Gran Turismo 6 Unveiled, Out This Holiday on PS3

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Gran Turismo 6 Unveiled, Out This Holiday on PS3

Greetings PlayStation.Blog. Today we’re really excited to announce that Gran Turismo 6 will be released Holiday 2013. The news was revealed today by legendary GT creator Kazunori Yamauchi himself at our Silverstone event held to celebrate 15 years of the 70-million-selling series.

GT6 for PlayStation 3 will see many enhancements, improvements and additions to the game. bringing new levels of authenticity to ‘the Real Driving Simulator’. Features revealed today include stunning new tracks and cars and an overhauled user interface. There’s also a new engine, which will improve game operation. Meanwhile, we are set for expanded connectivity with other devices, and increased social and community functions.

Gran Turismo 6 on PS3

The cars and tracks from Gran Turismo 5 — which has now sold over 10 million copies since launching in 2010 — will return in GT6, but notable new additions will bring the car lineup to over 1,200. Players will also be able to customize their rides to a greater extent than ever before.

Amongst the track line-up, the UK’s famous Silverstone Circuit will be just one of seven new locations in Gran Turismo 6, taking the total to 33, with 71 different layouts available — 19 of them brand new. This already impressive lineup of cars and tracks will be added to by future DLC drops beginning after launch.

Enhancements and improvements also extend to a much-improved course maker function, which will provide several kilometers of gorgeous scenery, including the magnificent backdrop of Andalucía. The course maker will also include a new GPS data feature, which will increase the freedom of track creation in the game.

Gran Turismo 6 on PS3

Gran Turismo 6 on PS3Gran Turismo 6 on PS3

“It is amazing to think that it is 15 years since we first released Gran Turismo,” said Kazunori Yamauchi, during the announcement at Silverstone Circuit. “Things have changed a lot since then and now Gran Turismo 6 is a further evolution of my dream. We’re pleased to deliver GT 6 to PlayStation 3 as we have a very loyal community on that platform. However, we have refactored the game to make it very flexible and expandable, with a view to making many future developments.

“I am very pleased with everything about the new game and the new additions, but the launch will only be the beginning for GT6. The game will continue to develop throughout its life. I already have many ideas for things I want to achieve in the next 15 years of Gran Turismo!”

Further news about Gran Turismo 6 will be revealed at the forthcoming E3 and Gamescom events, and on

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  • I was hoping for a vita game along with thee PS3 game but unfortunately not

  • Just got chill all over my body. Can’t wait for this. Hopefully a PS4 version :)

  • @mando.

    Be patient. They said the engine is scaleable, which means an upgraded GT6 will come for PS4. But what’s the rush? PS4’s launch is going to be stacked, and a launch PS4 version would just canibalize most other gam’s sales. Plus GT cost so much to make now, it NEEDS a significant install base to be successful and not have Sony millions in the red. Give them a year to 18 months to optimize for PS4, let launch games sell, and build an install base.

    PS4 doesnt NEED a GT at launch, on the other hand GT dos need an install base to make money now. That’s the drawback of $60million dollar games.

  • Looks awesome! Drive Club am cry though.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    PS3 is dead. Let it die already.

    This should have been on PS4 coming out Fall 2014 with a PSV version coming out this Fall.

  • @ThreeLeggedFreak

    Ps3 is far from dead. Ps3 is just hitting its stride.

  • PS4 version plz!!! As much as I’m excited for this I’m more excited for the PS4. It would be nice to have some kind of GT to play on my PS4 when it arrives. Drive Club looks cool but nothing competes with GT so please a PS4 version or a GT7 Prologue on PS4.

  • As GT fan and future PS4 owner, I will skip this. No GT6 on PS3 for me. I want to play at 1080p in constant 60 fps. Not 20-30 fps in sub 720p.

    I support Project CARS on PC. So I can wait for a proper PS4 GT. A GT6 announcement for PS4 this Holiday is still possible on the next Event. And direct support for Fanatec ClubSport Wheel, please.

