Hands on with The Last of Us: Whatever it Takes

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Hands on with The Last of Us: Whatever it Takes

The Last of Us for PS3 - joel chokehold on hunter

I’m low on ammo, so I clumsily swing my two-by-four at the incoming Clicker — dumb move. The creature sinks its fetid teeth into my jugular, chirping with malevolent glee as it rips out a gobbet of flesh. Arterial blood spurts across my face, now contorted in shock and agony.

I’m dead. This time, I try a different approach. I combine one of my remaining rags and a precious bottle of alcohol to create a Molotov cocktail, then hurl it towards the abomination. Flames envelop the lumbering shape as it wails and collapses, dead at last. I’m alive – for a little while longer.

The Last of Us isn’t afraid to kill you, over and over if need be. And that’s a big part of its considerable charm. As you struggle to survive the game’s inhospitable world, limping from one nail-biting combat scenario to the next, you’ll feel strangely alive and alert. In an era of game development that — at least to this old-timer — tends to babysit players with tutorials and handholding to dial down any chance of frustration, this game’s unapologetically tough-as-nails approach feels both refreshing and quietly revolutionary. Remember when games used to kill you? Naughty Dog does.

The Last of Us for PS3 -  joel stomps hunterThe Last of Us for PS3 - joel with human shield

Later, I’m ambushed in a bombed-out store by a mob of coldhearted killers — human in name only, and no less dangerous than the infected that prowl the streets. I assess my arsenal: just three shotgun shells and a handful of 9mm rounds. Using the dim lighting to my advantage, I duck behind a counter and drop a nearby gunman with a blast of buckshot as Ellie runs for safety. With the shooter out of the way, I lunge for a pair of nearby attackers and subdue them with a series of wild haymakers. Grabbing a nearby two-by-four, I rush the survivors and bludgeon them into submission. I rendezvous with a nervous Ellie and we move on — though to what, only Naughty Dog knows.

That’s The Last of Us. You do what you need to do and you keep moving. It’s out June 14th, and I think you’re gonna like it.

The Last of Us for PS3 - joel throws brick

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  • The Last of Us 2 – 3. Cant wait to try the first one!

  • Can’t wait for the demo!

  • I can’t remember EVER being this excited for a upcoming video game! I literally gor “chills” reading this article! Oh how I can’t wait to dive into The Post Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us this June 14th! Thank you Naughty Dog, You Rock!

  • Looks Awsome!!!! can’t wait to play it!!!!

  • I’ve never been so excited for a video game in my life and I buy video games all the time, I’m a heavy gamer. This is definitely a huge game changer, though. I’ve been studying every detail of this game since announced back in December of 2011. I’m so glad it’s almost here, it’s to the point where I know once it comes out I have nothing to be excited about anymore, I was just think about that today. I have my Post Pandemic, and my Survival Editions pre-ordered and I will be first in line at the midnight launch and I’ll be proud.

    Naughty Dog always comes up with such creative ideas, this is awesome. I loved playing the demo at PAX East this year, waited in line for a total of six hours to play it twice (once was not enough), I’m waiting for the demo to be released to the God of War Ascension owners and I am working on a cosplay for the midnight launch at my local Gamestop. Thanks Naughty Dog for always keeping me entertained with your story telling!

  • Hmm! Your impression of the game suddenly has my gaming interests piqued! Of course I was planning on buying and playing the game day one, and of course everything that they’ve shown of the game up to this point is emotionally rivetting and teeth-grindingly intense, but to hear that the game design is closer to the recent resurgence of player hostile games (e.g. Super Meat Boy, Demons/Dark Souls, etc), I’m even more excited!

    That said, if it turns out that your impression of the game treating the player with expectations and respect doesn’t actually hold up, I’m going to be just slightly disappointed.

  • man i’m soo excited for the demo!!!!

  • Can’t wait for this. Getting an early hands-on on the 26th which is going to be wicked.

  • just take all my money already

  • Day one :) Thanks for posting Sid.

  • Im glad you guys are are all about the single player but the game comes out in a month and we havent even heard a peep about the multiplyayer.

    I think we’ve seen enough of the campaign to know that its gonna be epic, I can experience the rest on my playthrough fresh. When are we gonna see the multiplayer?

  • Digital Version Of The Last Of Us Playable During Download !!!!

    Naughty Dog has told Game Informer that its upcoming survival horror epic The Last of Us will be released digitally through the PlayStation Store on June 14, the same day that the game releases in stores on Blu-ray disc. There’s also something special about this simultaneous release.

    Naughty Dog’s creative director Neil Druckmann and The Last of Us game director Bruce Straley told Game Informer that Sony has worked a little magic so that you won’t have much of a delay before playing the digital version. The game will be playable once the download hits 50 percent. Sony has promised that, on PlayStation 4, downloadable games will be almost instantly playable while the download carries on in the background.


