  • Already have Deus EX on PC, but I’ll gladly download it on PSN for the easy Platinum. ^_^

  • ANDDDDDDDDDDDD this is why i love sony and PS3! you guys are the best!!!!

  • Looking forward to Deus Ex and SR3. Nice update

  • @137 – Agreed!!! :)

    And forgot to mention I already have Saint’s Row the Third on PC as well. AWESOME GAME!!! I hope everybody gives it a shot. :)

  • Now that’s a good list of free games
    Thanks PS

  • Those people who said E3 month would be a great Plus month were right. Thanks!

  • Excellent update Sony! Thanks for including these great games to the instant game collection!

  • Thank you Sony, amazing update!

  • Wow, great month guys. I like that sales on the Vita fishing game. Thanks!

  • look at all these games that have been on playstation plus leaving on june 11th. I wonder if they will be replaced next week around on of the biggest gaming events of the year! I can’t wait for the Playstation Plus announcement for e3!

  • @85 just so you know Demon Souls counted as a RPG

    @85 if you think those two games are going to replace the big three in either region your dead wrong

  • Nice, been wanting to get Saint’s Row and almost pulled the trigger this weekend, Glad I didn’t, now if only PS plus would update today

  • @95 They aren’t separated out by platform, but they are all available digitally. Here’s a short list of straight RPG’s (not mass effect style RPG’s)

    Chrono Trigger
    Chrono Cross
    Breath of Fire IV
    Persona 3
    Persona 4
    Final Fantasy IV
    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    (I don’t count Mass Effect as an RPG)
    Demon Souls
    Drason Age Origins
    Tales of Graces F
    Vagrant Story
    Dragon’s Dogma
    Parasite Eve
    Wild Arms
    Wild Arms2
    Arc the Lad
    Arc the Lad II
    Arc the Lad III

    I’d like to think there are many more than that, and they could be working at least one in to the monthly rotation on a regular basis.

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