Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Hits PS3 July 9th

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Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Hits PS3 July 9th

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection for PS3

From the frozen Alaskan tundra to the jungles of Russia, the Metal Gear series has covered nearly every corner of the globe, with a story spanning over 50 years of history and four generations of consoles. And for the first time in series history, every core title will be available in a single box, starting July 9th, 2013 on PS3.

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection contains every canon Metal Gear release to grace PlayStation platforms from 1998’s Metal Gear Solid to 2008’s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to 2011’s Metal Gear Solid HD Collection* — all for $49.99. Perfect for newcomers or collectors looking for rare titles like Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions or the Metal Gear Solid digital graphic novels, this is the most massive Metal Gear release ever created with something for every infiltration expert to enjoy. All of this is included in a lovely new package that includes a 100-page art book containing rare marketing art from around the globe!

Want to start at the beginning of the series? Boot up Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition and play the original (updated) MSX versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Want to jump straight into the story of Big Boss without touching the original PSone and PS2 Classics? (A weird decision, but who am I to judge?) Pop in Ashley Wood’s beautiful digital graphic novels for MGS1 and MGS2 (first time ever released outside of Japan!) to get caught up with all the events of the Shadow Moses Incident and Big Shell. Did I mention it includes VR Missions? Three words: playable Gray Fox.

War has changed, and it has never been easier to join the fight. Keep an eye out for the release of Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, in stores July 9th, 2013. You can pre-order now at Amazon.

*(containing Metal Gear Solid 2: SONS OF LIBERTY, Metal Gear Solid 3: SNAKE EATER and Metal Gear Solid: PEACE WALKER)

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  • and oh Portable Ops is CANON

    *SPOILERS for Peace Walker, Portable Ops and MGS4.

    it reveal at the end of Portable Ops that the Boss’s death was set up by a particular person that would play an important role in Peace Walker(Coldman)

    Ocelot managed to got back the other half of the legacy

    MGS4 reference with the paintings, as well theme song of the game.

    Peace Walker mentioned Big Boss did fight the first Metal Gear(Raxa), but it seems they didn’t want to elaborate more with the conversation Heuy.

    some contradictions to Peace Walker:

    the biggest is no Null(WTF im pretty sure he’s by his side by now),

    no young Roy Cambell and old Fox unit like Para Medic, Zero, Signit.

    Continue next post

  • Big Boss could have use the funds(talking about millions) that he got from Gene to build his own base instead of getting one from Galvez)

    Portable Ops had a rouge Fox group that is led by Gene, and it’s miles better than Machine only boss fights in Peace Walker.

    Gene is also the best character since Liquid. the relationship between him and Big Boss pretty much mirrors the one with Liquid Snake and Solid Snake.

    i was hoping he was the one that will have a rival with Big Boss(not Zero) plus he was created to be a successor to The Boss.

    he’s other codename is “Viper”

    so Snake vs Viper?!?!

    that would have been amazing!!!

    so wtf happened!!!?!?!


    so yeah the only reason why Kojima didn’t add Portable Ops is because he was actually NOT the director of this game.

    only a overseer of the project, i kinda hope he would start doing that for the franchise and focus more on other IP’s like Zone of the Enders, Snatcher/Policenauts, Boktai etc.

  • I absolutely cannot wait for this! I have all these games but VR missions and the digital graphic novels, but as a diehard fan of the Metal Gear series I must buy this! Thank you so much Kojima and Konami for releasing an awesome collection! not to mention, newcomers now have a way to play all of the games from start to finish. I personally recommend you guys to play the games in the order they were released! It builds anticipation and the way the story uncovers, you will get the most enjoyment, as I did.

  • This news couldn’t have been better timed. I’ve been looking at buying the original HD Collection the past few days to get into the series – I’ve never played even a second of it, but I like the stealth gameplay. (But I gotta say, the initial thing that got me interested was the Ape Escape 3 minigame – absolutely LOVED it) I would’ve bought it in a few days, but instead I think that this collection is worth the price.