  • @ 55

    No. This isn’t Nintendo. Sony keeps supporting their hardware for quite a while. They know that not everyone can afford a PS4 day one, and there is still a huge populous of people who love their PS3. I’m getting a PS4 day one, but I’m not throwing out my PS3 because of it. A launch GT would be nothing compared to a GT a couple of years into the the PS4’s life cycle. Games like this take refinement.

  • vroom vroom

    PS4 too plz!

  • Why PS3? I’m done with my PS3, I want PS4 games now.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3, but I’m going to need games on the PS4.
    Besides Beyond two souls and the last of us, and a few other awesome PS3 exclusives.

  • I’m actually really upset that it is being released on the PS3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to pre-order and play it until my wheel brakes, but the problem with GT6 on the PS3 is GT5 on the PS3. GT5 is such a good game. There’s nothing wrong with it. My hope was that GT6 would be on the PS4 so it could use the extended resources of the PS4. Imagine how much better the driving will look with the added hardware (not that it’s bad now!).

    I also feel that Sony missed a trick in that GT6 would’ve been a HUGE system seller. If it were a launch title, I’d definitely buy a PS4. As it isn’t, I’m going to wait for the initial price drop before buying one.

    Still, I’m stoked to pound around Silverstone and can’t wait to buy it :)

  • Although am going to get PS4 day 1, there is no chance in hell i will pass on this #GT4LIFE

  • No Top Gear no Sale.

  • Good, now maybe we’ll get an exclusive GT on PS Vita.

    I’d rather get a GT made with the Vita’s hardware in mind, rather than a port. Even though the cross save would be nice. I want to see Polyphony work with Vita’s hardware and push it. Can’t do that too well with a port.

  • Just don’t take as long as it did for PSP (or PS3 really) to get GT.

  • Looks more like Gran Turismo 5 Spec 3.0 to me… Can’t wait for the free update!

    Seriously, that pretty much confirms GT6 will be the last Gran Turismo on PlayStation, and the future of racing simulation on PS4 lies (for better or for worse) on the shoulders of the Western-made Drive Club.

  • Hi:
    I understand the Release on PS4 instead of PS4 (at least, for now) but, Why not PS Vita support?
    Red 5.

  • *Applause*

    Day 1.

  • they really should’ve focused GT6 for the ps4, it could’ve been so much better. i’m gonna wait until the announce it for ps4 so I can get that version, if they don’t then i’ll get the ps3 version.

  • Oh wow……Let me tell you how incredible it is that Sony continues to throw support onto their 7 year old console, but offers just about about Zero support for their year and a half old handheld. Why bother anymore? Why not just discontinue it instead of keeping fans hoping that you will bother to support it?

    It is amazing that you cannot figure out that the reason the Vita is not selling is because A) it has almost no support outside of Indies(regardless of how much I love indies), and ripp off prices for memory. The Vita had so much potenial, and its a shame to see it wasted, even by the company who produced it.

    I would love to say “wait till E3” but Sony has made it louf and clear hat the Vita is dead, even for them.

  • I hope it is a ps3 only yes i know i want a ps4 gt but i want it to be made from the bottom up on ps4 tech not ps3 tech plus ps3 need a game the will have people still wanting it if not ones ps4 come out no one will buy ps3 or play the console i mean why went ps4 will be better now the ps3 have there own little puppy allot more players will keep there ps3 around for gt6 gt7 on ps4 2 years from now

  • All I can say is that every car needs to be premium. No stupid rule that you can’t use photo mode with standard cars and no just importing cars from previous games. We dont need 50 skylines, 50 miatas, etc… There doesn’t need to be a cap on the amount of money you can earn either. That said, i’m still gonna buy it.

  • well, my 2nd PlayStation 3 just YLOD. It would be great if the PS4 had B/C (even if it’s a premium version that costs $50-$100 more) cause I have a lot of unfinished PS3 games and want to get some newcomers like GT6, Last Of Us, etc. but I won’t buy a PS3 for the THIRD time (btw I’m a gamer since the Atari 2600 and only the PS2 and PS3 had died on me, what’s up with the quallity of your launch consoles Sony?).

