UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Goes Patriotic, Memorial Week Flash Sale

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UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Goes Patriotic, Memorial Week Flash Sale

Uncharted 3 on PS3

Our community has embraced the UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play and our player base continues to grow. We are stoked to witness that growth and see UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer being played fanatically in countries all over the world.

Keeping our global perspective strong our May DLC drop is themed around country flags. In the USA Memorial Day happens to fall at the end of May. We are globally celebrating and honoring Memorial Day with our Patriotic themed character parts for your custom UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer characters. Pledge your allegiance to your country by purchasing some of our Patriotic DLC parts available when the PS Store updates in your region:

Uncharted 3 on PS3Uncharted 3 on PS3

The Pirate shirt is a new exclusive item to the Patriotic parts bundle, but you’ll have to purchase the Patriotic parts bundle to get this rare item. Of course, our Animal and Oddball themed bundles and parts are also still available for purchase. Check out the in-game store or the PlayStation Store to see the treasure trove of DLC that’s available for UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer.

The Patriotic theme means that new Tournament rewards can be earned. You can earn the Revolution Gun and Drake Revolution Shirt as Bronze and Silver Tournament rewards. If you hit the gold tier you can earn the rare Canadian Mountie Hat for Elena. If manage to achieve Platinum status you’ll earn the rare Shade Raptor Mask for Drake and Shade Dive Helmet for Talbot. Use your in-game tickets to enter into the weekly Tournament and unlock these items as a testament to your skills.

In honor of Memorial Day, we’re staging a Memorial Week sale on the core multiplayer components for UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play. If you haven’ t fully bought in yet here’s what you’re looking at to ramp up your Free-to-Play experience and join into our community of over five hundred thousand active players:

  • SALE $9.99 UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Co-op Adventure Add On
  • SALE $7.99 UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Co-op Arena Add On
  • SALE $14.99 UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Competitive MP- No Level Limit
  • SALE $3.99 UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Competitive MP – Level 25 Limit
  • SALE $0.99 UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Splitscreen Add On
  • SALE $19.99 UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer DLC Map Packs
  • SALE $27.99 UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Single Player Experience

The sale for these core multiplayer components will run from Tuesday May 28th until midnight GMT Tuesday June 4th. To get in on this flash sale go to the “extras menu” inUNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play or disc version of the game where you’ll find all these components on sale. Nab a sale before Memorial Week ends!

You can find out everything you need to know about the Patriotic theme over on our UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play page. Check it out and be sure to read our UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play FAQ for answers to most of your questions about UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play.

Log in and show your country pride and loyalty! See you online!

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8 Author Replies

  • All map packs for $20? That will be a great deal!!!

  • Just waiting for Uncharted 4 on the PS4…

  • I now need to get another PSN card… I don’t have any of the maps so this is a good deal. I like how you can choose between buying the multiplayer or campaign now, good sale on the campaign.

    I have the GOTY Year Edition, so I’m pretty sure I have all of Co Op Adventure… Wait I’ve played these of course I have the Co-op. I have everything, but the map packs and split screen add on.

    This is an awesome update, more people need to play this game, excited for The Last of Us. Almost have my Post Pandemic paid off.

  • I think you have a game that ships in less than a month with absolutely no MP details. ND, you suck at this thing called communication.

  • Am I missing something here? Uncharted 3 GOTY is under $20 on Amazon… And this “sale” has single player alone going for $28?

    • Retailers set their own price points and we remain competitive. This is instantly downloadable.

  • IMAWIN, it’s called being “greedy” and wanting to suck money out off those poor noobs. Such a shame that ND does that, when they had amazing pricing strategies back in the UC2 days.

  • Nothing says America other than wearing the United States flag on your body while also being a pirate fan.

  • I got the GOTY edition for $25 at best buy a few months ago, i actually didn’t hate it like uncharted 2.

    anyway I logged in to say
    Sony, please do not restrict used games in any way or force people to go online or I will completely avoid the console.

  • I hope the American flag shirt is for sale seperate, I bought the bo2 mappack a while back and only have like $1.59 so i hope it’s separate.

  • does people stil play the DLC maps? i don’t wanna throw away $20 if i can’t find a match or one with more than 5 people…

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Back in the PS2 days, all this stuff woulda been free and on the disc day one.

    …i guess giving less and less for more and more is the only way corporations can sustain their “infinite growth” model, eh?