    I have one major question though: Will the PS1 games (MGS1 + VR) be able to be downloaded to the Vita? The games are going to be offered as a download, and they’re already on the Playstation Store – I don’t see why they couldn’t be. Heck, only MGS1 would be enough. The graphics of MGS1 would be better suited on a smaller screen.

  • They might as well have called this
    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PROPER

    Since that release many people complained that a MGS collection really should have the game that defined it.
    It would have also been nice to have the MSX MGS games loadable from a menu instead of within a game, but oh well.

  • Can’t wait for this collection! Don’t forget about MGS5: The Phantom Pain! LOOKS AMAZING! V has come to.

  • im such sucker. i have like 3copies of each of these games and im still buying this.

  • Does anybody know if this collection will be released in Australia?

  • OMG I am drooling over this, any chance the HD versions will also be for the Vita? And what about Portable Ops? It is an awesome Collection, sorry for wanting even more but can’t help it wanting to have everything I still don’t have for one of the best video game sagas in all history!

  • Thank you for the artbook. I was mad I missed out on the one for the HD collection im happy I got a shot of some form of nice looking artbook.

  • What would be nice is if I could buy Metal Gear Solid from my Vita. Jumping through multiple hoops to purchase, download and transfer the media is highly frustrating.

  • I really enjoy the metal gear series. Please make the acid games digitally avaible via the playstation store, with vita combatability. Also make the other psp metal gear games playable on vita. Thanks for reading

  • @101/102 PrinceofXIII

    Some of those contradictions can be explained by examining the plot or taking some educated guesses. (Note Spoiler discussion for those new to the series) I imagine it would be very likely that post Portable Ops, Null would have gone into extensive therapy to undo the dependence Gene’s FOX unit built to use his fighting abilities. By the time any therapy would be concluded, Big Boss would already be in league with Kaz in starting MSF.

    As for Roy Campbell and the rest of the MGS3 FOX unit, they are still with America while Big Boss goes his own separate way. Later on, FOXHOUND would be reborn after the events of PeaceWalker (and probably Ground Zeroes), starting the plots of MG1 and MG2.

    I can assume that the money that Big Boss received from Gene went toward building MSF. When they first receive the oil rig from Galvez, it’s only around three struts. By the end of PeaceWalker, if the player has enough agents, the surface looks entirely different and is hundreds of times larger than when it started.

  • What a thrill…
    With darkness and silence through the night
    What a thrill…
    I’m searching and I’ll melt into you
    What a fear in my heart
    But you’re so supreme!

    I’d give my life
    Not for honor, but for you! [Snake Eater]
    In my time there’ll be no one else
    Crime, it’s the way I fly to you! [Snake Eater]
    I’m still in a dream,
    Snake Eater!

    Someday you go through the rain
    And someday, you feed on a tree frog
    This ordeal, the trial to survive
    For the day we see new light!

    I’d give my life
    Not for honour, but for you! [Snake Eater]
    In my time there’ll be no one else
    Crime, it’s the way I fly to you! [Snake Eater]
    I’m still in a dream,
    Snake Eater!

    I am still in a dream,
    Snake Eater!

  • Any word on if you can transfer your metal gear solid 2 & 3 HD save data from your vita to the new Legacy Collection on the PS3?


    Just when I thought I’d have free time to catch up and finish up some of my older games like Demon souls and GTA IV,you walk in and drop this awesome bomb on me!
    Seriously though,I plan on buying the collection,as I haven’t played MGS1 and I got bored of MGS 3 so I never finished it. I now have a quick and way more convient way to Metal Gear it up. Thanks to Raiden,my interest in Metal Gear has sparked once again.

    It would be cool if Metal Gear Solid Online got some sort of revive with this Collection.

  • i would have bought this if MGS was redone as an HD remake for it. as is, its just a compilation disk of previously re releases that i can just go online right now and purchase.

  • Nice collection, but why use CGs for the cover art when there’s Yoji Shinkawa around?

  • Yoji Shinkawa still did the cover art with those CGs!

  • War. War never changes.

  • AlexisGonzalezG

    nothing original. just gather a franchise into a box and GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!