    When my PS2 died, it was few months before the release of the PS3 so I just saved my money and put it towards a launch PS3, but now I can’t do that, it’s either buy a PS3 for the 3rd time or get a PS4 and get rid of all my PS3 stuff, this sucks. Backwards compatibility is very important for a lot of gamers, I’m one of them.

  • I’d love to see the second generation Camaro/Firebird in GT6, Especially the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary Edition and the 1973 Pontiac Trans am 455SD.

  • two words….




  • I hope load times in this is much better than GT5

  • @74: I would pay more for a b/c model of PS4 for sure. I keep hoping… but I know it’s probably for naught.

  • When can I preorder!?

  • The PS3 is definitely going out with a BANG! Great time to have bought my 500GB PS3 since I’ll be waiting at least 3 years before getting my PS4.

  • Yamauchi-San, please no more standard vs. premium model garbage. Find a happy medium between the two cause other racing games have fine looking cars without having 2 billion polygons on each car. No more Deep Forrest and Trial Mountain unless they are fully face lifted and look like a PS3 game. No more create your course garbage that look very ugly. Fix the main player campaign and add more events if you are going to force us to drive economical cars.

  • This is most excellent news, can’t wait see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • lol…STILL no GT for Vita.. They just keep digging that hole deeper and deeper don’t they..

  • amazing

  • love gt … every one of them … but..

    dear god I hope theres no vettel challenges for plat lol … those golds ownd me and drove me insane for weeks lol … but at the same time … I never got so much excitement from getting the gold

    love and hate relationship on those bad boys

  • Is there even a reason to own a Vita anymore? If your guys at SCEJ aren’t going to even bother supporting it, why would third parties care about doing the same? Something needs to be done about the bad management in SCEJ.

  • oh and one more thing


  • That was quick. I thought it took 5 years to make this title ;)

  • Of the 1,200 cars in the game, how many will be Nissan GT-Rs?

    Also, was burned pretty badly by Customer Service where GT5 DLC purchases were concerned, so the whole franchise has a sour taste for me nowadays.

  • OMFG!!!!

    This is the second best news I’ve gotten all day today, right after finding out that I secured a 4.0 gpa for the spring semester!!!

    I can’t believe I will be getting another Gran Turismo to platinum on my PS3!

    I loved GT5, and GT6 CAN NOT get here soon enough!

    My Driving Force GT (and my driving talent) are ready to conquer all this holiday season!

  • I also hope there are no standard cars this time around, I want to drive ALL 1200 cars in their fullest 1080p premium glory.


  • Oh, and please give us the opportunity to win prize cars unlimited times per race, and please bring back the scaled random car pool to win from after championships.

  • *Unlimited prize cars awards per completed race or race series.

  • Oh, and to all of you whiners complaining that the Vita still isn’t getting quality/quantity support need to put a sock in it.

    Yes, we ALL know the Vita needs to get a TON more love than it is currently receiving, but this article is the wrong place to voice your concerns.

    On top of that, I have hope that E3 will remedy that problem for us.

    Have patience, children.

  • Will buy, but how the hell this is on the PS3 ? It,s like Sony doesn’t want us to play the PS4. I mean, PS3 games are not even playable on the PS4 unless you stream them. Man, I suppose I’ll have to wait before buying a PS3. My wallet was ready, but I can’t buy a new console when all the games are going on the last one…

  • @91-95
    hey JROD, adjust your meds, man. if you cannot get all your bragging and ideas into one post then just walk away.

  • I’m glad it will be on the PS3 and yet i wonder what they will be able to do with the PS4.

  • I’m one of the weird ppl they talk about when they say GT sells systems. I purchased PS3 solely for GT5 and I for one could care less what platform it arrives on. I’ll save if its on PS3 and if its on PS4 I gladly spend the money for the enjoyment. Whatever!!!!!

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    Thank you

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