The Pinball Arcade Season One Bundle: 18 Tables, $29.99

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The Pinball Arcade Season One Bundle: 18 Tables, $29.99

The Pinball Arcade: Season One Bundle

Starting today, we will be offering the Pinball Arcade launch pack of four tables, free to PS Plus subscribers! Tales of the Arabian Nights, Black Hole, Theatre of Magic, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not are all great tables.

If you’re a Plus subscriber and you haven’t tried our game yet – what do you have to lose? These machines are all classics. The depth, well-balanced, and yet, challenging gameplay is something that’s worth checking out.

But that’s not all.

We have bundled our first ten Table Packs together into a Season One bundle. Players can now buy 18 of the all-time greatest tables at an amazing discount!

There are two options. The Season One Bundle costs $29.99 — bought separately, these 18 tables would cost almost $50 — but for the serious pinball fan, the Season One Pro Bundle for $39.99 is the way to go.

The Season One bundle includes; Medieval Madness, Bride of Pin•Bot, Cirqus Voltaire, Funhouse, Monster Bash, Gorgar, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Black Knight, Harley-Davidson 3rd Edition, Taxi, Elvira and the Party Monsters, No Good Gofers, Scared Stiff, Big Shot, Twilight Zone, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Attack From Mars, and Genie along with the Twilight Zone and Star Trek: The Next Generation custom balls.

The Pinball Arcade: Star Trek TNG

The Pinball Arcade: Twilight ZoneThe Pinball Arcade on PS3 and PS Vita

The Pro Bundle also includes access to the Pro Upgrade of Tales of the Arabian Nights, Medieval Madness, Scared Stiff, Twilight Zone, Attack from Mars and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Pro Upgrade of our tables gives you access to the Operator’s Menu, (allowing you to change many factory default settings), the ability to move the ball around the table at will, a mode that allows you to have your camera travel around the table, and tips on playing the table from IFPA pinball pros.

Bought separately – all of this DLC would cost almost $70.

As always, everything in the Pinball Arcade is Cross-Buy, so you only have to buy once to own any of our DLC for both PS3 and PS Vita.

In other news, we want to offer our congratulations to the top finishers of the first Pinball Arcade PSN Tournament:

Jpelter 769.891
ALOL997 699.059
observer101 690.061
heinz70 678.896
Zoop25 677.775
thepindo 676.490
bart4955 675.948
xjdcdestroyerzx 674.916
ScotchYeti 674.663

The top 200 finishers will receive a message through PSN with vouchers to redeem the Twilight Zone and Star Trek: The Next Generation custom balls. The top 100 finishers will receive these balls plus the Eyeball.

These Custom Balls are actually pretty cool and they can be used on any table. We recommend trying the brightly colored ones to help see the ball better. [To change your pinball to be a Custom Ball, select Extras from within the Options of any Table Menu.]

Thanks to everyone who participated, and as always, thanks to everyone for supporting the Pinball Arcade!

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  • I really prefer a la carte purchasing for both pinball arcade and zen pinball. I’d always prefer to have each individual table sold alone and likewise for sales.

  • I love pinball games but this game falls short in my eyes. Unless the demo is severely broken but everything that I hear states that the physics are not great on this title.

  • If you bring this deal to EU, I hope you do it right! A separate table discount would be a much better if you cannot offer a compensation for the people who already own some of these tables. Or if Sony’s system allow, the discount% depends on how many tables you buy at the same time (GOG uses this method a lot).

  • Please, please Sony fix the download and install error on the Vita. I want to play this game. :(

  • Still cant download pinball game the other game downloaded fine and its not in my list of owned games fix it before Tuesday Sony

  • Considering that I have played every table with the exception of central park in a real standup form, I would have to say that the Pinball Arcade provides the best experience I have seen. They have surpassed Zen and the homebrew Visual Pinball efforts. There are more than just physic involved with pinball. Each real live machine must be factored for wear and for alterations. Some machine in the collection do not have center posts that are sometimes utilized. I have to say $30 is a steal Star Trek and Twilight Zone play near perfect although due to the view options my timing for the camera shot is off.. I can always hit it on a real table.

    Pinball is actually making a comeback. It is a game of rhythm and skill… just being a twitch gamer is not enough.

    Type papa pinball into youtube and you will see what I mean.

  • Please fix the download issue for Pinball Arcade for PS+ members on PS3/Vita. It still won’t download.

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