    Can you confirm this ?

  • ” In an era of game development that — at least to this old-timer — tends to babysit players with tutorials and handholding to dial down any chance of frustration, this game’s unapologetically tough-as-nails approach feels both refreshing and quietly revolutionary. Remember when games used to kill you? Naughty Dog does.”

    I thought I was the only one who felt this way. After hearing you say this, I am assured to purchase TLOU now. I need to feel that challenge with games again.

  • This game will be freaking epic congrats on the huge succes sony and naughty dog , I think PlayStation Plus members should get a demo for The Last of Us please make it happen .

  • I will be playing this game on 13th june a day earlier. UK time

  • Oh, it’s getting close, so excited! I’m getting the survival edition because I crave steelbooks.

    Hey, Sid, you’re a very good writer. Pity you don’t write many blog posts lately. I guess since you’re the boss now you have people to do that for you? But most don’t write as well and, despite ample evidence to the contrary here daily, many of us gamers appreciate the well-turned phrase and can read for comprehension.

    Anyway, I still die a lot in games since I am a mediocre gamer so you got me scared now, in a good way.

    • Thank you! Yes, I try to write as much as possible but it’s gotten a bit tougher since Jeff left. Hopefully I can get back in the saddle soon!

  • preordered when it was 1st announced if it is half as good as the uncharted series it will be awsome good job naughty dog weare less than a month away hell yeah

  • Hey, just wondering, is there gonna be a censoring option for the strong language? I’m just curious, I pre-ordered either way.

  • ahh words are worth a lot on paper but a video is worth a few million more … where’s the vid guys?

  • an-inFamous1337

    I just saw the new gameplay footage for the game from Lincoln and Pittsburgh and now my concern towards the graphics of the game are hopefully are put down to rest.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the full version of the game.

  • Playing the last of us is Going to be a great gift after E3

  • damn that looked so good can’t wait get y hands-on TLOU

  • Bicgoozgetten-69

    Im buying this game because the graphics look so damn good.

  • The wait is starting to kill my interest in this game, its almost as if it has taken forever for the game to come out and i have just become bored of waiting. Naughty Dogs reputation and the fact that i am a fan is what has kept me from not considering cancelling my fully paid pre-order of the Ellie edition

  • At first, I thought it was Joel that was being strangled in the first picture. Only then I realized it was the opposite xD

  • “Remember when games used to kill you? Naughty Dog does.”

    Hell yes. More psyched than ever about this game. It’s been a while since I’ve had a real challenge.

    GOW Ascension’s Trial of Archimedes on Hard (pre-nerf-patch) is probably the best one in recent memory.

  • So will we be able to pre-order this and get Day One Digital?

  • This looks amazing. Is there an ETA for the demo that comes with God of War Ascension?

  • seraphim_falconu

    When do we see the multiplayer? Hopefully, never. Lack of tacked-on multiplayer is the only thing that could make this game better.

  • can’t wait for this game!!!!!!!

    summer is gonna be awesome!!!!!

  • Multiplayer details pleasw

  • The game looks great cant wait for wait it for it to come out!

  • This game is on the top of my Gamefly queue list.

  • Less than a month away, dang I’m stoked!

  • Although the sad truth is that I know how it ends, I’ll still play it.

  • The wait is almost unbearable!

    Must… avoid… spoilers!!!

  • QUESTION! @sid or anyone

    1) Will digital PS3 games work on the PS4 (i think i misheard during the PS4 conference “that they will work on something” in other words “in time they will” )

    2) i have my collectors edition Pre-ordered… any chance on a pre-order with a digital game code instead of a physical copy… :/ i rather have a digital version but i also want the bonuses from the Collector’s edition…

    Regardless i can’t wait!

  • That first paragraph is really informative actually because I saw a video recently on CVG about TLOU & they were explaining extensively that this is NOT Uncharted. You’re not gonna have mass amount of ammo & enemies are harder. So I’m expecting to die a lot lol. Not backing down from getting this though.

  • Game Of The Year candidate

  • Game of the year right here!

  • Will you sell The Last of Us shirts like the ones the editors of Ign wear?

  • Can you beat the game without a firearm? what if I don’t have a firearm at certain points, like the upside-down battle in the demo? I need to know there are options, if not the whole “survival” aspect is bland. How about limited storage? in the demo it seems you can carry limitless amount of things on you, that’s not very survival-like either…

  • Hey Sid, any idea when the demo for The Last of Us is gonna be released for God of War Ascension players?

  • I’m just glad that this game has finally gone gold.

    I’m ready to try and survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with killer fungi and equally unfriendly humans.

  • hurry up june 14th

  • where is the demo for this?


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