  • MP is infested with Turbo controllers(auto-aim), if you don’t have a turbo controller or modded controller, good luck to the noobies joining the community. I also bought the physical version of UC3 from a brick and mortar, for $20.

  • big-_-_-_-boss69

    If I already bought all DLC for UC3 disc version, can I just buy the competitive MP and access everything or do I have to buy individual modes to play them, even with the DLC I own?

  • 27.99 is the sale price for single player? Well that was worth the chuckle, I will definitely have to see what you guys have it priced at without the sale for a good laugh next week.

  • PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: there is a rumor (originated from the EU PS blog) that Uncharted 3 might join the PS+ Instant Game Collection in the near future, so don’t buy anything from ND!

    You can thank me later!

  • @ MP_is_for_Chumps: In this day and age, all of that content, EXCEPT for the DLC map packs, “were” free and on the disc at launch.

    @ big boss 69: if you bought all the DLC for the disc version of UC3, why on earth would you buy the competitive or co-op MP modes when you can play them off the disc for free???

    @ OneMoreVillain: I know, right? Just to get the uncapped MP and SP is already more than the GotY version at Gamestop, which is the most expensive you’re going to find it for. Just about anywhere else is cheaper, and includes almost everything in that list. It’s a complete rip-off at this point. Anyone who buys this stuff instead of the disc only has themselves to blame when they realize they’ve been had.

    All that being said, UC3 SP is amazing and deserves to be experienced by everyone.

  • Sorry guys but you should be worried about fix the uncharted bugs. everytime I play chapter 10 my ps3 get frozen because the textures and sound fails. I know its not a system problem, I completed the game on hard level in the same ps3. I guess you only care to make more and more money, this is so sad :(

  • Yeah more dlc for UC3, can’t wait for the new mesh maps at the end of the month!!!!!!!!!

  • Uncharted 3, the game with the best stereoscopic 3D implementation EVER on the PS3 thanks to the talented crew at Naughty Dog.. the same developers who’ve decided to put that talent to waste on a game that would have gained immensely from it, The Last of Us.. massively overlooked opportunity and my biggest disappointment this entire generation.

  • TriangleOffense

    Flash sale ? Really ? your “sale” is still priced higher than going to the store and getting the full SP and MP experience on a disc.

    Sad Sad Sad “sale” right here.

    SCEA has been terrible with these lately, this and the bundle “sale’ was awful.

  • What an absolute farce. You can buy a disc copy of Uncharted 3 GOTY from Amazon for $20, yet if someone were to buy it from you on “sale”, it would cost them $82. EIGHTY TWO DOLLARS.

    What is wrong with you Naughty Dog? I love your games, but this is a complete joke. I was excited about The Last of Us, but now I’m reconsidering buying it because I don’t want to support people that use these pathetic greedy business practices. Shame on you.

    If this is the type of stuff we have to look forward to next gen, then count me out. I’ll find something else to do with my spare time. This makes me sick.

  • @21 – drGiggless

    Just rent TLOU and you’re golden. ;)

  • just buy the GOTY since it’s on disk with all the main DLCs and CO-OP(thankfully unlike UC2 GOTY) and you get single player story mode which is awesome and no level caps or so.

    only bad thing is no DLC Taunts(WTF)

    but seriously just buy it!

    it’ll save you money for the long run!!!

  • “Pledge your allegiance to your country by purchasing some of our Patriotic DLC parts available when the PS Store updates in your region”

    I do not align myself with any country since patriotism is a tool used to divide people. I’m just wondering if there is any t-shirt or gear that expresses this fact. For example, instead of a flag why not place our pale blue planet in the t-shirt.

  • “I do not align myself with any country since patriotism is a tool used to divide people.”

    Wow, you are so edgy. Lol what are you 15? You sound like a kid rebelling against the man.

    Hint: next time you might want to leave that out next time you post on a gaming website. I know you want to come off looking well informed and enlightened, but it just reeks of the opposite.

    Its a game, some people actually like this thing called patriotism, doesn’t make them any more/less malleable to a country’s agenda.

  • Good job in the failure to salvage the trainwreck of a multiplayer by adding a lot of unnecessary yet impossible Trophies. Lots of Trophy hunters whom I have on my list and played UC3 with are expressing reservations about TLOU. Sure, we’re a negligible margin so I don’t think we make any difference

    I pray to God that TLOU won’t have impossible online Trophies as DLC.

  • That’s a sale?

    Why do you continue to support the idea of actual physical copies being less than digital downloads?