  • AWESOME!!! How about any news/plans for a European release?? :D

  • not sure if I wanna get this. have the Vita HD version. argh

  • Portable Ops is canon, so the post isn’t entirely correct

  • Is there ANY chance in Outer Heaven that we might see an HD version of Peace Walker for Vita?? Gotta love that OLED!

  • So…

    The two or three different HD collections of the past couple years are now useless?

    Keep scammin’.

  • I think I’ll have to give this a pass. I was really excited about this collection when I first about it from the Korean Ratings Board leak. I thought it was going to have Metal Gear Solid 1 on a disc and I would have bought it if that were the case, even though I already have MGS4 and the MGS HD Collection.

    The other stuff is tempting, but the main thing I wanted was MGS1 on disc. Because MGS1 is a digital copy, it’s kind of a deal-breaker for me. :(

    Hopefully you’ll have MGS1 and the VR missions on-disc in any future batches of this collection.

  • Oops, typo.
    *when I first heard about it from the Korean Ratings Board leak.

    I did read that the first Bioshock game was included with Bioshock Infinite on disc, but it was the digital version that had to be downloaded from the disc to the HDD. If you guys did the same thing with MGS1 and the VR missions, it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me.

    Are the digital versions of MGS1 and the VR missions downloaded from the PlayStation Network Store via redeemable voucher, or downloaded from the disc to the HDD?

  • Pre-orders only on Amazon? I would like to get it at. Gamestop

  • Damn that’s a pretty good deal for 50 bucks. I only played 3 of the metal gear games. I might pick this up.

  • Check out Metal Gear Rising Video Review at:­m

  • Ah well. Can’t justify this collection with the one I’ve already accumulated. Still, fantastic deal!

  • deal breaker with mgs and vr missions not being on disk sorry

  • Hi Dalton.
    Does this collection include the MGS HD collections of 2,3, and peace walker (i.e., re-mastered with Substance and subsistence for PS3)? Or are they the PS2 versions of the game? Is there any chance of MGS1 and 2 getting an HD remake in the future?

  • this is why its a deal breaker for me
    Yoshida: PSN games won’t run natively on PS4, no emulation or cloud support yet [update]

  • i can’t find the metal gear solid 1 VR missions in the UK ps vita store so dose this mean that its not a playstation 1 classic yet and its going to become available on the store as a seperate game once this comes out? or is it only going to be exclusive to this collection :-( or is it already available but i just can’t find it? and also please don’t make it only exclusive to this collection as i don’t own a ps3 so i will never be able to play it :-(

  • And also please will you give me some info on the metal gear solid VR missions are they just missions without any story?

  • Im so glad I waited … :)… Well I might have to sell my original MGS4 game now but Im glad i will get all these amazing games again :D and the PS1 Vr Missions too right?! I still remember some of the missions :9.

    Well count me in! :)

  • Take my money!

  • No Snake’s Revenge, no purchase.

  • So, if there is a digital code for Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, does that mean it will be released as a PSOne classic on the store, or is it exclusive to the collection?

  • just take my money now!

  • @KnifingGrimac

    makes sense, still they could have at least made it more elaborate and revealing.

    also what happened to Ocelot after Portable Ops?

    he got the true other half of legacy(thus forming the complete legacy) so why didn’t he appeared in Peace Walker whatsoever?!?

  • I already own the HD Collection but I’m definitely getting this one so the old one’s gonna get cashed in! lol
    I know it’s a license thing but I simply loved that remake and am NOT buying a Gamecube just so I can play it again!

  • Has nothing to do with this story line but I would like to see Metal Gear Ac!d 1&2 on the Vita… thanks

  • I am really disappointed to see regular ps1 metal gear solid and not twin snakes, that would have sold it for me, now I don’t really see a point…

  • maybe i should buy that collection even though i have all this

  • Game wise this is just the MGS HD and MGS 4 with MGS 1(Download code) and VR(Download code) ???

  • Wooooo this awesome collection just for $49.99!!! This is epic!!!!!

  • anything new for MGS4? any way to get the digital comics other than legacy?

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