Become a PlayStation Mobile Publisher for Free

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Become a PlayStation Mobile Publisher for Free

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This summer we’re throwing down the gauntlet for PlayStation Mobile development and are removing any existing barriers to get your brainchild of a game on this new PlayStation platform. As you saw with our recent Indie Arcade event at GDC, we’re always looking to support new developer talent, so we’ve decided to waive the $99 publisher license fee for PlayStation Mobile, which means you can bring your games to PlayStation Vita or any PlayStation-certified device free of cost.

Those of you who want to throw your hat into the ring of PlayStation Mobile development now have the perfect opportunity to place your game alongside popular titles like Haunt the House: Terrortown and Beats Slider.

Haunt the House - PS MobileBeats Slider - PS Mobile

If you’ve been sitting on a gem of a mobile title, or found yourself with some extra time this summer, now’s the time to jump in! Starting on Tuesday, May 7th the Publisher License Fee for PlayStation Mobile will be waived. Check out the PlayStation Mobile Dev Portal for more information.

PS Vita owners will be able to download the games mentioned in this post from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store – click here for full instructions.

Also, be sure to check out our newly redesigned PlayStation Mobile website, which has now has a games section, a direct link to the Dev Portal, and a link to download the Mobile store to your PlayStation-certified device.

We’ve seen some really cool games already come to PlayStation Mobile and can’t wait to check out what you can come up with next!

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10 Author Replies

  • What is the END date for this free offer?

  • I’ve just learned that PSMobile won’t allow you to use Vita’s full potential. Requires you to support old phones.

    What a waste of PSMobile’s potential. PSMobile + Vita could have been the best place and appstore to play mobile games.

    PSMobile devs should have the option to create a special version for the Vita. Or allow PSM devs to create only for Vita. Just like how nVidia has “Optimized for Tegra 3” versions. Or like iOS where some games require a certain version of iPhone and higher.

    Vita could have had the best version of mobile games. PSMobile requiring devs to create a universal phone version is going to hold it back.

    This means graphically demanding games on iOS/Android won’t even be able to utilize the Vita’s power.

    Sorry if I sound negative. I love the PS Vita and wishing the best for the future of the console. I wrote this so that it can be improved and get a lot of support from devs.

    PSM has the potential to be Vita’s Mobile Games Store like Apples App Store and Google Play Store. But with the Vita having the best controller and optimized graphics for games. There are a lot of good games on iOS/Android that aren’t actually bad, but seem to be bad because of the touch screen controls.

  • Now that PSMobile is somehow specifically made for Android, instead of people thinking, “I’m going to buy the Vita so I can play the best version of these games.” People will instead think, “Why would I need a Vita if there’s no advantage whatsoever on playing it on my PSMobile certified phone?” Also, “Why would I need a PSMobile certified phone when I can get those very same games for cheaper on PlayStore?”

    Just like what poster#10 said, “I was really hoping PSM would get some of my favorite mobile games on the iPhone and iPad and port them to a more suitable gaming device like my PS Vita.”

    Instead of PSMobile being a Sony alternative store for Android, PSMobile + PS Vita have the potential to be the ‘Go to’ platform of mobile game developers because of the great hardware & controls. See how some devs try to avoid Android because of piracy?

    Instead of parents buying their children expensive tablets just to play games, they can instead buy them a cheaper dedicated hand held like the Vita because it’s the best gaming device even if it’s cheaper. While having the option of AAA games and $1 to $2 games but better because of controls.

  • Once PSVIta+PSMobile is established to be the best mobile game store and gaming device — rivaling Appstore and PlayStore, Sony can start stealing market share not only from gaming tablets like Nexus 7 but from phones too by releasing a Vita Phone.

    Sorry for the long rant. I’m just not happy of having to use different devices to play mobile games and AAA mobile game when one device can have the best of both worlds.

  • TALLglassofWATER

    @45 utility applications for the vita would be SO great!
    I use the vita browser quite frequently and already consider the vita to be at least part tablet, added functionality would be icing on the cake.

  • @55 Yes, great idea. Some kind of an APP Store for the Vita will be great but just a bit more curated so no junk Apps are created. Just most of the most popular and most useful apps.

  • I Currently have the Droid DNA, and i get Playstation Mobile error 8008103E when using
    , when will this be able to be used?

  • Are there any plans to extend PlayStation Mobile Developer license on Poland and other European countries?

    We’d like to join the community, but we can’t right now.

  • I agree: number of countries where you accept publishers from is way too small.

    Apple can do, even Google can do, why it is problem for Sony to invite more indie developers?

  • It’s ridiculous the lack of support for mobile phones on this concept. Only certified phones half are which produced pretty much by Sony. That’s pathetic. So many phones and tablets out the needs to be reached for this thing to hit off. I’m not trading up my HTC that’s not supported for a certified phone just for this when I’m completed satisfied with my phone. Pick up the slack.

  • Could someone tell me if this games are these games free on Psm and can it be played Via the Vita because these games i think would be cool i will publish my own games after…

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