    Ridiculous, when considering the fact, of permanent purchase over renting or resale.

    Guess you need college to buy an expensive degree, learn subjects that do not even apply to your field of expertise, to truely understand intelligence.

  • $27.99 JUST for the Single Player?

    That is some digital thievery right there. Another example on why going all digital is a horrible future for consumers.

    Can get the whole physical GOTY edition right now for $20 OR buy it now digitally for $60+….and this is you being competitive with pricing!?

    What a JOKE!

  • Im still disappointed in the fact that I bought the game the day it came out and later bought the collector’s edition both at full price 59.99 and 99.99 and I’ve bought every piece of dlc not unlockable in game. And to play free 2 play version so I can use my hdd instead of wearing out my disc… I have to yet still more money… having already spent upwards of 300$ in dlc also being in the fortune hunters club I feel enraged about having to pay for things like this!

  • Wow, I can’t believe this high prices, it’s crazy. This is the main reason I hate digital downloads on consoles, the other being that on the next gen all this digital content will be worthless and useless.

  • This is not the forum for this topic but it’s sad to see a reply to an earlier comment about the more expensive “sale” on PSN relative to Amazon basically saying instantly downloadable helps to offset some of the difference. It’s notions like these that disturb me about the digital era. Publishers get to cut costs using digital distribution but try to justify maintaining prices as high as physical copies sold through normal channels with nonsense like that.

    In particular, for new release games, I can get a physical copy shipped to my door before it’s available for download on PSN and I can “instantly” play that too.

    Sorry, but this and the next gen rumored distribution/pricing models have me a bit jaded lately.

  • To tack on to earlier comments, I too am concerned about the free-to-play model adopted by Naughty Dog and what it could mean for The Last of Us. Notice ND has kept double XP on 24/7? They are trying to get the F2P players maxed out so they have to buy if they want to advance. That is very troubling and I am appalled at the cheap tactics.

  • Would everyone please chill on the pricing. If you can get it cheaper don’t buy it! Simple enough. Digital Download is a convenience just like ordering a pizza. Is it cheaper to pick it up? yes, but most of you decide to pay for delivery and choose to tip the driver.

  • Except, Pryz, that your analogy doesn’t apply here. There’s added cost to the business for delivering you pizza, on top of their normal expenses. In this case, you actually save the publisher money when you buy digital, not add to their expenses so they might need to be compensated for it.

  • If you guys at ND ever do a UC4 please let the UC2/TLoU team handle it….I wont be supporting PS4 but if you guys bring UC4 to it…I wont be able to resist..I’ll have to buy it…..oh and UC3 MP as always an utterly disappointment nothing has changed.

  • @ 19 supvic – Disappointment?….you didn’t even played the game….dear God whats happening with this blog?…people used to comment good things on this site that could actually be appreciated.Instead of ignore things completely…damn.

  • @36 You mean like how you completely ignored his comment. All he/she said is that they are disappointed that there is no stereoscopic 3D. He/She is complaining about something that requires no testing.

    It’s like you only read “the Last of Us” and “Disappointment”.

    Higher then average price for less content during a sale is competitive? Eric Monacelli you are too funny. I think you should attempt to learn what “Competitive” actually means before posting next time. Instantly downloadable being your angle was another gem because that is so much better then being instantly playable. This guy can’t be real, send in the professionals please.

  • Dear PS Team, It would be cool if you guys would also update your Playstation FaceBook page as well anytime you guys have any new DLC or when the PSN store updates! Would make more people buy things they normally wouldn’t as it is another way to reach people more by the masses!

  • I downloaded the free-to-play version of multiplayer of this game , and after installing when I run the game , it successfully connects to the servers but then it freezes in menus , and I get that always , I mean I couldn’t even play the game for once , what should I do ? I’m worried if I buy the full digital game , and I get the same error .

  • It’s still hilarious to me that Uncharted 3 did SOCOM4 better than Zipper did.

  • I checked again and there’s is still no German Flag shirt in the custom. I bought that attire and downloaded, however the outfit itself is not there. Mind checking if there is any issue going on? Thanks.

  • Hey ND, i cant find the map packs discount bundle for 19.99$ i always find the old pricing both ingame and PS store which is 29.99$ any idea why ? id like to nab them before june 4th

  • Ok someone please help.
    I got Gold tournament status and i didn’t get the Canadian Mountie Hat for Elena?
    Help Pl0X

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